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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Mushroom Rock
Save your game, talk to everyone (if you donate money, you get stuff - 100 gets a scout, 1000 gets an ice lance, and 10,000 is a moon ring) and then try to go through the archway. When you cannot, head back. Creepy-face will get you through the gate. After more 'tell-you-what-the-heck-is-going-on' scenes, you'll be ready to fight again. Just south (well, west I guess) of you are two guys guarding the way down. If you talk to them, you'll get stuff. You can't get past them, though. Head for the little red arrows on the map (take the road off to your left). Save your game and head down the path. Step on the circle and press x to go up. Continue along the path. Be sure to talk to everyone along the way and open all the chests. I found 1000 Gil, a Remedy, an a Hi-Potion.

Don't worry that you don't see how to get down to the lower area. We'll get to that later on. When you meet Shelinda, keep talking to her and she'll be able to heal you and restore your magic (that way you don't waste potions). When you go up the next elevator, follow the turn around to the left and go down the elevator there. There is a treasure chest with the Serene Armlet. Head back to the main path but just before you go up the next elevator, look at your map and see the little detour there. Follow that narrow path to reach Al Bhed Primer vol. X. Go right a little way and save your game.

If you use your level 1 key spheres to get Kimahri the steal and use skills, you can steal a silence grenade from a funguar, a bomb fragment from a Red Element, Soft from a Raptor, an electro marble from a Gandarewa, a smoke bomb (once I stole 5!) from a Garuda, and a Silver Hourglass from a Lamashtu. These are probably not worth enough at this time to spend several hours leveling him up to get to the steal skill. However, for the next section, you'll want both Valifor and Ifrit to have an overdrive on standby. Maybe Yuna as well.

Base Camp
Go down a little and talk to Luzzu. Now head up the elevator, and head right. Follow the red arrow until you come to a save point outside the Command Center. If you need any weapons, armor or items, head just north of that to O'aka's. I spent everything I had to get my hands on two weapons: Avenger (Tidus' weapon w/ Counterattack) and Sentry (Auron's weapon w/ Initiative and Piercing). There is are two chests up inside the command center. One is a Serene Bracer, the other is a Mega-Potion. I set my party as Auron (now that he has a weapon with initiative), Yuna, and Kimahri.

Talk to anyone except Yuna and don't say you are ready. One of the chests is hidden (sort of) behind a pile of spears. You should get a Serene Bracer and a Mega-Potion. I set my party as Auron (his sentry has Initiative), Tidus (Haste and Slow), and Kimahri (Steal and Use). Save your game and then try to leave off the right hand side of the screen. The save portion of that sentence is pretty crucial. If you haven't played this game before, it's kinda likely you'll get worked.

Seeing Double
When the battle begins, you are gonna probably get decimated the first time, unless you have been leveling up your characters this whole time. There are actually four enemies here. Boss: Sinspawn Gui, Boss[1]: Head, Boss[2]: Arm, and Boss[3]: Arm. His head attacks with Venom, and the two arms will shield the body from attacks.

When the battle begins, I swap out Auron for Tidus and use haste on Yuna, then himself. Remeber, everyone needs to participate to get experience. Now that Yuna is hasted, you can swap her out for someone to defend. Have Tidus use haste on himself be sure to use Hi-Potions to keep your guys alive, when you need. You'll want to end with Lulu in your part; she's the real work horse here. Kimahri can steal potions from the left and right arms as well as the main Sinspawn Gui boss. Again, it's probably not worth it to have leveled him up just to steal, and Potions are increadibly cheap - don't waste time in a boss battle to steal them unless you just want to do it for the LOLs. Anyway, when Lulu is in the party, have Tidus cast haste on her, too.

The head is immune to Dark Attack, Sleep Attack, and Silence Attack. If you've got Lulu's Watera skill, use that on the head. I was able to get an overkill off it! When the head starts moving suspiciously, hit it with Wakka's Blitzball, Lulu's magic or Kimari's Lancet skill to prevent the Venom attack. Kill this off first. I used Kimari, Wakka, and Lulu on the head (Swaping in Yuna to heal after a few Lancets). Just don't use Aeons or Yuna's overdrive.

Next, go after the left arm. Use a charcter with a piercing weapon (Auron) and Lulu's magic. The arms are immune to Power Break, so just hit him with piercing attacks (swap in Kimari, too). When the left is down, go after the right. Once those are gone, all that's left is Boss: Sinspawn Gui. I swapped in Tidus, but he's immune to Delay Attack. I did use Cheer and Haste, though, though. Once everyone got in a hit or two, I summoned Valefor (I had an overdrive Grand Summon) and used that to wear him down. He's immune to sonic wings (I'm sure that suprises you, lol), but I got in an Energy Ray that hit him for 3K+ points of damage. By waiting until he was less than 3K HP, I was able to prevent him from killing Valifor.
He's the total suck part. He respawns the arms. If you have Auron, Kimahri, and Lulu in the battle, it's possible that the two piercing attacks can take care of one arm and the Watera attack can kill off the other. In any event, I had Yuna concentrate on using cure only when needed, and use Pray a lot. I was able to get Yuna and Auron up pretty high. As an option, you can wait for an overdrive on Yuna to get a Grand Summon, if you don't have one handy. I felt the need for an Overkill on the main enemy. :D However you decide to fight this, though, be aware - you'll have to fight him again.

After the cut scene, you get another crack at him. He's only got 1000 HP on the head and 6000 HP on the body, this time, so he's easier to defeat. This time, you're using Seymour, Auron and Yuna. Use Seymour's Watera against the arms to kill them off quickly, then head, then the body. Have Yuna keep people alive. Have Auron take on the other arm and then the body. By charging the Aeons in advance, this was a very easy battle. I never even used Ifrit. Once it was down to just the body, I used my saved up Grand Summon to bring Valifor back into the battle. I whittled him down a few thousand, and when he was under 3K, I overkilled him with another Energy Ray. Given the number of overkills I got on this, I was a little dissapointed in how few levels I really went up. Oh well. ;) I managed to get 6 Level 1 Key Spheres out of the deal, and a Dreamy Cait Sith (I've also received an Alert Shield once and a useless Katana another time), though, so that's cool. :D

Beaches, Basilisks and You
When you wake up, walk Tidus around until you see and talk to Gatta. After a while, you will wake up on the beach again. Open the chests (Hi-Potion, ) and talk to Auron. Later on, you can return here, then climb the boxes on your left. There's a chest just past them. Save your game, then head up and to the right to meet up with your group. Notice O'aka has Softs for sale now? That's a NOT-so-subtle hint. You could get them at the top of the previous section too, btw.

You'll leave this area and head north along the Djose Highroad. Follow the left wall along and you'll find some Phoenix Downs in a chest, then walk along the other side a little way to find Al Bhed Primer vol. XI. If you are having trouble with the basilisks, try using Valefor. They can't hurt him with stone gaze. Just have him boost while they try over and over; it's free overdrive and good for a laugh. :)

Also, Kimari can learn Stone Breath from these guys. Remember, if a character is petrified, that character doesn't earn any AP for that round. Having Valefor overkill both (Overdrive) will net you 4 of those oh-so-hard-to-find Ability Spheres. There's a chest hidden on the left side of the road, in a little alcove. Snag that for a Bright Bangle. When you get to the cross roads, you'll take the north road (the one everyone else walked down). Head to Djose Temple.

Return Visit
Later on, climb the boxes from the aftermath area and head back down the road. Your first left (character's right) has an elevator. Take it. Examine the statue twice. Hmm. Guess what you found...

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