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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Submerged Ruins
When you wake up, you'll be in the water. You can now access your menu. It is worth your while to explore this area (the water, not the menu). To the up and right is 200 gil and some writing you cannot read. Up and to the left you will find an Al Bhed compilation sphere. You can use this sphere to learn Al Bhed if you have played the game before (or borrow someone else's memorey card). If you're a crypto wonk, Al Bhed is a simple substitution cypher. For the rest of you, Al Bhed is a simple language which consists of swapped letters. When you see an "E", you just replace it with "T" or whatever.

You will also find a few potions. That's all that's around here. Go straight up from where you woke up and through the arch. You'll see a save sphere. Use it! Walk down the path and veer off to the left. You'll get a Hi-Potion. Go back to the path and head forward. You'll drop down into the water; remember, you have gills in this game - you can breath underwater.

If you look straight ahead, you'll see a light and a treasure chest. Swim toward it. You'll get attacked by some fish. Kill as many as you can...

Fighting Geosgaeno
When there is one left, he'll get eaten by a Geosgaeno. You'll have to fight this now. Hit him a few times; don't bother healing. His attacks do 1/2 HP damage. Eventually you'll run off with your tail between your legs. Go forward down the little hall where you wake up, and you'll find yourself in a room with a Campfire in the center. Watch Tidus complain that he needs a fire. Get used to him complaining; his neediness knows no bounds. :D

See that map in your upper left? At 2:00 there's a door you cannot go through, but there's a hidden chest next to it with an X-Potion inside. At about 5:00 is the doorway you came through (it leads to the dead-end hallway where you just woke up). At about 10:00 is a creepy statue. If you examine it, you'll be treated to a note that says, and I quote: "A creepy statue." Right.

Anyway, at about 7:00 is a save globe next to a doorway. Go through the door and examine the broken desk to obtain Flint. Head back to the campfire room and go through the doorway way at 12:00. Just as you enter this next hallway, search down and left for an Ether. Continue up until you have an opportunity to examine a flower pot on the wall that obviously has head flowers in it. Get them, then continue up. Follow the path on your map until you get to the end of the next area - there's a chest here with Hi-Potion.

Return to the campfire room and save your game, then examine the campfire again. Eventually you'll start a fire with the flint and tender. After a short walk down memory lane, you'll get atacked by a klikk. Wail on him until the doors blow open (don't bother using potions yet), and then you'll get a little help.

Mystery Girl
Using the Mystery girl's stuff, toss a couple grenades at it. If you run out, you can steal one from him. You may need to potion Tidus a time or two, but I didn't. Don't be afraid to use her potions if you need them. When the battle is over, you'll get some cut scenes. They think you're a fiend in human disguise and want to kill you, but mystery girl tells them not to kill you, then apologizes to you, and hits you. LOL.

Workin' for a livin'
When you wake up later, you'll be forced to work to earn your keep. First, though, head to the save globe at the top of the screen. Over on the right is Al Bhed Primer vol. I. Be sure to get it. Congratulations - you are now Al Bhed Hujela. Whee. Get a 3x potion from the guy on the left. If you talk to the guy on the right after you've talked to the girl already, "yeah" will get you the tutorial again. Talk to the girl to learn how to use the sphere grid. Go through the turtorial and PAY ATTENTION! You won't be able to level up if you don't!

When finished, talk to the girl again. She'll tell you what to do. Hop into the water. Press and hold the circle to go down, then press down to descend to the depths, when you get to the next screen, you'll have to press forward to go down. Fight the Piranha when you have to. This is basically your first chance to level up. There are two possible paths here: going for Gil and going for Levels. I prefer the fast level up (you can get more Gil in other areas). If you want to go for Gil, though, have the girl steal grenades while Tidus smacks 'em around. You can sell grenades for a decent amount of Gil in the next area. You can repeat this pattern of diving, fighting, surfacing, getting 3x potion, and saving.

Alternately, you can go for the fast level-up option. This involves having the girl steal a grenade while Tidus just sits there (use the triangle button to skip his turn). After she's stolen a grenade, have her use it on the opponents. You'll usually get an Overkill, which means you'll receive double the number of spheres for the kill. If you do this and level Tidus up (other than maybe the accessible 200 HP, there's not a lot of point to leveling up the girl yet), you can get him pretty buff relatively early on in the game.

When you're ready to move on, be sure you've got an Overdrive ready, just hang on to it, OK? I'll tell you when to use it. Each fish (or at least grouping of fish) is worth 1 AP. When you get enough AP, you can move around the sphere grid. You'll also get various spheres from them. Be sure to use these as soon as you can! I try to go for Cheer, Def +1, and Str +1. If you need to, head back to the surface and save/heal. You can get 3 more potions, too!

This is the pattern I was talking about above. I like to level up a bit here. I use the Picture in picture on my TV to watch something entertaining while I level up. By the time I was ready to move on to the next area, my save game registered 2 hours and 14 minutes. I had 99 grenades and 34 potions. I had learned Cheer, Defense+1, Strength+1, Flee, Agility+1, and Accuracy+1.

During this time, I was able to drum up about 10 ability spheres. This is useful because the next section doesn't have any. When you get inside the building, save your game. From the bottom area, you can "return to the ship," if you need to.

Fighting Tros
You may want to read through this section before going into the big battle. It's kinda tough to figure out on the fly. Examine the panel to open the door. Follow the girl to the power source. Fight more fish. Examine the power source and wake the monster. When you try to leave, he'll attack. The girl will be able to steal grenades from this guy. Yeah... He would TOTALLY have grenades... Whatever; you probably have a bunch already.

Steal 'em if you need. You've been saving your overdrive, right? Have Rikku use the "mix" skill and combine TWO GRENADES. If you haven't been saving that, you'll need to either do it the hard way, or wait until she's got an overdrive saved up.

If you have to do it the hard way, have Tidus cheer if he can. If you're characters drop below 200 HP, use a potion! When the fish swims around the bend, potion up your guys if you need to, or use the stand by trigger. Steal another grenade and hit him. When you get a chance for another trigger command, use the pincher attack. Have Tidus wail on him, and have the girl use potions to keep him safe. Don't forget to use your overdrives if you get them. You should be able to kill him off without too much trouble. If you die, you at least have a decent place to come back too. Follow the girl out the hole in the wall. When you get out, dive and head dead toward the red arrow.

Congratulations, you have helped raise the air ship. More on THAT later. (Quite a bit later, as it turns out). After a while, the girl will bring you food. When Tidus goes nuts and eventually tells her everything. She tells him about Zanarkand. Save your game (if you really want; you don't need to, though) and talk to her again. In a few minutes, you'll have a chance to save your game. When you wake up, head to your left and get a few antidotes from the chest by the nets. Then get back in the water and swin as far right as you can. Go up and to the left to a little alcove and you'll get the moon crest. (Note: The crests are used to get cool weapons later. FIND THEM ALL!) Now go talk to the guys on the beach.

Welcome to Besaid.

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