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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
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Bickanel Island
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Macalania Woods

Four paths
After the cut scene, go talk to Auron, then continue on a bit until you see a save point. After using it, take a look around. There are four paths here, though only three are visible until you have been to the Calm Lands. The lowest goes to the thunder plains. The right path goes to Bevelle. The upper path goes to Lake Macalania (and Macalania Temple). The fourth path is a hidden path of crystal or light of some kind. It's the one that's only visible when you have been to the Calm Lands. More on that later.

Toward Macalania Temple
Since the lower path takes you back to the thunder plains, and the right bottom path is guarded, you have to take the upper pathway. Follow the path for a time. If you meet a Chimera, don't forget to have Kimari Lancet it. His stone breath will kill them all off easily too. You should find 2 chests along the way with 2000 gil & 3x Phoenix Downs. Keep walking along the path and you should find Barthello. After a brief discussion, he'll be on his way. Continue on and you'll meet mister butterfly.

Optional Side Quest: Butterfly Hunt
This starts the Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt. Basically you just talk to the multi-colored butterfly, and then try to catch all the blue butterflies before the time runs out. If you touch a red butterfly, though, then you have to fight a battle. If you start out at the butterfly by the girl in long flowing robes, the colors going down are: blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, red, red, red, blue, blue, red, red, red, blue. When you get 7, it will flash the screen, and a chest will materialize somewhere along the path on this screen

If you can't get all 7 butterflies, you've then lost your goal and have to start all over again. You'll get some interesting stuff from completing this quest. When you beat it, or if you just decide to come back later, head further down the path. You'l eventually come to a save sphere. If you save, you can turn around and start another butterfly quest back where you came from (on a different screen). If you opt for that one, the colors are: Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue. This one is good for an ether.

Also, there's a chest with a Remedy hidden behind a tree on the North area.

Boss: Spherimorph
You'll eventually come to a save sphere. Save your game. (Are you noticing a pattern, yet?) You should see O'aka standing in the distance. You can buy stuff from him, if you want, but what you probably need to do is sell off some of your excess gear. Also, if you don't buy the first time around, but tell him the prices are too high, it looks like he drops them slightly. I had Tidus buy the Sonic Steel, since it has First Strike capability, which is *very* handy. Equip yourself for battle (no magic weapons) and head forward utill Auron stops you. Follow him through the hole. Make sure you use all your guys on this guy. (Even if they just guard for one round).

Only one element at a time works on Spherimorph. Haste Lulu. Hit him to see what elemental he is, then attack with the opposite elemental. He's immune to Delay, Sleep, Slow, Silence, Dark, but Power Break and Mental Break work (and are very useful!). You can steal an ether or two (or three). Have Lulu use her Focus skill to raise the damage done by her magic. Keep track of the amount of damage you've done.
(If he casts thunder on you, cast watera on him!) Have Yuna keep Lulu from dying, and use Tidus to find out what elemental the guy currently is. When you've done about 12,000 pts of damage, bring in Ifrit if you need a fire attack, Ixion if you need a thunder attack, etc. This should allow you to defeat him with an Overkill. When you beat him, you'll get a jecht sphere, and lots of AP, a Lv. 2 Key Sphere (two if overkilled), etc.

Auron should learn Overdrive Shooting Star. Head back out and save your game again (unless a: you really want to fight that thing again, or b: you did't get an overkill, and want to try again for that extra Lv 2. Key Sphere.) You should now be able to take the road leading right from the save sphere - this should lead you to the sunny path. Take that back to the beginning of Macalania Woods for another Jecht's Sphere. So... Auron was supposed to marry some priest's daughter...?

A quick note about the Lv. 2 Key Spheres. With these, you should have the following options: Auron can go for Tidus' skills (and Kimahri's), Rikku can go after Lulu's Skills, Yuna can go after Rikku's Skills, Kimahri can go after Yuna's Skills, Tidus can go after Yuna's Skills, Lulu can go after Wakka's. As for me, I like having two stealers and two hearlers. I wait until Tidus has Quick Hit, then back him over to Yuna's stuff (unless I have Lv 3. Key Sphere by then, which allows him to jump to her track straight from there. For now, though, the two key spheres let Yuna pop over to Rikku's grid and get Use and Steal (very useful!) and Auron can jump onto Tidus' grid and head down through Kimahri toward Rikku's also. YMMV.

Before you take the upper left hand passage to Lake Macalania, search this whole area - you can find the Al Bhed Primer vol. XV opposite those butterflies, kinda hidden behind a stump - just at the entrace to the light bridge area.

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