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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Trophies / Rare Game

THIS SECTION IS NOT ENTIRELY COMPLETED. I'm still missing a couple of enemies, but I'm working my way through them so expect this to be updated fairly soon:
Enemy Number Enemy Name Location
21/80 Garing Eye Henne Mines / Phase 2
26/80 Tower Pharos at Ridorana
32/80 Luxollid/
Light of Light
Pharos at Ridorana
33/80 Vargrant Soul/
Soul of Chaos
Pharos at Ridorana
44/80 Vishno Pharos at Ridorana
60/80 Abelisk Ridorana Cataract
78/80 Avenger Pharos at Ridorana

Throughout the game, you'll run into some enemies that are a tad harder than others. When defeated, these will show up in the "Rare Game" area of your bestiary. If you see a phrase like "This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals..." you've run across something which has not been fought before. 30 of these game will drop trophies. If they don't drop trophies, you should be able to fight them more than once. It's customary to list these enemies by their numeric representation in the "Rare Game" section of the Bestiary; I'll be doing so below. I'll try to let you know which ones are the 30 that drop trophies.

Until you have finished Chapter 30, you will not be able to fight any of the Trophy dropping game. When you reach the Phon Coast in Chapter 27, talk to the Shady Banga just south of the save crystal. He'll probably tell you to go away, unless you've polished off the Mandoragora in the Sochen Cave Palace. Then, he'll tell you to come back after you've finished your business in Archades.

Once you've made your way to Archades, and come back (i.e., after Ch 30), you should be able to talk to this guy and claim you are a "bird of prey." He'll have you go fight off Thalassinon (See below). You're going to have to obtain the Shelled Trophy here. Just so you know: Once you kill a a TROPHY game, it will NEVER respawn again. That being said, you always have to KILL them to get their trophies. You CAN steal from them more than once, though - so if you run across a one that has an extra special rare-steal, be sure to steal a bunch of 'em. To do so, simply steal, then leave the area without killing the enemy. Be sure to flee at least two screens away, then come back. You may have to perform the same condition (such as climbing to the high ledge and waiting) before the enemy respawns.

When you bring the shelled trophy back to the Huntmaster, you'll begin being able to get trophy monsters and return them here. You're now a member of the hunt club, and you can return trophies to Atak, Blok, and Stok. Talk to Blok and begin. Depending on which of the three you bring stuff to, you'll be able to buy different things from Hawker and the Shifty-eyed man near by. If you give 30 trophies to Blok, you can get a Maximillian, but you can buy those from the Bakanamy Merchant, so I don't think that's worth it. The weapons you get from Atak aren't that great, and the Diamond Armlet is cool - but you can buy it from the south bank village after Girguvegan. It's up to you what you want, but I recommend 25 to Stok, then 1 to stock, then 1 to block, then all the rest to block. I like to come here as soon as I can, so I give them all to Stok, so I can get the Diamond Armlet - which will make going after the Ribbon in the Cerobi Steppe easier.

As you kill off more and more enemies, you'll want to cash in on this feat from the Hunt Club Owner in Archades. Head to the Highgarden Terrace once you have your Sandalwood chop, and you can find him talking to a bunch of other guys there. Talk to him a few times, and he'll give you some stuff. I got the following (two for every 5 marks, I guess): [Aries Gem, Libra Gem, Taurus Gem, Scorpio Gem, Gemini Gem, Sagittarius Gem, Cancer Gem, Capricorn Gem], Leo Gem, Aquarius Gem.


02/80 - Thalassinon
Steal: Adamantite
Trophy: Shelled Trophy
Where: Phon Coast / The Vaddu Strand
Requires: Head to the highest cliff edge and wait for 5-10 seconds (you should see him show up along the coastline below.

When you first have an opportunity to head here (chapter 30), take it! Head to the Phon Coast and talk to the Huntmaster, the head of the Hunter's Clan here. He'll tell you to head after Thalassinon. Go to the Vaddu Stran (to your immidiate east - right - on the next screen over. head to the upper rigth corner of the map and look down from there at the shore. You sould see it - it looks like a big turtle. Head down there, but DON'T OPEN ANY CHESTS if you haven't got the Zodiak Spear yet! I spent a lot of time trying to steal from him before I got a nugget of adamantite. Was it worth it? I dunno. He's not immune to stop, so if you can do that, heh heh. You'll get him quick, to be sure. You'll get 10 LP and a Shelled Trophy. Take that back to the Huntmaster.

After this, you can talk to the Hunt Club Owner in the Highgarden Terrace in Archades. Come back to him as you acquire trophies... He'll make it worth your while.

01/80 - Aspidochelon (Trophy)
LP: 11
XP: 1846
Steal: Nugget of Scarletite
Drops: Admantine Trophy
Where: Cerobi Steppe / Feddik River

To find this guy, teleport to Balfonheim port, then head north to the Cerobi Steppe / Feddik River. Wander around the area until one of the Adamantitan enemies is randomly replaced by an enemy called Aspidochelon. If you don't see him, leave then come back. Kill off the other enemies around him. Steal the Scarletite, Dispel, then take him out.

Since you're already here on the Cerobi Steppe, consider going after the Etherian (45/80) and Bluesang (77/80).

03/80 - Greeden (No Trophy)
LP: 3
XP: 410
Steal: Wind Crystal
Drops: Braid Wool, Arcana
Where: Dalmasca Estersand / Banks of the Nebra

To find this guy, teleport to Dalmasca's Estersand (South Bank Village) and head south one screen to the Banks of the Nebra. Wander around and kill everything except the Cactoids. Eventually, a large Gator-type enemy will appear near the water's edge.

04/80 - Bull Croc
LP: 5
XP: 722
Steal: Blood Wool
Drops: Braid Wool, Arcana
Where: Ozmone Plain / The Shred

You can find the Bul Croc in "The Shred." When you get there, be sure to use Thief's Cuffs to steal some Blood Wool from him. This is not a very tough fight. At least, it wasn't for *my* guys. For the record, I had to travel back and forth a single zone between The Greensnake and The Shred about 20 times before this one showed up.

05/80 - Gavial (Trophy)
LP: 13
XP: 2615
Steal: Antarctic Wind
Drops: Fur-scaled Trophy
Where: Garamsythe Waterway / No. 10 Channel

Teleport to Rabastre and make your way to the Garamsythe Waterway in Lowtown. Make sure the far right No. 10 Waterway Control is lit up (closed), then head to the No. 10 Channel on the left side of your overhead map. Go down the stairs to the lower area and wait a while. This Gator-type enemy will come wandering up to you eventually. Don't forget to have your guys healing as well as stealing - this guy can do some serious damage. Also, he starts out reflected, so don't cast high power magicks at him unless you use an Opal Ring. Other than that, it should be a fairly straightforward fight. NOTE: You may want to steal the Antarctic Wind more than once by fleeing before he's dead (go at least two screens away and then return). These can be used to acquire the Perseus Bow. See the Items / Bazaar section.

06/80 - Wary Wolf (Ch. 17)
LP: 8
XP: 816
Steal: Prime Pelt
Drops: Wolf Pelt
Where: Mosphoran Highwaste / Summit Path

Head to the Mosphoran Highwaste Babbling Vale and go one screen south. The Wary Wolf should be among the Worgen. You may need to leave the area and return a few times.

07/80 - Kaiser Wolf
LP: 11
XP: 736
Steal: Drop of Throat Wolf's Blood
Drops: Fanged Trophy
Where: Dalmasca Westersand / Corridor of Sand (After the next battle!)

NOTE: You must kill off the next (08/80) enemy for this guy to show up! After you've beat the Lindbur Wolf below, head north two screens to the Corridor of Sand and make your way to the upper right area, near the exit to the Wyrm's Nest. It should be slightly south from there.

08/80 - Lindbur Wolf
LP: 3
XP: 197
Steal: Gladius
Drops: Wolf Pelt, Arcana (d'oh)
Where: Dalmasca Westersand / Shimmering Horizons (small, separate northern area)

I think the name of this enemy may be a case of mistaken translation. My guess is it was supposed to be "Limber Wolf," but be cause there is no "MB" sound in Japanese, they used "NDu" to get as close as they could. That's your random sidenote of the day. :D Also, this is a two part battle. After you beat this guy, see number 07/80 above.

Head to Rabanastre and leave via the westersand and enter the Galtea Downs. You are going to want to chain level wolves, so don't kill anything else. Kill off all the wolves here, and then take the south exit to the smaller area of the Shimmering Horizons. Kill the wolves there. If you don't see the Lindbur Wolf, return to the previous area (Galtea Downs) and kill all the wolves there again, then come back. You may have to do this a few times for him to appear. Be patient - it took me 19 before he showed up.

09/80 - Dreadguard
LP: 12
XP: 1408
Steal: Mirror Scale
Drops: Feathered Trophy

Head to the Golmore Jungle, then go south to the Feywood. Head to the Walk of Dancing Shadow, then go west toward the Henne Mines. From here, head south and east to find a bunch of Mirrorknights. One of them will randomly be the Dreadguard. Steal and kill.

10/80 - Crypt Bunny
LP: 12
XP: 588
Steal: Holy Mote
Drops: Arcana (d'oh)

If you are coming from the above hunt, simply go right one screen to the Walk of Stolen Truths area of the Feywood. Wander around and kill absolutely everything. Heh. I think you don't actually have to, but since this guy appears randomly, you might as well. For me, it waited until I had had chain-leveled on the wolf-type monsters.

11/80 - Spee
Steal: Pinch of Stardust

Teleport to the Salikawood, save, and go West, then South to the Sun-dappled Path. This pathway has a bunch of bunny-type enemies. Kill them all (you don't need to chain-level on them, I don't know) and Spee should randomly show up. Be sure one of your guys has an un-confuse gambit enabled. Also, set everyone up with the gambit of "Foe: status = HP Critical => Poach," and either give them weapons that do very little damage, or disable the attack gambits. You realy want to poach this guy - he'll become a Claymore (or if you are unlucky, a pebble)!

Since this enemy is not a Trophy enemy, you can leave, save, and come back to try again.

12/80 - Rain Dancer (Ch. 17)
LP: 5
XP: 498
Steal: Miter
Drops: Fish Scale

You can find the Rain Dancer in Giza during the rains. He pops up from various places. You can cast "sap" on him. I was sometimes unable to steal from him before sap killed him off. :D

13/80 - Razorfin (Ch. 04)
LP: 2
XP: 15
Steal: Water Crystal
Drops: Fish Scale
Where: Garamsythe Waterway/North Spur Sluiceway

You can find the razorfin during the normal course of wandering through chapter 4's Garamsyth Waterway. I have never been able to steal from it during that chapter, though. If you manage to, let me know what you find, OK? ;) Anyway, you can access this area later on in the game using the Sluice Gates by the save crystal in the Central Waterway Control. Close gate 10 and gate 11 (the outer two lights should be on).

The Razorfin will very rarely appear in place of one of the Ichthon enemies here, so you'll want to come here, kill them, move two screens away (to the save crystal at Central Spur Stairs) and then return. En route, be sure to kill off those Dire Rats to see if you can manage to score a Rat Tail or three (sell three along with two high arcana and 3x onion and a megalixir will show up in the Bazaar!)

14/80 - Apsara
LP: 9
XP: 1080
Steal: Empyrean Rod
Where: Phon Coast / The Mauleia Strand

To find this enemy, head to the Phon Coast Hunters' Camp and leave via the south exit. Head west 3 screens to The Mauleia Strand. You might pass Skullash on the way, so be on the lookout. This next part is a little tricky, but there's a good reason: the game designers hate you. Heh, heh. OK, maybe not - but it sure feels like it. Head north one screen to the Reseta Strand and kill ONLY the Piranah there. Disable your gambits to make this easier. There should be three or four here. When you kill them off, make them respawn by going east two screens, then south west, then north west, then back to Reseta Strand.

After you've chain-leveled on 9 or 10 of them, you should now have a CHANCE to run across the Apsara along the SOUTH coast of the Mauleia Strand. Let me repeat that. NOT the NORTH stretch of coast on Mauleia Strand - the SOUTH coast. Got it? Good. That's the tiny little piece of coast line near the southern exit. Once you actually see him there, take him out.

15/80 - Rageclaw (Trophy)
LP: 11
XP: 1450
Steal: Sickle-Blade
Drops: Sickle Trophy
Where: Salikawood / Piebald Path

Head to the Salikawood's teleport stone, then head north until you get to the piebald path. When you first get there, hang out for a moment before going up where the Baknamy is. Run past him, and around toward the northwest exit. You should see the Rageclaw just past the Brown Chocobo there. Kill off the Chocobo, to keep him from leveling up on it, then dispel away his Protect and Haste. You should be able to steel/kill him off now. If you are following this in order, head two down and go after the Wood Toad next.

16/80 - Biding Mantis
LP: 13
XP: 1776
Steal: Tattered Garment
Drops: Scythe Trophy
Where: Golemore Jungle / Needlebrake

Head to the Golmore Jungle's Needlebrake and go south toward the next screen down. It should appear between the southern exit and the shimmering wards that prevented you from going further earlier in the game. Though this guy has nothing to dispel, he is, nonetheless, somewhat tough to beat. Just be sure you are a high enough level that you get him before he gets you.

17/80 - Wood Toad
LP: 13
XP: 1750
Steal: Solid Horn
Drops: Horn, Arcana
Where: Salikawood / Corridor of Ages

You won't believe how tough it is to find this guy. Heh heh. Head to the Salikawood, and enter the Corridor of Ages from the northern entrance (From the Piebald Path). Once you get there, head south and go down the ramp to the dock area. There should be a Marlboro here. There may also be a nearly totally invisible Wood Toad. To see if he's there, have one of your party wear a reflect ring, and cast fire at him/her. I stumbled across this guy when I tried to go straight down the stairs, and my guys went around something. If I hadn't been looking for him, I'd have totaly missed it. When he shows up, steal/kill.

18/80 - Tarasque
LP: 10
XP: 1222
Steal: Hunting Crossbow
Drops: Horn, High Arcana

Teleport to the Tchita Uplands, and go South two screens to the Garden of Life's Circle. Kill off the Lizard enemy that you first see here, then start chain-leveling snake type enemies. Keep wandering back past where you killed the Lizard (at the base of the path leading north) until a new frog type enemy called Tarasque shows up. If you see the Lizard respawn, IGNORE IT - you don't want to break your chain!!!

19/80 - Grimalkin
LP: 11
XP: 810
Steal: Coeurl Whisker
Drops: Whiskered Trophy
Where: Tchita Uplands / Uazcuff Hills

Head to the Tchita Uplands, and go all the way to the save crystal in the southeast corner. Save, then return to the Uazcuff Hills. One of the Coeurl monsters should be replaced with the Grimalkin. If not, simply restore and come back until it has. This guy has some brutal attacks. Be sure your guys can get rid of status abnormalities. You may also want to wear Jade Collars to help your guys avoid his attack entirely or wait to do this until you have one or more Ribbons.

20/80 - Nekhbet
LP: 3
XP: 208
Steal: Rainbow Egg
Where: Dalmasca Estersand / Sand-swept Naze.

Teleport to Dalmasca's Eastersand and go south two screens to the Sand-swept Naze. Kill off all the enemies here. If you don't see the Nekhbet, leave and try again. If you can steal a Rainbow Egg from him, these can be sold over and over to make a Hi-Potion Pack (10 of 'em) show up for 1111 gil in the Bazaar. Just be sure to sell, then buy, then sell, etc. You can rack up many of the Rainbow Eggs by just stealing and then fleeing back to the Estersand Crystal.

21/80 - Glaring Eye

NOTE: You cannot get here until you have access to the eastern area of the Henne Mines. You must have 10 Espers to get the guy in Jahara to open this area.

22/80 - Cultsworn Litch
LP: 4
XP: 442
Steal: Loxley Bow
Drops: Sky Jewel
Where: Tomb of Raithwall / Southfall Passage

Teleport to the Tomb of Raithwall and use the waystone to enter the tomb. Head to the Southfall passage via the green waystone in the Royal Passage. Turn off attack gambits and go Lich hunting. When you find one, rather than using attack, cast cure on HIM (you know you can use L1 to toggle between targeting friends and foes, right? That should hit him for at least half his HP. If not, hit him with Gravity. The idea here is to get him NEAR death, so it will divide, but not to kill him off yet. Randomly, one of the divides will result in a Cultsworn Litch. If it divides into a regular litch, just kill them both off - it doesn't look like either of them will divide again. When you get a Cultsworn litch, Steal/Kill. Don't forget to go after Barmuu and Zombie Lord now, too; they're in the Tomb as well.

23/80 - Evil Spirit
LP: 17
XP: 3831
Steal: Lifewick
Drops: Arcana
Where: The Great Crystal / Dha Vikaari Uldobi

NOTE: You cannot fight this enemy until get to The Great Crystal. When you do, follow the instructions about obtaining the Esper Ultima to get to the final area with the save crystal. This guy randomly appears in the platform before that, with Way Stone XVIII. Steal a Lifewick.

24/80 - Juggernaut
LP: 12
XP: 1797
Steal: a nugget of Mystletainn
Where: The Feywood/White Magick's Embrace

In The Feywood/White Magick's Embrace, after you have faught the Rafflesia thing in the Redolent Glade (South of the save crystal), you'll find the Jeggernaut. It might depend on your game clock's "Minute Hand" being less than 10 - he showed up for me as soon as I first entered this area. If your guys aren't a very high level, this might be a tough battle. You'll want to dispel his status enhancments off, and maybe equip something to keep your guys from getting confused. If you've been following the hunts, etc, this is probably an easier battle than if you have not. ;)

You've probably already got one or two Nugget of Mystletainn, so you likely don't need to do the steal/flee thing here. If you do, you'll find it's easy enough - IF your clock is less than 10 minutes. If not, he's disappeared. That being said, I think there's only one item in the Bazaar that requires it, so you don't really need to worry about it much.

25/80 - Molen
LP: 11
XP: 1674
Steal: a nugget of Mythril
Drops: Arcana, Nugget of Iron Ore
Where: Zertinan Caverns / Hourglass Basin

Teleport to Jahara and head to Zertinan via The Ozmone Plain. Head North until you get to Athroza Quicksands and then head east through Hourglass Basin and South to the Undershore's save crystal. Head behind the save crystal (past the sandfall; there's a hidden path) and kill the Grenade (bomb type enemies). Continue on to the very end of the ledge there, and look to the left of the sandfalls in front of you (this treasure was a Chanter's Djellaba for me). You should see this Golem Type enemy appear - it may take a while. Backtrack and save, then dispel, then steal, then kill. If you haven't yet, go after Alteci. If you've aready beat Alteci, now is a good time to go after Victanir.

26/80 - Tower (NOT VERIFIED)

You cannot take on this hunt until you reach the Pharos at Ridorana.

27/80 - Grey Molter
LP: 8
XP: 1060
Steal: Aries Gem
Drops: Arcana (d'oh)
Where: Mosphoran Highwaste / Empyrean Way

The Grey Molter appears on the Empyrean Way in the Mosphoran Highwaste. Remember how you had to raise the area to the south in order to get one of the Espers? Just head to that area, and you should see him show up right after you cross the floatweed bridge.

After this, why not go after Dheed (57/80)

28/80 - Midgardsormr
LP: 5
XP: 538
Steal: Great Serpent's Fang
Drops: Sakura-saezuri*
Where: Golmore Jungle / Paths of Chained Light

Teleport to Jahara, and take a chocobo to the Golmore Jungle. You're in the Paths of Chained Light. You know the path that leads kind of around and back to this entrance? Check it out on the map. Basically, you go north, then east, then south, then west, then back north a little. Take that path - and leave the area each time you come back to the Ozmone Plains exit. You should eventually be ambushed by a snake-like creature near the stairs by the Urn.

*(Uh, Sakura Saizuri would mean "The Chirping Cherry Blossom..." I *must* have failed my Japanese roll; that canNOT be right...)

29/80 - Nazarnir
LP: 12
XP: 1527
Steal: a Destrier Mane
Drops: Maned Trophy
Where: Giza Plains (Dry) / Starfall Field

During the Dry in Giza, head to the Starfall Field in Giza. There's a lone Sleipnir here, near the Werewolves. He'll randomly be replaced by the Nazarnir. There is a nearby exit to the Crystal Glade. Go through that to Gizas South bank and then come back. You can probably notice from a distance that he's got some kind of status enhancement (haste, shell, protect, etc) to diffrentiate him from other, regular enemies.

30/80 - Victanir
LP: 13
XP: 1823
Steal: Wargod's Band (Rare! See below!)
Drops: Maverick Trophy
Where: Nam-Yensa Sandsea / Yellow Sands

Head through the Zertinan caves (far west exit) to the Yellow Sands area of the nam-Yensa Sandsea. When you leave, there's a chance there will be a nearly invisible horse-type monster here in the western half of the Yellow Sands area. If you don't see it, go back into the cave and then return.

This is probably the easiest place in the game to stock up on a Wargod's Band or two. Or 50. XD Using the Bazaar, you can sell them two at a time (with some other stuff) to get the Empyreal Soul to show up. You'll need one Empyreal Soul for the Serpentarious and three for the Tournesol. So once you've got 8 or so, you're probably good. Anyway, just steal the Wargod's Band from him (but don't kill him!) and then flee back through the Zertinan Caverns Darkened Wharf to the Drybeam Cavern (this is a two-zone hop) and then return to steal again.

This is a good time to go after Imdugud (34/80) - just retrace your steps through the Zertinan Caverns!

31/80 - Gemhorn
LP: 12
XP: 1408
Steal: Slaven harness
Drops: High Arcana
Where: Lhusu Mines / Site 11

Just FYI: I'm coming from Aerieel. Head to Site 11 in the Lhusu Mines. Kill all the enemies here - don't forget the Vampires in the Northern area and the Treasure enemies. When they are all gone, leave the area and immediately return. Head to the area with the Malboros, and take on the Gemhorn.

32/80 - Luxollid/Light of Light (NOT VERIFIED)

You cannot start this hunt until you arrive at the Pharos at Ridorana.

33/80 - Vargrant Soul/Soul of Chaos (NOT VERIFIED)

You cannot start this hunt until you arrive at the Pharos at Ridorana.

34/80 - Imdugud
LP: 3
XP: 368
Steal: a suit of Shielded Armor
Drops: Large Feather, Arcana
Where: Nam-Yensa Sandsea / Withering Shores (via Zertinan Caves / Canopy of Clay)

Go thought the Zertinan Caverns to the Withering Shores of the Nam Yensa Sandsea. Simply defeat all the Bagoly enemies en route to the center area - where you faught the Balito battle (you are doing the Marks side quests, right?). Face North and watch for this bird-type enemy to show up. When he gets there, either have everyone steal, or everyone attack. He doesn't stick around when he gets low on HP, so if you're not careful he'll fly away before you can kill him. Use Nihopaloa/Remedy to hit him with a TON of status ailments and make this a simple battle. Dispel shell and nail him with Thundaga for a quick end.

35/80 - Bull Chocobo
LP: 13
XP: 1602
Steal: Hi-Ether
Drops: Beaked Trophy

Teleport to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea and head east one screen. The Bull Chocobo should be on the dirt here (don't go up the stairs). If you wander around and don't see it, go back and return. It should show up fairly quickly. This was an easy one to find. He can peck you with Doom, so be sure you head back to the save crystal if he does.

36/80 - Skullash (Trophy)
LP: 11
XP: 2209
Steal: Suit of Charger Barding
Drops: Clawed Trophy
Where: Phon Coast / Cape Tialan

Head to the phone coast's Cape Tialan area and follow the south edge of the screen. If it's not there, leave and come back.

37/80 - Myath
LP: 11
XP: 2209
Steal: Leo Gem
Drops: Eternal Trophy
Where: Stillshrine of Miriam / Walk of Torn Illusion

In the Stillshrine of Miriam, take the waystone to the Ward of the Sword-King (touch the device twice!) and go East to the save crystal there. Take either the upper path or the lower path to the hard-to-see doorways to the Ward of Velitation. Kill the three Dragon Aevis enemies here, then leave via the west exit. Return immediately to start this battle.

Dispel this guy's buffs, then steal a Leo Gem and take him out. If you are having trouble with his fireball attacks, consider equiping a Flame Sheild and Adamant Hat to reduce the effect. He may cast berzerk on your guys, but overall this shouldn't be that tough a battle.

38/80 - Helvinek (Ch. 27)
LP: 13
XP: 2198
Steal: Magick Lamp
Where: Necrohol of Nabudis / (various)

Kill off 6 Oversouls pretty much anywhere in Necrohol of Nabudis. Once he appears, you're basically just going to have to attack him. I like to go after Helvinek while trying to get the Zodiac Spear.

39/80 - Pallicant
LP: 1692
XP: 13
Steal: Gastrophetes
Drops: Grimoire Togail
Where: Ridorana Cataract / City of Other Days

You cannot fight this enemy until you get to the Ridorana Cataract. When you do arrive, however, be sure to follow the instructions Chapter 36 to get the map. Once you have it, head to the City of Other days and kill everything off there. Once all enemies are dead, leave the area and come back immideately. Pallicant should now be at the "T" junction.

Be sure to start off by stealing the Gastrophetes; this crossbow is better than the Penetrator. When you have that, dispel and then go after him. If you are buff, this will be an easy battle. If not, consider using the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick.

40/80 - Phyllo
LP: 5
XP: 217
Steal: Taurus
Drops: Bat Fang, Arcana, High Arcana

This creature randomly appears in The Branchway of Golmore Jungle. Just teleport to the jungle, then go one screen north and one screen east. Take a look at the map. See how the southmost path basically forms a straight line? Well, if you follow that line all the way west, there's a tiny dead-end here where Phyllo appears (not to be confused with the backwards "L" shaped dead-end on the northern path.) Just go here and look for him. If he's not there, leave the screen and return.

I've heard a LOT of weird stuff about this enemy - most of which just makes no sense at all. Don't worry about killing Malboros, or having Ashe as a party lead, or whatever. Oh, and if you want him to respawn, just head back to the teleport crystal, and go one screen west from there. Save on your way back, and he'll show up about 1/5 times.

41/80 - Aerieel (Ch 10)
LP: 3
XP: 124
Steal: Bat Wing
Where: Lhusu Mines / Oltam Span

Teleport to the Lhusu Mines and head east two screens to the Oltam Span. Cross back and forth across the span (going to new areas) until it shows up. You'll probably run across this one during your "rescuing Penelo" attempt. If you are doing all the hunts at once, I usually go from this one to the Gemhorn (31/80).

42/80 - Anubys
Steal: a Vampyr Fang
Drops: Ensanguined Trophy
Where: Sochen Cave Palace / Mirror of the Sould (center, isolated area)

Continuing on from the Wendice trophy hunt, head down to Mirror of the Soul in the Sochen Cave Palace. If you've been following the walkthrough, you should now understand how to go in a "spiral pattern" around this area and open the central pathway (see chapter 27). If you've done it before, you need not do it again - just head to the centeral area where you got the cool weapon earlier. Anubys should drop down from the ceiling.

By the time you get here, this probably shouldn't be very tough. If you find it's difficult, consider dispel plus the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to make it easier on your guys.

43/80 - Barmuu
LP: 4
XP: 399
Steal: Lamia's Tiara
Drops: Solid Stone, Arcana
Where: Tomb of Raithwall / Royal Passage

Head to the Tomb of Raithwall's Royal Passage and chain level plus one (that's 12 for me) a bunch of seeker bats. Barmuu will then appear admidst the waystones. Don't forget to go after the Zombie Lord and Cultsworn Litch while in the Tomb.

44/80 - Vishno (NOT VERIFIED)

45/80 - Etherian
LP: 11
XP: 1262
Steal: Ame-no-Murakumo
Drops: phial of Green Liquid, High Arcana
Where: Cerobi Steppe / Northsward

Head to the Northsward on the Cerobi Steppe and kill off all the Bellwyvern and Silver Lobo enemies. This Flan type enemy will drop down from the sky and pounce on your guys. Steal, then dispel.

If you'd like, head west one screen to Crossfield and take on Bluesang (77/80) and/or the Aspidochelon (01/80).

46/80 - Melt
LP: 2198
XP: 13
Steal: a Hastega Mote
Drops: a Slimy Trophy
Where: Heen Mines / Pithead Junction B

Teleport to the Henne Mines and make your way to Pithead Junction B. If you cannot get in from one side, just try the other (remember, you can only have one set of doors open at a time. Hit the switch here to make this guy fall. If you get a bunch of Jellies instead, just kill them, leave the area, re-enter, and hit the switch again.

When Melt drops down from the ceiling, he'll use some rather onerous status attacks on your guys. If you have trouble with these, consider using a Ribbon or three to keep your guys safe. If you use the Nihopaloao/Remedy trick, you'll hit him with Blind and Oil (not really that useful, in my opinion). Anyway, it shouldn't take too long if your guys are sufficiently powerful.

47/80 - Cubus (Ch. 27)
LP: 11
XP: 1364
Steal: a phial of Silver Liquid
Drops: Phial of Green Widget, Arcana
Where: Sochen Cave Palace / Temptation Eluded

Teleport to the Sochen Cave Palace and take the lift down. Head south one screen to Temptation Eluded. If you see Wendigo and Pit Fiend enemies, kill them all, then wait a few seconds (prefereably where you killed the last guy). If you don't see him drop down from the ceiling, go two screens south then return. If you see a striker ahead, go back to screens, and return. There will be a 1/4 or 1/5 chance that you will see the correct enemies. Once you've killed the last of them (don't forget to look down in the off-shoot branches/tunnels), the Cubus flan-type enemy will drop down from the ceiling.

Now is a great time to go after 75/80 - Wendice.

48/80 - Pineapple (Ch 14.)
LP: 3
XP: 213
Steal: Bomb Shell
Drops: Storm Staff
Where: Ogir-Yensa Sandsea / Platform 1 - Refinery

Teleport to the Dalmasca Westersand, and go west a couple of screens to get to the Platform 1 - Refinery in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. You'll find this enemy somewhere around here - check all around. If he's not there, just jump back and forth between Platform 1 - East Tanks -> Platform 1 - Refinery -> Central Junction -> Platform 1 - Refinery, etc.

49/80 - Bombshell
LP: 16
XP: 2417
Steal: Mallet
Drops: a pile of Bomb Ashes, Yagyu Darkblade, Arcana
Where: Lhusu Mines / Lasche Span

I come here straight from the Gemhorn. Head to the Lasche Span, just to the east (and kinda north) of Site 11. Like the Aerieel fight, criss cross this span; he should show up. Eventually. For me, it required a two zone transition through Site 11 to Site 9, then retrace the steps.

When he first shows up, you can hit him with the Nihopalaoa for Oil and Sap. Be sure to cast dispel on him, too. If he casts Great Barrier, hit him with Dispel again. My guys were pretty high level, and this was still a kind of tough battle. I gave one of my guys the Genji Gloves and the Zodiac Spear. That made it relatively easier.

50/80 - Megabomb
LP: 3
XP: 213
Steal: Bomb Fragment
Drops: pile of Bomb Ashes
Where: Nam-Yensa Sandsea / Demesne of the Sandqueen

To get this Bomb-Type enemy, head into the Demesne of the Sandqueen in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. Chain level the Urutan-Yensa there until it appears (around 22-chain or so for me; twice). By the time I got here, my guys were at around level 70, so this wasn't a tough battle at all. In fact, his attacks didn't cause any damage at all.

51/80 - Matriarch Bomb
LP: 7
XP: 898
Steal: Scorpio Gem
Drops: High Arcana
Where: Stilshrine of Miriam / Ward of the Sword-King

This one is pretty tricky. Head to the Ward of the Sword-King in the Stilshrine of Miriam. OK. When you are heading south toward the Hall of Worth, you'll see that there's a pair of alcoves from which you are ambushed. Continue just BARELY past that, and go stare at the west wall maybe 5 steps south of where the alcove ends. The wall should melt away after about 3 seconds, showing a hidden staircase. Head through and you'll enter the Walk of Torn Illusion.

If you have three Ribbons, just enable them and cast float before moving on. You'll be able to avoid all the weirdness with swapping out guys and being status-afflicted below. If you don't... Continue up two flights of stairs, but swap out all your guys before you go into the next area - your entire party will get both berserk and confuse, which will suck. Anyway, you'll end up in Cold Distance, and there's a chest under a trap at the top of these stairs - along with a set of 4 nasty enemies. Use float to avoid the trap, and open the chest for a Shell Shield.

If you happen to see the Matriarch Bomb, you'll probably get hit with Berserk/Confuse by THAT too. Keep your party as sparce as possible, so you can bring in other characters to help out.

52/80 - Ripe Rampager
Steal: Screamroot
Where: Dalmasca Estersand / Yardang Labyrinth

Head to Dalmasca Estersand's Yardang Labyrinth (via the teleport crystal at Nalbina Fortress, if you want to go quickly.) Go around killing everything, but especially the two cactus-type enemies. The Ripe Rampager should pop out of the ground in the little inlet near the southern exit to Dalmasca Estersand/Outpost. It looks like a larger version of the Onion dude your fought in the Sochen Cave Palace. This should NOT be a tough battle.

53/80 - Killbug
LP: 12
XP: 1044
Steal: Knot of Rust
Drops: Metallic Trophy
Where: Osmone Plain / The Switchback

Head to The Switchback in the Ozmone plains, when your game clock's "minute hand" is between 10 and 39. You'll find a teasure chest in the central part of the northern wall. You know, one that's obviously a mimic-type enemy. Steal if you need, then take him out.

54/80 - Minibug
LP: 12
XP: 389
Steal: a Wrath of the Gods
Where: Barheim Passage / East-West Bypass

Teleport to the Barheim Passage, and make your way to the East-West Bypass (south, then north-west). In a dead-end just about the entrance to this area is a place with lots of traps and treasures (and mimic-type enemies). The Minibug randomly appears there.

From here, I like to go after 55/80 - Ithuno.

55/80 - Ithuno
LP: 11
XP: 904
Steal: a Deathbringer
Drops: Arcana (d'oh)

Head to the Special Op Sector 5 area, just below the East-West Bypass, for those of you coming straight from 54/80 - Minibug. Head to the western edge, and be on the look out for a "special" treasure chest behind a boulder pile. If you don't see it, leave and come back; it appears here randomly.

After this enemy, head on to 62/80 - Ishteen.

56/80 - Kris
LP: 13
XP: 1815
Steal: a phial of Putrid Liquid
Drops: an Odiferous Trophy

Apparently one of the game designers hated someone named kris. :D Head to the Tchita Uplands/The Highlands. Wander around looking for a buffed-up Malboro enemy with no crown. That's Kris. Keep your guys in a large open triangle pattern to keep from getting everyone nailed by his nasty status hits.

57/80 - Dheed
Steal: Mirage Vest
Drops: Leathern Trophy
Where: Mosphoran Highwaste / Skyreach Ridge

Teleport to the Mosphoran Highwaste (or go to the Teleport Crystal) and head up the path that's no longer blocked by the boulder (You've done the proper esper side quest, right?) Head up the path to the Skyreach Ridge. He should appear in the northern area of the Skyreach Ridge. Even though you can hit him with Oil, don't try casting Fire magic at him - it heal's him! Just use Blizzaga and/or Thundaga.

58/80 - Aeros (Ch. 19)
LP: 5
XP: 691
Steal: Wyvern Wing
Drops: Crooked Fang
Where: Osmone Plain / The Shred

Kill off the Bull Croc above (04/80) and this should appear in the same area. Note that this is arguably the easiest place to grab a bunch of Wyvern Wings, if you want to get a bunch so you can get the Arcturus to appear in the Bazaar. Before you kill him off, steal the Wyvern Wing and then just flee past The Greensnake to any other area, then flee back. Also, be sure not to use Blizzard magic on this guy; it just heals him.

59/80 - Terror Tyrant
Steal: Scathe Mote
Drops: Hide-covered Trophy

Head to Dalmasca Eastersand's Broken Sands, probably via the teleport crystal in the Mosphoran Highwaste. There's a dinosaur-type enemy just south of the northern exit. It's randomly the Terror Tyrant - you'll probably notice the status enhancemets. Set an auto-phoenix down or arise gabmit - he can insta-death you. Dispel his plethora of enhacements, steal a scathe mote, and go after him. His crushing fangs will probably kill you many times.

60/80 - Abelisk (NOT VERIFIED)

61/80 - Dustia
Steal: Book of Orgain-Mille
Drops: Book of Orgain

Head to Dalmasca Westersand's Corridor of Sand. Kick one of your character's butts to within an inch of his life. Well, within 10% of his death, to be more precise. This guy should pretty much spawn immediately. You can just throw a phoenix down on him and kill him, but if you wait until fairly late in the game, it's just as easy to hit him once.

62/80 - Ishteen
LP: 11
XP: 1367
Steal: Soul of Thamasa
Drops: Bony Trophy

Head here from the Ithuno battle above. Head to the Barheim Passage, and go west to the Zaviah Span. Wander around until one of the reeper-type enemies shows up.

Optional: Farm multiple Soul of Thamasa items. When he appears, DON'T immediately kill him off. Flee back to the orange save crystal screen in Barheim Pasage / North-South Junction. Once there, run back to the East-West Bypass and Ishteen should appear there (eventually; just stand around at the eastern entrance). When he appears, steal and then flee back to the crystal and save. As far as I can tell, you can get an unlimited number of Soul of Thamasa this way. Good gambits for this are Phoenix Down, then Chronos Tear, Foe: HP<10,000 Attack, and Foe: Party leader's target: Steal. These gambits should keep your guys alive, kill off the Dead Bones enemies he summons, and then let you steal. Equip Theieves Cuffs to make the steals go faster. If your guys are powerful enough that you don't need to use the save crystal, you should be able to chain-level Dead Bones enemies while farming here. Remember, touching a save crystal will reset your chain-level gagues. Oh, and equiping a Demon Shield to your guys will allow them to absorb his Darkra attack.

63/80 - Vorres
LP: 13
XP: 2381
Steal: a pinch of Soul Powder
Drops: a Gravesoil Trophy
Where: Necrohol of Nabudis / Hall of the Ivory Covenant

Head into the Necrohol of Nabudis from the Nabreus Deadlands area. Go in one full area until you enter the Hall of the Ivory Covenant. Randomly in this area (1-in-5 or maybe 1-in-10 chance) you should see a dark elemental in this area. When it appears, DON'T KILL IT! While your party is being targeted by the elemental, head to two aeras: 1 is slightly north and west (not east!) of the doorway to Cloister of Reason. If Vorres doesn't show up, you'll head to the area slightly south and west of the doorway. If you look on the map, you'll see a room above the doorway and below the doorway. The place where Vorres spawns is directly west - where the hallways leading north and south join these rooms. Once you see where he appears, it should be easy to find him again next time. Kill off the Elemental, then steal from Vorres. NOTE: You can steal Soul Powder from this guy - and that's pretty rare! Consider stealing, then fleeing back to the Nabreus Deadlands, then coming back. I like to farm them here. If you want to go after the Tournesoul sword, you'll need 3x Empyreal Soul, each of which requires 1x Soul Powder. Once you have three of them, you can safely kill him off. If you've already killed him off, don't sweat it - you can steal these from a really powerful enemy in the Henne Mines. ;)

Note: Sometimes the Elemental isn't in in the Ivory Covenant. If that's the case, just run back and forth between the Hall of Slumbering Might and Cloister of the Highborn. You'll eventually clear out all the other enemies in Hall of the Ivory Covenant, which makes the elemental appear much faster. Don't forget to try and steal a feystone from him. When you finally get Vorres to spawn, kill off the elemental FIRST, then go after Vorres. I like to kill off the Elvoret enemies at the entrace to each of the areas to maximize my chances of acquiring a Maximillian from them. Also, you'll probably get worked here (Vorres - not to mention a regular Oversoul - can take all your MP, so keep some ethers on hand if your guys aren't at a pretty high level.) Good gambits: Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down, Esuna, Echo Herbs, Haste, Bubble, Float (use these when grinding). Foe: party leader's target -> Steal (use when stealing to prevent accidentally killing him off).

After you've stolen, be sure to go at least two screens away to reset before returning. I recommend returning to the Deadlands. While you're there, consider heading back to the save point if it was tough on your guys.

64/80 - Negalmuur (Ch. 24)
LP: 7
XP: 906
Steal: Capricorn Gem
Drops: n/a

Head to the Stilshrine of Miriam and use the waystone at the back of the Ward of Measure (the room in which you first arive.) If you don't end up in the Ward of the Sword King (depending on what you've done so far, this may take you first to the Throne of Veiled Gods), us it again. Once you get to the Ward of the Sword-King, the Negalmuur should be straight to the south; don't confuse it with the Darkmare, though. If not, kill everything here, then leave and return via anything but the waystone (the south door, the east doorway, or the hidden west stairway.)

Note: It can take a LONG time for this enemy to spawn. If you haven't been in the Stilshrine for at least 30 minutes, he won't spawn. As such, you probably want to do something else first (perhaps go for a new esper or level up a bit?) Also, you can use this time to basically get unlimited leveling-up while you sleep. This enemy uses Necromancy to summon an enemy you can kill off for 328 XP (doubled with Embroidered Tippets.) If your guys are a high enough level, you can use this to generate an infinite number of enemies - provided you don't kill the Negalmuur off. Just set your part to use the following Gambits. Be sure your non-leaders have not cast decoy simultaneously, as that will cause them to both drop out of decoy for about 15-20 seconds, during which Negalmuur can target the party leader. Also, set your battle speed to max.
- Ally: Any -> Raise
- Foe: HP<3,000 -> Attack
- Ally: Any -> Esuna
- Ally: Any -> Haste
- Ally: Any -> Curaga
- Self: Libra
- Self: MP<10% -> Charge
- Ally: Any -> Raise
- Foe: Party leader's target -> Attack
- Ally: Any -> Esuna
- Ally: Any -> Haste
- Ally: Any -> Curaga
- Self: Libra
- Self: Decoy
- Self: MP<10% -> Charge

65/80 - Larva Eater
LP: 17
XP: 3,475
Steal: Scorpio Gem
Drops: Arcana >.<
Where: The Great Crystal / Sha Vikaari Dhebon Pratii

When you first get to the Leo Gate Stone in Sthaana Leo, you'll have the opportunity to spawn this enemy. When you first get to Staana Leo, you'll notice a BUNCH of necrophobe enemies. Kill them all. To ensure you've got them all, start at the location transition from Dha Vikaari Dhebon Pratii to Staana Leo. Kill enemies as you make your way toward the other location transition point (the blue dots separating the different world areas. Go back and forth between these, circling the Leo Gate Stone in the middle as you pass it. When you can walk back and forth three or four times wtihout spawning any enemies, you know you're done. You'll probably end up killing off around 40 or so.

When they're all killed off, return to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Pratii and look around Waystone XIV. If you don't see the Larva Eater, go back THROUGH Staana Leo to xxxxx and then return to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Pratii. Repeat as needed until he shows up. When he appears (probably with some Reapers; kill them off first), steal a Scorpio Gem, if you want, then take him out.

66/80 - Arioch)
LP: 13
XP: 1815
Steal: Sage's Ring
Drops: Vengeful Trophy
Where: Nabreus Deadlands / The Slumbermead

Teleport to the Nabreus Deadlands, and go south one screen to The Slumbermead. You should find Arioch here, if you wander around everywhere. I found him in the lower-right corner of the map on my first try. Be sure to dispel, then steal his Sage's Ring, which drops the cost of magic by 50%. Since he appears pretty easily, you can just flee back past the teleport crystal to respawn him with another ring. I got a set of three rings in about 10 minutes using this trick.

After this, try going after 72/80 - Velelu.

67/80 - Fideliant
LP: 3
XP: 309
Steal: Capricorn Gem
Drops: Arcana (d'oh)

Head to Dalmasca Westersand's The Midfault. This guy randomly shows up here. By the time you run across him, you can probably defeat him. On the other hand, if you find this really early one (pre chapter 4), you may have some trouble with it. YMMV.

68/80 - Crystal Knight
LP: 17
XP: 3377
Steal: a Glimmering Robes
Drops: a Skull Trophy
Where: The Great Crystal / A Vikaari Kanbhru Ra

When you are going after Excallibur in The Great Crystal (after you receive the Treaty Blade), you may encounter the Crystal Knight in A Vikaari Kanbhru Ra (where you'd find Waystone XX.) Be sure to take out any Forbidden enemies with him as they'll hit you with nasty status ailments. He will not respawn (since he's a trophy game), so if you want more than one Glimmering Robes, be prepared to steal and then flee two+ screens away. I'm not sure why you would want them, but there you are. XD

To spawn him, start at Waystone XX and take the path that leads down to Dhebon Jilaam Pratii'dii. Kill/Warp a bunch of Mom Bomb enemies and then continue on to Sthaana Sagittarius. Kill/Warp bombs, IGNORE the switch and continue on. Follow this pattern until you return to A Vikaari Kanbhru Ra and Waystone XX.

69/80 - Grave Lord
LP: 13
XP: 1563
Steal: Death's-Head
Drops: Bone Fragment
Where: Golmore Jungle / The Rustling Chapel

Head to Golmore Jongle's The Rustling Chapel. See how there are three squares on the map? Kill off everything in the whole area, and all the enemies will respawn as skelletons. Kill THOSE all off, and return to the center square. You should now see the Grave Lord standing in the middle.

I've been told that other people got XP/LP from this enemy, but his Pyromania skill effectively prevented me from seeing anything the first time around. The XP and LP listed are from the next time around.

70/80 - Zombie Lord
LP: 11
XP: 836
Steal: Close Helmet
Drops: Soulless Trophy
Where: Tomb of Raithwall / Northfall Passage

Teleport to the Tomb of Raithwall, then use the waystones to get to the Northfall Passage. Just search the whole area - he sould appear here if your clock's "minute hand" is between 0 and 29. Don't forget to go after Barmuu and Cultsworn Litch while here in the tomb.

71/80 - Drowned
LP: 11
XP: 826
Steal: a strip of Forbidden Flesh
Drops: Foul Flesh, Scathe Mote, Arcana, High Arcana
Where: Garamsythe Waterway / No. 4 Cloaca Spur

Head to Rabanastre's Garamsythe Waterway. In the main area with the save crystal, make sure the left two controls are lit up. In other words, close sluice gates 11 and 4. Now head to the No. 4 Cloaca Spur via the only path that will get you there - the No. 11 Channel. Head down into the lowest area in the southern part of the No. 4 Cloaca Spur. Wander around beating things up, and you should find him.

72/80 - Velelu
LP: 13
XP: 1213
Steal: Capricorn Gem
Drops: a strip of Foul Flesh

Coming right here from Arioch, it's in The Fog Mutters, in the Nabreus Deadlands. Just head south from the teleport crystal, then use the hidden exit in the Northwest corner to get here. You're only going to run across this one if one of your guys is in critical health. I recommend swapping in a weak party member, turning off all gambits, then hitting yourself until you're there! :D It works. Then just wander around using some other member as the lead. If you run into enemies that aren't the Velelu, try swapping out your unhealthly guy, and turning gambits back on.

73/80 - Disma
LP: 18
XP: 3716
Steal: Mirage Vest
Drops: Accursed Trophy
Where: Lhusu Mines / Site 6 South

Depending on how powerfull your party is, this can be a pretty tough fight. Even with everyone at level 78, my party required about 20x Phoenix Down. ;) I think there's a reason he's toward the end of this list. ;) Teleport to the Lhusu mines and then head to the blue save crystal in the "Staging Area." Once you save, head north to Site 6. Disma will hang out with a bunch of Dark Lord enemies, and I strongly recommend killing off any enemies he's with before going after him. As I said, he's not an easy one to beat.

When I go after this one, I like to first lure away any enemies that are with him and kill them off first. Once that's taken care of, I go in with two enemies primmed to steal from him and the final one as a healer. Also, I try to dispel as soon as possible. Nihopalaoa/Remedy will only hit him for Oil, so don't hope for much there. Try to lure him away from other enemies, too. If your party isn't really powerful, consider using Dark Matter (power is directly related to number of "Knot of Rust" items you've found) and/or Gil Toss. Keep your party in a triangle pattern around him and when he's casting a powerful area effect spell run away so at least one guy survives. XD

74/80 - Ancbolder
LP: 7
XP: 998
Steal: Strip of Forbidden Flesh
Drops: Mind Trophy

For both this enemy and 76/80 - Anchag (for some reason they appear together), you'll want to head to Paramina Rift (teleport to Mt Bur-Omisace), and go to Karydine Glacier. See how the map shows two areas that stick down? Kill all the enemies on this screen, then leave via the exit in the south-west. Return immediately and look for these guys in the south-western part of the map that sticks down.

75/80 - Wendice
LP: 11
XP: 1250
Steal: Gemini Gem
Drops: Frigid Trophy
Where: Sochen Cave Palace / Destiny's March

Head to Destiny's March in the Sochen Cave Palace; I come from the Cubus fight above (you may have to have faught a wendigo en route, so this is probably a good starting point for you too!) Kill all the guys around the center area WITHOUT entering the center area. You may have to do this quickly. Anyway, once all those guys are gone, head into the center area - you should see him there.

I like to go from here straight to Anubys (42/80).

76/80 - Anchag
LP: 11
XP: 1262
Steal: Nugget of Damascas Steel
Drops: Arcana
Where: Paramina Rift / Kardine Glacier

For both this enemy and 74 (Ancbolder), you'll want to head to Paramina Rift, and go to Karydine Glacier. See how the map shows an two areas that stick down? Kill all the enemies on this screen, then leave via the exit in the south-west. Return immediately and look for these guys in the south-western part of the map that sticks down.

This enemy, however, has a very cool item to steal: a nugget of Damascas Steel. You WANT this. In fact, after you get it, you want to head back to the teleport crystal in Mt Bur-Omisace and return, to get another one - or just look at the next enemy; the next one is easier to use to do this. On the other hand, if you've already killed him off, it won't take that long to get 6-8 Damascas Steel steals, especially if you use chocobos for the return trip.

I don't know if it matters, but I always kill the Baratine Croc enemy before going after the undead enemies. I don't know if you have to kill 5 undead in a row for him to show up, but that's the way I always did it.

77/80 - Bluesang
LP: ?
XP: ?
Steal: nugget of Damascus Steel
Drops: Cruel Trophy
Where: Cerobi Steppe / Crossfield

Head to Crossfield in the Cerobi Steppe. Check out the area between the windmills - see all the traps? This guy shows up there randomly, so go to the next screen north and come back, if he's not there now. When you find him, be sure use escape to get close, then run away - so you can lure him out from among all those traps.

This guy gives you an opportunity to basically get an unlimited supply of Damascus Steel. You want at least 6 of these - and DON'T sell them all at once. Use the Items area to learn how to turn these (and other stuff) into a Tournesol. To get multiples of this, be sure to steel, then run back down to the save crystal. Head one screen south from there, then go back and get more (you have to run two screens away to reset his random appearance and also his store of stuff.

As long as you're here in the Cerobi Steppe, go after the Aspidochelon (01/80) and Etherian (45/80).

78/80 - Avenger (NOT VERIFIED)

79/80 - Alteci
LP: 11
XP: 1842
Steal: Behemoth Steak
Drops: Fell Trophy
Where: Zertinan Caverns / The Undershore

Head to Jahara, then ride a chocobo (or walk) to the Zertinan Caverns entrance. Kill a bunch of Mallicants, then head one screen north to The Undershore and kill a bunch more. Be careful not to kill anything else. You should have killed 13 or so, and Alteci should show up in the lower left corner area.

The Behemoth Steak you can steal from him is good for getting 10x X-Potion to show up in the Bazaar. You can steal a bunch of them - if you flee before killing him. My favorite Gambit setting here is "Foe:HP<10,000->Attack" followed by "Foe:Any->Steal." This should get you a bunch of these steaks, as you run back and forth between the Ozmone Plain and The Undershore. Of course, you can steal a bunch of Behemoth Steak loot when you get to Giruvegan, so it's maybe not the most efficient way to do it.

When you're done stealing Behemoth Steaks, kill him off. If you haven't already, this is a good time to go after Molen.

80/80 - Urutan Exile
LP: 3
XP: 205
Steal: Hi-Potion. Whee.
Drops: Earth Stone, Osafune

Teleport to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. Wander around and chain at least 100 of the Urutan-Yensa enemies. Yeah. You read that right. It's OK - really; it won't take too long. When you have that, head to the Platform 2 - Refinery. On the main tower leading down to the Nam-Yensa Sandsea exit, you'll find the Urutan Exile. If you kill off the 100th enemy while on the Platform 2 - Refinery you may have to jump over to Central Junction and then come back. He's only got around 4000ish HP so he's not that tough at all.

Of course, you *could* go after this enemy pretty early on in an effort to win yourself an Osafune, if you do it when you first get here. On the other hand, the Osafune less than 10% more powerful than a Kotetsu, which you can get from chain-leveling Werewolf enemies much earlier in the game, so I'm not sure it's worth the amount of time it would take to set everything up.

When I attempted this area later on in the game (before Girguvegan) it only took about 30 minutes.

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