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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Leveling Up

General Info:
Ah, yes. What Final Fantasy game would be complete without the good old fashioned level treadmill? Heh heh. There are a few really good spots in the game to level up. They are almost all a bit harder than you really want. I like to level up my characters using my TVs PnP function. That way, I can be paying scant attention to my characters, and I can be (for example) watching a football game. The problem here is this: If you're in a spot that's leveling your guys up fast, it's a good bet that you have to pay close attention to them so they don't get killed. I kinda like to find a happy medium here. So when you see the spots below, bear in mind that there MAY be places where you can get more XP for killing enemies - but you'll have to pay closer attention to what's going on. I'll try to let you know when/where/why/how you'l want to use each area, but the rest is really up to you. Good luck! Unlike many of the previous side quests in prior games, the Hunt/Mark sidequests here actually level your guys up pretty well.

Ch 02 - Dalmasca Eastersand:

The first good spot to level up is right after you get outside of Rabanastre. Kill off the cactites and wolves here. For starters, kill some Cactite (but steal earth stones from them first). You can also kill off some wolves here, too. Until you get beyond a puny little level one guy, though, you'll probably want to stay away from attacking a whole pack of wolves. If you happen to get a Broadsword by stealing from a cactite, you can actually use this. Just go to your license area (when you get 15 LP) and activate Swords 1. This is the only license it's worth enabling (unless you happen across an Escutcheon in a treasure chest), as the Broadsword item is the only thing that's active for now.

You'll be able to activate other Licenses later, but you'll have to earn the license before you can use it. I know, it's kinda confusing, but it'll make sense as you get further along. At lease, I hope it will. :D Try not to face too many Cockatrice until you are ready - they can be a real handful (game over, d'oh.) You can steal/win potions from them, though, so if you lure one away and steal, it can be worth it.

Ch 3 - Dalmasca Westersand:

If you get your guys up to level 8 or 9 or so, you'll probably actually enjoy leveling up in the Westersand during chapter three. I recommend going here BEFORE you meet up with Penelo, though. It might be easier to kill things if you have help, but you wrack up points quicker if you don't. Liscense points don't really matter much, because all your characters earn license points for each battle - even ones you haven't played, or even met!


Ch 26 - The Stilshrine of Miriam:

Once the dust has settled on Mt Bur-Omisace, you can return to the Stilshrine of Miriam. Check out the Zeromus the Condemner Esper side quest. The location where this esper resides is a WONDERFUL spot to rack up both Gil and Exp - at least at this point in the game. You can grab 100,000 Gil+ here.

Ch 42:

The best place in the whole game to level is is probably the last place you'll go - the Henne Mines. By now you should have at least 10 espers, so you can talk to the old guy in Jahara and he'll open the east side of the Henne mines. Head north from the teleport crystal, then go east 1 screen. The bat type creatures here are worth around 3k each, and with the Embroidered Tippet, that's a total of 6,000+ points EACH. On a single trip down and back, you can come away with well over 300,000 XP. You'll likely end up here around level 70 or so (if you've been following along so far). You can also rack up a large quantity of Gil here. Just go through the first screen here, then come strait back. Do this two or three times, and you'll have 99 Spiral Incisors and 99 Dark Crystals to sell. Just be sure you are only killing off the bat type creatures - don't kill off the dragons or you'll reset your chain level.

Phase 2 Dig: When you first teleport in, head north and east to enter the really hard area. Set gambits for Haste, Bravery, Protect, Libra, Float and Bubble. Head down the corridore, but don't forget to look into all the areas here (including the hidden areas) for chests. At the end of this hallway is an urn (guarded by a Gizamaluk - go ahead and kill him off). The urn will light up the hidden areas here. Continue south and west until you find another Gizamaluke. South from there is a discarded scrap of paper, with writing on it. See how he's talking about the "four" there? Open your map and look to the right. You should see something that looks like a four.

Crossover C: When you get to Crossover C, swap oput your Emboridered Tipped for Ribbons and Bowline Sashes. Make your way down to the south-east (you don't need to use any of the switches to get there). Head east to the Special Charter Shaft.

Make your way along the winding hallway until you reach more cave. If you have a lot of trouble getting throgh here, turn around and go all the way back to the start (swap in your embroidered tippets when you get past the Hecteyes), save, and come back. You're going to level up quite a bit en route, and you'll need it all. When you're ready, equip a gambit for Chronos Tears. In the middle of the long shaft (look for a trap), you'll find a branch heading north. All the way at the north edge of the left-facing "tear" off the edge of the four, you'll find a Glowing Object. You'll get 3 Amphorae of Bacchus's Wine and 2xMegalixir. From this point, follow the right wall all the way around until you come to the Special Charter Dig. See the Espers Section (Zodiark) for tips on this guy.

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