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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Blue Magic

Throughout the game, Quina will be able to eat enemies that are nearly dead (10% or so of HP left). If it's a certain kind of enemy, and if he hasn't learned it already, Quina will learn a cool spell that can be used in battle later on. These are referred to as "Blue Magic" in FF9. Here are the spells he can learn, where to get them, what the do ad how much they cost (in MP) to use. Any enemy that is struckthrough has been reported to me as missing from this walkthrough - however I did not learn the skill in question when *I* tried it. As always, YMMV (your milage may vary).

Enemy Magic Learned Description MP Required
Gigan Toad Frog Drop A large frog falls down and injurs one opponant (see Frog Catching Section for more info). 10
Cactuar 1000 Needles Hits enemy for 1000 pts of damage 8
Behemoth, Epitath, Ironite, Mistodon Angel's Snack Remedy is cast on all your party members (cures all status abnormalities). 4
Sahagn, Axoloti Aqua Breath Causes water damage to all enemies 4
Carrion Worm, Cerberus, Gimme Cat, Stilva, Yan Auto-Life Once during battle, each of your characters will revive if KO'd. 14
Anemone, Malboro, Worm Hydra Bad Breath Lots of Status Abnormalities on your enemies! 16
Ash, Veteran Doom Casts doom on an enemy (a timer will countdown from 10 to 0, then casts death). 12
Adamantoise, Earth Guardian, Shell Dragon Earth Shake Earth Magic damage to all opponants 20
Chimera, Kraken, Wraith Frost Casts Status Abnormality "Freeze" on enemies. 8
Goblin, Goblin Mage Goblin Punch Hits one enemy for non-elemental magic damage. 4
Axe Beak, Blazer Beetle, Jabborwock, Mandoragora, Muu Limit Glove If your HP = 1, this will do major non-elemental magic damage to an enemy. 10
Carve Spider, Grand Dragon, Lamia, Lizard Man, Ochu, Sand Scorpion Level 3 Def-less Reduces an enemy's Defense when it's level is a multiple of three. (3,6,9,etc) 12
Feather Circle, Torama Level 4 Holy Casts Holy Magic against any enemy whose level is a multiple of four. (4,8,12,etc) 22
Draco Zombie, Lich, Stropper, Whale Zombie Level 5 Death Casts Status Abnormality Death against any enemy whose level is a multiple of five (5,10,15,etc) 20
Magic Vice, Ring Leader Magic Hammer Transfer some of an enemy's MP to you. 2
Armstrong, Dragon Fly, Ogre, Trick Sparrow, Zagnhol Matra Magic Reduces your enemies HP to 1 (sometimes) 8
Ant Lion, Gargoyle, Gigan Octopus, Myconid, Serpion Mighty Guard Casts both Shell AND Protect on ALL party members. 64
Bomb, Grenade, Red Vepal Mustard Bomb Casts status abnormality Heat on one enemy. 10
Abomination, Grimlock, Nymph, Seeker Bat Night Casts status abnormality Sleep on EVERYONE (including your guys). 14
Bandersnatch, Basilisk, Hedgehog Pie, Python, Skeleton, Yeti Pumpkin Head Does non-elemental Magic damage; the lower your HP gets, the more damage it does. 12
Ghost, Hectoeyes, Zombie Roulette Randomly casts status abnormality Death on SOMEONE (including your guys!) 18
Abadon, Red Dragon, Tiamat Twister Wind Magic Damage to all enemies 22
Drakan, Hornet, Vice, Troll Vanish Make a party member turn invisible (if you are hit by an attack, even magic, this effect wears off) 8
Garuda, Griffen, Zemzelett, Zuu White Wind Restores HP to all party members. 14

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