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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Chocobos Section

Ok. You can do a LOT with chocobos in this game. This is how you get your characters their ultimate weapons, get the best gear and learn all the skills you can learn (by finding and equiping armor/accessories/weapons). The chocobo is also the window to the toughest battle in the game (Ozma). It's more fun than the chocobo side quests in FF7 or FF8, in my opinion. Anyway, here's the stuff you can do and how to do it and where to do it.

Chocobo's Forest: My first Chocobo!
When you leave Lindblum (and after you get Quina, if you want him/her) be sure to head due east and across the bridge to the Chocobo's Forest. You can learn a lot here. On your first visit, you'll be given Gyshal Greens and sent on your way. Leave and go to the South about 5 footsteps until you see the chocobo tracks in the ground. They look like *ahem* "Consumate V's!" Consumate! Geeze. Guy wouldn't know majesty if it came up and bit him on the face. Sorry. I guess I got a bit side-tracked there. Anyway, once you get there, open the menu, select item and choose Gyshal Greens . Kweeeh! Talk to Choco (to ride him) them ride back to chocobo forest. Now go up and talk to Mene (the Moogle) and ask him what the big secret is. Go ahead and pay for these games. They are fun and you can earn some really cool stuff when you get good enough. Read the directions (they are pretty good, and I can't explain it any better) then go looking for treasures. I got two Gyshal Greens , an Antidote an an Eye Drops on the first round. Mene said, "That's amazing" and I got double points and 10 extra seconds, during which I found another Gyshal Greens and choco's beak got stronger. On my third try, I got a Chocograph. Keep at it until you get all the chocographs (Mene will volunteer "Choco says he can't find any more Chocographs here for now" - this includes chocograph pieces), then head outside and look for some treasures. By the time I was finished, I'd passed one hour and earned:
9 Chocographs
2 chocograph pieces
13 Beak levels
950 Gil
Of course, I probably spent twice that much gil playing, but I earned it back easily from the Hi Potion , Tent , Potion , status healer and Ether items. Now it's time to go do some hunting! (See treasure locations below). Walk out of the forest and Choco will pick you up and you're on your way!

Chocobo's Lagoon
When you first acquire the Blue Narcisist, you'll be able to vist most of the treasure locations you couldn't get to before, plus you'll be able to go visit Chocobo's Lagoon. Go grab the "Cold Field" treasure, then head to the lower left corner of the World Map and wind around among the islands there. One island has a big hole on the side of it - that's Chocobo's Lagoon. You have to call Choco from a different island, and then use the reef ability to make your way back to this one. The next island due west should have chocob tracks AND a shore line that the Blue Narcisist can dock at. (Side note: if you walk around on the beach here you can encounter a Whale Zombie from which Quina can learn Level 5 Death - very useful againt Grand Dragons.) When you get on the reef, head west until you get to a brown continent (the Forgotten Continent) and go slightly north and east along its cost. This will allow you to get back east to the Chocobo's Lagoon. Hunt around until you get all the chocographs/pieces here. Here's what I got:
Chocographs: 4
C-Graph Pieces: 0
Gil: 900
Beak Levels: 3

Back to Chocobo Forest
At this point, Mene says to go back to Chocobo's Forest or search for treasure. I recommend searching, because when I went back to the forest, choco said he couldn't find any more chocographs there, either. However, if you had a mountain chocobo, you could do stuff here. Go find all the treasures, you should be able to climb mountains now. Head back to Chocobo's Forest and play hot-and-cold until you have all the Chocographs and pieces. Here's what I got:
Chocographs: 4
C-Graph Pieces: 2
Gil: 2850
Beak Levels: 10

Chocobo's Lagoon
After you use the above chocographs, you should be able to access the Chocobo Lagoon's deep water area. Head back and get more chocographs. Here's what I got:
Chocographs: 3
C-Graph Pieces:
Gil: 900
Beak Levels: 10

One Last Romp in Chocobo Forest
Once you get the airship (and not before) you can head back to Chocobo's Forest and get another Chocograph using pieces.
Chocographs: 0
C-Graph Pieces: 2
Gil: 1200
Beak Levels: 6

Chocobo's Air Garden
When you have found all the Chocograph Pieces, you'll be able to put them together and form a single chocograph. It'll point you to the Misty Ocean, where you'll learn how to fly. Look at all the chocograph pieces. They'll tell you where you can go to fly to Chocobo's Air Garden. Visit each location until you see the dark black shadow. You'll know it when you find it. When you do, float above it (don't stand on it!) so that your shadow is inside it, then feed Choco a Dead Pepper . You'll launch up to Chocobo's Air Garden. When you get there, you'll do more or less what you've been doing this whole time. There are three more chocographs to find, then you'll have them all. Get them, then head out to find the treasures. When you are done, see the next section.
Chocographs: 3
C-Graph Pieces: n/a
Gil: 350
Beak Levels: 3

Chocobo's Paradise
Once you have found all the Chocograph Treasures, fly Choco to the tiny island in the far North West corner of the map. Land in the trees and feed chocobo a Dead Pepper at the crack in the mountain. A hole will open up and you can enter Chocobo's Paradise!!! When you get there, go right and step on the pond at the far edge of the screen. After a brief discussion with Fat Chocobo, you'll be able to understand the chocobos. Now go talk to all these chocobos and learn the locations of the Bubbles and Cracks (or just read the bottom of this section). Talk to the chocobo to the left of the Fat Chocobo and you'll get up to 99x Dead Pepper . You can also play cards with Fat Chocobo for the Chocobo cards. I beat him with perfect, but I didn't get anything out of it other than a handfull of swell chocobo cards.

Zidane's Ultimate Weapon
When the Shimmering Island is gone (read: at the beginning of disc 4), you can swim choco out to the center of where it used to be (check you position on the World Map ). Here's the trick to this. Open the World Map and find the Shimmering Island. Swim out on choco until you are there. You'll know you close to the correct spot when you switch to the full screen map and the hand showing your position doesn't jump - it just stays in the same place and says, "Shimmering Island." Use overhead view (so your POV doesn't change) and switch to the full map. Move the hand out of the way, and use circle to toggle your location on and off. You should see a small "plus" sign which indicates your exact location. Make sure that is lined up directly over the white dot indicating the island. Feed Choco a Dead Pepper there, and he should dive and find a treasure chest. You'll get 10 Aquamarine , 1 Ultima Weapon , 1 Maximillian and 1 Invincible Card.

As you root around on choco in the forest, etc, you'll build up points. When you get to a certain level, you can trade them in for stuff. Here's the trade range:
Points Exchange for
10 Gyshal Greens
150 Phoenix Down
250 Ore
450 Ether
1,800 Viltgance Card
3,500 Wing Edge
8,500 Protect Ring
10,000 Robe of Lords

Chocobo's Dream World:
From time to time the chest you find will contain strange smoke and make you go visit the dream world There, Choco will gain new abilities. Here is a list of all abilities and where they are learned:
Ability Where to be Learned
Reef Healing Shores
Mountain Dawn Lagoon
Ocean Green Plains
Fly Mist Ocean

Treasure Hunting!
Once you have found chocographs, you can go hunting while on Choco. Just press Triangle and select "Open Chocograph menu. Next, select the treasure you want to search for. Now, when you are on the main world screen (and riding choco, obviously) you can press square to have choco search for a treasure. As he gets closer to the treasures, his "kweh" becomes more and more adamant. Here are the different treasures, where you can find them and what kind of chocobo you need to have (more on that later). See the timeline table below this one for more info.
What you need Where to Find Chocograph Name Location What you get
Field 1 Streamside Very Close to Chocobo Forest. Search near the river's outlet on the other side of the little bridge. Call Choco from the tracks near Chocobo's Forest. 2 Elixir , 3 Hi Potion , 4 Ether , 2 Germinas Boots .
Field 1 Between Mountains Head west from the Streamside chocograph treasure. When you hit the water, turn south. Call choco from the tracks near Chocobo's Forest 5 Potion , 5 Hi Potion , 2 Tent , 2 Cotton Robe
Field 3 Uncultivated Land When you first get the Mountain ability, point Choco to the evil forest. You can now go over mountains to get here. Search a little south of Alexandria in the patch of marsh-looking soil. 10 Antidote , 1 Jade Armlet , 3 Wing Edge , 1 Cargo Ship Card
Field 1 Healing Shore Due North of Clyra, between the mountains and by the beach (not on the shore). Call Choco from the tracks near Clyra. Choco learns REEF ability
Field 1 Abandoned Beach Call Choco from the tracks just East of Qu's Marsh on the Outer Continent. Search the ground near the entrance to Black Mage Village's Forest (by the shore, in the grassy area). 9 Phoenix Pinion , 5 Phoenix Down , 12 Peridot , 1 Diamond Gloves
Field 1 Cold Field When you get the Blue Narcisist on Disc 3, head to the Lost Continent (the one covered in ice) and call Choco at the tracks just east of Esto Gaza. Feel free to buy stuff here, too. The chocograph spot is a few steps east and slightly south of the tracks. 5 Echo Screen , 7 Hi Potion , 3 Tent , 1 theater ship card
Ocean 3 Forgotten Lagoon South of Esto Gaza, along the coast of the Forgotten Continent. 8 Gyshal Greens , 5 Ether , 7 Hi Potion , 1 Dragon's Claws
Reef 1 Faraway Lagoon Call Choco at the Tracks on the island to the west of the Forgotten Contenent. Head to the east coast (inside the lagoon) of the Forgotten Contenent. Search all the little Fijords. 37 Potion , 6 Magic Tag , 1 Shield Armor , 1 Gaia Gear .
Reef 2 Abandoned Lagoon Around the Western shoreline, near where Fossil Roo comes out on the Outer Continent is a beach with a forest and tracks. Call Choco at the rack, and head west along the reef until you get to the weird penninsula WAY South of the Conde Pedie paths. It's in the cove. 6 Soft , 4 Ether , 1 Feather Boots , 1 N-Kai Armlet
Reef 1 Bird's Eye Logoon When you first get the reef ability, pop back through gizamaluke's grotto, and call choco by using Gyshal Greens on the tracks just south of Qu's Marsh. Head west past Qu's Marsh, slightly south, and out onto the reefs. Just past the furthest tiny island, you'll find the Bird's Eye Lagoon treasure. 8 Potion , 4 Phoenix Down , 3 Ether , 1 Magician Robe
Reef 1 Small Beach Right after getting Bird's Eye Lagoon above, head back to Chocobo's Forest and use the beach there to enter the reef, heading south east along the shore until you come to the end of the penninsula. There's a small island off the tip of the penninsula with a beach. The chest is on the beach, not in the water. 4 Remedy , 2 Elixir , 8 Rising Sun , 1 Oak Staff
Reef 2 Dawn Lagoon From the tracks outside of Chocobo's forest, take Choco east along the southern edge of the contient. Jump in to water south of Treno and search around the island in the tiny bay due south of Treno. Choco gains Mountain ability
Mountain 3 Forbidden Forest From the top of Southgate, follow the ridgeline north and west. Search in the forest at the bottom of all the mountain ranges. 7 Ether , 2 Elixir , 10 Wing Edge , 1 High Mage Staff .
Mountain 3 Green Plains On a plateu where a line going north from the Ice Cave would mean one going West from the Evil Forest. It's on the grassy plain that doesn't have a tree. Search along the edge bordering the mountain going up. Choco learns Ocean Ability.
Mountain 3 Dusk Plains Head due West from olivert (and south from the final crack). Of the four levels to the ground, search on the 2nd (tucked inside the other). 12 Phoenix Down , 14 Ore , 1 Kaiser Knuckles , 1 Iron Man Card
Mt 3 Forgotten Plains When you first end up on the Forgotten Continent, you can go north and slightly west to find chocobo tracks. From there, head west and a little south. You'll see two tiny patches of green and a lot of desert. Search the mid-level platau near the grasslands. 17 Ore , 5 Ether , 14 Opal , 1 Demon's Mail [sic]
Ocean 4 Sea At Dusk Head West from Clyra until the Screen turns darker. Search the ocean areas where a picture matches the Chocograph. 15 Phoenix Pinion , 1 White Robe , 1 Diamond , 1 Masamune Card
Ocean 4 Ocean Along the Western Edge of the Forgotten Continent, in the deep sea far, far west of Clyra. 27 Ore , 1 Light Robe , 1 Whale Whisker , 1 Alexander Card
Ocean 3 Cold Lagoon Along the Northern Coast of the Lost Continent (the one covered in ice) is a Fijord east and north of Esto Gaza. 11 Peridot , 9 Opal , 15 Sapphire , 19 Topaz ,
Ocean 5 Mist Ocean Swim to the two islands off the north eastern coast of the Mist Continent, Due North of Alexandria Harbor. Choco learns the Fly Ability
Sky 6 Outer Island Fly Choco to the Island East from Kuja's Palace. Search the northern area of the island. 21 Amethyst , 16 Garnet , 1 Genji Armor , 1 Ragnarok .
Sky 4 Outer Island 2 Fly Choco to the small island Due East from Madain Sari and North from Kuja's Desert Palace. Search the edge of the forest on the Southern side. 11 Sapphire , 1 Circlet , 1 Pumice Piece , 1 Hilda Garde 3 Card
Sky 6 Fairy Island Fly Choco to the island just north of the center of the map. It's got one HUGE mountain in it. You can't miss it. Search along the base of the eastern face of the mountain 33 Potion , 15 Annoyntment , 1 Holy Miter , 1 Dark Matter Card
Sky 6 Forgotten Island Fly Choco to the island Due EAST of Ipsen's Castle Search the large platue near the forest (the ocean end of it). 1 Ribbon , 1 Rebirth Ring , 13 Amethyst , 1 Ark Card
Under "Where to Find" you'll see numbers instead of locations. Here's the meaning of those numbers:
1. Chocobo Forest, first time.
2. Chocobo Lagoon
3. Chocobo Forest, after you have Mountain Ability
4. Chocobo Lagoon, after you have Ocean Ability
5. Chocobo's Forest, after you have the Airship (find all chocograph pieces to complete this one)
6. Chocobo's Air Garden, After you have the Airship

This table will let you know how early you can go get these treasures.

Chocograph Name Timeline
Streamside As soon as you get your first chocograph, in Chocobo's Forest
Between Mountains As soon as you get your first chocograph, in Chocobo's Forest
Uncultivated Land When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Healing Shore When you first leave Gizamaluke's Grotto, head north past the tornado, though the mountains and off to the right to find chocobo tracks. Call the chocobo there and then search along the shore.
Abandoned Beach When you first leave Fossil Roo and wander around on the Outer Continent, be sure to call choco at the tracks just east of the Qu's Marsh here and head south to the entrance of Black Mage Village.
Cold Field When you first acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three
Faraway Lagoon When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Bird's Eye Logoon When you first aquire your REEF able chocobo (see 'Healing Shore' above) you can access this location.
Small Beach Anytime after you have the REEF ability, head to Chocobo's Forest and see the table above for more specific instructions.
Dawn Lagoon When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Forbidden Forest When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Green Plains When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Dusk Plains When you are sent to Olivert on the Hilda Garde 1
Forgotten Plains When you are sent to Olivert on the Hilda Garde 1
Sea at Dusk When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Ocean When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Cold Lagoon When you acquire the Blue Narcisist on Disc Three.
Mist Ocean When you first get the Airship, dig up all the Chocograph Pieces
Outer Island When you first get Fly Ability
Outer Island 2 When you first get Fly Ability
Fairy Island When you first get Fly Ability
Forgotten Island When you first get Fly Ability

Bubbles and Cracks
Thoughout the land there are some bubbles and some cracks. If you feed Choco a Dead Pepper at the bubble or the crack, he'll go nuts and grab whatever is under the bubbles or crack. Here are the locations:
Bubble or Crack Location Contains
Bubble Top of map, in the middle 50 Potion , 25 Hi Potion , 9 Ether , 7 Elixir
Bubble Quan's Dwelling: Pilot Choco to Quan's Dwelling (east of Treno) and go inside. Go all the way through to the other side and examin the bucket at the end. If you have a Dead Pepper , you'll be allowed to use it. 9 Ore , 15 Topaz , 1 Tiger Racket , 1 Red Rose Card
Bubble Search the ocean between the Outer Continent and the Mist Continent, due North of Alexandria. 8 Straw Hat , 8 Pearl Armlet , 7 Aloha T-Shirt , 8 Sandals
Bubble Far West of Qu's Marsh, North of Chocob's Lagoon (and a little west). It's hidden inside the curl of the tip of the Forgotten Continent. 10 Remedy , 1 Black Robe , 1 Genji Gloves , 1 Blue Narciss Card
Crack On the northmost island, North and East of Madain Sari is a crack. Mognet Central
Crack Near the Northeastmost tip of the Frozen Continent. Examine the mountians. 41 Lapis Lazuli , 1 Rosetta Ring , 1 Protect Ring , 1 Airship Card
Crack Due North from Olivert, about half-way further up the continent is a crack hidden in a bend near a tiny forest. 19 Eye Drops , 1 Madain's Ring , 1 Genji Helmet , 1 Hilda Garde 1 Card
Crack Head Due Southwest from the crack above, and you'll walk over two mountain rages. Half way between the above crack and Olevert, you'll find (if you look REALLY HARD) the final crack. 1 Maiden Prayer , 1 Dragon's Hair , 1 Guantlets, 1 Odin Card

Great Enemy Ozma:
Anyone who gets the referece in the title get's 24 bonus cool points and a free entry into my $10,000 cash prize pool to be established when I win the Pulitzer Prize for online game related content. ;) Wouldn't that be a great category? *I'D* vote for it. Anyway, I recommend reading through this whole section a few times before trying this. If you don't, please don't say I didn't warn you. ;) I really don't recommend you try this if your characters are below level 99. You probably think I'm joking, don't you?

It's a VERY tough battle and level 70 characters can't even stay alive long enough for everyone to have a single turn (I'm not exagerating here, actually). Oddly enough, while level 70 characters are just toast, level 80ish characters can beat him. (Let me phrase it this way: My level 70 characters died off quickly, but I was able to beat him with all my characters at level 80.) That being the case, while you CAN start this battle on Disc 3 (as soon as choco can learn the "Fly" ability), I don't really recommend it until most of the way through disc 4. After completing all the chocobo quest stuff (and the Friendly Monsters Section, if you want to use physical attacks), with the possible exception of Zidane's Ultimate Weapon, save your game (no really, I mean it) and head to Chocobo's Air Garden.

Instead of talking to Mene, though, head to the back island (you can walk on the clouds, go under the land bridge and walk up the steps at the back) and look around the little hill there. When the battle begins, if you have completed the friendly monster section, you'll get a message that says, "The spiritual power raised the attack range." In other words: you can actually use physical attacks on him (if you have not completed the Friendly Monsters Section, you'll recieve the standard 'out of range' message when you try to attack him.). He carries a Pumice Piece , Dark Matter , Robe of Lords and an Elixir . The Robe of Lords is likely the only think you don't have, so concentrate on that. Here are some additional tips for better results.

Defensive Tips:

  • Be level 99 (You think I'm joking, don't you?)
  • Equip Weapons/Armor/Accessories that block or absorb Shadow and/or Holy Damage. Chimera Armlet , Ninja Gear , Demon's Mail , Ribbon . If you don't take Steiner or Freya, but give the other 4 you choose Egoist's Armlet as they nullify shadow damage. Also equip any Pumice Pieces you have - they absorb holy and shadow damage. A Protect Ring will nullify 50% of all magic elemental attacks and a Ribbon will nullify 50% of fire/ice/thunder/holy.
  • Auto-Regen is very useful, auto-reflect isn't.
  • As far as status abnormalities, you only have to be prepaired for: Confuse, Berserk, Poison, KO, Mini, Darkness and maybe Venom.
  • As implied by the above: You do not need to protect against Stop, Petrify, Heat, Freeze, sleep, Death Sentence, Gradual Petrify, Virus, Silence, Trouble or Zombie
  • Clear Headed and Antibody are musts, as is Bright Eyes for any character who will be using physical attacks.
  • Auto- Potion is useful.
  • If you have enough left over, give them auto-life - though I think it's a must.
  • If one character is wearing a Rebirth Ring , it will cause phoenix to be summoned (one time only), if your party is annihilated.
  • Take Eiko and make use of Phoenix
  • If you can do enough damage fast enough, he'll busy himself with healing.

Offensive Tips
  • Be level 99 (Well, it's true!)
  • Set your battle speed to slow
  • Holy does lots of damage
  • Flare does a little damage.
  • Meteor does a little damage.
  • Steiner's Shock, Freya's Dragon Crest and Zidane's Grand Lethal (wait for a trance) are good for wacking him

Miscelaneous Tips
  • You can't cast reflect on him; he's guarded against it (It would have let you deflect his curaga, though: If you thought of this strategy, you're on the right track).
  • Try to get your characters close to trance, but not over
  • It's a lot easier if your guys are not levels which are multiples of 4 or 5.
  • Use Gyshal Greens to remove berserk status, use Remedy for all other status abnormalities.
  • Don't bother with a Potion or an Ether ; use your elixirs - they are give to you "For such a time as this."
  • You will get EXP and AP for this. If you need them, Equip the Level Up or Abiliy Up abilities.
  • Counter isn't useful; he never physically attacks you
  • Ozmose doesn't work, don't bother

OK.  I know it looks bad, but for now I'm going to leave this as text.  Here are the
weapons/armor/accessories/abilities I used, as well as a play-by-play  (which some people find usefull).

Zidane (Level 97):
-  Ultima Weapon 		- Auto-Haste		- Counter
-  Circlet 		- Auto-Life		- Body Temp
-  Chimera Armlet 	- Auto-Regen		- Eye 4 eye
-  Ninja Gear 		- HP+20%		- Antibody
-  Ribbon 		- Gamble Defense	- Bright Eyes

Eiko (Level 78):
-  Priest's Racket 	- Auto-Haste		- Auto- Potion 
-  Holy Miter 		- Auto-Life		- Clear Headed
-  Chimera Armlet 	- Auto-Regen
-  Demon's Vest 		- Guardian Mog
-  Protect Ring 		- Antibody

Vivi (Level 81):
-  Mace of Zeus 		- Auto-Haste		- Antibody
-  Holy Miter 		- Auto-Life		- Auto- Potion 
-  Chimera Armlet 	- Auto-Regen
-  Demon's Vest 		- Clear Headed
-  Protect Ring 		- Mag Elem Null

Steiner (Level 80):
-  Ragnarok 		- Auto-Haste		- Level Up
-  Grand Helm 		- Auto-Life		- Antibody
-  Gauntlets 		- Auto-Regen
-  Demon's Mail 		- HP +20%
-  Ribbon 		- Counter

* Ozma Casts Flare on Vivi (near death, uses  Potion )
* Steiner Casts Shock on Ozma
* Vivi Casts Focus on self
* Ozma Casts LV5 Death.
- Steiner Dies (Come back)
* Eiko tries to cast reflect on Ozma, but he's Guarded?!?
* Vivi Casts Flare on Ozma for 4606
* Ozma Casts Meteor
- Zidane Dies (Comes Back)
- Vivi Dies (Comes Back)
- Eiko Die (Comes Back)
- Stenier Near Death.
* Steiner casts shock for 9999
* Ozma casts Berserk on steiner
* Ozma casts LV4 Holy
- Steiner gets hit for 1630
- Zidane, Eiko and Vivi are missed.
* Zidane uses elixr on self, but was already healed up.
* Vivi Casts Meteor on Ozma, but that misses.
* Ozma casts Curaga on self for 8160.
* Eiko casts Holy for 4042
* Berserk'd Steiner hits for 5301
* Ozma casts Curaga on self for 8976.
* Ozma Casts Flare Star:
- Zidane takes a LOT of damage.
- Eiko Dies
- Vivi takes very little damage
- Steiner takes moderate damage
* Zidane finally throws useless  Elixir  on Vivi.
* Vivi Casts flare on Ozma for 4410
* Berserk'd Steiner attacks for 5358
* Ozma casts Curse
- Zidane takes major damage, Mini.
- Eiko was already dead
- Vivi takes major damage, Blinded, Mini.
- Steiner takes major damage, Blinded, Mini.
* Zidane finally thows  Phoenix Down  on Eiko.
* Ozma casts flare on Vivi - Vivi dies.
* Eiko casts Esuana on Steiner: Un-mini, Un-blind, Un-Berserk.  Celebrate for 2 seconds, then...
* Ozua casts Curse.
- Zidane takes heavy damage
- Vivi is already dead.
- Eiko Dies, AND is mini'd.
- Steiner takes heavy damage, Mini, Blind, Berserk.
* Zidane throws  Phoenix Down  on Vivi.
* Mini Steiner hits Ozma for 261 points.  Whee.
* Ozma casts Holy on Zidane: "Guard" pops up.  :)
* Vivi uses a  Remedy  on Steiner, Darkness and Mini go away - still berserk.
* Berserk Steiner hits Ozma for 4845
* Ozma casts L5Death
- Steiner Dies.
* Vivi finally throws the  Gyshal Greens  that WOULD have woken up steiner.  "Miss."
* Eiko summons Phoenix "Rebirth Flame."
- Steiner wakes up
- Ozma hit for a wopping 22 points of damage.  Whee.
- Ozma casts "Death" on Vivi, who of course dies.
* Steiner hits Ozma for 9999
* Ozma casts Curaga on self for unknown ammount.  I really hate the display engine they use, you know that?
* Ozma casts Curse again:
- Zidane trances.
- Eiko goes near death
- Vivi dies, mini
- Steiner takes major damage, mini.
* Zidane casts Theivery for 6732.
* Ozma casts curaga for unknown ammount.
* Mini-Steiner casts shock for 261
* Ozma casts flare at Eiko, who dies before she can summon phoenix (to bring vivi back).  Grrrr.
* Zidane casts grand lethal for 9999.
* Steiner uses  Remedy  on self.
* Ozma casts curaga on self for 7500.
* Zidane wastes DYNE by throwing a  Phoenix Down  on Vivi.
* Steiner throws phoenx down on Eiko.
* Ozma casts Holy on Zidane: Guard.  That may be the coolest thing.
* Vivi throws  Remedy  on self to cure mini.
* Zidane casts Grand Lethal for 9999.
* Steiner casts final shock (now he's out of MP): 9999.
* Ozma casts curaga for 8160
* Eiko throws  Elixir  to Steiner, all MP back.
* Ozma casts LV4 Holy.
- Steiner takes moderate damage
- Eiko, Vivi and Zidane are missed
* Vivi casts "Ozmose" to try and steal some magic power from Ozma (It doesn't work: 0MP.)
* Zidane casts Grand Lethal for 9999.
EXP: 16383, 100 AP.
Recieved:  Pumice  and 18,500 Gil.
Mene: "Y-You're very strong, Kupo!  That's amazing!  Kupo!"
Mene: "I recorded how I feel right now on a card, kupo!  I'll give you secret info too!"
Mene: "You have too many cards.  I'm gonna leave it here, kupo."
Received Strategy Guide.
Mene: One More Bonus: HP and  MP restored, Status effects removed.
[ That was an Ozma card, btw.  But I had a better one. ]

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