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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Mognet Side Quest

Something has gone wrong at mognet central! You'll need to help deliver de letter (de sooner de better!) for all the poor mognetless moogles. To help you out, here is a list of all the moogles you'll need to find, and who their letters are from/to. Happy delivery! Be sure to checkout the rest of the story under "Optional: Mognet" on disc 4. You'll also have to have a chocobo who can open cracks (and some dead peppers to feed him). See the "Chocobo" section for more information on this topic.

Moogle Locations
Moogle name Location What to do
Kupo Alexadra's Bell Tower The first moogle you meet, Kupo will tell you that they are having trouble delivering mail and ask you to give a message to Monty (evil forest).
Later in the game, he'll give you a message for Mosh.
Mosh Alexandria Castle Guard Room (See below for more) Give Mail from Kupo to Mosh
Mosko Outside Prima Vista in Evil Forest Recieve a message from miss Ruby to Zidane.
Monty Evil Forest at refreshing Spring (see below for more) Give Mail from Kupo to Montu then read mail from Stiltzkin to Monty.
Mois Ice Cave - Frozen in ice Thaw ice and get Mail from Mois to Gumo
Gumo Dali's Inn Give Mail from Ms to Gumo.
Kumop After Vivi goes missing, Kumop is in the Celler under Dali Get a letter from Kumop to Mogki
Mogki Lindblum Castle (guest bedroom) Give letter from Kumop, get letter to Atla
Moodon Lindblum's Inn Get a letter from miss Ruby to Zidane. (See below for more)
Moonte Lindblum Castle Dragon Gate Read a Letter From Stiltzkin
Mogmi Gizamaluke Grotto Read a letter from Moodon.
Grimo Southgate, bottom of the ravine Get a letter for Nazna
Atla Ruined Burmecia Palace Give Atla a letter from Mogki then get a letter for Monev.
Nazna Top of the Summit from Southgate Give Nazna a letter from Grimo then get a letter for Mochos
Mogrich Treno (by the auction house) Read a letter from Stiltzkin.
Mochos Treno (Gargan Roo, under doctor Tot's tower). Give Mochos a letter from Nazna
Monev Clyra's Trunk, near the "Sand Fall." Give Monev a letter from Atla in exchange for a Kupo Nut .
Mopli Clyra Settlement, Inn Read a letter from miss Ruby to Zidane
Mopli Clyra Settlement, Antlion den; after Mages begin attack Get a letter from Mopli to Serino
Serino Queen Braun's Ship, right after you see her call odin. Give Serino a letter from Mopli, then get a letter to deliver to Moodon.
Mosh Alexandria Castle's Dungeon, after Dagger awakens from the Eidolon Ordeal. Get a letter for Monty.
Monty Pinnacle Rocks, after gargant ride Give a letter from Mosh
Moodon Lindblum's Inn, after alexandria attacks Give Moodon a letter from Serino, Read a letter from miss Ruby, Get a letter for Moonte
Moonte Lindblum's Dragon's Gate Give Moonte a letter from Moodon.
Mogki Fossil Roo, when you first ride the Gargant. Read a letter from Kuppo.
Kuppo Fossil Roo (Hiding behind a wall, use the hammer to let him out. Get a Letter for Kupo from Kuppo.
Mogmatt Conde Petie, in the shop Get a letter from Mogmatt to Suzana
Mogryo Black Mage Village, by the Chocobo Get a letter from Mogryo to Mocchi
Suzuna Mountain Path (Past Conde Petie) Give Suzana a letter from Mogmatt
Mocchi Iifa Tree, on the roots Give Mocchi a letter from Mogryo
Mocchi Iifa Tree, Hiding on the Trunk Read a letter from Stiltzkin
Kupo (Disc 3) Still in Alexandria's Bell tower Give Kupo a letter from Kuppo, Read a letter from Mogrika to Kupo
After you become Zidane, head back and read a letterfrom Stiltzkin.
Mogirich Treno outside Auction House Read a letter from Kupo to Mogrich
Mogki (Disc 3) Lindblum Castle - Guest Room Get a letter from Mogki to Moodon
Moodon (Disc 3) Lindblum - Inn Give Moodon a letter from Mogki
Mimoza Oeilvert - Outside Get a Letter for Mooel
Mooel Oeilvert - Inside Give a letter from Mimoza to Mooel. Get a Kupo Nut .
Mojito Kuja's Desert Palace, after Cid saves the day Get a letter from Mojito to Mogsam
Mogsam Kuja's Desert Palace, hidden in Library Give a letter from Mojito to Mogsam
Mogrika Esto Gaza Read a letter from Artemicion to Mgrika
Get a letter from Mogrika to Moolan
Molan Mount Gulug Give a letter from Mogrika to Moolan
Get a letter from Moolan to Mogtaka
Mogki Lindblum Castle - After Mount Gulug Get a letter from Mogki to Kumool
Kumool Ipsen's Castle - Near entrance Give a letter from Mogki to Kumool
Moorock Bran Bal Get a letter from Moorock to Mozme
Mozme Pandemonium - Elevator maze Give Mozme a letter from Mooorock
Kupo Get a letter for Atla (see Disc 4 section for more info)
Atla Burmecia - Storeroom Give a letter from Kupo, get Kupo Nut and letter for Mogryo
Mogryo Black Mage Village - Windmill Give a letter from Atla, get a Kupo Nut and a letter for Kumool
Kumool Ipsen's Castle - Small Room Give a letter from Mogryo, get a letter for Mois
Mois Qu's Marsh - Entrance to Fossil Roo (requires quina) Give a letter from Mois, get a letter for Noggy
Noggy Duagerreo - elevator room on right Give a letter fom Mois, get a letter for Kupo
Kupo Back to Alexandria's Bell tower Give Kupo a letter from Noggy.
miss Ruby miss Ruby's Theater She's not a mog, but talk to her anyway (see disc four mognet section).

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