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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Chapter 41+

You'll have a chance to save your game, then it's more cut scenes.

Chapter 41

After a bunch of cut-scenes, you're back. Well, this is it. You can find lots of new Weapons, Armor, Hunts (Well, the Pylraster), items (x-potion), Magicks (Holy, Shock, Scourge, Flare, Slowga) right here in Balfonheim. If you haven't already raced Rikken, you might have to do that before you can start the Pylraster mark hunt.

You can find the Hastega spell by teleporting to Dalmasca's Eastersand and talking to the Unlucky Merchant.

You can also return to Clan Hall and talk to Montblanc. He'll tell you about Ixion and The Seer (Two new Hunts).

You can go to Nalbina Fortress and talk to Jovy (the guy running around) and get an Elixir and a Knot of Rust - if you are a high enough rank.

You can head to the Dalmasca Westersand and buy Renew from the merchant "Lohen" there.

You can teleport to the Barheim Passage and get the Magick "Ardor" from the merchant in the far north.

You can go find the hidden shop in the Nechrohol of Nabudis (enter via the Salikawood) and buy the Magick Scathe (See Misc Side Quests).

If you've been folowing along my Walkthough the whole way, you're almost done. Things still to be done:

Finish the hunts for Ixion, The Seer, Pylraster, and Yiazmat. You might want to wait on the Yiazmat mark until you've taken on Zodiark.

After doing the first three hunts here, you're probably ready for the Henne Mines Esper Zodiark sidequest.

Once you have had your fill of side quests, and you've bought everything you think you'll want to buy, you can finally head to Bahamut. Be warned, though, you can't come back once you start this quest!

Sky Fortress Bahamut

When you are done playing the rest of the game (you can't go back from here), board the Strahl and head to Bahamut (it's just to the right of Rabanastre). Watch the cool cut scenes. When the ship docks, you'll get control. If you've been following this walkthrough at all up to this point, the chances are VERY good that you'll have WAY more than powerful enough characters. All of mine were level 95 or above. I just danced through this area without bubble or any other magicks.

Take the door on your left, then take the first right you come to. You should be on the Catwalk now. There are exits all around the outside, but they just take you to various other bulkheads (3, 2, etc). Head toward the center and hop onto the barge there. Examine the lift controls and engage the lift. You shouldn't have any real problem from Judge Gabranth. Every time he talks, you can steal something else. :D I got an x-potion and a hi-potion. Go examine the controls again.

After a few moments (and cut scenes), you'll fight Vayne. I decided that I wanted to make this an interesting fight, so I did it sans accessories and weapons. I still wiped the floor with him. Apparently "force of will" hits the camera lense...? Heh heh. Now vayne becomes, um, a summon...? I couldn't steal from him. Once you beat him, watch more (and more, and more) cut scenes. OK... This is pretty creepy. I hope your guys are powerful, heh heh. For fun, I stole a dark matter and used that on him. When he starts to get totally immune to everything, use Scathe - it's non-elemental and THAT hurts him. When he becomes immune to everything, take off your attack gambits, and focus on healing yourself. He'll eventually lose those palings and you'll be able to hurt him again.

Now watch a BUNCH of cut scenes. Congratulations! Now just wait for FFXIII to come out! (Or of you're reading this after December 2008, go find it in a store and have fun!

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