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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Welcome to hunters 101. When you track down Kytes for Migelo, Tomaj will introduce you to the Notice Board and Hunters. Ask him to talk about it more, and you'll get a Clan Primer. When you learn about Licenses, don't be worried - your game hasn't been posessed and your controller isn't broken. Just let it play out. Pay attention - THIS IS IMPORTANT. Hunting is good practice, and you can get cool stuff. Make it a point to learn how to do it right. Anyway, in CH 01, after you've talked to Tomaj, head to the clan and introduce yourself to Montblanc. You can also use the clan shop in Muthru Bazaar, but it's not useful until your clan rank goes up. As you attain higher ranks, you receive higher rewards from Montblanc.
Ranks and Rewards
Rank Title Marks Clan Points Montblanc Reward Bazzar
I Moppet 0 0 3 Potions Nothing
II Hedgeknight 2 700 2x Warp Mote, 2x Teleport Stone Hi-Potions
III Rear Guard 4 8,000 3xRemedy, 2x Teleport Stone Gysahl Greens
IV Vanguard 8 20,000 3xHi-Potion, 2x Teleport Stone Teleport Stone, Gysahl Greens
V Headhunter 10 30,000 2xEther, 2xTeleport Stones Rank IV + Nihopalaoa, Reverse
VI Ward of Justice 12 40,000 2xX-Potion, 2xTeleport Stone Rank V + Bubble
VII Brave Compainion 14 100,000 2xHi-Ethers, 3xTeleport Stone Rank VI + Faith
VIII Riskbreaker 16 200,000 2xElixir,3xTeleport Stone Rank VII + Bubble Belt, Bravery
IX Paragon of Justice 24 250,000 1xHigh Arcana, 3xTeleport Stone Nihopalaoa, Warp Mote, Bravery, Faith, Bubble, Reverse, Teleport Stones & Gysahl Greens
X High Guardian 28 300,000 1xEmpyreal Soul, 3xTeleport Stone Rank X + Cat-ear Hood, Warp Mote
XI Knight of the Round 32 500,000 2xMegalixir, 3xTeleport Stone Rank XI + Bubble Belt, Knot of Rust
XII ? ? ? ? ?

01: Rogue Tomatoe
CH: 01
Rank: I
Where: Dalmasca Eastersand
Who: Tomaj, Rabanastre - Sandsea
Steal: Fire stone.
From Kill: Handful of Galbana Lilies.
From Bounty: 300 Gil, 2xPotion, 1xTeleport Stone
Recommended Level: Vaan @ 3-5
Notes: When you track down Kytes in Ch 01, you'll talk to Tomaj and get access to this beast. When you leave Rabanastre via the eastern gate, head strait forward toward the u-shapped area just below the middle of the screen. I recommend being level 5 or so before heading to beat this guy. Or having a few potions handy works, too. When he jumps off the cliff, follow him down and steal again to get a pebble, then finish him off.

02: Thextera
CH: 03
Rank: I
Where: Galtea Downs, in the Dalmasca Westersand
Who: Gatsly, Rabanastre's Sandsea tavern - very close to message board
Steal: Pebble
From Kill: Nothing
Bounty: 500 Gil, 1xHeadguard, 1xTeleport Stone
Recommended Level: Vaan @ 5 or 6.
Info (from Gatsly): "The caravan drivers said they were set upon along the *cliff wall to your left* as you leave the city via the west gate."
Notes: Leave Rabanastre via the West Gate, save, and head out into the Desert. If you folow the west wall, you'll find him. I like to kill off the other wolves with him first, then go after him. Don't let your HP drop below 100, though. He can do multiple hits (he did 4 on me) that can wipe you out fast. Just keep curing yourself, and wailing on him; you'll get him eventually. Don't forget to steal a pebble from him! When he gets low, he'll call for help - just ignore the guy(s) that come, and finish him off. If you have Libra, you can tell how much HP he's got left. When finished, talk to Gatsly, then head to the bazaar and talk to him again. you can now get the Forgotten Grimoire (The Hunter's Monograph). You probably cannot afford it yet, though.

03: Fowering Cactoid (Rare Cactoid)
CH: 03
Rank: I
Where: Yardang Labrynth, Dalmasca's Eastersand
Who: Dantro (Dalmasca Estersand)
Steal: Cactus Fruit, potion
From Kill: Cactus Flower
Bounty: 500 Gil, 10xPotion
Recommended Level: Vaan 6-10
Notes: Head through Rabanastre's East Gate, save, then head on to the Outpost you visited earlier. Talk to Dantro, then head into the Yardang Labrynth (the next screen). If you are just leaving Rabanastre for the first time, I really reccomend you visit the town of Nabina and get Vaan better weapons and armor, not to mention a shield (and a decent number of eye drops, too). When you are fighting him, it's a good idea to be ready to run if he starts casting 1000 needles. He cast it on me, but I was fleeing. It missed, and I was able to beat him. BTW: When he is running away, you can cast blizzard for 100+ dmg. After this battle, be sure to give the flower to Dantro's Wife in South Bank Village to start the Flower For the Wife side quest..

CH: 08 (when you get all 4 party members back in Rabanastre)
Rank: I
Where: Garamsyth Waterway (Via Lowtown's Storehouse 5): Overflow Cloaca
Who: Milha in Rabanastre's Lowtown->Residence.
Steal: Glass Jewel
From Kill: Nothing
Bounty: 500 Gil, 1xEther, 1xGauntlets
Notes: Head down the Righ-hand door in Storeroom 5 to where you killed rats at the start of the game. Wraith will eventually appear. To beat this guy as only Vaan, be sure you have Remedy Lore 3 (Remedies remove stop, doom and disease). I recommend having Vaan, Blathier, and Fran, though. To start off, cast slow. This guy will cast doom on your party. You can leave and return to the save point to heal, but this enemy will heal back up as soon as you leave. My guys were able to kill him off with his doom still at "3" for the first guy he hit. I just ran outside AFTER the battle, and touched the save crystal.

After collecting the bounty, head inside the private residence there. Talk to Deeg, then take the letter. If this is your 4th hunt, be sure to check back in with Montblanc for your Rear Guard reward. You can now buy Gysahl Greens from the Clan Provisioner in the Bazzar, if you want.

CH: 08 (when you get all 4 party members back in Rabanastre)
Rank: I
Where: North Bank of the Gizaz (Dry)
Who: Montblanc -> Dania (Giza Plains Village, Cackatrice Pen)
Steal: Potion, Small Feather
From Kill: Nothing
Bounty: 1000 Gil, 1xJackboots, 1xRainbow Egg
Notes: If your guys are not immune to Stone/Petrify, be sure to bring a large supply of Golden Needles when you go after this mark. To draw out this enemy (and it's three offspring), be sure to kill off all the enemies there first, then go south one screen, then return. Don't forget about the Giza Rabbits; you have to kill those off too. I recommend killing off the Chickatrise (it's hatchlings) first, then concentrate on the mama.)

CH: Begin 08, Finish 11
Rank: I
Where: Lhusu Mines: Site 2
Who: Montblanc -> Pilika (Bhujerba's Khus Skygrounds)
Steal: Turtle Shell or Potion
From Kill: 8 LP
Bounty: 1,200 Gil, 2xHi Potion, 1xHeavy Coat
Notes: Pilika is the Moogle you see at the lower end of the Khus Skygrounds; he's standing on the ledge. You can talk to him at the beginning of the shouting mini-game at the start of Ch 11. Talk to him and accept. You'll find the Rocktoise back where you first ran into Ba'Gamnon in the Site 2 area of the Lhusu mines. Protect/Shell up, and head in. The first thing I did was cast blind, immobilize, silence, and slow until they stuck. Then I jused used ranged attacks from affar. I used a bunch of Hi-Potions (and a decent number of regular potions) before I learned to status effect him, but otherwise it wasn't the hardest battle I've ever fought. (Talk to Pilika again after you've beaten Rocktoise to get another favor).

CH: 11
Rank: I
Where: Lhusu Mines: At the mine split on Transitway 1
Who: Aekom (Near save crystal outside Lhusu mines)
Steal: Tanned Hide (antidote in another game)
From Kill: 5 LP
Bounty: 600 Gil, 1xRose Corsage, 1xBalaclava; Great Serpentskin (Don't sell the Great Serpentskin!)
Notes: As far as I can tell, this is actually a pretty easy fight, if your guys are at a decent level. My guys were at around 20, and I just had protect/shell on me, and wiped the floor with him (even while stealing). I bearly even had to heal up. Of course, I had used my license points to get my HP up (Vaan had 1640 in one game and over 2000 in another, for example). If it's tough, have your guys cast Immobalize on him, and attack him from a distance. You're welcome. ;?)

Wyvern Lord
CH: 14
Rank: II
Where: North-western Nam-Yensa Sandsea
Who: Sherral the guard, Rabanastre's Amal's Weaponry
Steal: Crooked Fang
From Kill: Nothing
Bounty: 1000 Gil, Longbow, Shell Shield.
NOTES: If you do this at the start of CH 14 or CH 15, you can take Vossler along for the ride. ;) When you get to the Telelport Crystal at the lower left corner of the Ogir-Yensa map, teleport to Rabanastre and start this hunt. The game should take you to the northwestern corner of the map, eventually. When you get to the Nam-Yensa Sandsea/Simoon Bluff area, first go up the stairs to the tower. At the end of that tower area is the gambit for flying foes, if you don't already have it. You're welcome. ;) Now go back down and all the way to the end of the bluffs. Make sure you kill the Bagoly enemies first, then go after the Wyvern Lord. You can affect him with Blind and slow. He's immune to Silence and Disable. His status is flying, so use guns, bows, spells, and items. I used water until my characters ran low on magic, then I used some of the Dark Mote items that I found in the Caves outside of Bhujerba. You can teleport to Rabastre to collect your reward by going to Raithwalls tomb. If this is number 8 hunt, don't forget to report in to Montblanc to get extra cool stuff for becoming a Vanguard!

White Mousse
CH: 15
Rank: V
Who: Sorbet (Rabanastre's West Gate, near the Aerodrome)
Steal: Potion
From Kill: 24 LP, Broken Key
Bounty: 2,800 Gil, 1xYoichi Bow, Sluice Gate Key (after the cut scene)
NOTES: If you do this at the start of CH 14 or CH 15, you can take Vossler along for the ride, but I got my butt kicked. ;) Head to the west gate of Rabanastre and talk to Sorbet, the moogle guarding the moogling there. In the West Sluice Control of the Garamsyth Waterway. Be ready! I came back after I had all my guys at level 29 or better, and it was a bit easier. Oh yeah, I was able to take along Larsa. Basically you have to use this guy's strengths against him. Since he's a Flan-type enemy ("is that thing edible?!?"), you'll want to cast reflect on everyone. This makes his attacks not hurt you. From the save crystal, take the fourth doorway on the west exit and wind your way along the path to the south.
While you have your party reflected, be sure to disable all Cure/Cura/Curaga/Esuana gambits!!! Also, set your guys to use the gambit "Ally: Status Reflect -> Cast Fira" This ensures you will do more damage than he's healing (since his water attack will heal him). Nihopalaoa will cause Disease, blind, and confuse (sound familiar?) The important one is Disease, since that ALSO keeps his water attack from healing himself. I really recommend it. When you kill him, head two screens to the right to save. There is an Urn here with a Garamsyth Candle, which reveals hidden areas on the map. When he's dead, head back to the West Gate and talk to Sorbet for your Bounty.

Ring Wyrm
CH: 15
Rank: III
Where: Windtrace Dunes
Who: Balzac (Rabanastre's Lowdown, North end, near resistance HQ)
Steal: Hi-Potion or Phoenix Down
From Kill: 16 LP
Bounty: 200 Gil, 1xMoon Ring, 1xIcebrand
NOTES: If you do this at the start of CH 14 or CH 15, you can take Vossler along for the ride, but I got my butt kicked when I first tried it, even with a 6 way quickening chain. ;) Step one: Buy Jackboots and make sure your guys have the LP needed to wear them. Now the, remember the guy who was sitting on the barrel in lowtown? You had to talk to him when you were delivering the sword for "old dalan." That's Balzac. Go talk to him to start this quest.

Head to a place "just south of the central region of the windtrace dunes." This guy will only show up when there is a sandstorm going on, so be careful not to wander around that screen if there's no point. Teleport to the crystal in the westersand, just outside the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. Head East one screen to the Windtrace Dunes. If there's NO sandstorm, make sure you don't wander around; go back to the previous screen and then return. Keep that up until you get a storm. When you do, follow the south wall along until you see him. He's huge, you probably cannot miss him.

Cast shell and protect on your guys, then go after him. It took me a very long time to be able take him out. I went after him at the beginning of Ch 19, and it was HARD. If you can keep your guys alive long enough, you can take him out. He'll heal himself back up once or twice, so be ready for that. Blind/slow him early on (recast slow), and then try to keep your guys in a perfect triangle around him (so his breath attack doesn't take your whole party out).

If you do this after your 10th mark, you should be able to buy the Nihopalao. Using that plus a remedy casts Slow, Immobilize, Blind, and Confuse on him. I was able to take him down without too much trouble after that. If you can get him dissabled, you can do magic/ranged attacks and stay out of his path.

Also, one time I played through this I'd spend a great deal of time leveling up Vaan early on, while trying to get Kotetsu weapons from the werewolf enemies. That time I was at level 31 for Vaan, before I had entered the Tomb of Raithwall. It was possible to beat this guy at that time, but I used about 30x hi potion. I also did not have the Nihopalaoa, so it was all blind/slow magic to get him nailed down.

CH: 15 (yeah, right)
Rank: V
Where: Zertinan Caverns from the Westersand: Invitation to Heresy
Who: Tavernmaster (Rabinastre's Sandsea Tavern)
Steal: Fire Stone
From Kill: 22 LP, a cask of Serpentwyne Must.
Bounty: 2,200 Gil, 1xSerpent Eye, 3xTeleport Stone.
NOTES: If you do this at the start of CH 14 or CH 15, you can take Vossler along for the ride, but I got my butt kicked. ;) Talk to the Tavernmaster in Rabanastre's Sandsea to hear about the Serpentwyne. You'll go to the Zertinan Caverns (via the Westersand entrance). Head to the Invitation to Heresy, and be patient. Wander around a bit, and amuse yourself triggering all the traps and killing all the enemies here. The traps didn't really do any major damage to my guys at this point, and they were just explosion traps. In the "upside down hand puppet area" of the map (where it looks like a little oasis kinda), you'll find him... Eventually. You might have to kill all the enemies off a few times. My guys were level 27, 27, 23, and 28 (Vossler, no dah!) I got my butt kicked.

He's immune to Ice (DON'T USE THE ICE BRAND!!!) He's immune to Immobilize, but not to Blind. Have everyone cast blind to make sure it sticks. Have Balthier (or whoever) use the Silent Shot (you can't buy it at this point; you'll need to sell loot to get the Marksman's Delight; I think it's 2xFish Scale, 1xGreen Liquid, and 3xDark Stone) to make sure he's silenced. If you have an Iron Pole, that can cast Slow on him. If you have it, go for Bubble. It makes all the difference in the world. Also, use Haste/Shell/Protect. That will give you an edge. If you wait until Ch 23, you can also use Larsa. :) My guys were at level 36, 35, 35, (and 32: Larsa). For the record, you can do this in Ch 18 with Larsa also. If you've gone exploring all over the world, you can probably take him at this point. Oh yeah, use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick. You can hit him for Disease, Slow, Silence, and Blind. I finished him off fairly quickly that way. BTW: He didn't show when any lowering of his HP at all.

When you're finished, return to Rabanastre and moogle back to the Sandsea. Talk to the Tavernmaster to claim your bounty. Believe it or not, I've actually managed to kill this guy off before I entered the Tomb of Raithwall. No kidding! It required using about 70x hi potion, 50x phoenix down, and nearly all my guys were dead. If it hadn't been for Vossler, I'd have been toast. For what it's worth, I'd spent a great deal of time leveling up Vaan on Werewolf enemies, so my guys were at level: 32, 28, 30, 32, 33, 33, (36).

Gil Snapper
CH: 17
Rank: III
Who: Montblanc: Nanau (Giza, the rains)
Steal: 20,000 Gil
From Kill: 20 LP
Bounty: 3,000 Gil, 1xPhobos Glaze
Notes: When you accept the quest from Mantblanc, go down the stairs and talk to Bansat. Find Nanau by the save crystal near the entry to the ozmone plains. Accept the quest and you'll get the Silent Urn. You'll also learn that the Gil Snapper is found in the "Tracks of the Beast" to the east. You are asked to "search giza" to start the quest. You know those weird "Withered Trees" that you notice around giza during the rain? Push them all over. You can find them by going counter-clockwise around Giza...

  • Here. The first one is right near to the save crystal in the Crystal Glade.
  • Head west one screen to the Starfall Field. Cross the bridge leading toward the village, and look for the tree near the northern exit.
  • Head North one screen to the Toam Hills. The tree is just east of the entrance (probably hiding behid some ichthons).
  • Follow the path as it winds west, then back east, and head to the Nomad Village. The tree is along the south bank, past the save crystal.
  • Go north one screen to the Throne Road. The tree is visible as soon as you appear on the screen (off to the left).
  • Follow the path east to Gizas North Bank. The tree here is straight ahead from where you entered the screen (off in the distance a bit, though).
You should hear a chimmy noise when you break down the last tree - signifying you can get across the gap, now. Head south to the Gizas south bank. When you get there take the bridge heading south (down) and walk across the "Tree Path" that shows up now. Actually, you may want to go one screen to the west and save your game first. ;) When you cross the tree bridge, you'll be in a hidden area called the "Tracks of the Beast." Bansat will show up to help you out. If Bansat tells you he "hasn't seen the beast," then leave the screen and come back. Repeat until you get to a very rainy time, and he tells you "there it is." Alternatively, there are Silicon Tortoise here (13K HP), so you can level up, if you want, but if Bansat gets the final hit, you don't get any XP. You can get 1000+ XP and 2 LP for killing them off. :D In the back of the area here is an Urn with a Feather of the Flock.

When you do get him to show up, cast Shell/Protect on your guys, then head toward him. Have someone attack him with silence shot. If you can immobalize him, use guns/bows/magic to him him from afar. Believe it or not, it *IS* possible to fight this battle with Larsa if he's joined you at Jahara. That means this battle can end up being 5 on 1. He can cast disablega, so make sure someone has him silenced. When you have him beaten, return to the save crystal. You'll find a note telling you to visit the client during the dry for your reward. For me (this time), that meant walking out of the area, and then coming back. Weird. Anyway, go back to the Nomad Village during the dry and talk to Nanau. for your reward.

When I went back to Monteblanc, I received my standard up-in-rank reward, plus...
Elder Wyrm: 800 Gil (From the Viera Wood-warders)
Tiamat: 900 Gil (From the Henne Miners' Guild)

CH: 17
Rank: II
Who: Sugumu (Jahara, Land of the Garif, the Elderknoll)
Steal: Potion
From Kill: 9 LP and an Errmonea Leaf
Bounty: 1,100 Gil, 1xEther 1xGolden Amulet
Notes: When you are first able to cross the bridge to the Elderknoll on your initial trip to Jahara, you can find Sugumu to the north. Talk to him, then head back across the bridge and talk to the warrior on the other side (Hsemu). He'll tell you to go The Shred and kill off all the Wu, then leave and return. I had to take out a Bull Crock and an Aeros too. if you run across them, be sure to take them out BEFORE you leave and return - you don't want to fight those AND the Enkelados as well.

If you only have to fight him, it's an easy battle. Cast Blind go at it. You can even cast Disable, if you need. If you have only magic users, put him to sleep and cast powerful magicks on him. ;) If he starts healing/restoring, just wait for him to go Berserk. If you have faught a bunch of other battles already, you might be able to use the Nihopalaoa on him. I did, and he got disease, slow, silence, immobilize, blind, stop and sap. WOW! That made this battle just impossibly easy. :D

Talk to Low-chief Sugumu a few times, until he asks you to take the leaf to Lesina. She is in Giza, and if you go there during the dry she'll give you 2 Remedies for it. If this is your 10th mark, don't forget to go and collect your mark prizes!

CH: 17
Rank: II
Who: Sadeen (Giza, the rains)
Steal: Pointed Horn
From Kill: 10 LP, Ring of the Toad
Bounty: 1200 Gil, 1x Serpent Rod, 1xTeleport Stone
Notes: Sadeen is in the the nomad village, near the place where the Cockatrese were being raised not to long ago. Talk to him (what passes for talk anyway), and head out toward "a bridge in the rain." You'll go west (left) one screen and south (down) one screen to the Starfall Field. Go cross over the bridge just past the entrance to the westersand, then cast protect on your whole party. Afterword, head left until the dude shows up. When he does, use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick or have everyone cast blind. SOMEONE should hit him. If not, try again. This guy likes to attack the same person. I had someone that had a good Golden Shield (extra likelihood of dodging the attack) stand right in front of him. Since he was blind, he did very little damamge to my guys. I had Balthier using silent shot, so he was silenced, too. When he gets to about 25% or so, he'll cast "Growing Threat" - which makes him go up 2x levels. He didn't really hurt any of my guys much, despite being under "regen" the whole time.

When your done, go back to Sadeen in the Nomad Village to recieve your first reward. This guy tells you to give the ring to his beloved, but there's no one around here. While you've probably picked up on this from talking to people already, the ring SHOULD go to the Elder Brunoa during the DRY season. She'll give you... nothing. But, uh, you get a story. Consider it Paladin training, OK?

CH: 18
Rank: V
Where: Southern Sluiceway of Garamsyth Waterway
Who: Contrite Thief, Rabanastre's Lowtown near Garamsythe Waterway
From Kill: a bundle of Stolen Articles, 25 LP
Bounty: 3,800 Gil, 1xHorakhty's Flame, 1xUnpurified Ether, Blackened Fragment
Notes: Head to the entrance to the Garamsythe Waterway, and talk to the weird thing rolling on the ground in storehouse 5. That's the contrite thief. This one was a little tricky to get to - head down into the Garamsyth Waterway, and take the western paths. If you run into any Malboro Overkings, and you think you are too weak to beat him, try casting "disable" on them (or using a sledgehammer - that causes disable). From the blue save crystal in the Central Waterway Control, take the fourth doorway on the right (west) side. You should be able to wind your way south from there. The enemy wont show up unless your party is all female, so you can safely take an all male group through to the save crystal on the other side. Incidentally, Larsa can participate in this battle. I thought you might want to know that. ;) There's an Urn there that gives you a Garmsythe Candle, which shows you hidden stuff.

I decided to use the Nihopalaoa on this one. Equip it to some character, and have THAT character throw some item at an enemy. It hit him with Sleep, Disease, and Blind. Remember you CAN use L1/R1 to switch between casting at enemies and friends. One of the major tricks to this one is to NOT heal him, while at the same time protecting your guys. Get your guys to NOT cast healing magicks (cure, cura, esuana, etc), and to use items only. Then, cast reflect on your guys and go after him. This is one of those battles where the game did NOT show me "how hurt" he was - I just kept going until he was dead.

When he's toast, head back to the top of the stairs and talk to the contrite thief.

CH: 23
Rank: II
Where: Henne Mines, Phase 1 Shaft
Who: High-Chief Zayalu (Jahara)
Steal: Book of Orgain-Mille; dark stone
From Kill: 12 LP
Bounty: 1,300 Gil, 1xEther, 1xSoul Powder

Notes: After the Henne Mines area, check a notice board and head back to Jahara. You should be able to start this quest. Talk to the High Chief Zayalu to start the Ixtab hunt. Teleport to the mines (or ride a chocobo, whichever). Head to the Phase 1 Junction, just before the Phase 1 Shaft (from the entrance, anyway). If the switch is still flipped near the beginning of the level, you may need to switch it from Blue to Red. Once you get to the Junction, swich it from Red to Blue, and either: 1) VERY quickly run out the east exit, or 2) fight the Jellies. You should probably be able to beat them. In fact, if you cannot, you might not wanna go after Ixtab just yet. :D

Anyway, the east exit wraps around to connect up with the South exit. In the center area, there's an Urn which will fill out the rest of your map of the Henne Mines. When you get to that center area, Ixtab will show up. Do the standard Protect/Shell/Haste/Bubble (or as many of them as you have) and blind/silence/slow him. This really shouldn't be a very tough battle, guys. If you need to, you can use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick and hit him with Stop, Slow, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, and Sap. Talk about a bad day! If you need help on this guy, just spend an hour or so chain-leveling on the bats in the Phase I shaft and entrance area. Return to High-chief Zayalu for your bounty.

Since this put me over the top, I went back to Montblanc, where I got stuff for my hunt rank increasing. I could buy Bubble belts and Bravery in the Bazaar now. Since I was planning on jumping directly to the Antlion quest, though, I only bought two bubble belts.

CH: 23
Rank: V
Where: Paramina Rift, by the Frozen Brook
Who: Gurdy, The Sand-strewn Pass of Mt Bur-Omisace
From Kill: 25 LP
Bounty: 4,800 Gil, 1xDeimos Clay
Notes: When you get there, Monid will help you out. Monid is immune to your status stuff, so make sure you haven't enabled "ally ANY" anything. Use self for your guys. If you do this early enough on, you can use Larsa. :D That's a total of FIVE people on this battle. I highly recommend this approach. ;) To find him, head to the Frozen Brook in the Paramina Rift. When you get there (like I said) Monid shows up. If monid doesn't say he's around (ala the Gil Snapper mark), leave the screen and come back. If you mess up and leave, I don't think he tells you it's around after the first time. In any event, set everyone up for ranged weapons. It'll make things easier.

I used the same Remedy/Neopalaoa trick I used for the Orthras. The thing that makes this battle tough is the fact that the dang thing keeps running around and phasing in and out of invisible. If you hold down the L2 button and press forward, though, your guy will always stay running the right way (unless he's invisible). You can also equip guns/bows/etc. At some point, though, he'll do a little trick that makes him immune to physical harm. Run around or cast bio at him (he seems to absorb everything else). Eventually that will wear off, and you can go back to normal atacks.

It's just a tough battle. Expect to spend a LOT of Hi-Potions/Magic/Phoenix Downs to take him out. My guys were level 32, 32, and 36 the first time, and it was really tough. The next time through the game, my guys were at 43 each, and it was STILL tough, just not quite AS bad.

Feral Retriever
CH: 24
Rank: III
Where: Souther part of the Paramina Rift, near the Stilshrine of Miriam.
Who: Hymms, The Sand-strewn Pass of Mt Bur-Omisace
Steal: pebble
From Kill: 14 LP
Bounty: 1,500 Gil, 1xRecursive Crossbow, 2xTeleport Stone
Notes: I used the Remedy/Niopalaoa trick, and he died in a few second. I think he got turned to stone, or something! On second though, it may have been that the disease caused the "life guage" to stop counting down. Because he couldn't heal, the current was always "max." Maybe I just killed him off easily. That seems more likely; he's only a level III mark. BTW: As long as you are here, you might want to consider going to the Stilshrine of Miriam to activate the teleport stone there.

CH: 23
Rank: V
Where: Lushu Mines
Who: Niray, in Bhujerba
Steal: Potion or Suit of Charger Barding
From Kill: 25 LP
Bounty: 4,300 Gil, 1xBubble Belt, 1xSickle-Blade Notes:

Teleport (or fly) to Bhujerba and make your way to the Staras Residence on Cloudborne Row. Talk to Niray to begin the hunt and obtain the Site 3 Key. There's a "Bottle of Spirits" in this house. This is part of the Bhujerban Madhu quest. Grab it! Head to the mines. Make your way ALLLLLL the way to the back of the mine (you'll watch the boy run away from you) - that's Site 3. Now use the key on the door there, and make your way ALLLL the way through the NEXT area. If these monsters are really tough, your guys may not be powerful enough for this fight!

Flip all the gate switches as you go. This will allow you to more easily more back and forward within the mines. When you get to the cart in transitway 1, don't ride it back - you can find a save crystal slightly to the west. Oh, and the girl is there, too. Talk to her, save your game, and continue west - deeper into the mines. When you find Killer Mantis enemies, you are getting close - the Antlion is in a nest in the very back of that cavern (not the part guarded by the Site 11 Gate - that's for a later date).

OK. Start this one like the other - Niopalaoa and Remedy. Give him something to think about. (It gave him Disease, Slow, and Silence.) By the way, he tries to canabalize his little friends, and that makes him more powerful. You know you have those warp motes just lying around, not doing anything, right? :D You can take THEM out (not him) and then just concentrate on him directly. Note that his attack can cause Disable, so you might want to have lots of Esuana Magick handy, or Black Belts. It LOOKED like it would be a tougher battle, but he died off without too much trouble. I dunno - my guys were getting up to level 40 here, so I might have been easier. I used Bubble/Haste/Protect.

Pay attention to the dialogue with the kids here. That "coast" is refering to something along the Phon coast (don't open the chests in the village!) Oh by the way, there's a Fomalhaut in the area where the mantases were (you may have to leave the area and come back a few times, though). Return to Niray for your reward. While there, you can sell her back the Bhujerban Mandhu for 1000 Gil. See the Bhujerban Mandhu side quest for more information this quest.

Vorpal Bunny
CH: 26
Rank: III
Where: Hiding in The Rustling Chapel, Golmore Jungle
Who: Nera (Eruyt Village)
Steal: Braid Wool, Drab Wool
From Kill: 16 LP, Rabbit's Tail
Bounty: 2,000 Gil, 1xLightning Arrows, 1xGillie Boots
Notes: Find Nera along the Spiritwood within the Eruyt Village. Nera is sitting on the north wall around the circle area. She tells you the Vorpal Bunny is somewhere in the Golmore Jungle. So simple! Leave the village, save, and head one screen south, to The Rustling Chapel. Wander around everywhere. It hides like many of the other hare-based enemies. When you find it, cast Berserk on it (or use Baccus' Wine, but you can't do that while you've got the Nihopalaoa equipped). That will keep him from running around everywhere. After that, you can just smack him. Alternatively, you can use ranged weapons and crash around after it - getting drawn into a billion other battles in the process. It showed up in the 2nd square area down when I went after it. I also caused Disease when I used a Remedy and the Niopalaoa. In case you missed it in the Ch 25 part of the walkthrough, you can buy remedies now from the Merchant on Mt Bur-Omisace now).

CH: 26
Rank: III
Where: Mosphoran Highwaste - Topmost part of Northern Skirts
Who: Burrogh (Nalbina Fortress's Bazaar, near gambit shop)
Steal: Potion, Tanned Giantskin
From Kill: 16 LP
Bounty: 1,800 Gil, 1xGaia Rod, 1xDiamond Shield
Notes: Find Burrogh to the left of the Gambit shop in Nalbina. He'll tell you about the Atomos. He just tells you that the road to the Mosphoran Highwaste is open now, and that the Atomos is "somewhere" in there. Try to lure the Vultures out from around him so that they are not in your way. Once they are gone, go after him. Set one character with the Gambit "Foe: Status=Protect -> Dispel" so that you remove his Shell/Protect/Bravery at the beginning of the battle. Also, do the Niopalaoa/Remedy thing. He's suseptable to practically everything: Silence, Sleep, Immobalize, Sap, Blind, Confuse, Disease, Dissable, Immobalize etc. He will cast Purify, eventually, so be ready to take a little damage. It shouldn't be bad, though. He will become immune to harmful status effects, though, so you can't just do it again, unfortunately. Return to Burrogh for your bounty.

Mind Flayer
CH: 26
Rank: IV
Where: Henne Mines, Phase 1 Dig
Who: Guromu (Jahara, near the Pens)
From Kill: 18 LP
Bounty: 2,200 Gil, 1xCarmagnole
Notes: Head to Jahara and talk to Warrior Guromu (he's past the entrance and to the south a tiny bit. Teleport to the Henne Mines (you'd have to chocobo there, anyway, so you're not missing an opportunity to level-up. Talk to the Gariff Youth there, then take the east exit. Unlike other fights, you don't wanna magick up before it, as he may not show up if you don't have full MP. Just hit "X", then turn off gambits on your three active characters (this means you won't auto-heal, so you may want to consider fleeing from everything).

Make your way back to the South West and on to the Phase 1 Dig. You'll have to flip the switch at Pithead Junction B. The mind flayer is toward the very south of the dig, near the eastern dead end. Head close, but be ready - as soon as you spot him on your mini-map, begin your magick buffing. For this battle, I recommend (of course) the Niopalaoa and a Remedy (you know about using L1 to switch targets, right?). That should hit him with Slow, Blind, and Sap. Now have everyone try to Berserk him. When he heals all the way up and casts a bunch of coolness on himself, use dispel and try to berserk him again. While you are here, there's a hidden area off to the far South West. Talk to the Garrif Youth (Asidalu), then return to Guromu when you have beaten him (the Mindflayer, not Asidalu).

Guromu will tell you that the Geomancer wishes to speak with you. Go north to where Geomancer Yugelu is sitting on a carpet. He kinda alludes to the fact that you need to have a certain number of Espers at your disposal before you come see him again.

CH: 26
Rank: IV
Where: Nabreus Deadlands, Overlooking Eternity
Who: Morgen (Nalbina Fortress, near the weapons shop)
Steal: Fire Stone
From Kill: N/A
Bounty: 3,100 Gil, 1xGiants's Helmet, 1xMythril
Notes: Head to Nalbina fortress and make your way to the Northeast corner near the Weapons Shop. He'll tell you about the Roblon in Nabudis. Head north past the Bomb King in the Salikawood, and continue all the way north. Save at the crystal in the Muted Scarp, and head east one screen (get the urn), the north one screen, then east another. You'll find a hidden path leading north in the northwest corner of the Muted Scarp. Follow that path north and west to get to The Fog Mutters, then head to Overlooking Eternity. When you first get there, buff up your guys, then head up. Note that Warp Motes do NOT work on these guys, but if you get into a tight spot, White Fangs do. Since you cannot buy these, though, you'll run out fairly quickly.

Basically, you'll want to take out the skeletons before going after Roblon. It doesn't look like there are infinite respawns, so take things out by going up the chasm once, then go back down. Repeat a few times until they are all dead. Flee if you have to, but make SURE you don't attack Roblon until you have a place you can kill him off. My general strategy was this: Use my 3 lowest level characters to chain level all 55 (for my battle, anyway) skeleton monsters (this brought them up about 3 level each), then go after Roblon with my OTHER three characters. That ALSO means the 3 going after him are at full health/magick power. :D

When you are ready to go after Roblon, start the way you would any other tough battle. Haste, Bravery, Shell, Protect, Bubble, etc. Niopalaoa/Remedy will Sap, Slow and Blind him. If any smaller enemies spawn, be sure to take them out FIRST, then go after him. During the battle, watch your MP. If it goes away (he casts fear, and that will make your guys lose all their MP), use Charge. Since he's basically blind, you'll love life when he starts physically attacking (when you've killed him off about half way).

This Mark pulled in about 500 LP for my guys. Using the Golden Amulets, of course. Since I had to fight SO MANY monsters to get to him, I racked up the XP and the LP. For that reason, I kinda recommend doing this on around level 40 or so. You should be able to level your guys up quite a bit in the process. Head back through the Salikawood and teleport back to nalbina for your reward.

CH: 26
Rank: IV
Where: In the Northwest of the Salikawood, near the Necrohol of Nabudis (Corridor of Ages).
Who: Va'Kansa (Mosphoran Highwaste - Babbling Vale, near the shop)
Steal: Storm Magicite
From Kill: 17 LP
Bounty: 1,700 Gil, 1xObelish, 1xHi-Ether.
Notes: Find Va'Kansa standing right beside the shopkeep in the Babbling Vale. Talk to him, then head North through the Mosphoran Highwaste. You'll have to fight a bunch of Bombs, but your guys should be able to take them if you are this far. Save at the Telelport Crystal in the Salikawood, then cross the bridge and head left one screen to the Corridor of ages. Make your way to the southernmost tip of the Corridore of Ages, near the entrance to the Nechrohol of Nabudis. Buff up when you first see the customary large red dot signifying a Mark/Boss. Use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, then wail on him. Don't use lightning arrows, though. heh heh. I had him slow, disabled, sap, diseased, immobalize, silence, etc. It was pretty easy after that. Head back to Va'Kansa

At the end of this quest, I was a Paragon of Justice. I went back to Montblanc for my new stuff.

CH: 26
Rank: V
Where: Barheim Passage: West Annex
Who: No. 381, Dalmasca Eastersand - Southbank Village
Steal: Pebble, Bat Fang
From Kill: N/A
Bounty: 2,400 Gil, 1xStun Bombs, 1xVampyr Fang
Notes: Head to the Southbank Village, over by Ada. No. 381 is looking at his buddy on the ground. You can't get here without completing the Flower for the Wife sidequest, so go do so first if you have to. Next, head to the Barheim Passage at the far east of the Banks ofthe Negra area of the Eastersand. This is another one of those places where it's good to have your three normally spare characters run around and kill things off, then bring out your good "fresh" party when you get to the boss. You'll find you can level them up quite a bit. Enter and go north past the Zeviah Subterrane, and save at the North-South Junction, just past the central passage Go west from the Central Passage, taking the Northwest path (the west passage leads to a dead end).

When you get to the Zeviah Span, be sure to take the stairs heading down, north, and west (it's a little confusing; I know.) You sould find the barheim Candle at the end of that area. When you get to the "dead end" on the Zevia Span, knock down the cart on the west wall to allow you to go further down. When you get to the West Annex, I actualy recommend fighting your way up to narrow passage along the west wall, and then running down to the next area. There's a save point there, and there's a good chance that you'll have a LOT of random encounters here that can kill you off while you're trying to fight the Bloodwing. After you save, head to the doorway/hallway in the very far South West. There's a treasure here, but more importantly there are very few spawns. Another good spot is the area east of the Western Exit (were the tracks are broken). Also, enemies don't respawn THAT fast, if you kill them off many times.

When you have eliminated most of the enemies here, head back up and THEN attack the Bloodwing. When you finally spawn him, do the Niopalaoa/Remedy trick. That hits him with Blind, Silence, Disease, and Immobalize. Use bows, guns, and magick to attack him from far away. Very useful indeed. Anyway, when he's dead, save and then head back to the South Bank Village for your reward.

CH: 26
Rank: VII
Who: Zammadria, Nalbina Fortress Aerodrome
Steal: phial of Foul Liquid
From Kill: 28 LP
Bounty: 5,200 Gil, 1xStink Bomb, 1xPutrid Liquid
Notes: Talk to the Imperial at the entrance to the Nalbina Aerodrome to be escorted in. You'll find Zammadria sitting on a bench off to the right of the entrance. Talk to her (if you don't have them, consider buying 3 jade collars) and then head to the Salikawood. You'll meet up with the Viera in the wood. Teleport there (don't attack anything!), and head west one screen, then south one screen. You'll be in the Sun-dappled Path. As long as you don't kill anything in THE ENTIRE SALIKAWOOD AREA you'll be able to find the Carrot. If you HAVE killed something, leave the area and return.

The jade collars will help you to avoid the nasty Putrid Breath attack. Be aware that the viera Ktjn will join your party, and she is immune to Haste, Bubble, etc. Don't have those kind of gambits auto execute unless she dies (you'll waste both your majick and your time!) The quickest path to the Carrot is from the Mosphoran Highwaste. Do you standard Haste/Protect/Shell/Bravery/Bubble/Etc and jump into the battle. As usually, Niopalaoa/Remedy, then attack. Have someone cast Dispel;the Remedy should cause Slow and Silence.

He'll cast Hero's March, which will give him lots of cool stuff. You can nuke that pretty easily with Dispel, but you'll probably get rid of the bad status as well. Use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy again. He'll likely use the "Purify" deal that cleans up status. Hit him again with the Nihopalaoa/Remedy. You can go back and forth with him like this and really keep the likelihood of his hitting you to a minimum. He'll use Growing Threat and double his level - which can seriously ruin your day. :D

Return to Zammadria for your bounty. You'll be accosted by Jovy again. Well, maybe not accosted, per se. But he's a real dork.

CH: 29
Rank: IV
Where: Sochen Cave Palace - Temptation Eluded.
Who: Homesick Man (Archades - weapons/armor shop)
Steal: Eyedrops, Aged Turtle Shell
From Kill: 21 LP
Bounty: 3,000 Gil, 1x Lead Bolts, 1x Adamantite.
Notes: Dispel away various statuses, then hit him with the Nihopalaoa to give him Disease, Blind, and Poison. Then just smack him down. You should be able to make short work of him by this point.

CH: 31
Rank: V
Where: North Liavell Hills
Who: Viera Wayfarer (Balfonheim Port's Whitecap Tavern)
Steal: Leo Gem, Suit of Charger Barding
From Kill: Viera Rucksack
Bounty: 3,500 Gil, 1xHalberd, 1xCrystal Shield, 1xDragon Scale
Notes: Talk to the Viera Wayfarer in the Whitecap tavern in Banfonheim Port to begin this mark. Head to the Cerobi Steppe (save your game en routre). Go north and west until you hit the save crystal, then head north, then northeast. You'll be at The Northsward. The Vierra will show up, and you'll start the battle with this enemy. As usual, Nihopalaoa and Remedy. This should hit him with (at minimum), slow, silence, and blind. You can now steal a Leo Gem, then just wail on him. If he runs away, just chase him down. Remember you can use L2 to make this easier. Also, he can make himself immune to Magick. Be sure you are attacking normally if this occurs. When finished, return to the Whitecap and talk to the Viera Wayfarer and get the Bounty.

If you are doing these in order, you'll probably be a High Guardian at this point. Return to Rabanastre to claim your new stuff. Not sure what to do with that Dragon Scale you received? Be sure to check out the Really Big Dragon [Hell Wyrm] side quest.

CH: 31
Rank: V
Where: Highlands? Tchita Uplands (not verified)
Who: Fermon: Old Archades, on same map area as the save crystal
Steal: Pebble (whee!)
From Kill: 22 LP, Rusted Scrap of Armor.
Bounty: 4,200 Gil, 1x Barrel Coat, 1xHi Ether

There's a lot of crap out there about this hunt. Let's set the record straight. Teleport to the Sochen Cave Palace, and enter Old Archades. Talk to Fermon (you can also start Overlord around here - see next hunt.) It only appears under cover of cloud. Enemies in this area are vunerable to Stop. If you find a weapon that casts it, sweet! I use the Fumarole with Stun Bombs.

Don't head to the Highlands in the Tchita Uplands, btw. I spent a lot of time killing things before I discovered he wasn't here. That's right, the dude's a freakin' liar. But don't head to the sochen cave palace's south entrance like some people say. I go to the Port at Balfonheim and take a chocobo all the way to the North West and the Tchita Uplands.

In the lower right corner of the map is a location called The Shaded Path. This is a good place to save. You can exit to the Cerobi Steppe here, and head back through the shaded path to see if the sky is very cloudy on the Uazcuff Hills. If it is, head two screens left to the Garden of Life's Circle. When you pass through The Lost Way, it should be raining. When you finally get to the Garden of Life's Circle, you should see the Lindwyrm ahead on your left. He's big. Do the normal dispel and Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick. This should give him Silence and Blind, which is a big advantage for you. Be aware that he will likely use Restore once or twice to heal back up. When that happens, be aware that you may want to dispel again.

I stole a pebble, then went after him. It took a while, but with him Silenced and blinded, it wasn't that big an issue. He CAN cast Lv.2 Sleep, so it's better if your guys are at odd numbered levels. When he cast's Greater Barrier, be sure to hit him with your dispel again. He can also can restore a lot, so be ready. I say go in with Bubble, Protect, Bravery and Haste. He shouldn't be impossible like that. Of course, my guys were level 45+, so it may have been less of an issue for me than it will be for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that Earth magic will health him up. So stay away from Artemis Arrows. When you're ready, head back to archades for your reward - and maybe start the next gig while you're there...

CH: 31
Rank: VI
Where: Sochen Cave Palace: Doubt Abandoned
Who: Insecure Seeq: Archades Technick Shop
Steal: Strip of Forbidden Flesh
From Kill: 22 LP
Bounty: 3,500 Gil, 2xHi-Ether, 1xTeleport Stone

Talk to the guy in the technick shop. He'll send you out after the Overlord in the sochen cave palace. Start off by walking south through the Sochen Cave Palace. You can save at The Acolyte's Burden, and he's in the next area or two down. Yeah. It's two down. At the Northern edge of the Doubt Abandoned you'll find the Insecure Seeq waiting.

If you have your guys set to auto-cast Haste and/or Bubble, etc, be sure to disable them; your guys will cast them on the Insecure Seeq, who's totally immune to them. Head toward the middle of the level. Use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, and be sure to dispel on him. Disease, Silence, and blind are your friends. He looks totally buff, but he went down early on. Since he has "disease," he's always at 100% health.

CH: 31
Rank: VI
Where: Necrohol of Nabudis/Hall of Slumbering Might
Who: Barrong: Nalbina Fortress, near Aerodrome
Steal: Holy Magicite, Holy Crystal, Nugget of Iron Ore
From Kill: N/A
Bounty: 3,600 Gil, 1xSave the Queen, 1xEinherjarium

For this guy, just head to the Necrohol entrance beyond the save crystal that's actually a monster (you're welcome. ;) ) Once you get inside, head straight. It's dead ahead and slightly left. You might want to take out the other enemies in the area first, though. Nihopalaoa+Remedy will net you "slow" only. Just get ready to grin and bear it. Dispel his Shell/Protect and go after him. You may notice that this battle can be tough. If so, consider using Ruby Rings or Mirror Mail to reflect his attacks back on him. It will start off not being that useful, but when he stops being immune to magic, it's powerful. Be sure you disable your buff gambits and switch from healing magic to throwing an x-potion.

When you're finished, head back to Nalbina and talk to Barrong. Jovy will show up again. Once you've finished off the Deathsythe, head back and talk to Jovy again.

CH: 31
Rank: VI
Where: Necrohol of Nabudis/Cloister of the Highborn
Who: Popol: Nalbina Fortress, near Technick's Shop
Steal: Book of Orgain-Mille, Book of Orgain
From Kill: 27 LP
Bounty: 2,800 Gil, 2xHi-Ether, 1xSoul of Thamasa

This guy can be a little tough to find. When you first get to the Cloister of the Highborn, be sure to kill stuff off near the entrance - to give yourself some fightin' room. You can take the stuff off to the Northwest of the level entrance (the northern entrance). Equip the Dawn Shard to drop your MP to 0, then swap in a dummy character. Cast lure on your dummy, and have your two good characters attack the dummy, and Deathsythe should show up.

This guy will start casting doom, annul, and other nasty stuff. Hit him with the Nihopaloa/Remedy and you'll net Confuse, Slow, Blind, Immobialize and Silence. Cool, huh? Then just steal and wail on him. Have a magic user who is casting Bravery, Bubble, Curaja, and Haste from the back row, and you shouldn't have too much trouble with it, unless he casts a Paling that keeps him from getting hurt. If that happens, just put on mirror mail or ruby rings and set a gambit for "Ally:Any -> Curaja." That'll take him out fairly quickly.

Head back to Popol for your reward. Jovy should show up for a few moments. If you've finished all the previous hunts, you should be able to go find and talk to Jovy now to hear that you're his hero. You should get an Elixir and a Knot of Rust. If you have taken on all 32 now, you should be a Knight of the Round, too. Report back to Montblanc.

CH: 31
Rank: V
Who: Montblanc
Steal: Ether (Bwagi, Rinok and Gijuk) Piece of Dark Matter or Elixir (Ba'Gamnan)
From Kill: N/A
Bounty: 5,100 Gil, 1xMegalixir
Notes: To hunt Belito, you'll eventually end up in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. But don't go straight there. Instead:

  1. Head to the Save Crystal just outside the entrance to the Nam-Yensa. On your teleport screen, that's "Ogir-Yensa Sandsea."
  2. Head Right one screen to the South Tank Approach
  3. Head Up one screen to the Platform 1 South Tanks
  4. Head Up and Right to the Platform 1 - Refinery
  5. Head left one screen to the Central Junction
  6. Enter the Zertinan Caverns from the Central Junction
  7. You'll wind around to the left, and take the exit to the Nam-Yensa Sandsea*
  8. Leave the Cave and head up the stairs, and "buff up" at the top.
  9. Once you have Haste/Protect/Bravery/Bubble/Etc, head to the far left end of the screen.
* You can knock a boulder out of position here to make the return trip a little easier.

You should find Monid, Ba'Gamnan, Gijuk, Rinok, and Bwagi. Monid is on your side, so steal from Bwagi, Gijuk, Rinok and Ba'Gamnan (in that order). Dispelga and Nihopalaoa are your friend. Take out each person after you steal from them. When you finally go after Ba'Gamnan, circle him to limit the damage he can do at one time.

You should get your bounty now, so you can head out. Be sure to use the boulder to open an access to the rest of the Zertinan caves. YOu can make a quick trip out via the Ozmone Plains and Jahara's save crystal.

Ancient Man of Mystery (Gilgamesh)
CH: 31
Rank: VII
Where: Lhusu Mines/Tasche Span
Who: Montblanc
Steal (1st battle): STEAL AFTER EVERY CUT SCENE FOR: Potion, Potion, X-Potion, Genji Shield, (wait a while, he's immune), Gengi Gloves
Steal (2nd battle): STEAL AFTER EVERY CUT SCENE FOR: Hi-Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Genji Helm, Genji Armor
From Kill: N/A
Bounty: 10,000 Gil, 1xMasamune
If you normally have your battle speed set to fast, you might want to change it to slow for this battle. Talk to Montblanc to begin this "elite marks" hunt. He'll tell you about a dude who steals swords, that is currently hanging out in the Lhusu mines. Teleport to the Lhusu mines crystal, buff and save, then head one screen west.

Quickly (and I mean quickly) use the Nihopalaoa trick on BOTH him and the dog, then switch to Thiefs Cuffs and steal from him. Next, kill off the dog. After that, you'll have to keep attacking Gilgamesh until the cut scene. Steal again (and use the Nihopaloa/Remedy trick again)! Repeat. When he's less than 50%, the steals will get harder, and you'll be rewarded with better stuff. If everyone has thiefs cuffs, it can go a bit quicker.

If he casts "Perfect Defense," you'll need to know a little trick. It makes him immune to damage, magic and theft. Just wait a while and use the time to buff up. When that wears off, equip one of your characters with an Opal Ring (Magicks will not bounce off targets with Reflect status), and THEN cast dispel on him - otherwise you'll reflect them back and dispell off your own guys!

After you have stolen the Genji Gloves, just wail on him. Eventually, he'll just run off like a little girrrrrl. You now have two pieces of the Genji Armor.

But wait - there's more! A quick check of your Clan Primer Hunts list will show that you still have to track him down and take care of him! If you haven't already done so, return to the Hunter's Camp at the Phon Coast and find the guy that fell from Bhujerba. Next to him is a glowing somthing - that's the Site 11 Key to the next area of the mine. Get that, then teleport back here. Save at the Lhusu mines teleport crystal, then head deeper into the mines. Head west two screens to the Site 9 area, and take the North exit to the 2nd level. Continue South and East until you find the save crystal at the Staging area, then buff up and save. You may have to repeat this one a few times. Just FYI: If you search this whole area (you'd better be pretty tough: level 60+), you can find a Lhusu Candle that will fill out this map. There's also a hidden area

Welcome to Rounds 2 - A.K.A. Try it a few times. ;) Again, battle speed slow, if you can take it. The first battle was just to raise your expectations, so that this round can crush them. There's a reason this is a Level VII fight. Again, quickly do the Nihopalaoa/Remedy on both of them, but either disable your gambits at the start, or set a gambit for Foe Status=Sleep => Blizzard. You'll want to take out the dog quickly! So use the Nihopalaoa to put him to sleep, then use high-level magics to kill him off without waking him up. Next, go after Gilgamesh.
Be ready for Level 2 Sleep, Level 4 Break, and Level 3 Disable. I went in with my characters at level 49, 50, and 51 - so that I could have at least two characters "useable" at all times. Shields are good, because they give your guys a chance to block his really powerful attacks. Cat-ear hoods are good for increasing speed and dodge. When he gets below 50%, he starts with the way-too-often and way-to-powerful mist attacks. Also, watch out for his shell/protect/haste to creap up on you. Dispel that.

When he says, "Quake Mortals, you face the blade of Legend," be ready for some nasty combo-quickening attacks, and start buffing your guys up. He's immune to physical attacks during this time, so run around and try to dodge him. When that wears off, attack full-speed. Also, equip an opal ring and dispel through his reflect - remove all his "buffening." It's time to take him out once and for all.

I used 4 Hi-Ethers during these two battles, and I had two characters who were acting as healers. They were using gambits of Esuana, Curaja, Bubble, Haste, Bravery, and Protect. Also, he tended to go after Vaan, so I had Vaan run away and draw him off. Since he wanted to attack Vaan, he spent a lot of time following - giving my other characters a chance to beat him up. This battle took an hour or so, and was probably right at the edge of my guys abilities - and THAT'S at level 49, 50, 51.

You can't pick up the Ordinary Sword of Legend, just FYI. ;)

CH: 36
Rank: VII
Where: Airship (See misc side quest Rande and the Airships)
Who: A Traveler (Any Aerodrome) He's the "Son."
Steal: Phoenix Down
From Kill: 28 LP
Bounty: 3,400 Gil 2xElixir

This quest starts in just about any aerodrome. Head to one (I usually start in Bhujerba). Talk to "Son" to start this gig. You'll have to fly around and talk to the kid some more. Always take the leasure flights. Also, don't forget to check out the "Rande and the Airships" Misc side quest. There's more information there about the routes you can take, and the cool stuff you can buy on which routes. On each trip, buy the useful cool stuff, talk to the sister (see the Rande and the Airships" Misc Side Quest), and then wander around and talk to people. When you're bored, talk to the Chief Steward again and rest; you'll wake at the destination.

When you get to each Aerodrome, look around and fine Son. Talk to him and he'll tell you (in vague terms) how soon you can expect to run into the Deathgaze. He might be wrong, though, so regardless of what he says, if there's a Save Crystal in the Aerodrome, use it.

Bhujerba -> Rabanastre -> Nalbina -> Archades -> Rabanastre -> (Teleport to Bhujerba) -> Balfonheim -> Archades -> Nalbina

I ran into Deathgaze on the repeat route from Archades to Nalbina on one pass, and the Bhujerba -> Balfonheim on another. Talk to people after the fight, for some fun conversation.

This IS a tough battle. Head up to the outside deck. Haste/etc when you first get outside. He's on the highest point outside. He launches a pailing at first, so be ready for that - use Magicks. Use BIO until he is hit with Sap, then use Blizzaga. You might wanna gambit the Blizzaga. When the pailing falls, hit him hard and fast. When he's close to death, he'll cast restore - which will likely do about 25-50% back. Keep on him hard and fast. If he casts Reverse, be CAREFUL! You don't wanna be giving him back a bunch of HP by hitting him! Turn off your attack gambits for a moment - it'll wear off surprisingly soon. You should be able to take him out eventually.

I got "the finest cabin" when I went down below. Anyway, go and find the kid when you get to port and claim you bounty.

CH: 36
Rank: VII
Where: Lhusu Mines/Site 11
Who: Miclio (Bhujerba, near Technicks Shop)
Steal: Fire Crystal, Demon's Sigh, Scorpio Gem
From Kill: 27 LP
Bounty: 2,600 Gil, 1xDemon Shield, 1xZeus Mace
Miclio is the Kid Behind the Fence at the lower edge of Miners' End. Listen about Diabolos. Head into the Lhusu Mines and make your way west to the Teleport Crystal in Transitway 2. There is a cave at the far west edge of Site 11. Make your way there. If you don't have the key, see the "Ancient Man of Myster/Gilgamesh" mark hunt. Buff up, then charge him. Use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy and Dispel. He should now be slow.

If you've got Reddas, this shouldn't be too hard. If you see him casting haste, get a dispel magick ready. Watch for (or gambit for) Disease - you MUST use a Vaccine or your healing gambits won't work! There are also treasures here, but be sure to cast float before going after them. ;) Honestly, how is THIS enemy the same level as Fafnir? I mean, REALLY?!? Sheesh.

CH: 36
Rank: V
Where: Giruvegan
Who: Ivaness (Bur-Omisace, near temple entrance)
Steal: Pebble, potion, reflectga mote
From Kill: 26 LP
Bounty: 3,800 Gil, 1xDark Shot, 1xScathe Mote
He talks a bit in riddles, but you know where you have to go. Giruvegan If you've gone through the other stuff here (espers, Excalibur, etc), this should really be a walk in the park. Make your way down to the save point near the gate of fire, and buff/save. If you're not sure where to go, teleport to Giruvegan and open your map - from the area with the save crystal (Gate of Earth), press the left arrow 5 times and you should see which area is the Gate of Fire.) Go through Bulwark Hemera, and head to the far southwest of the Gate of Fire. Dispel, Nihopalaoa/Remedy, then smack him down. He was actually pretty easy. Head back and talk to Ivaness when you are finished.

Wild Malboro
CH: 36
Rank: VI
Where: Golmore Jungle/Feywood
Who: Rena (Eruyt Village, Far west point of The Spiritwood)
Steal: Marlboro Flower, Phial of Foul Liquid
From Kill: 28 LP
Bounty: 4,600 Gil, 1xEuclid's Sextant
Head to Redolent Glade (where you faught the really nasty plant earlier). Save at the point just before this, buff up your guys, and get ready to go. As you probably expect when fighting a Malboro type enemy, consider equiping any Ribbons you've got. This guy is surroundede by lessor malboro type enemies. Individually they're not much of a threat, but in large groups they tend to be a bit harder. If you are doing all these side quests, you probably won't have ANY trouble with this one. If not (if not, why are you picking THIS battle out of all the other ones?!?), I recommend tackeling this hunt in the following order:

Dispel first. He's got a TON of , Nihopalaoa on the Wild Malboro 2nd, kill off the miscelaneous regular guys third. once THEY are dead, focus on him. Steal a Marlboro Flower and a phial of Foul Liquid. The Nihopalaoa should have given him "oil" status; use firaga. It hit for 9999 for all my guys. With Reddas in my party, this went pretty easy. Return to the Village the way you came.

CH: 36
Rank: VI
Where: Zertinan Caverns
Who: War-chief Supinelu (Jahara, Southern area, near Naana Pens)
Steal: Hi-Potion
From Kill: 27 LP
Bounty: 3,200 Gil, 1xVolcano, 1xArtic Wind
Talk to War-chief Supinelu in Jahara. Enter the Zertinan Caverns via the Ozmone Plain - just outside of Jahara. When you enter the caves, go North through the Halls of Ardent Darkness and The Undershore. In the Athroza Quicksands, go east (right) to the Hourglass Basin, then South to the other part of The Undershore. Buff/Save, then head Behind the crystal and walk off the map. Follow the left wall and you'll eventually end up on another screen - on the other side of the chasam of the Hourglass Basin. You'll meet War-chief Supinelu here, who will tell you the Catoblepas is around.

Note that Supinelu is immune to buffs, so you'll probably want to turn off your buff gambits. Have one guy Dispel, one Nihopalaoa/Remedy, and one steal. You'll end up with him being blind, which is REALLY good - since he can KO your guys in one shot otherwise. It wasn't too bad for my party - but I had both Reddas and War-chief Supinelu along for the ride - AND all my guys were over level 60. Return to Supinelo for your bounty.

CH: 36
Rank: VII
Where: Paramina Rift/Silverflow's End
Who: Ieeha - Relj (Bur-Omisace/Temple Approach, find the Vierra near dragonlooking thing.)
Steal: Pebble
From Kill: 39 LP, Ring of the Light.
Bounty: 7,000 Gil, 1xAssassin's Arrows, 1xTeleport Stone
Relj will tell you that Ieeha has been killed by the wyrm, and lets you decide what to do. What to do, of course, is kick its butt. ;) More discussion with Relj will give you part of the story - and start the blizzard you will need in order to find the Mark. You also have to trace the EXACT PATH the other people took. By talking with people scattered around this area, you can figure out what to do: Get a Chocobo and Go West, South, Southeast, South. If it's blizzardy, you can find him here.

If your guys are powerful and you have ribbons (or something else to prevent sleep), then equipe them and do this the way you would any other large grind battle. If not, you're going to have to employ a bit of a different strategy. The strategy at that point is either: 1) Use gil toss and a LOT of money, or 2) set up your gambits to cast reflect on everyone (and/or use ruby rings to do this for you) and then stay just out of reach and use reflect to bounce thundaga on him.

In either event, Bravery is great. If you're doing the reflect thing, obviously you don't want this - or any other status enhancement, for that matter - to be set as a gambit. Dispel first, then Nihopalaoa/Remedy. This hits him with slow and sap. He'll cast a lot of sleep stuff, so be prepared to block/esuena it. This guy is TOUGH! If you aren't at level 80 or so, try to even the odds a bit; you really want to keep him from being able to physically attack you. When you first enter Silverflow's End, you'll want to take a look at your map. There's a tiny alcove left of your current position - he cannot follow you in there. In fact, he may not follow you all the way to the top of the screen. Experiment a little and find out excatly what he will and won't do. Set the following Gambits:

  • Chronos Tear
  • Ally Any: Phoenix Down (Unless you have Reddas in your party as a guest - you may not want to do this if that's the case)
  • Ally Any: X-Potion
  • Ally Any: Reflect
  • Ally Status=Reflect: Thundaga (better than Firaga - go figure!)
If you have ruby rings (reflect) - use them. Basically, this is a question of out lasting him. If you run low on magic, try using some of those ethers you've acumulated over throughout the game. The reflect will protect you from Sleepga and Shock. Since he won't follow you toward the north edge of the screen, you're pretty much home free. If your guys are gambited to cast thundaga, they won't get close enough for him to use his truely nasty attacks - so you're home free if you have enough MP! When you're ready, return the Ring of Light to Relj.

Behemoth King (Elite Mark)
CH: 36
Rank: VII
Where: The Edge of Reason
Who: Montblanc->Koqmihn (Rabanastre/Lowtown:Dalan's House)
Steal: Ring Wyrm Scale
From Kill: 40 LP
Bounty: 250 Gil, 2xBacchus's Wine

As you are going through this quest, be SURE to open all the chests while wearing the Diamond Bangle. There's on in The Edge of Reason that's guarded by a trap - it contains an Ensanguined Shield. This shield adds 90 to your evade, but gives you Poison, Sap and Slow. It might be worth it to equip to a decoy'd character, though - that plus Euclid's Sextant plus Gauntlets/Jade Collar can make your guy VERY tough to injure. Be sure that character has the Gambit Self: Decoy and Foe: Party leader's target = Gil Toss (you don't want him to attack an enemy with Euclid's Sextant!)

Koqmihn will tell you to what he knows, which honestly isn't all that much. Heh heh. Anyway, head to southgate and teleport to the Ancient City of Giruvegan, and save at the teleport crystal there. Head East (right) and use the Gigas Gate to jump strait to The Feywood/The Edge of Reason. Kill off all enemies here. When they respawn, kill them again. Spend a WHILE on this area, and be COMPLETELY sure you've killed them all off. Be careful as you are walking the parimeter - the exit to the next area really sneaks up on you!

After you've killed off all the enemies in The Edge of Reason, head northeast to the Ice Field of Clearsight. Kill off all the enemies here, too - yes, even the respawns. Again, be careful NOT to accidentally leave the area!

When you've finally beat him, head back to the VERY center of The Edge of Reason. Dispel is a must, but Nihopalaoa/Remedy doesn't work. This enemy wavers between immune to MAGIC and immune to PHYSICAL damage. When he's immune to magic, use gil toss. Don't bother with Phoenix Down/X-Potions - he'll just wipe you out of all of them. Use regular attacks when you run out of Gil. If you equip Bubble-Belts, your arise spell will restore people with DOUBLE their normal HP. Don't forget this! When he's immune to physical damage, just wait him out. If you can keep your guys alive during this time period, you should be OK - it'll just take a LONG time. Equip a Gambit for Ally: HP < 50% => Curaja on everyone, too. This fight took me 2 hours. Your read that right - 2 HOURS. Of course, my guys were all level 63 or so. It probably would have been better if I had tried it AFTER the trip to the Pharos Lighthouse.

This isn't the end of tis one, though. When you've beat him, return to Koqmihn. After a little lecture, head to Mt Bur-Omisace. Go north one screen and examine the Wyrm Snout. Strike it with NO WEAPON and pick up the Wyrm Snout Plunder. Congratulations! You've got 500,000 Gil and the Rod of Faith.

CH: 41
Rank: VII
Where: Pharos at Ridorana - First Ascent - They Who Thirst Not (outside)
Who: Rikken (Balfonheim Port)
Steal: Tyrant Hide
From Kill: n/a
Bounty: 8,000 gil, 1xGrand Mace, 2xScathe Mote
When you have defeated Famfrit at the Pharos, you'll end up in Balfonheim Port. Go to the Witecap and accept the hunt, then go and race Rikken a time or two so you can start this hunt. My guys were about level 70 when I actually went after him - mostly because I'd done The Seer hunt first.

Teleport to the Pharos at Ridorana, buff up, save, and head outside (west). The Pylraster is right there. This battle has no music. It's WEIRD! Equip Demon shields - not because of dark magic, but because they have the best chance of evasion. If you're NOT going to be using a status correcting gambits, you might consider the ensanguined shield. I don't think he causes any status issues, so it might be OK.

Start out by using bravery and haste and just buldozing your way through. AFter about 1/3 to 1/2 of his HP are left, he'll use "growing threat" and double his level. This part isn't remotely fair, but he's still as vulernable to regular dmg as every. When he's down to 1/10 of his HP left, he'll start glowing - like they all do. Just cast Firaga on him (yeah, use everyone) until he's, um, toast. :D

Teleport back to the Port at Balfonheim and talk to Rikken to claim your bounty. If you're like me, you saved this one for last - head to Montblanc to find out about the nastiest of all hunts.

CH: 41
Rank: VI
Where: Ridorana/Penumbra
Who: Montblanc -> Whitecap Wench (Balfonheim Port/The Whitecap)
From Kill: 32 LP (You really shouldn't need LP by this time, though).
Bounty: 3,000 Gil, 1xSapping Bolts, 1xRagnarok
I recommend starting this one at the same time as The Seer below. Your client tells you to head to Ridorana, but not much else. Teleport to the Pharos at Ridorana, and use the elevator to go down a level to Penumbra. You'll enter "Subterra: Origin in Darkness" Be sure to be prepared first, though. Hastega, Protectga, Shellga, Bravery and Bubble are a must. Just keep going back and forth between the first level down and the main level.

Strategy 1: When Ixion appears, Cast Faith, put on Ruby Rings (or cast reflectga) and use blizzaga.

I recommend the Nihopaloa/Remedy trick to cause Slow, Silence, Oil, and Sap on him. I just used the standard attack the last time I attacked him, and it was easy enough - no reflect needed. It should be over fairly quickly regardless.

The Seer
CH: 41
Rank: VI
Where: "Unknown" - fourth floor down in the Pharos of Ridorana
Who: Montblanc (Rabanastre)
Steal: ?
From Kill: 33+28+28+28+28 LP
Bounty: 20,000 Gil, 2xMegalixir
Have at least three Embroidered Tippets equiped at all times. You'll end up with everyone at level 65 at least before you're done here. If you've been following along the rest of my walkthgough, you might even be at level 70! Talk to Montblanc to hear about this guy. Accept the contract, then you'll hear about this guy. You have to fight him and four of his minions in the Pharos at Ridorana. I recommend starting this one at the same time as the Ixion Hunt above.

To decend to the lower levels, you'll need to kill off the bosses. To lighten up the area, you'll need to use those Black Orbs you're carrying around. Simply put the right number of orbs on the apropriate pedestal of night. Below is a list of how many orbs each pedastal takes: They get "a little" lighter at each 1/3 you put in, so that can help you know how many you still have to go. Penumbra (L-1): Northeast: 18 verified! (Fool's Facad: Leads to Phoenix/Magick Pot) Northwest: 9 verified! Southwest: 6 verified! Southeast: 3 verified! Umbra (L-2): Northeast: 15 verified! (Fool's Facad: Leads to... Not much?) Northwest: 9 verified! Southwest: 18 verified! (Fool's Facad: Leads to: Massive Black Orb/Doorway with Litches.) Southeast: 15 verified! NOTE TO SELF: I AM HERE. Abyssal (L-3): Northeast: 15 verified! (Fool's Facade: Leads to Lordly Robes w/out diamond bracelet) Northwest: 21 verified! (The room on the right has a ribbon - if you don't use the diamond bracelet.) (Fool's facade leads to little) Southwest: 12 verified! (Fool's Facade: Leads to Circlet - if no diamond bracelet) Southeast: 27 verified! (Fool's Facade: Leads to dueling mask)

For the Phoenix Battle in Penumbra's NE area, Steal Windslicer Pinion, Eye of the Hawk, a piece of Split Armor from Phoenix, and Dispel. Use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to get him Oil and Blind status, then use Firaga to do 9999 for every hit. For a fun trick, use the ruby rings and a self-firaga gambit. He'll be dead in a round or two!!

if you run into a Magick Pot, try this: Give it an elixir (Use the L1/R1 buttons to target an opponent), then equip your Thief's Cuffs and steal it back. After THAT, Gill Toss at him. He should be dead fairly quickly on. Oh, and DON'T hit him with Excalibur - he absorbs Holy dmg.

When you finally get to the last enemy, be prepared! After you've put all the orbs into all the pedistals in Penumbra, Umbra, and Abyssal, get your guys buffed up, then head to "unknown." I recommend using a Black Mask on as many characters as you can, and a Demon Shield on the ones who can't - this will protect everyone against Dark magick. Also, equip as many ribbons as you have - this will prevent most status ailments. Now gambit phoenix down/x-potion/remedy - he'll steal your magic, so you'll want to use those.. Make sure who ever has your most powerful "holy" weapon equiped (Excalibur) is using a mask. :D

After a few moments, he'll call a "sservant" to come, then SHADOW SEER will become immune to physical damage. Go after Pandaemonium (that's the new creature's name) now. Switch out the Excalibur for the Zodiac Spear (or something else that will do a lot of damage). Pandemonium will become immune to everything after about half his HP - focus on buffing up your characters and wait him out. You'll get 28 LP for Pandemonium, Slyt, Fenrir and Phoenix (when they show up and you kill them.)

When Slyt shows up, dispel/nihopalaoa-remedy on him. Use fireaga on the newly oiled Slyt, and he'll go down fairly quickly.

Shadow seer will now call Fenrir. Again, Dispel and Nihopalaoa/Remedy on him.

OK. The last one he'll call is phoenix. Standard attack: Dispel, Nihopaloa/Remedy. He should be blind and oiled. Now use Gil Toss.

When Phoenix goes down, concentrate on HIM. He should go down after not TOO much trouble. Keep at least one person a good ways out of range, and concentrate on him using holy. Teleport back to Rabanastre and see Montblanc for your prize.

CH: 41
Rank: VIII
Where: Ridorana Cataract: Colosseum
Who: Montblanc
Steal: Holy Stone
From Kill:

Once you've defeated ALL other marks, you can start this quest. Remember that weird place in the Ridorana Cataract? The one that looked like some kind of Colosseum? That's where you're headed, now. Prepare well, this battle isn't even remotely fair. This guy has around 50 lives (well, that's what I call those little bar things) - each of which has, like, a million HP (I'm not exagerating, actually). This battle will take you HOURS of game time, and probably days of playing. I spent 5 hours the first day, and another 5 the next. You want 99 each of: Chronos Tears, Phoenix Downs, Golden Needle and Remedy. You also want to make sure you have the following Weapons/Armor/Accessories: Iga Blade (or better) Ninja Sword, Genji Gloves, Turtleshell Choker.

Primary Prep: Set your party up with a main Attacker, a secondary attacker, and a healer. Your main attacker should have the Genji Gloves and the Iga Blade, and a Circlet. Your 2nd best attacker should use the Zodiac Spear (or something elese REALLY good), and a circlet. Your healer should use a good 1 handed sword, a demon shield, a golden skullcap, and alternate between the Turtleshell Choker and a ring of renewal (to keep from running totally out of magick). Set the battle speed to as fast as you can tolerate!

Primary attacker strategy and gambits. Your primary attacker should be able to connect with multiple hit combonations with some regularity. This makes the basttle somewhat bearable. Gamits should be set to use ally->any for each of phoenix down, chronos tear, smelling salts, and golden needle. Then have self-bravery and foe:any -> Attack.

Secondary attacker stategy and gambit. This guy basically hits when he's not busy doing other routine stuff. Same gambits apply as above, but at the beginning of the battle have him use foe:any->Expose until it begins to miss (maybe 25 or so will work). This renders the enemy bearably attackable. This character should also have a gambit for ally:any:protect. This guy should also be casing bubble.

Your healer, as opposed to the above, should use ally:any for phoenix down and chronos tear, but shoulod then cast curaja on anyone under 70%. Also have him/her do self:faith, any:haste and self:libra all before attacking.

Special Attacks: This enemy uses many special attacks. Rake is a standard attack that's not all that powerful (well, it shouldn't be by the time you get HERE). He also uses White Breath which is an ice attack that will also sometimes cause stop; if you have the battle speed slow enough, you can swap in armor to reduce the power of ice attacks - I haven't found this to be useful, though). If you have a power armlet, give it to your 2nd attaker to make him not get stopped. He also uses Stone Breath, which causes petrify on all characters he hits (you can keep your guys spread out to make this less of an issue). He has a wind based Cyclone attack that will also cause Sap to your guys. If you have the battle speed slow enough, you can see when he's about to case this and change your armor to a windbreaker (to cut the damage in half) . Death Strike will cause instant KO to a character, but having shell on provides a slight chance the attack will miss!

Final Special Attacks: Sounds pretty straightforward so far, right? Well just wait until you get him down to only 10 lives left. Then he'll use "Growing Threat" and DOUBLE his level. Ouch. He'll also start doing some really nasty stuff like calling Death Strike OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Be prepared to start running back and forth for more Phoenix Downs at this time. GRRR. Rake really will kill you off, as will cyclone if you aren't careful. As if that wasn't bad enough, Ribbon stops working again Death Strike with any regularity. You really are better off heading off the screen and "healing up" there. As long as you are heading out, you might want to consider going and saving your game, too. If you just heal up "in the wings," he'll start casing "regen" on himself and doing WAY more health than you can do damage.

When you have the opportunity, feel free to use your quickenings. Be aware, though, that this can leave your guys VERY open to attacks. Since your 2nd attacker might not be able to cast magic for a bit, it might be tough to recover from this! I've heard people say you can use this to stave off really powerful attacks, though I have never been able to. The idea is, when you see Cyclone. Death Strike, or worse, you can quickly call your quickening and that will happen first. If you can get it to work, you might be able to use this to help make it slightly less painful. I was able to choose a quickening within a fraction of a second after he readied both cyclone AND death strike, but I never was able to get my attacks in first. I think this is urban legend. YMMV, I guess. Cleaver use of mist charges can make up for the total magick drain effect, btw.

Ideas: You might want to have your 2nd attacker run around and trigger all the traps; this will let you remove the "libra" entries from any/all other characters. When your guys are getting really low, have them run almost to the exit at the top of the screen. You can regroup here, but beware - he will charge back up, so you'll have to dispel as soon as you re-enter the arena. This *does* have the bonus that the traps will NOT respawn, so you won't have to worry about them like you would if you actually left the screen. If you *do* leave the screen, be sure to use the opportunity to head back to some town and restock on items and SAVE YOUR PROGRESS. (Did you detect the voice of experience there? I *thought* I detected you detecting it. ;) ) Be sure you run far enough away that you don't get hit by his Death Strike.

As the number of lives left goes down, the likelihood that he will use really powerful attacks goes up. Around 18-20 lives from death, his defense will go way up. You won't be able to do more than 6999 damage to him on a given hit. If you leave the arena during this time, be VERY sure you remember to use dispel and expose when you come back! This time, though, don't just expose until you begin to miss. Keep it up until your main attacker can do 6999 dmg. It might take you a while, but it's worth it. As far as I can tell, though, there's no point in continueing to use expose after that. I can't do more than 6999 dmg on him at this point. Just keep plugging away. You've got to be patient! Once he's down to 5 lives left, he'll throw out a reflectga spell, to try and trick your guys into casting their healing magic on HIM (via reflection). When you see him start this spell, immediately swap out your accessories for ruby rings. These will enable reflect automatically. When you see his reflect spell miss, be sure to swap them out fast so you don't end up reflecting your healing magic back at him. He doesn't cast reflect very often, so be cautious, and look for it!

As you get toward the end of this fight, you'll notice some very specific patterns emerge:

  1. You'll start with your guys equiped with Genji Gloves, Turtleshell Choker, and Power Armlet
  2. You run into the arena and one guy casts dispel.
  3. He casts growing threat while your other two guys attack him.
  4. He'll cast Cyclone and do quite a bit of damage - he then readies reflectaga*
  5. One of your healer's gambits should automatically cast Curaja
  6. As soon as that actually lands cure majick, swap out your accessories for ruby rings
  7. As soon as his reflectaga misses all 3 characters, re-equip your other accessories.
  8. When your guys start spending more time healing (well, resurecting anyway) than attacking, run off-screen, save, and start again.
* If this attack kills off your guys more often than not, you might want to invest in a set of Wind Breakers. This armor will half the damage caused by wind based attacks.

I think I repeated the above set of steps a hundred times during his last 10 lives. The good news is, the more you do it, the quicker you get at it. When all his "lives" bars disapear, you8 know he really is almost totally dead. The really fortunate thing here, is that he doesn't have any kind of recharge crap.

When you are finished, head back to Rabanastre to claim your well earned prize. There's pretty much nothing in the game you can't beat now. Congratulations! Da da da DA da da DA da DA!!! Once you defeat Yiazmat, Montblanc's clan will all get together and award you your prize. 30,000 Gil and a Godslayer's Badge.

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