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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Chapter 21 - 30

Chapter 21 - Henne Mines

Watch your map. Just south from the entrance is a switch. Press it. Continue south through the fork. When you come to the next area, be a little wary. Talk to the guy there, then head out the only open door. You'll be in the Phase 1 Shaft. Head west to the Phase 1 Dig. If you need help avoiding traps, have someone learn and cast float - that'll keep you from triggering traps. If your guys are a high enough level, toggle the switch next to the wounded imperial and head east (the door to the left of the switch). Follow the path as it winds south, and you'll find an Urn with a map. Continue along the path and you'll be back in the switch house. Flip the switch again, and this time head west. To make your way through the phase 1 dig, take the firse right (in the dig - not in the shaft; you can only go right while you are in the shaft), then go straight at the next cross, then take a left at the next branch, and continue straight (well, around the corner) to the end of the area.

[OPTIONAL: If you have the map, be sure to explore the area to in the northwest of the phase 1 dig - you can find a hidden tunnel that has an elixir. There are three dead-ends here, and the middle one has a musk stick guarded by a trap. Also, if you chain-level the bat-type enemies here, you can win Ice Shields from them. It's the same defense as a Golden Shield, but it halves ice damage.]

You'll end up in Crossover A. Kill the enemies here, then head north and take the left path when it forks. There's a Tyranorox here. If you can take him, go for it, otherwise run past. It might help to lure some bats out first. Anyway, just past that is the entrance to Crossover B. Go there and look at the treasure there. Notice they are yellow? That means enemy. If you want a fight, go for it. They are tough and not worth much XP, though. Anyway, head left from the entrace to this area, and take the 2nd left you come to. Follow that around and there will be an exit to the south. That takes you to Pithead Junction B.

This area looks like a dead end, but it's not. Hit the pulsating Red Switch. A bunch of enemies will fall off the ceiling when you do. You probably cannot take them (If you have Adrammelech, go for it; I was at level 41 and wiped the floor with them), so just run to the west exit as soon as you see them. Fight these guys here, or just run past them. You want the right-hand fork here. Look familiar? It should. Throwing the switch just moved around a bunch of gates. Go the way you went before - to Crossover B, but this time take the right-hand path. The "Treasures" are there again, if you wanna go after them. See the Exit leading North now? Take that path and watch the cut scene. You'll wanna heal up and cast protect/shell (Bubble too, if you have it) on everyone. Do you have a Black Belt? Equip at least one to someone - you don't want to get your whole party disabled. Use this opportunity to teleport out and get one. I think you can get them in the Mosphoran Highwaste. (See the July in Nalbina side quest).

Mjrn will go running off to the North, but save your game before following her. Afterall, you DO wanna be able to teleport back here, right? When you go North, you'll find a really big, nasty, waiting for you. Welcome to the battle with Tiamat. Steal a Ringwyrm Scale from him. If you have Blackbelts at your disposal, I suggest you use them. Tiamat will cast Disablega, which can really ruin your day if you aren't ready for it. If you have the Nihopalaoa, use that to "remedy" him for Slow and Confuse (but since Larsa keeps attacking regardless, it's only really useful for slow - unless he kills off Larsa with Petrify. Heh heh). BTW: The disablega is also why I suggested saving your game first. >.< He will also try to petrify your guys, so you may want to setup a gambit to cast esuana or use a Gold Needle.

It may also be useful to have your guys spread out in a triangle (or square, with Larsa) pattern so his breath attack doesn't kill everyone off at the same time. When he gets low on HP, his defense goes up. Anyway, since I had roamed around and done most of the side quests already, I guess my guys were pretty buffed up - this wasn't much of a difficult battle. Watch the cut scenes, and you'll end up back in the Eruyt Village - with Lente's Tear. Tetran has restocked. BUY BUY BUY! Remember I told you to have 30K or so Gil? Well, Tetran has Golden Amultes for sale. Unless you have *6* already, you need to buy more. If you have one already, get 5 more. Otherwise, get 6. This will allow your part to DOUBLE the license points they acquire (be sure to equip on all - this is the only item that works regardless of whether your party is "active" or not). Also, buy haste and as many other Magicks as you can afford - but try to be sure you spend the 9K for the "-a" magicks (fira, etc).

Depending on how powerful your guys are, you may want to try and get the Scorpion Tail weapon at this time. See the Items / Bazaar Section for more info on this powerful (1 handed Attack +119!!!) weapon.

Chapter 22 - Golmore to Bur-Omisace

[OPTIONAL: Feywood If your guys are good enough, you can take a detour south to the Feywood. You can wander around and level up here, but you'd better be able to take on the "deadly nightshade" enemies you first encounter. Have a gambit set for Ally: status = Slow -> Haste. My level 41 guys were able to take it. There's an entrance to the southern-most part of the Henne Mines from Walk of Dancing Shadow, but I seriously doubt you can take on the guys there.The north-east corner of the "walk of stolen truths" (southeast from the Walk of Flitting Rifts, where you enter the wood) has an urn. You cannot get past Antiquity's End, though, so there's really not much point coming here, unless you want to find the High-Ethers lying around, or level-up a bit.]

When you've bought what you can, equip, save, and head out. Walk through the now-transparent wards on the wood. You'll take a quick trip down Whipserleaf Way and end up in the Parting Glade. See the save point here? Didn't you just leave one? Does that suggest something to you? :D OK. Save your game, then head North, to face a pretty nasty boss. Make sure someone has the "Ally:Any Handkerchief" or "Ally:Any Esuana" gambits set. I made sure I had Haste/Shell/Protect on everyone, then saved, then headed out. Take out the Treeants first, then go after the main guy. With my pary hasted, it wasn't a major issue. By switching the party around a bit, and keeping my guys at what basically ammounts to his four sides, he seemed to spend a lot of time turning around. It wasn't too tough a fight, all in all.

If you use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, you can hit him with Silence and Sleep, but you'll probably wake him up quickly enough that you really only care about the silence. That keeps him from casting Shell and Protect over and over. This will at least keep him from casting spells at you. Do note that he has a special attack: "Sporefall" that will cause Slow, Silence, Confuse, Oil, blind, poison, and sap to your guys. Have at least one person who is immune to confuse, and have them use a remedy to clear up your healer. If you've been following my guide at all, it's probably not too tough a battle at this point - with the possible excetption of the confuse (if you keep your whole party near each other.

Save on the previous screen (mostly to clear your party's status issues), then come back and continue on. Make your way to the far east until you come to...

Chapter 23 - Paramina Rift & Mount Bur-Omisace

Your goal is in the northeast. Be very cautious if you venture to other areas. If you head to the south west, you could end up in the feywood, and you're probably not ready for that just yet. If you go all the way down, you'll end up at the Stilshrine of Miriam, but you can't get in yet, so it's probably not worth it. If you haven't already done so, I really recommend starting going after a bunch of the Mark side quests here. Besides, the garif trader has new cool technicks, etc. It's worth it to spend a little time doing the hunts to ensure your guys are at a decent level for the next leg of this trip. Montblanc will give you 900 Gil from the Henne Miner's Guild for taking out the Tiamat.

For comparison purposes, here's where I was when I got to Mount Bur-Omisace. I have completed all the hunts avaliable at this point. I have all my guys over level 30. I've been playing for 51 hours. All the "augmentation" (Like HP+200, etc) licenses have been purchased for all characters. I've purchased all the monographs, and have mapped out every area I can access, with the exception of the Feywood and the area beyond the bombs in the Salikiawood. Another time through, I was at level 43, and had mapped out everything except the complete Necrohol of Nabudis. I had all augmntation licences, magick licenses, and most of the accessories for all 6 characters. Anyway, when you are ready, head north and watch the cut scene. When you first arrive, there's a traveling merchant you can buy stuff from. He's got Stop, haste, and some other great magicks. You can also teleport here (Montblanc has a bunch of gil for you for these fights you've been in). There are also 4 new hunts. Be sure to do anything you need a "guest" for. Hint, hint. I was able to crack the teleport stone in the Nabudis Deadlands, and get into both entrances to the Necrohol.

Talk to everyone and make your way north. Watch a bunch of cut scenes. This is when you finally figure out some of what's going on. Nah, I'm just teasing you. You will lose Larsa, though. Leave the Hall of Light and head south to the Stillshrine of Miriam. There are a few new options for you, if you wish to hunt more. Also, you might wanna take this opportunity to make sure you have something other than metal armor. There's a battle coming up where it'll be a sever burdon to be wearing metal. Don't say I didn't warn you. Faram.

Chapter 24 - Paramina Rift, II - The Stillshrine of Miriam

If you did not already do them before (when you had Larsa in your party), you really should finish the Trickster, Ferral Retriever, and Antlion quests. Head south from Mount Bur-Omisace watch your map and you'll see the path you need to take to get to the Stilshrine. If you don't have a complete map, you may wish to consider buying one from the moogle near the teleport crystal. Check out the Trickster and Ferral Retriever areas under the Marks heading for information on beating those enemies. Really, though, I'm guessing you don't want to if you haven't already. You might as well wait a little longer; it will get easier after this section.

Follow the map to the Stilshrine. First off, unequip any gambits that automatically provide ethers to people low on magic. You'll have to drop your magic to 0 for this area, and it'll just waste your ethers. Equip the Dawn Shard to Ashe and talk to the guys here. Before going in, touch the crystal and SAVE your game! There's a chest near the beginning of this area that has a chance of containing a megalixir, so saving here will allow you to quickly reload and respawn it so you can try again. When you're ready, head inside. (From the dialog, did you notice that the Sword of Kings probably isn't a sword you'll do normal fighting with? Good; remember that. Faram.)

After the cutscene, welcome to Ico. Oops, sorry, wrong game. Heh heh. It *does* look like it, though. Go around the barrier in the middle of the floor, and examine the pedestal of Dawn near there. Read the Pedestal to find out what you are supposed to do. Here's a hint: who is the Party Leader? If you touch the pedestal as someone else, you'll awaken some zombies that do not give you Exp or LP. Le suck. So put Ashe as the party lead (she *does* have the Dawn Shard equiped as an accessory, right?) and touch it. See the eery eyes light up? Scary! Anyway, if you have Libra on, you'll see a chest here that's guarded by a (rejuvination) trap. Equip something other than the dawn shard (you *do* wanna use magic now, right?), and go ahead and spring that trap (a trap that heals you; sweet!) and open the chest (before fighting). Did you get a Megalixir? If not, reload and try again. Those things are totally worth it!

This is a fairly easy battle, if you've been fighting marks. Don't bother stealing - he's broke. Just smack him around. The next area will have you facing THREE (count 'em, three) Dragon Aevis enemies (that's nearly 18K HP overall). Make sure you are prepared, then go for it. After those, heal up before going forward - the doorway (well, the Miriam Facers actually) will attack you. You cannot steal from the doors, so don't bother trying. Just head to the next room over.

Up the stairs here, you'll fight more Facer/Guardian enemies. Just take them out like normal and make your way to the far east end (yeah, it's a little weird) to find another of those pedestals. Do the Dawn Shard equip thing again, and you'll cause some doors to appear. Whee. The door you came in now allows you to access other areas. Head back, then go down the stairs there.

You are now in the Walk of Revelation. Follow the path around until you see a green save crystal. Know what green means? It means it's an enemy masquerading as a save crystal. I was almost dead the first time I touched it, and it finished the job for me. Grrr. Prep your guys for battle and smack it around. You can steel a feystone from it. Heh heh. Anyway, after you beat it, you can actually save your game. Do so, then take the central western exit (down stairs).

In the next room, go forward for a piece, then turn left and head south, killing enemies as you come to them. When you come to the darkmare, be cautious. He'll disappear and reappear many times. He's not that tough. Continue south. Keep killing off enemies as needed. At the end of the path is a large sword taking up the whole path way. Examine it. You'll notice the door at the other end is now open, revealing a waystone. Touch that to be transported back to the beginning of the area. If you feel you need to save your game (there's a moderately tough battle coming up), head back out the front door and save at the save point. When you're ready, take the door at the Northwest area and head down.

Take the hallway leading to the west. There are some regular enemies here you can use to level up a little, if you need but my guess is you won't really want to - these guys don't give off enough XP. Just take the right hallway and follow it around to a statue. To get to the next area, be sure to rotate the statues around so that they are facing IN TOWARD THE MIDDLE. Each game appears to start the statue in a different configuration, so here's a hint to make this easier. Hit the select button and look at the direction the yellow arrow is facing. It needs to point East (right). Pretend it's a clock hand and rotate it the appropriate direction/number of times. When it's pointing East, continue down the stairs to the south.

Head down around the corner, and open the door at the far end. Cross the floor and go to the other side, open the door there. Head right at the hallway here, and follow the path around to the South and West, until you come to a treasure room (get treasures). You should be chain-leveling like nobody's business here. Backtrack to the stairs just North of here, and go up. At the top of the stairs, you'll turn right and cross over to anther walkway. If you wanna keep killing off these guys and getting the chain level to go up, just retrace your steps though this area for a while.

If you are ready to go on, turn right (that means you're pointing south) and head up the next stairway. At the top of the stairs, follow the path north to get to a few chests. They're behind some enemies, but you can probably take them. After that, turn south and follow the path all the way south.You'll turn and head slightly west from there, where you'll fight more Balloons around a statue. Rotate the statue so that the arrow on the map points North (up). Continue on to the east, and follow the path left (north). Two paths will take you back east - both randomly have a chest that is kinda tough to see. Head to the North West corner of this hallway, and continue on to the next area.

You should now be in the Cold Distance area on your map. Follow the path around to the right, and continue north. You should see a hallway heading further east. If you need to save, you can return to the main area, and exit the Stillshrine via the door to the north. At least, I could. I don't know if you'll be able to. :D There's a half-way difficult battle coming up soon, so take this opportunity to save and buff up.

Continue east by going down the stairs here, then make sure you are prepped for battle before heading through this door. Meet Vinuskar There's an interesting note here. Heavy (metal based) armor is a problem here. You'll wanna equip that other armor you bought earlier. Oh, and if you only have metalic weapons, you can alway use magicks and/or items (knot of rust...?) You can steal Thiefs Cuffs from him. Ironic, isn't it? This battle really should not be that tough. If someone in your party gets confused, just have someone else esuana them. This battle also is great for weapons that pierce armor. He really isn't all that powerful. He didn't even get to cast his sword dance agains my guys. For yucks, I beat him without any weapons, armor, or accessories. :D I felt a sense of accomplishment ab out that. And Penelo has a funny martial arts stance she does when you hear the music.

OK. Re-equip your favorite armor/weapons now, and continue east one screen. Not that you can go more than one screen, heh. Along the southern wall is an Urn that will fill out your map. You know, the one that's ALREADY filled out? Right. Thanks, game designers!!! I guess they expect you to do the hard battle first? Anyway, go ahead and rotate the statue so that it's pointing West (left on the map).

You should see a message appear saying "The colosus has undergone some change..." accompanied by the chimes which usually indicate you've solved some puzzle. If not, look at your map. You sould see an arrow on each statue point IN toward the CENTER of the stillshrine. If you don't, backtrack to the erroneous statue and point it in the right direction. Return to the main entrance to the Stillshrine.

From the main entrance, go to the south end and use the waystone to teleport down. Use the save point here. Really. It's just a quick trip east. Head forward to the entrance opened up past the sword, and head up the stairs to the door to the next area. It says, "Wisdom proven, assay now your power." That's a subtle hint that you'll have to prove your power soon. Buff up, and head through the door. Protect/Shell/Haste/Bravery/Bubble is a nice combination.

Meet Mateus. She has a bunch of Ice Elementals that can make your life hell if you have low-level guys. I usually equip three Ice Shields. If you only have one (or if you want to make the ice attacks nearly completely useless), here's a trick you can use: Have one character equip an ice sheild and the dawn shard, then cast "decoy" on him/her (well, have someone else cast it - he won't be able to if he's equiped the Dawn Shard). Decoy will make the enemy only cast at that character, and the combonation of the Ice Shield and Dawn Shard renders them pretty much useless. You can also use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to hit her with OIL and slow. Hint, hint. Do you have fire arrows and/or shot? Well you SHOULD. lol.

If not, equip reflect and/or ruby rings on your guys and cast fira at each other. With the oil status, this is a fairly quick fight. Also, have the other characters using distance weapons (Guns/Bows/Etc). Take out the Ice Elemental guys first, then go after Mateus. I stole a piece of Pisces Gem from her. Whee. Keep your guys as far way from each other as possible, BTW. Oh, and he's reflected. Don't use magic against her, but you CAN cast cura on her, and it'll reflect to you (with a bit of a boost). When she reddies "Chain Magick," move away (if you can). You're gonna get Blizzaja or something else that will hurt. If you can take that, you're home free. In any event, this shouldn't prove TOO tough, once you know the tricks.

You'll get an esper from this battle: Mateous, the Currupt. Continue on south. I didn't see any chests or anything here, so just continue on up the stairs. You'll watch a cut scene, then you'll get the Sword of Kings. Once again, no chests or anything, so head out the way you came in. Apparently *I* wasn't tested enough, because a Negalmuur showed up. He can be disabled, though, so it wasn't a very major fight. I've had this one show up earlier in the level before, and it's never been a very tough battle. Anyway, head back to the Way stone and leave the Stilshrine. The dudes outside tell you to return with all haste to Mt Bur-Omisace. Head to the teleport stone. You'll watch another cut scene, and then you'll have the oportunity to teleport.

Chapter 25 - Back to Mt Bur-Omisace

You can teleport anywhere you want at this point, but there aren't any new bills posted. Montblanc will give you 1,100 for defeating the Vinuskar, though. I also spent some time Wargen chain-leveling, followed by some vampire bat leveling in the Lhusu Mines. Mostly because I was watching football, and it takes almost no concentration to chain-level. While I'm at it, I think I'll explain a bit of my philosophy on teleporting. I generally only teleport when I don't care about LP. If there is something I want (isn't that *most* of the time?), I tend to just walk whereever it is I want to go. In this case, I walked back to Rabanastre to look around, then I walked back when I was done. I built up over 500 LP just doing that, and all my characters leveled up. To put this in perspective, the entire top half of my License Board is filled out right now for all my characters, and I haven't climbed Mt Bur-Omisace.

When you are ready, head to the top of Mt Bur-Omisace. You'll watch a quick cut scene. Be sure to talk to everyone. Do you still like the Empire? Continue up to the temple, and open the Gate of the Holy Circle. Watch another cut scene, and then you'll be in another Boss Battle. You'll be back attacked by three other Judges. Just kill them off as quick as you can, then take on Judge Bergan. I was able to steal a hi-potion and a Ruby Ring from him, so I'd say it's worth it. Heh heh. Just smack him down. By this point, he should be relatively easy to kill off. If not, you might have needed to level up a little more. Watch another large set of cut scenes. When the cut scenes end, talk to the Alcolyte right in front of you for the Stone of the Condemner (useful later). One of the merchants by the Teleport Crystal now has Remedies for sale, along with new weapons and armor. Stock up on remedies! Remedies plus the Nihopalaoa is about as useful as any combination can be! The other merchant has the Vanish Magick now. In all honesty, though, you can buy all this stuff and much more in Rabinastre also, so there's little point to shopping here.

You are headed for the Salikawood, on the other side of the Mosphoran Highwaste. If you've been following along my walkthrough, you've already completed the Flower for the Wife side quest. It's not actually a side quest, though. You need it to be able to continue north at this point. Following my normal procedure (mentioned above), I recommed you equip your golden amulets (on everyone, even your reserves) and simply walk the whole way. You'll fight a bunch of (now) fairly easy battles, and you'll have the opportunity to build up a veritable plethora of LP. For comparison, by the time I reaced the Salikawood, I had another 500 LP at my disposal.

Chapter 26 - Mosphoran Highwaste and The Salikawood

Quick Instructions: Head back to Rabanastre; there are 6 new hunts and 1 new Elite Mark, if you are interested, and Montblanc will give you 1,100 Gil for defeating Vinuskar "In thanks for providing us with a most singular example of platinum from Vinuskar's scales. -- The Platinum Guild." You really wanna check out the new Magicks and Gambits for sale here. Be sure to go talk to Old Dalan and Roh'Kenmou (don't open the chest outside his house!!!) to begin The Four Pieces of the Medallion side quest. If you cannot begin at this time, you may need to make your way to Nabudis, and talk to Roh'Kenmou by the blue save crystal.

Other things you might want to do include taking with Ktjn near the Muthru Bazaar and shopping - Specifically you WANT Dispel, possibly Bio, and don't forget Death, Vanish, and Vanishga. If you have lots of expendible cash, consider buying 3 Viking Coats to render your guys immune to water attacks - this will come in handy in certain battles. If you haven't done it yet, consider the Earth Tyrant Misc Side Quest (Rimzat at West Gate). Other things to do: It's the dry in Giza, so go talk to Roaklo and Nanau if you defeated the Gil Snapper mark and show Elder Brunoa the ring.

Complete the Flower for the Wife misc sidequest (and if you are like me, complete all the Hunts, with the possible exception of the Elite Mark Carrot) and then continue north until you reach the Mosphoran Highwaste. Watch the cutscene, and then head north and west. Save your game at the Babbling Vale, then continue north to the Salikawood. Save at the Path of Hours, and make your way East one screen, and then North one screen. Be sure to check your map so you do not get lost. Save again at the Quietened Trace.

Optional (for now): If you head north and east, you'll find the orange save/teleport crystal. If your guys are good enough, save here and head north. Use the Niopalaoa/Remedy on the King Bomb, and then take off the other bombs one at a time. If you've done the other hunt quests, this should be a fairly easy fight for you. I buffed up my guys with Protect/Shell/Bubble/Haste/Bravery, but it wasn't really necessary. Anyway, beat him up and you'll be able to continue north from here. This gets you access to the Necrohol of Nabreus and the Nabreus Deadlands. This gives you access to the two hunts Braegh and Roblon, and you can get all the way to a Paragon of Justice. Also, you can get 1,300 Gil and a Mallet from Montblanc for killing the king bomb. If you venture into the Deadlands, the urn (to fill out your map) can be found in the Northwest corner of the Vale of Lingering Sorrow. At the far South East of the "Echos of the Past" you can find an Elixir.

If you would like a map of the Mosphoran Highwaste (and who wouldn't?!?), head right when you come to the Trunkwall Road. There's an Urn if you keep taking the right-hand paths. Make your way along the path leading to the far South East. You'll come to a large gate with a Moogle Boss. This will start the "9 little moogles" minigame. Head back in to the Salikiawood and look for them. A handy counter in the upper right of your screen will help you keep track of how many moogles you've found. Any bungalows you've wandered past can be found on the map. Just hit select and they'll show up.

You can also pick up Adrammelech at this time, without too much trouble. Once you have Adremmelech and have visited Nabudis (and talked to the old), head to Rabanastre and talk to Old Dalan again. Then talk to Roh'Kenmou to start the Four Pieces of the Medallion side quest. The other guy is in Archades, but you can do this first piece now.

The bungalows can be found...

  • Two are in the north area of the Garden of Decay. That's two sets of two of the Layabouts (4).
  • One is in the central area of Trunkwall Road. That two more Layabouts.
  • The final Bungalow is by the Blue save crystal in the Path of Hours. The last three layabouts are there.
  • Go ahead and go with them to the gate

The gate is now open, and you can talk to the Moogles here. They'll tell you they have to fix the Windmills at the Cerobi Steppe. Talk to the Moogle Boss for a pair of Quasimodo Boots as a token of their appriciation. Finally, head to the South East to end up at...

Chapter 27 - The Phon Coast, Tchita Uplands, and Sochen Cave Palace

First things first - DON'T OPEN ANY CHESTS IN THE PHON COAST AREA!!! Ahem. Sorry - see the intro tip about the Zodiac Spear. Save at the beginning of the first screen (really) and head south and east. Follow the "left" wall (not the water). The fouth screen down is the village (the map calls this "Hunter's Camp." Watch a bunch of cut scenes, then save at the Phon Crystal. Talk to everyone here, but don't open any treasure. Buy Darkra and Cleanse. There's a Cartographer's Guild Moogle here, too. Don't miss him! Buy a map, then look south and slightly west. There's a guy who fell from the sky there! Do you see something blinking on the ground next to him? Pick it up! That's the Site 11 Key, and it's kinda tough to find if you don't know what you're looking for. Talk to the Shady Banga just south of the save crystal. Remember this spot. After you've fought the monsters in the Sochen cave Palace, he'll tell you to come back after you're done with your duty in Archades.

When you are ready to head on, be sure you aren't opening any chests, then follow your map off to the east and north. By now, you really should be able to get through this area without TOO much trouble. When you get to Rava's Pass in the North East corner, save at the blue crystal. When you get to the Tchita Uplands, watch the cut scene, then head out. If you want, you can spend some time stealing from the Coeurl here. You can steal an Embroidered Tippet - which will double your EXP earned. This makes leveling up go a LOT faster. On the other hand, once you reach Old Archades, you can BUY these from one of the shop keeps there for about 5000 Gil each. You've probably nearly filled out your license area already anyway, so you don't need the Goldem Amulets any more. When you get to The Chosen Path you can do a new hunt. Well, sort of. You'll get the Soul Ward Key, at any rate.

There's another easter egg here. If you look at the map of the Tchita Uplands, you'll see a blue save crystal down in the southern half (The Nameless Spring). Just south of this area is an area called Garden of Life's Circle. You can get a Diamond Armlet here, if you're willing to be patient. The chest containing it is located along the southern wall, directly south from the Northern exit (between Garden of Life's Circle and The Highlands). The chest only has about a 1/10 chance of appearing, and when it DOES appear, it's something like a 50% chance you'll find the Diamond Armlet in it. It seems like the odds aren't very good, but it's worth it when you go looking for things like a Ribbon later on.

I could not find any Urn for this area, but I was able to get 3 Embroidered Tippets without much trouble. I just enabled the Thief's Cuffs on Basch and put him as the party lead, with the Gambit: "Enemy HP=100% -> Steal" enabled. Head to the northeastern corner of the map. From "The Chosen Path," where you meet the boy, head east one screen and North one screen. The caves' entrance is at the northwest corner of that area. Once inside, equip someone with the Fumarole and Stun Bombs, if you have them. This lets you cast "stop" on enemies that can otherwise be a challange to kill off.

At the back of the area, use the Soul Ward Key to continue. Watch the cut scene, then you'll have to fight a lot of the little guys. They can be stolen from as follows:

  • Alraune King: Gimble Stalk
  • Pumpkin Star: Jack o' Lantern
  • Onion Queen: Onion
  • Topstalk: Tomatoe Stalk
  • Mandragora Prince: Four Leaf Clover
It took a decent amount of work to kill these guys off, then I realized all my guys were using swords. Switching to bows/crossbows/etc made a fairly huge difference. As for the guys who are scattering like cockroaches, some of them could be stopped, but if you cannot keep Mandragora Prince from pollening your guys, you'll likely have a hard time at this one. I recommend using something like a Nishijin Belt to keep from getting sleeped all the time. Once you've beaten them, either save in the next room up (take either the west or east exit, but you'll hvae to kill a crystal bug - you can steal a feystone), or head back to the Tchita Uploands and talk to the boy and his father (now reunited). You'll get 1000 Gil and 3xRemedy.

After you've saved, make your way back to the north end of the Sochen Cave Palace, and on to the next screen (The Acolyte's Burden). Head one screen right to the Mirror of the soul, and take the right-hand path leading Northeast. There is an Urn along the tunnel here. There's a way to get a pretty nice ninja sword here, if you are either into completing all side quests, or using ninja swords. The Iga Blade can be found by following the optional instructions in the next paragraph.

Optional Iga Blade: Check out your map now. See how this looks like two combs facing each other, and something in the middle? You're going to go around this area clockwise. Start on the far EAST edge of Mirror of the Soul (where you found the urn). Take the path north to Falls of Time, and again take the far west exit North to Destiny's March. No go back down through those same exits. You should be near where you found the urn again. Follow the map slightly south and west, then slightly north and west - you are aiming to go through the far WEST exit from Mirror of the Soul this time. You're going to go from the Mirror of the Soul to the Falls of Time, to Destiny's March - taking the western most exits. You're basically making a clockwise circle, right? You should be in the south-west corner of Destiny's March now. Go east until you get to the second-from-the-west exit (you'll have to go through a few doors). You're making a smaller "circle" now. Keep doing it until you make three rotations, with the circle getting smaller and smaller. When you get to the Falls of time after having made your first round, you should see it say, "The course of the waterfalls seems to have changed." You'll see that each time you return to the Falls of Time, if you are doing this right. At the end, you should hear a door open, and you can now enter that little room in the center of the comb thing for an Iga Blade.

Optional Perseus Bow and Diamond Sword: If you check out the Items / Bazaar section of the walkthrough, you'll find out what you need to sell in order to cause the Perseus Bow and/or Diamond Blade to appear in the Bazaar. Since these are the most powerful bow and sword (respectively) in the game at this time, you may want to consider it. However, you may also want to consider the Zodiac Spear and Save the Queen, if you don't already have those already. See the Items / Bazaar section for more information.

When you are ready to move on, head up to "Destiny's March" and make your way to
  1. Using the Ancient Doors, make your way to the far eastern area of the map.
  2. Open the Door of Hours at the south-west.
  3. Walk down the hallway and open the door of hours at the end.
  4. Walk a little west, and open the Door of Hours leading north-west.
  5. Walk down the hallway and open the door of hours at the end.
  6. Head a little north, and take the Door of Hours Leading north-east.
  7. Walk down the hallway and open the door of hours at the end.
  8. Head slightly east, and take the Door of Hours leading south-east.
  9. Walk down the hallway and open the door of hours at the end.
  10. You should hear a door open in the distance.
  11. Make your way all the way to the west and you should now be able to open the door at the far west.
There is an Ancient Door you can use here to take a short cut straight across to the western end of this area. There you should be able to open the Ascetic's Door. There may not be anything here for you, yet, but you'll want this open later, and it takes very little to do here.

Head North to the far north edge of Destiny's March, and buff up. Head through the door to the Hall of Shadowlight. Try to steal a sky jewel and a pinch of Death Powder from Ahriman, if you can, then use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to weaken him. That should make him slow. Then just hit him hard and fast. He'll vanish and reappear elsewhere. Keep on him. He may split up but just keep going after any ghost you can find. Keep Esuna ready so you can keep from being totally immoble. He'll eventually get killed. Search the room for treasure, then take the east exit - watch out for the trap on the very next area. FYI: Montblanc will give you 1,600 Gil. You'll also get 1,600 for killing off the Mandragoras. Fight your way up the cavern and grab the treasure in the next area then continue north. In the Chamber of the Chosen, touch the Disused Pedestal, then get on the elevator. Save at the top (you'll have to turn around to see the crystal).

If you teleport to Rabanastre, you can buy the technicks Bone Crush and Adle. You can also use this chance to do some other side quests, but there aren't any new hunts. I guess if you have leveled up enough, you might want to go after some other Espers. The Merchant in the Necrohol still only has ether for sale. then enter...

Chapter 28 - Old Archades

There's a "store" here where you can buy some new stuff. Get 3 Pheasant Netsuke accessories, if you can afford it.

Watch the cut scene. When it's finished, talk to everyone in this area (well, if you want background info, that is). At least talk to the Moogles and find the shady seeq who's "selling" them. Head west when you're ready. You'll be in the Alley of Muted Sighs. Archades is to the South of this, but you'll have to get past some guards first. Talk to the guards and tell them you don't have any credentials. Jules will tell you how to get into the city - for 1,500 gil. He'll tell you to go back and talk to the Moogles again. Do it, then head back and talk to him again. That'll distract the guards and get you into the city.

Chapter 29 - The Imperial City of Archades

Watch the cut scenes. Now you can do some shopping, etc, but you'll also want to do a lot of talking to people. Nearly everyone here has a problem, and you're the only one who can solve them all. Yeah... Anyway, be sure to talk to everyone so you know the correct lables, if nothing else. I'll tell you who needs to talk to whom. Be sure to talk to the people in the shops, too. Oh, and don't forget to talk to Roh'kenmou in the Magic shop. He needs a moonsilver medallion, sold to Otto, in Old Archades. As long as you're there, don't forget to check back in with July (remember, from the July in Nalbina side quest?) if you helped her earlier. Also, there's a new mark available (Darksteel) at the item shop. Oh, and don't sell any chops (I'll explain in a minute).

Things you'll want to buy around here: A new sword, all the new magicks, X-POTIONS!!! Optional stuff to do now includes backtracking to Nabudis and finishing the Four Pieces of the Medallion side quest, fighting the darksteel mark, going for various espers - after earning a Sandalwood chop and heading to Tsenoble. I really like to use this time to get all the espers that I have access to. That means I don't go on to the next area until I have Belias, Adrammelech, Exodus, Cuchulainn, Zalera, Zeromus, Chaos, and Mateus. And don't forget - 8 espers earns you stuff from Montblanc.

Head to the far southwest and talk to the Cab Guide. This'll start a cut scene about chops. Pay Jules again. Now you have to wander around helping people. Find the Senior Researcher nearby. This one is easy. "Commit the tale to memory", then talk to the Failed Researcher. "Relate the tale." You'll get a chop. See how this works? To make it easer, consult the guide below. Go for all 28 chops (it'll only take 30-45 minutes). An asterisk (*) by the name means you should see this person FIRST.

Name Issue Go See
Music Appreciator Has a friend who's a court musician. Lutenist
Lutenist He makes music to earn a living. That's a Lute he plays. Music Appriciator*
Smitten Man* Worked hard and long, wants something other than money. Smitten Woman
Smitten Woman She likes a guy her father does business with. Smitten Man*
Farce-Goer* Hopes to get tickets to the Mummer's Farce. Girl on Errand
Girl on Errand Her mother asked her to buy tickets, but she has too many. Farce-Goer*
Historian* Knows the true history of the city. Perceptive Man
Perceptive Man The empire wasn't always an empire - the akademies don't teach real history. Historian*
Builder* The population is soaring. artistan architect
Artistan Architect Is upset that people only like "old" designs; they mock his newer looking ones. Builder*
Boutiquere* Wants to open her own boutique, but doesn't have money. (Moneyed Gentleman) Moneyed Gentleman
Moneyed Gentleman Money is like a seed. He want's to know where to put his money. Boutiquere
Name Issue Go See
Proud Mother* Thinks Reginald is the smartest kid. Tutor
Tutor Unemployed - wants someone to tutor. Proud Mother*
Poor Husband* Bought his wife a pretty necklace. Poor Wife
Poor Wife Doesn't know what to do for her aniversary. Poor Husband*
Avid Traveler* Likes traveling, but needs armor. Traveling Gentleman
Traveling Gentleman Is on the road a lot. He wears the right armor and weapons, though. Avid Traveler*
Reminiscing Lady* Watches the Mummer. Wants to share this with her daughter. Family-Minded Girl
Family-Minded Girl Doesn't like the Mummer. Reminiscing Lady*
would-be-judge* Wants to be a judge Judge's Wife
Judge's Wife Her husband was a judge. He died rescuing his enemies child. would-be-judge*
Look alike Someone looks like him... Look-alike
Look-alike Someone looks like him... Look alike
Ardent Woman* Her Beau and her have a lot of chops. Ardent Man
Ardent Man Anyone can make a good living if they are straight with people. Ardent Woman*
Talented Woman* Has been told she has a talent for magicks. Akademician
Akademician Teaches Magick. Needs a new student. Talented Woman*
Daughter-in-law* Her husband's mother wants something from Giza. Man from Giza
Man from Giza Came to Archades and can't find his client. Daughter-in-law*
Mummer Is a mummer. Duh. ;)
Name Issue Go See
Gentleman Onlooker* Sees people running around. Eager Crier
Eager Crier Crying wares for the arm'er. Gentleman Onlooker*
Senior Researcher* A new employee broke something; wants to tell him it's OK, but is too busy. Failed Researcher
Failed Researcher Broke something at a lab and is afraid. Senior Researcher*
Worried Husband* His work isn't doing well now. They've halved his pay. Materialistic Woman
Materialistic Woman Wants a rare blue diamond ring. Worried Husband*
Athletic Woman* Her family is well known for being athletic. Avid Reader
Avid Reader Recently begun work at a lab. There's lots to read there. Athletic Woman*
Determined Resarcher* Followed her father's work. Wants to leave, but is afraid of her father if she does. Ex-Researcher
Ex-Researcher He researched forever, and now is daughter is doing it. Determined Resarcher*
Aspiring Starlet* Wants to be a star. Faded Star
Faded Star Has given up being on stage. Does no more autographs. Aspiring Starlet*
Name Issue Go See
Lucky man* Found a letter on the ground Romantic Lady
Romantic Lady Is in love, but won't tell until she gets her love letter back. Lucky man*
Philosopher of Cuisine* The only one recognized by the senate, wants new dish. Dangerous Cook
Dangerous Cook Loves to cook, but didn't quite get something right. Philosopher of Cuisine*
Lazy Profiteer* He wants a gambit for the stock market. Researches Wife
Researches Wife Husband works at Dracklor and gave his wife a card - now she wants to gamble on stocks, etc. Lazy Profiteer*
Greenseller* Sells veggies. Vegetable Seller
Vegetable Seller Sells veggies to please his partner who wants a farm on the Tchita Plains. Greenseller
Good Brother* Improved selection at the Inventory Shop. Waiting Woman
Waiting Woman Wants an item and asked her brother to look for it, but he's not too bright. Good Brother*
Tarot Reader* Reads fortunes, but causes grief. Happy Novelist
Happy Novelist Writes novels, but cannot write something really miserable. Tarot Reader*
Tour Leader* Is leading a tour to Bhujerba. Bhujerban Lady
Bhujerban Lady Wants to vacation in Bhujerba. Tour Leader*

When you've got all your chops), head back to the cab guide and take the cab to the next area. There's a save/teleport crystal here. You will not easily be able to get out of the next area, so be sure you save here (and don't forget to go out and do whatever it is you want to have finished, sidequestwise).

For point of reference, I'll tell you what I've finished up 'till now. I've got all 8 espers availble at this time. I also have the Zodiac Spear, and I've finished the following side quests: Stranded Merchant, Flower for the Wife, A Viera in Rabanastre (part I), A Diary for Pilika, Sandsea Moogle, July in Nalbina, Vaan Juan, Demon Wall 2, Bhujerban Madhu, Zertinan Caves, The Four Pieces of the Mediallion, Earth Tyrant, Jahara's gift, Secret Shop: Necrohol of Nabudis (you can buy ethers). I've killed off 27 Marks and 11 (non-trophy) rare game. My guys are at the following levels: Vaan 70, Balthier 70, Fran 36, Basch 34, Ashe 36, Penelo 70. Guess which 3 I like to use? lol. I've filled out the License board completly for Fran, Basch and Ashe (you know the golden amulets are the only accessory that works on people not in your immediate party, right)?

You'll be able to save/teleport, and then you'll want to wander down the road a bit. Wander back and forth from cab to entrance until you talk with Jules again. Eventually, you'll end up in...

Chapter 30 - Draklor Laboratory

This area is a little odd. You start off on the 66th floor. Follow the Left wall until it winds around to the North Lift Terminal. Select a destination of the 67th floor. Head to the North East corner of this floor until you find the door to Cid's Office (Labeled C.D.B.). You'll get both a Lab Access Card and the Map of Draklor Laboratories. After a few cut scenes, you'll be have control again. Just outside the office are two doors. Room 6704 has a save crystal. Save now - preferably in a new spot.

The way this building works might be a little odd. You can find Bulkhead Controls that will let you toggle which bulkheads are open. You can either have the RED open, or the BLUE open. Once you leave Doctor Cid's office, the Red bulkheads are closed, and the blue are open. You can't get anywhere with this configuration, so switch them using the bulkhead controls in room 6703 - right next door to the one with the save crystals. Once you've opened that, you'll begin to encounter enemies in this area. They weren't all that tough, and I was able to steal a LOT of hi-potions.

Head south (away from Cid's office), and turn right. Fight the enemies here, and head PAST the elevator. On the other side, turn right again, and enter room 6703 West (the only door you can go it). Toggle the Bulkheads again. Blue should now be closed, and red should be open. Leave the room and continue south. You can't get to the elevator area, but you CAN go further south now. You have access to Room 6711 West here. You can get a cool item here. Head back to Room 6703 West and toggle the bulkheads again, then head to the elevator (North Lift Terminal).

If you head DOWN to floor 66, you can get access to room 6613 East, which has a couple of chests. Head back to the Elevator, and head to floor 68.

On Floor 68, head left (east) and toggle the Bulkheads in room 6803 East. Blue=Closed, Red=Open. Head North and East to enter 6814 East and kill off some Lab Rats. If you wanna fight some Hecteyes and map out a bit more of the floor, here's an optional area:

[ Go south and use the Bulkhead Controls in 6810 East. Blue should be open, and Red should be closed now. Head South and East to enter 6811 - If you wanna fight some Hecteyes. They're kinda tough, so I don't recommend this unless you are sure you can do it, and you like fights. :D Return to the bulkhead toggle in 6810 East to finish this optional area. ]

North of Room 6803 East is a long corridore leading west. Take that to the end. Enter Room 6804 West and toggle the Bulkheads there. You should have Blue=Open, Red=Closed. Head south to 6813, if you wanna fight a judge. Don't bother with the room south and slightly East to (Room 6801 West). It's totally empty. Head to the far South east to get to Room 6811 West. You can Toggle Bulkheads here. Red=Open, Blue=Closed. Go East from this room, and turn North. You should now have access to the South Lift Terminal.

Take the South Lift Terminal to the 70th Floor. Watch the Cut scene, then save your game (new file). You can access room 7002 here. Head East, then south. There's a chest here with something good. Once it was a Pheasant Netsuke. It's not great, but it's also not something you'd normally find. Another time, it was a hastaga mote. Anyway, follow the dude who just showed up - that means heading North. You'll watch another, brief cut scene, then you'll get to fight Cid.

This battle is kinda tough. There are four Rooks, and Doctor Cid. The rooks heal, guard, and buff him up. You'll wanna take them out first. I stole from everyone, including doctor cid, and I didn't get anything except potions and knots of rust. You can steal 2, three, or even 4 times from them. Dispel from the rooks if you need to, but they really shouldn't be that much trouble.then take them out one at a time. Be aware that the rooks can cast reflect on Cid, so you might not want to do high-power area magick attacks. I took out A, then B, then C, then D, then Cid (dispel hiim first, though). Be sure not to let your HP drop too low, as he has a massively large attack called some kinda canon thing. If you set your primarly healer to gambit dispel, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this. When he gets to 33% HP, you'll see the other guy butt in, and you'll watch some cut scenes. OK, a lot of cut scenes.

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