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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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When you have beat sin, you will wind up in Kilika. I recommend leveling up here abouts (in a few minutes; you can't do it now). Save your game on the dock and head to what's left of the town. Head left and watch the REALLY cool cut scene. Watch the sending, then more chocobo sleepy-time music. Talk to the kid whose sole goal in life is aspiring to become a piece of athletic equipment. ("I wanna be a blitzball when I grow up!") Leave and head left.

In the first building you come to, you can get 3 potions. A little farther left, you can save a little kid. Now head right, past the inn. On the next screen, go into the first building you come to - that's the pub. On the counter is Al Bhed Primer Vol IV. You should now be rank Al Bhed Pakehhan. Talk to the girl at the counter, then open the chest for an Ether. Leave that building and head right. Just down from that is a store at which you can buy Weapons and Armor. Follow the road around to tht right, and talk to Wakka. Now, head back the other way and take the dock path all the way to shore.

Valifor, I choose YOU!
Save your game. Remember, saving also restores hit/magic points. Now, head straight (and enjoy the "Ico reminescent" music). Level up a little. There's some treasure in this forest, see the paragraph below. You don't have to fight the big guy directly in front of you by the way (well, not right this second). Be sure to have Kimari learn Seed Canon from a Ragora. You can try to kill off Lord Ochu if you want (talk to Luzzu a few times to net yourself 4 Antidotes). He has 4649 hit points. If you opt not to use your Aeon, here's a bit of strategy.

Swap Yuna in when you need to heal your guys, or to cast Esuana when you need to cure status abnormalities. Wakka can hit this guy with Silent Attack, but he's immune to dark attack. Tidus can cheer to raise your strength and defense. He's vulnerable to fire, so have Lulu keep pounding him with it. Kimari can lancet over and over, but I didn't get anything from him. I swapped in a Fireball for Wakka (I found it while running around in the forest here.) If Ochu falls asleep, he'll heel up. When he's asleep, magic attacks don't seem to wake him, but hitting him will. Unless you can do a lot of damage to him, you may have to wake him up - but be careful... He's got an attack that can do 350+ dmg to everyone.

FYI: Valifor is immune to that Earthquake attack that hits everyone for so much damage. I recommend Valifor (the Aeon from Circ De Sole) and his sonic wings attack. Use energy ray when he only has 1000 or so HP left. That should net you an easy over kill. Use Wakka's Elemental Reel and get Fire! Don't let him stay asleep! When you have killed him off (Good for an MP Sphere, or two if you overkill him), retrace your steps and talk to Luzzu for an elixir. Go all the way back to the beginning and save your game. See the blue letters on the ruins on the left of the main road? They say:

t e p s w r s
(At least they would if you knew Al Bhed.) It's the first part of a puzzle. I'll explain why it's important later.

The Forest
While wandering around, you'll be able to level your characters up a bit. I'll take this opportunity to provide a suggestion. When you're leveling up Kimahri, why not go up first, and lead left? From the Lancet skill, that's HP, Str, MP, 0, Def, 0, 0, 0, Str, Def, HP, Agil. This will take you back down toward the lower left area, where there's a Level 1. Lock that blocks access to an area with the Steal and Use skills. More on this later.

In this little forest there are treasure chests. The one along the first right road has two mana spheres. The second is down the first left, then up the next right. It contains a scout (an ice weapon to help Wakka kill off the ice-vulnerable flyers in this area). To get the third, go back to the beginning of the woods, then take every left you come to. Talk to everyone you meet (you may have to talk more than once) and you'll get a free Hi-Potion and a Remedy. You'll get a luck sphere from the chest at the end of the road. To get to the next area, head north from the save point and take the third right.

You should come to a bridge. Be careful not to go to far here. Run around until you find some enemies, then charge your Valifor. Let other enemies attack him until he gets his overdrive. Use the right arrow to select "Boost" so you can get charged quicker. When ready, head across the bridge and up the stairs to watch a bit of a cut scene. As soon as the race starts, save your game. You wouldn't want to loose your new found levels, would you? ;) Actually, it's because you're about to hit a major battle.

There are three enemies here, Boss: Sinspawn Geneaux, Boss[1]: Geneaux's Tentacle, and Boss[2]: Beneaux's Tentacle. Make sure Kimari, Tidus, and Wakka don't have any magic weapons equiped, then use Tidus, Kimari and Wakka to kill off Geneaux's tenticles, then use Lulu's fire (and Wakka's elemental reel / Fireball) attack. If you can, have Tidus cast haste on Lu. When he breaks out of his shell (around 1K pts dmg), you can use regular weapons against him. When he was down to about 1000 HP left, I brought in Valefore to the fight. Have him do sonic wings to hold the guy at bay while you charge your Energy Ray. When he's down to around 400 HP or so, you should be able to get an OVERKILL out of it!

Frankly, I was able to get a 2000+ Energy Ray. I was unable to lancet anything from these three enemies. After you beat him, head up the stairs. You learn a great deal about what kind of person Lulu is. If I had to some her up in one word, well, it probably wouldn't be repeatable in mixed company. ;) I will say this, though: I would like to see something scratch her. She just seems like a big itch that needs scratching.

Anyway... Enter the temple (after talking to the goers) and save your game. Talk to Wakka, then pray, then watch the cut scene. When the dialogue is over, follow Yuna into the temple. When everyone else leaves, wait for the elevator to come up, then try to get on the elevator. After a bit you'll be at the bottom. Head into the...

Kilika Cloister of Trials
Go through the door and enter the Kilika Cloister of Trials. Congratulations, you're going to do another one of these sphere puzzles!

  1. There is a pedistal that is burning. Take the Kilika Sphere and put it in the red circle to the right of the door.
  2. Take it out and go through the door. Put it into the recess on the center wall straight ahead; a glyph should appear.
  3. Remove the sphere from the pedistal and place it on the left wall.
  4. Remove the sphere from the center wall and place it on the pedistal.
  5. Go to the center wall and touch the glyph.
  6. When the doorway appears, push the pedistal through the doorway and onto the shiny spot on the floor at the top right of that room.
  7. Walk to the wall on the right and take the Kilika Sphere.
  8. Go back to the room where you found the pedistal and put the Kilika sphere in the recess on the right wall.
  9. Go to the left wall and take the glyph sphere.
  10. Put the glyph sphere in the recess where you found the Kilika sphere. (The room full of fire should go away... Er, the fire IN the room should go away, that is.) Make mental note that a doorway to a little room just opened up here.
  11. Go down where the fire was and walk to the far right wall.
  12. Remove the Kilika sphere from the right wall.
  13. Go to the door at the top of the screen and place the sphere in the recess to the right of the door.
  14. Take the Kilika Sphere back out (yeah, you read that right).
  15. Go back to the room where you found the pedistal and put the Kilika sphere in the far left wall.
  16. Now go to the little room that opend up where you got rid of the Firewall down below.
  17. Take the destruct sphere and put it in the recess at the bottom of the stairway (where the firewall used to be, on the right.)
  18. The wall should blow apart and you'll see a chest.
  19. Open it for the red armlet. This is Kimari's armor.
  20. Now go through the doorway at the top of the screen.
Head up and talk to Wakka, et all. Talk to Lu and Wakka to understand a bit more about Aeons. Try to leave, and Yuna will emerge. Name the aeon (Ifrit - really, the fire Aeon? Who'd have thought?!? LOL) and try to leave the temple. After the flash back, head toward the boat. Save the game at the entrance to the docks, and board the boad (it's headed toward Luca).

Learn the Jecht Shot
Back on the boat, when you first wake up, just behind the three guys to your left is a trunk. Open it for a hi-potion. Go through the door and (lend O'aka more Gil if you want). Save your game. You're going to try something difficult, and you want to be able to do it right, so you may have to restore a few times. Go up the stairs and up the next steps. Evesdrop on Wakka and Lu, then head to the front of the ship. Examine the blitzball.

Follow the instructions to perform the Jecht Shot (The Sublimly Magnificant Jecht Shot Mark III). If the instructions aren't clear, just look where the dialog from Jecht is showing up. If he's saying something at the top of the screen, press up and 'X,' etc. If Wakka and the rest are impressed, you did it right. Keep rebooting until you get it. It's worth it to learn this outright, and if you want to try and PLAY the blitz ball game later in the game, it's VERY crucial to do this right. Talk to Yuna to end this sequence. After a bit of sleep, save your game. Welcome to Luca...

Returning to Kilika If you misses going into the Captain's cabin on the way here, you have another shot. After you leave Djose, you should be able to come back to Luca and hop in the Ferry to Kilika again. If not, you'll be able to do so once you're passed the Thunder Plains. On that ferry, the captain's cabin has Al Bhen Primer Vol. V.

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