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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


Submerged Ruins
High Road
Mushroom Rock
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
Lake Macalania
Bickanel Island
Calm Lands
Mt. Gagazet

Side Quests
Misc Quests
Omega Ruins

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Go strait. Watch the cut scene. And another. And another. By the way, if you've played Xenosaga, listen really closely when Shelinda says, "You can count on me!" I nearly feel off the couch laughing, imagining MOMO and Ziggy fighting. I couldn't help myself, so I looked it up. Guess what? :D Sherry Lynn. What are the odds of the same line in two different games? I suspect a funny story is lurking under the hood here. Eventually, you'll be back on the air ship. When you get there. Talk to Auron, then go onto the bridge and talk to Wakka (and the others, if you want to laugh).

Temples Revisited
You may now enter each of the temples that you couldn't get into before (except for Bevelle... Don't bother trying! You CAN'T get in.) I recommend walking the majority of the way. You can pick up the animals for the arena that you didn't get before, and you can do some of the other interesting side quests.

Go back to besaid temple and enter the cloister of trials. The aeons will teach you something and give you an evasion sphere. New chests also appear, with 2 potions, an elixir, a white magic sphere and a hi-potion. When you leave the temple, circle around it to the right and you'll get a Jecht's Sphere. Go talk to the bikini chick (with the dog, not the store owner) in the room with the store. You'll get something the dog dragged in. Now head to Kilika Temple. If you take the ship from Besaid to Kilika you can view a jecht sphere in the cabin, and talking to Klasko will net you a Friend Sphere.

Kilikia Temple
At kilika temple, enter the cloister of trials and listen to the aeon. You'll get a luck sphere. Open the chests for an accuracy sphere, a defense sphere and an agility sphere. I can't find a jecht sphere, so if anyone else can, let me know, OK? Head to Luca

Pass through Luca
On the ship to luca, talk to the guy on top of the ship. He'll have you count the number of Gulls you can see from the ship. I counted 11. He agreed. You can get an Ace Wizard this way (It's Wakka's weapon; it gives Wakka Magic +38%. Why do you want Wakka to have more magic?!?) Anyway, when you get to Luca, there's a chest on your immediate left with a few phoenix downs. Head to the stadium and go toward the Auroc's locker room. There should be a Jecht's Sphere right outside. From the main stadium, head left and you'll ge two chest on dock 1 (where the airship is). One has a Tidal Sphere; the other 600 Gil. Woo.

Djose Temple
From Luca, head to Djose Temple. Go through the trials and head to the top level. Push in all the pedistals and go up the stairs and through the doorway. Learn stuff and get a Luck Sphere. Then open the chests and get a Magic Defense Sphere and an Agility Sphere. Exit the temple and continue on the road to the south wharf of the Moonflow. On the second screen over, towards the background is a Jecht's Sphere. Across the river (ride ze shoopuf) and down the road you can enter guadosalam again. Head to the far plain for the Venus Crest. There is also an Al Bhed primer S->M in one of the rooms. The one with two blitzball players.

Macalania Temple
From Guadosalam, head to Macalania Temple, as you can now get back in. Head deep into the bowels of the temple. Learn some stuff and get a magic sphere. Open the chests and get an Accuracy Sphere and a Magic Def Sphere. It's kinda annoying, but you have to complete the puzzle to get OUT of this temple. Sigh. Anyway, when you get out of the cloister, you can head to the Calm Lands again.

Calm Lands
From the calm lands, head to the far north east corner and go toward zanarkand. Stop off at the arena (if you have captured from lots of places) and get the Mars Sigil. When you get to the upper corner, head down the crevass to the right and go toward the gorge bottom. Follow the wall around to your right (the character's left) and go along the little path. Toward the end is a sword in the left wall. Examine it to obtain the 'rusty sword.' Go back and head into the cave to go where you found Yojimbo. In the chaimber of the faith you will learn some sutff and receive a strength sphere. You cannot open any chests here (in fact, you can't get back into the chaimber. Ever.) Head back out, get on the air ship and head to Djose Highroad. Go down and left and find the spot where you saw the offering to lord Mi'Ijan. Use the rusty sword on the statue, and a glyph will appear. Examine it and use the Celestial Mirror. You will receive Masamune. (Auron's ultimate weapon).

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