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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Disc 4
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Disc 4

On the Invincible
As soon as you take control of the invincible, press the triangle to return to the bridge. Head down one screen. On the far left is a chest. Open it for the Pisces Stellazio Coin (see the Stellazio Side Quest Section for more information). Talk with all your guys, if you want, then return to the bridge. There are a few things you can do now. Check out the optional side quests below (or to the left under their respective secions), and when you are ready head to the Memoria section below.

Optional: Stellazio / Treno
Pick up the Pisces Stellazio on the Invincible and head to Treno. Give it to Queen Stella and get your reward. If you've been following along, you'll have received the Robe of Lords . While you are in Treno, be sure to fight the Bahemeth to win a Circlet (if you are powerful enough, that is). FYI: If you steal, you can get a Phoenix Pinion . Not really worth it, ne? I used auto-haste, auto- Potion , auto-life, auto-regen and hp restore. My fight was Thievery (which causes Meteor Counter for 3K+ dmg), then Elixir . Repeat 3 times. My Thievery does 7856 dmg. Be sure to read the reset of the Stellazio Side Quest Section to see what to do next!!!

Optional: Chocobos
If you have not already completed the assorted chocobo-related side quests, be sure to do them now. This is pretty much your last chance. You should now be able to search for the treasure chest with the Ultima Weapon (Zidane) under the Shimmering Island.

Quina, Quale, Quan and Viv
If you have not done so already, put Vivi and Quina in your party and head to Quan's Dwelling. Go into the kitchen and watch the cut scenes. When the cut scenes are over, examine the clock for a pair of " Running Shoes ."

Optional: Excalibur
Go to Daguerreo. From the entrance, go left an take the elevator up to where the weapons shop is. Head right, into the Libray. Talk to the "Old Man" there on your left. He'll tell you he is VERY interested in an item called the Magical Fingertip . Head to Treno and buy it in the auction, then bring it back to him to aquire the Excalibur .

Optional: Mognet
NOTE: Be sure to read the whole Mognet Section to be sure you haven't missed anything. Then do the moogles below in the following order:

  1. When you get to disc four, take a ride to Alexandria (there's an Ether on the ground by the honeymooning couple) and make your way to the bell tower. You should be able to find Kupo, Chesnut (to jump rope) and Stiltzkin. Talk to Stiltzkin, then buy a Moonstone , Ruby and Elixir from him for 5555 Gil. Talk to him again and you'll get a Ribbon . Now go to Kupo (far left) and Mognet. He tells you he thinks you're all close to solving the mystery of Mognet. Get a letter for Atla. NOTE: If you have a Kupo Nut in your inventory, you should head to Gizamluke's Grotto and give it to the moggle there for an item (if you've done all the possible Kupo nuts so far, it should be an Aloha Shirt.
  2. Once you have the letter for Alta, take a ride west over to Burmecia. Head through the city up to the storeroom where you bought stuff from Stiltzkin earlier in the game. Give him he letter and get a Kupo Nut (if you don't have one already). Mognet again and you'll get a letter from Alta for Mogryo.
  3. Once you have this letter head over to Gizamaluke's Grotto and trade your Kupo Nut to Moguta for another phoenix pinion then head north to Black Mage Village. Head right to the windmill (where Bobby Corwen lives). Mognet to Mogryo and get a Kupo Nut and talk again to get a letter for Kumool.
  4. Leave Black Mage Village and give Moguta your Kupo Nut in exchange for an Ether . Head as far west as you can to where Ipsen's Castle (the upside down one) is. Head inside and take the stairs on the right to the "small room." Give Kumool a letter from Mogryo and you'll get a Kupo Nut . Mognet again and you'll get a letter for Mois.
  5. Give the Kupo Nut to Moguta (get a Tent ), put quina in your party then head to the Qu's Marsh entrance to Fossil Roo (up from the pond, right from the hut). Give Mois a letter from Kumool and get a Kupo Nut . Mognet again for a letter for Noggy.
  6. While going to exchange it, I met Ragtime (Question 15, only one more to go, lol). Cool! Anyway, exchange your Kupo Nut for another Tent then head to Daguerreo and go up the elevator on in the room on the right. Mognet with Noggy and get a Kupo Nut . Mognet again for a letter for Kupo (thus the circle is completed).
  7. Trade in your Kupo Nut (another Tent ) and head to Alexandria. Give Kupo the letter from Noggy to finally learn what this "item" is called (superslick). Oh, and you get a Kupo Nut , too. Heh. Leave the bell tower and go around the corner to miss Ruby's Theater. Talk to miss Ruby and get the superslick.
  8. Take the superslick to Mognet Central. Give the Superslick to Artemicion and watch him fix the machine. He'll give you a Protect Ring as a reward. Head toward the door and talk to the Moogles along the way. Mosh will tell you how many letters you've delivered (I had delivered 26). I took the final Kupo Nut to Mogut and got an Ether . That's the end of this Side Quest!

Optional: Eidolon Wall Bonus
OK. This little trick will teach you a little more about Eidolons and Dagger. First step, pull Dagger (and Ammarant, apparently) out of your party. I took Zidane, Vivi, Quina and Eiko with me. Head to Madain Sari and walk to Eiko's Kitchen, where you will meet Lani (the chick with the axe). Talk to her. Then talk again. She'll mention seeing some words in a small room. Look in the room downstairs (you'll see an exclamation mark at the front edge of the screen). There, Zidane will read:

Time moves forward once
Time moves backward once
Nine is the last number
It is also the first.

This little piece of information gives you all the hints you should need to figure this one out. Head to the Eidolon wall. When you get there, you'll notice that things are rearrainged. You can now travel around the path and read the wall. The hint above is basically telling you to walk clockwise (right) around the room. When you pass the entrance, you should hear a sound. After that, turn around and go back. Repeat this process until you have done it nine times (you'll hear a different sound effect, and your characters will stop moving; a screen will pop-up telling you that HP an MP are restored, Status effects removed). After this, you'll be able to read all the Eidolon picture things. You'll also learn Dagger's real name and read the message Eiko's parents left for her about not leaving the village. Look for the entries written on that wall which start "I survived the storm" and "Eiko, my lovely child." For kicks, go change Dagger's name by findind the guy in Daguerro who wants to see your Namingway card (if you don't have one, go win one). In case you are curious, I haven't noticed that this change the game in any way, though I think it would be rad Easter Egg if this unlocked something.

Optional: Restocked Shops
Black Mage Village now has some cool stuff for sale. If you climb up the ladder in the Black Cat Synth shop you can listen to petty squabling. See the shops area (under the large heading: disc 4) for a list of which shops carry what. While you are in Black Mage Village, If you have Doga's Artifact and Une's Mirror you can use them on the phonograph machine at the inn.

Optional: Vile Island Level Up
The island where you met the Friendly Yan is a great place to level up - if you do it properly. These guys will do a LOT of damage to you in a very short period of time. Set your battle speed slow enough to control what's going on, and set auto-life, auto-regen, and auto-haste. If you have more than one of them show up at a time, you may want to consider casting STOP to keep it from doing awful stuff to your guys, then killing off the STOPed enemy. Incidentally, the more you wander around in a forest, the more likely ragtime is to show up. Incidentally, Return Magic is great here! Vivi can keep throwing commet back to the Yans for 5k - 9k dmg, even if the Yan misses! Of course, Vivi can miss too. You may want to consider having Quina learn Mustard Bomb by eating a bomb in the forest near Lindblum (yeah, you have to look around for quite a while if there's a bunch of Hydra Worm enimies).

OK. Now that most of your optional side quests are finished, let's head to Memoria. If you've unequiped some abilities (like master theif, etc) renable them before continuing. You can leave and come back later (if you want) so don't feel like you absolutely must get every little thing done before proceding. Pay attention to your antibody, Locomotion, and reflect on each member for the Memoria area; you'll be glad you did. Head to the large glowing red sphere atop the Iifa Tree and press the "Circle" button to begin watching the fun. Eventually, you'll get sucked into a battle with Nova Dragon (I guess he doesn't go anywhere *rimshot*). Anyway, you can steal a Grand Armor , a Dragon Wrist and a Remedy .

Mighty Guard, put him to sleep (go Vivi!) and use magics on him. If you have auto-regen enabled on your characters (and/or can keep putting him to sleep/slow him down) he's not really any threat. After a quick battle, watch the dialogue then head up the stairs. You can save by jumping into that large blackish bubble surrounded with swirly lights on the left. While you listen to the music from Final Fantasy VII (temple of the ancients) you can head just up past that and search on the right. There is a Kain's Lance hidden there. It's not as good as the Dragon's Hair , but it's better than just about everything else. Head up one screen. On the next screen, wind around the walkway and head out the doorway on the left.

On that screen, go up the stairs until you get to the walkway leading out into thin air. There's a The Tower there (it's a weapon for Zidane; it's nowhere near as good as the Ultima Weapon ). Continue up to the next screen. You'll see a long walkway in the sky. Follow it and you'll hear the "Boss Music" start up. Congradulations, you get to fight the Chaos Guardias again. First up: Malaris. You can steal a Masamune , an Ultima Sword , and a Genji Armor . Of course, if you've been following along, you've probably already acquired each of these. BTW: when he gets killed, he'll cast Raining Swords" which will probably ruin your day if your guys aren't over 1300 HP at the end of the battle. Hint hint. Continue on and your party will come across "Alexandria." You'll learn a little. When the lesson is over, go look closely at the ruins. To the left of the ruins is an Angel Flute. To the right is a hidden save point.

Continue on to the right and you'll come to a stairway that's kind of tough to see. You have to wrap around towards yourself. Go through the doorway at the top of the screen and continue on. At the top of the stairway (slightly left), Zidane can look around. This is your cue that he can hear something there. What he can hear is someone to play cards with. I strongly suggest you have the game saved before card batteling these guys. This is the "Ghost of the most infamous card master." This guy plays with Ribbon cards.

You can get some really sweet cards, though. I played one of the ghosts and got a perfect, neting myself an Ifrt, 2xTwo Moons and 2x Madeen! As you cross the bridge to the right, Zidane will see a pair of travelers. You'll get a little more information, then you'll continue on. Head up the stairs and you'll come to the "Eye-in-the-Sky" staircase. After a bit of leture, search off to your left for the Rune Claws hidden there. Arm yourself for battle before head up the stairs. You get to fight Tiamat, and you'll want to prep a bit. First, turn off any auto- Potion and/or auto-regen abilities. (Zombie alert!). Corrolary: Stock up on Magic Tag status fixers! You can steal a Grand Helm , Feather Boots and a Blood Sword from him. Holy works well, as does Dragon's Crest.

Watch out for his attacks, though. He can cause your entire party to get Zombied; this is very bad if you have auto-regen enabled (moaned the voice of experience). He can also absorb some of your magic, so use Chakra to recharge your guys if needed. After the battle, continue on up the stairs. On the next screen, there's another hidden save point on the right. You'll walk between two buildings down an alley, which is almost imposible to see. Tent /Save then head up and to the right. On the next screen, Zidane will look around if you walk to the lower right corner of the screen (another card ghost). Head left to the next screen and you'll walk through the bell tower - directly above the screen where you found the hidden save point. Go right and up the stairs to the next screen. After a brief lesson, head up the long stairway and over to the next screen. Save at the save point and get ready for a battle. Head down and into the waterfall. Watch Qunia spaz out, then get ready for...

Optional: Master Synthesist/Hades
If you head around behind (away from you) and to the right of the coral just to the left of where qunia had his fit and search, you'll hear a Mysterious Voice. It will say, "Who dares disturb my sleep? Leave at once, or you will die." Select "Don't Leave" from the pop-up window. You will be catapulted into a battle with Hades. Did you notice the music? Apparently we're back to the Festival of the Hunt now. :D Good luck! You can steal a Robe of Lords (really cool!), Battle Boots , Running Shoes and a Reflect Ring from him. Shock and Dragon's Crest can both do 9999 to him. After you beat him, you can come back here and have him synth stuff for you. This is how you can get the Pumice (from two pieces) and THAT is what teaches Dagger the powerful Ark summon. See the Shops Section under "Memoria" for a list of all the cool stuff you can get here!

Continuing in Memoria
Once you have beat Hades (but not if you've skipped past him) consider saving your game at the previous screen. After that, head forward to the end of the screen and up the short stairway. You'll get a little more explination, then get ready to fight, Water Chaos Krakken, Left Tentacle and Right Tentacle. A note about his attacks... Krakken casts Waterga against the whole party. Either equip something to make this HEAL you, or have everyone cast auto-reflect. Krakken carries a Glutton's Robe , a Wizard Rod , and a Genji Helmet . Right Tentacle carries a Wing Edge . Left Tentacle carries an Elixir . I usually have Zidane try to steal good stuff, and have everyone else kill of the tentacles. A shock and a Dragon's Crest, and no more tenticle. When they're gone, I steal what the main body is carrying, then proceed to wail on him. Feel free to wait until you've stolen everything first, though. For fun, throw a Tent at him and see if he's "Bitten by Silence/Darkness/Poison Snake!" When I had Dagger cast stuff, he was guarded against Blind, Mini, Confuse, Berserk and Silence.

He'll get LOTS of heath back for it. It's weird. Anyway, once you've killed him off, head up the stairs to the clock room (Time Warp). At the top of the stairs (off to the right) is a save point. Through the arch is Card Master Empress. You can save and play here, but beware: she's tough! On the next screen you learn a little more. After the cut scene, climb the ladder. At the top of the ladder is a platform. The far left corner of the platform holds a " Mace of Zeus ," which allows Vivi to learn the Doomsday skill. The far right corner has a phantom you can play cards with. Go up the next ladder here and into the room.

If you are worried about your guys getting hit by earth damage, you can equip auto-float to nullify this next guardian's starting attack. Also, if all your guys are at a level that's a multiple of 5, please level up before going on. He casts Level 5 Death, which kills anyone who's level is a multiple of 5. There are three doors here, which gradually fade out. Now you can fight 'Earth Chaos' Lich. You can steal a Black Robe , a Siren's Flute , and Genji Gloves . After defeating him, you can save/ Tent in the upper left corner of this screen. If you go through that doorway, you'll see a bit of a cut scene. When you see Zidane floating in space, you can either headbackwards or forwards. If you just stand there, nothing happens (even though he appears to be walking). When you get to the next screen, you'll hear a lot of talking, then be able to walk. Go up and right, then cut back toward the upper left side of the screen.

On the next screen, head left. On the next screen, you'll head down, around a loop and back up to the top of the screen. On this screen, you can Tent /save/teleport-to-memoria-entrance. The enemies you fight throughout this area are tough, but worth it. Head through the portal at the end of this screen to fight "Deathguise." He carries Duel Claws , Black Belt and an Elixir . After you beat Deathguise, you don't get anything, but you can leave and go to the previous screen to save the game. You can (optionaly) equip any of the stuff you have just stolen. This is your last chance to head back. Once you head forward, you have to fight Trance Kuja and it's the end of the game. To let you know where I'm at now, I have Zidane, Freya, Steiner, and Quina - all of whom have a 9999 always hits attack (Thievery, Dragon's Crest, Shock, and Frog Drop).

When you're sure you're done playing around, head forward and cue the endgame-battle music. He carries a Rebirth Ring , a White Robe and an Ether . He also has an attack called Flare Star that does serious damage to all your guys, so don't let the HP drop too far. He ends the battle with Ultima. After this battle, you'll have to chose four people who will fight, then you can item them all up. Don't hold back here; equip your best stuff and make sure you have anti-stop and rebirth. Now you get to fight Necron. You can steal an Elixir or four. Beat him, and the game is over. You'll want to be sure you have at least one or two character who are ready at all times to use Magic-Tags to cure zombie (ESPECIALLY if you use auto-regen). You may have to press "x" a LOT to advance the end-of-game dialogue.

Congradulations. That's all, folks!

Depending on what you have in your inventory, you may see a different series of things. Try Reverting to your last save and watching an ending without the Hammer and/or without Save the Queen.

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