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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Mount Gagazet

Ronso vs. Ronso
When you first reach the mountain, you will be accosted by the Ronso. Eventually you will leave with their blessing. You almost certainly need to sell (or buy - but these are pretty lame) weapons, or get some items, there's a shop in the lower right corner of this screen. I was able able to sell off all the weapons/armor I didn't need and earn back about 10% of what I spent on Yojimbo. Going into this next area requires some strategy, so be sure you read the next little bit carefully. If you do this wrong, you'll get some weak crap stuff. But if you do this *right*, you'll get enough Lv. 3 Key Spheres to keep your guys awesome.

A little prep work here can go a long way. You'll be fighting a one-on-one battle here, so not being ready can be pretty costly. Set Kimahri's overdrive mode to Stoic. I like to reorder my items to make this easier. I put the following near the top (if you don't have enough, I'll list alternates, too):

  • X-Potion (or Hi-Potion)
  • Chocobo Feather (requires "use" special - no alternates)
  • Ether (or Turbo Ether - but try not to waste those!)
  • Elixir (or Megalixir - but try not to waste those!)
  • Stamina Tablet (no alt)
  • Lunar Curtain and Light Curtain (requires "use" special - no alt)
  • Remedy (or individual status curative items)

Once you have things organized, talk to everyone, then ***SAVE***, and then head up the mountain. When Kimahri gets in a fight, lancet every last skill out of these guys! They have LOTS of cool abilities. Use X-Potions, your "use" skill (if you have it) and White Wind to stay alive. I like using Chocobo Feathers and Light Curtains for Haste and Protect too. The point of this fight is to stay in as long as possible. If you stay in long enough, Kimahri will learn overdrive mode "loner." Heh, heh. Kimahri can lancet several skills here, but the most important are: White Wind and Mighty Guard

When the battle first starts, "use" your Chocobo Feather and Light/Lunar Curtain to get Haste and Protect/Shell. If you have the mug skill, attempt to mug Yenke Ronso. Biran will jump in front of you and you'll get the Lv. 3 Key Spheres from him. Pay attention to who uses which Skills - lancet for stuff you don't have. When your HP gets down into the Yellow, be sure to use your X-Potions. I like to alternate between steel and lancet. When either Biran or Yenke talks, you should be able to steal again. Actually, I think that's the key here. Even when I keep using Lancet on them, unless they've recently talked to Kimahri, I don't get anything new. As far as I can tell, you can win a total of 12 Lv. 3 Key Spheres here - so keep count. After you've got them all, there's no sense continueing to steel. It's possible you can win more, but in more than one game that was the maximum I could get, so I'm assuming that's an upper limit.

Lancet until you get nothing, then steel. Your protect and Haste do not appear to wear off, which is a major cool thing! Once you've learned Mighty Guard from a Lancet, use your next overdrive to try it out. Now those elemental-based attacks don't do anything to you! Well, for one attack, that is. If you have mug, use that, otherwise attack sometimes and try to weaken them. You want to get them down to around 600 or so. Then, when you get an overdrive, use some non-elemental thing to overkill them. Remember they cover each other, so be sure to wait until they are appart before hitting - you don't want to accidentally kill off the wrong one with a weak attack. Lancent is a good way to lower their HP by small increments - when they're below 1500 HP and a critical hit could kill them instantly. Remember, the key here is to stay alive long enough to get great stuff. Eventually, though, they'll stop having those Lv. 3 Key Spheres and lancet-able overdrives. At that point, just wait for your overdrives and use seed cannon to kill 'em off. But don't just defend - use steal to wait. Unless you've been leveling up quite a bit, though, overkills are pretty tough on these guys. Don't bother infecting them with status ailments - they're immune (no Bad Breath).

You'll get either a Friend or a Return sphere from these guys (or two if you overkill them). Without a lot of leveling up, I was unable to easily overkill either Yenke or Biran. Once I got a Sorcery Targe and a Baroque Sword from this battle. Another time I got two identical Sorcery Armlets. It seems like you should always get, you know, *Kimahri* weapons and armor from this battle... Whatever. :D You know, I wanna see this statue of Yuna. With her big ol' horn... heh heh. After all this is over, you might consider saving. Just in case.

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland
You'll want to use this area to charge your aeons, but don't worry about that until you've captured 10 of whatever enemy you're facing. For example, once you have 10 Grenades captured, you can bring in your Aeons to charge and kill these guys off. It's a good way to save your magic for when you really need it!

Hastaga is you friend here... Don't bother leveling up here - there's another area after this where it makes more sense, and you can capture all these enemies there, too. Just save and continue. You've equiped your catching weapons again, right? At the scenery change, there is a chest on the ledge to your right with 20,000 Gil. It's hard to see and tricky to get to. After the song, head strait and off to the left for a chest with 2 mega-potions (hidden beind the ledge). Up ahead on the right is a monument to a summoner.

Go examine it. Continue around the mountain. At the first hard left turn, you can head up the little path to the left for a Braska's Sphere. Head along the left path. Round the next bend, you will find another mound. Just up ahead you can take a path up and left for a Defending Bracer. Eventually, you will pass O'aka's - be sure to talk to Wantz! Head left and down around the corner for two chests contianing an HP sphere and a level 4 key sphere.

A little further, you'll pass more mounds. Be examining these to learn stuff - isn't Lulu a wonderfully optomistic person? Keep going, and you'll and a get to a save sphere. SAVE! A little farther, you'll meet our good buddy.

Semour Flux
The shell Mortiorchis has 4000 HP, and Seymour has 70,000 HP, boys and girls. Steal some elixirs (from Seymour; Mortiorchis has nothing). Very early on, have Lulu cast "Bio" on him; he'll lose 1400 HP every turn that way. Have Yuna talk to Seymour to increase her magic defense. Does Tidus have quick hit? It's kinda useful here. It doesn't look like anything really works on him except silence and poison; he's immune to all other status abnormalities. He'll hit you with "Lance of Atrophy" (causes zombie) then use full-life on that character (despite being silenced...)

The way this works took me a little while. Basically, you can "kill off" Mortiorchis, and he'll absorb 4000 HP from Seymour. I kept bringing in some maxed out Aeons to do farily massive ammounts of damage to him. Do note that after you call an Aeon, Seymour will banish it. Also, after a certain amount of damage, Mortiorchis starts attacking all on it's own. That really sucks. When I had him mostly killed off, I brought in Bahamut with a Megaflare overdrive and wiped the floor with him. 45,789 damage! Talk about overkill, lol. Overkill on this nets you 2x Lv. 4 Key Sphere. Continue on to learn a little more, but be sure to open the chests hidden among these columns - you really do want that Saturn Crest (it's part of Kimahri's Ultimate Weapon). :D Save, then keep going.

Dream Sequence
When tidus wakes up, head into his house. Listen, then go outside and head 'upstairs.' I couldn't find anything in his house to get. You'll learn all sorts of interestig things. If you don't understand what's going on, reload and watch this little bit again. There's HOPE in there - somewhere - if you can find it. Nothing he says is nonsense - everything means something. If you don't understand it the first time, you might want to watch it again.

This is a pretty good place to level up. Be sure to steal remedies from the mandragora and ethers from the behemoths! Oh, and you can kill the bashuras easier if you slowga them, and hastaga tidus, Auron and Wakka. When/if you encounter a Dark Flan, just remember your armor break, OK? For fighting the Splasher enemies, don't forget to have Rikku use the Use skill and Al Bhed potions (you can steal them from some of the mech enemies around here).

  1. When you are back to normal, head forward into the cave and save your game.
  2. Then head LEFT, jump into the water, swim strait (don't take the right) and hit the sphere with Wakka's Ball. Notice the things that look like targets? Throw when the second one is lined up exactly, and the ball will pass through the shell and hit the center. Open the chest here for a Lv. 1 Key Sphere.
  3. Come back to the save sphere, save, and go up the stairs.
  4. At the top, turn left and go up the ramp and swim to the other side.
  5. There is another puzzle here. I'm thinking it's not random, but may depends on your guys.
  6. Anway, I had Tidus go left, Rikku go right and Wakka go down.
  7. When you see the bright white light, dive and open the chest (fortune sphere), then head back to the save point.
  8. Now go left, and around the bend should be a little room to your right. Inside is a chest containing a 'Pep Talk,' which has sos-null-stuff.
  9. Head back to the save sphere, then up the stairs and to the right.
  10. Have you noticed that the save sphere is at the center of everything you do in this cave? Do you really think that's a coincidence?!? :D
  11. Swim around the corner and get the recovery ring and the return sphere in the chests.
  12. Go back to the save sphere, then up the stairs and to the left.
  13. This time, veer hard left and go up the stairs (right before the water).
  14. At the top of the stairs and around the corner is a save point. Since you are going to fight a nasty battle in a sec, I recommend you use it. :)

[OPTIONAL: Did you capture at least one of every fiend here? If so, you may want to look into going and getting the Sisters Aeon now. See the Remiem Temple portion of the Misc Side Quests section. Do note that I was unable to actually get the Sisters Aeon at this time. The shield on the door was still in place when I went to the temple.]

When you are ready, head out of the cave and fight Sanctuary Keeper immiediately. He's got 40,000 HP. I was able to steal multiple turbo ethers from this guy. He'll counter attack with either a regular attack or "Tail Sweep", which will affect all your characters. His Photon Wings attack will curse your Characters (and Aeons), preventing them from using their Overdrive. This really sucks when you want to bring in Bahamut and have him over kill this guy... Anyway, I did an armor and magic break, then had Bahamut use Megaflare. It did 49,000 points of damage. That was pretty easy.

You HAVE been using your spheres to level him up, right...? I really don't recommend fighting fair. This guy's mean. I used the overdrive on all my aeons again, and armor break and dispell (when he casts protect/regen). Did I mention his photon wings attack will curse you, thus rendering your characters/aeons unable to charge their overdrive? Even if you DON'T have a really cool set of Aeons, a few megaflairs from bahamut (after all other aeons get their turn) and he's toast.

Overkill nets you two Return Spheres here. Go back and save if you want to avoid having to do this again. Near (but not right next to) the save point you will find a warp platform, which you can use to return to the base of Mt Gagazet. Then head left and watch the cut scene. When yuna drops something, pick it up and watch it if you want. (I mean if you pick it up you WILL watch it). If you have seen it before, just bypass it. Don't bother looking in the little alcove, there isn't a chest there. Head through beautiful downtown Zanarakand. Home to dust and destruction. Welcome home, Tidus.

Deja Vu
Head forward to where everyone else is. Remember this scene? After watching it again, save and head out. There is a chest around the first bend.

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