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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Besaid (she said)

Beach Side
When you wake up, head to your left and get a few antidotes from the chest by the nets. Then get back in the water and swin as far right as you can. Go up and to the left to a little alcove and you'll get the moon crest. (Note: The crests are used to get cool weapons later. FIND THEM ALL!) (Am I being repetitive? There's a reason!) Head back to the beach and talk to the guys. When Wakka leaves, follow him. Save your game and head inland.

Continue to follow him and he'll push you into the water. You'll have a chance to kill some fish. Rather than just swim straight, use the "dive" function you learned about in the previous section. Dive and open the chests for a phoenix down and a Hi-Potion and a few Antidotes. When you get to the end of the river, you'll join the Aurochs. You'll tell Wakka you are playing to win, and he'll help you learn stuff. (Or is that in reverse...)

Besaid Town
When you get to the town, just take whatever is in the chests. No one seems to care. The last tent on the left is the Crusaders's. You can save your game in the back corner of this tent. Now head to the temple. Look around and talk to the priest. Try to go up the stairs if you want. When you have looked around, leave, and go find Wakka. (You can't get outside to go level up, even if you want to!) Wakka's tent is second door on the right (from the entrance to the village). Talk to Wakka and take a nap. After another trip down repressed memory lane, you wake up. Go back to the temple and talk to Wakka.

Besaid Cloister of Trials
This section involves picking up spheres from one place and putting them somewhere else. You also touch glyphs. While this may seem monotonous, you'll be doing it a LOT. I'll number all these steps to make this easier on the eyes.

  1. You start off in a small room with writing on the far and rightmost walls. Examine the far wall. Examine the right wall (touch glyph).
  2. Head down the stairs that appear. At the bottom of the first flight of stairs, examine the sphere shaped recess in the wall. Take the Glyph Sphere.
  3. Go down the next flight of stairs. Insert the sphere in the door.
  4. Walk through the doors, and remove the sphere from the door.
  5. Go around the corner and place the sphere in the recess along the wall.
  6. Go into the room that appears and remove the destruct sphere.
  7. Continue around the walkway until you see a little statue by the left wall. Place the destruct sphere there.
  8. There should be some symbols on the wall opposite it. Touch them.
  9. Go into the room and grab the besaid sphere.
  10. Go back to the room where you found the destruct sphere and place the besaid sphere there.
  11. Now go back and get the destruct sphere from the statue, and place it in the sphere recess in the room where you found the besaid sphere.
  12. A wall around the corner should blow up and you'll see a treasure chest inside it. Go get it. You should find the Rod of Wisdom. (A weapon for a future character.)
  13. Go back and grab the besaid sphere and place it on the pedistal statue.
  14. Push the pedistal straight forward.
Wakka should show up and then you'll head down to the next level. You will meet Yuna finally. That was her rod you found. Head outside and go toward the center of the town. Name your aeon. After annoying forshadowish monologue from Tidus and chanting from the team, go talk to Yuna. After that conversation, talk to Wakka. You'll have to walk around in your dream, then.

Head up and left. Tidus has weird dreams, doesn't he? Now you'll go spy on Wakka and Lulu. Wee! What a fun game so far, eh? After a token music throwback to the mini choco games, you'll wake up in the morning. Save your game and head outside, but pick up Al Bhen Primer Vol II on the ground just before the door way. If you don't see it, try leaving then coming back into the village.

Fight Lessons
Walk around outside and you'll be able to learn how to fight. (You don't really have a choice). Retrace your steps to the little shrine. Yuna will pray, and then you head to the boat. You'll fight Kimari. Don't waste potion trying to heal up. You can't win this battle that way and he won't kill you. Continue on the path and continue to learn how to fight. When you see how to swap characters into battle, pay close attention. When you get into a battle, you'll pretty much ALWAYS want to do this. Even if the character just passes (press triangle), that character will get XP from the fight. Anyway, eventually ou'll get a chance to see Yuna in action and learn that skill. If you want to practice fighting or whatever, you can run around here a bit, but it's not (in my opinion) one of the better places to level up. In any event, don't forget (after these battles) to use the sphere grid to level up your characters!

Eventually you will get back to the beach. Have you played FF8? Do you recognize the music? ;) I really like how they got that music from the Laguna/Ellone scene to just float through the Besaid theme. Anyway, save your game and head to the boat. Talk to everyone at the bottom of the ramp for some going away presents (if you don't get something from someone, talk at least two more times, just in case), then get on the boat. Don't forget to equip any new equipment you might have found (or been given as a present. hint. hint.)

Back to Town; Let's fight Sin
Before going to talk to Yuna, walk around a little. Toward the south end of the boat is a set of hard to see stairs going down; take them. Lend O'aka some money if you want. If you do, it'll lower his prices at a key point later. I recommend 1001 Gil, if you've got it. Off to the left of the save point is a door leading to a room with a sea sick blitzball player. There's a trunk here with a remedy and a box downstairs that you can kick to get some potions. Just past O'aka is a door leading to the Power Room. You can find Al Bhed Primer Vol III here, and if you talk to the gal there you'll be treated to the worst rendition of the chocobo theme you've ever heard. XD Anyway, save your game then head topside.

Talk to Wakka, then try to talk to Yuna, then to Wakka again. Now head upstairs to the top area and look for the guy that asks, "Can you believe this!?" Answer, "What?" and then "Yeah." Take another look around the ship, then go talk to Yuna again. You'll get a little more information, and then it's time to fight. Sin.

You'll have to fight the little Sinscales first. Kill all three, then three more show up. The incredibly intelligent Wakka tells you to attack the fin. This is your introduction to character swapping. This is one of the cooler features of this game. You can swap in characters who are better suited to a specific enemy. You can also swap in everyone for major battles (make sure they get in at least one hit) to level everyone up quicker. Anyway, have Tidus kill off two of the three new sinscales, then swap out Tidus and Kimari for Lulu and Yuna. Have Wakka attack the fin and Lu use fire on it. Have Yuna cast cure to heal them when they get damaged.

After smacking Sin down, you'll have to fight a Sinspawn (this one is called Echuilles. It's pretty easy, just have Wakka nail him with Dark Attack. Don't forget that Tidus learned that "Cheer" ability, OK? ;) Ignore the Sin Scales. They just keep coming. Remember that Wakka's dark attack will wear off after a few rounds. Don't forget to hit him again (if you have enough MP).

If you can avoid using the ether, do. They are expensive! Anyway, if you don't waste time with the sin scales, you should be able to kill off the Sinspawn before either of your characters get killed. But you did save it not too long ago, though. You did save it, didn't you?!? If Tidus gets an overdrive, go for it! I was able to overkill this guy. You should wake up in Kilika.

Returning to Besaid
After leaving Djose, you can back-track to Besaid. Talk to the girl near her dog in the store. You'll be rewarded as follows: "Obtained something mangled and slobbery." After that, you should see "Valefor has learned Overdrive Energy Blast."

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