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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Stellazio Side Quest

There are 13 Stellazio Coins scattered throughout the land, and a collector of Stellazio Coins in Treno. In case you can't figure it out you are the new rare coin dealer. Just find the coins and bring them to the lady in treno and she'll give you cool stuff. Here are the coin names and where to find them. I'll also point out when you can get them durring the Walkthrough. You'll be rewarded for each on you bring her. Here are the rewards:
  1. 1,000 Gil
  2. Phoenix Pinion
  3. 2,000 Gil
  4. Blood Sword
  5. 5,000 Gil
  6. Elixir
  7. 10,000 Gil
  8. Black Belt
  9. 20,000 Gil
  10. Rosetta Ring
  11. 30,000 Gil
  12. Robe of Lords (at this point, you'll get them all back and have to find number 13.
  13. Cinna's Hammer (when you give them all back to her, along with number 13).

Nope, you don't get a suicidal member added to your party in this game. ;) On disc 1, when you first enter the town of Dali and have spent the night in the inn, head over to the windmill and (without talking to Vivi) go inside and look in the upper left corner of the main room.

When you first enter Burmecia (not outside the gates), head straight forward toward what looks like either an overturned cart or a broken bucket. Examine behind it for the Cancer Stellazio.

When you are first en route to Treno (as Steiner, Dagger and Marcus), head past it to Quan's Dwelling (just follow the mountain range past Treno). When you enter, head along the path, then go behind the pillar in the middle of the screen and down the rope. Go to the bottom most part of the path and search there. It's kinda hidden.

When you first enter Treno as Steiner and Dagger Throw 13 10 Gil coins into the fountain. You'll get the Gemini Stellazio coin back.

After getting the Gemini above, head up the stairs to the right, then down the ladder on the next screen. Behind the item shop there (the back right corner) is the Taurus coin hidden on the ground.

After you have spent the first night in Black Mage Village your party will ather at the town entrance. Head back into the Inn and search on the ground in the Guest Room of the Inn to find the Virgo coin.

When you first visit Madain Sari, search around the upper right edge of the fountain in the middle of town (the fountain look broken at the correct spot).

At the beginning of Disc Three, you'll be Zidane wandering around Alexandria. When you first cross the moat in the boat (hey that rhymes! Would a goat hair life jacket designed to keep you warm while you went from town to castle be a goat moat boat float coat? Oh, sorry. I got distracted there.) you can enter the tower on the left. Go in, then take the door on the left leading to the room with the statue of Neptune. The Leo Stellazio is on the floor in the back.

On Disc Three, you'll end up in Lindblum after the attack on Alexandra. While you are searching fo the three potions, head one screen up from the Inn and search on the far left (just down from the construction workers).

When you first get the Airship, head to Daguerreo. Go right from the entrance and search in the water there.

When you first enter Ipsen's Castle, there's a chest to your right. Open that for Ipsen's Coin. You must stay inside the castle, though, so don't go there if you aren't ready.

When you first start disc 4 you'll be on the ship Invincible. Press triangle to go to the bridge, then go down one screen to the core. On the far left is a chest with the Pisces Stellazio Coin.

After you receive the Robe of Lords for giving Stella the Pisces , talk to her again. Tell her there is one more, and you'll get all the Stellazio back. The writing on the Stellazio is, evidently, they key to the location of the 13th.

Coin Writing
Aries The story of 12 Zodiacs. The 11 Zodiacs pondered. How best to catch Virgo 's heart? Aries headed east.
Taurus Taurus had an idea. He would give Virgo a gift. Through the forest and over the mountain, he found a star.
Gemini Gemini thought by the river: 'I will sing her a song.' He didn't know where she was, but he hoped his song would reach her.
Cancer Cancer headed to the cape where Virgo waited. The sun was setting into the ocean. Would he finally see her?
Leo Leo was waiting for the sun to set into the ocean. Then Cancer showed up, and they began to fight. Into the ocean they fell.
Virgo Watching the sunset from the cape, Virgo whispered, "My only wish is to be with you now..."
Libra Libra was a perverse fellow. He would always walk in the opposite direction of the sun. Would he ever see Virgo ?
Scorpio Scorpio was very timid. He always looked at his shadow, until on day he decided to look away. He walked up a hill.
Sagittarius Sagittarius dashed though the night, Defying the chilly northern wind that was stinging his right cheek.
Capricorn Impatient Capricorn ran up a hill toward the sun and fell asleep from exhaustion.
Aquarius Aquarius arrived late. He asked everyone, "Who kissed Virgo ?"
Pisces Pisces said to Aquarius , " Virgo made her choice. Go see him and he'll tell you the rest.
From this, you are supposed to figure out that you need to look where you looked for all the other coins. I'll give you a hint - the Scorpio story seems weird. That's right, head to Quan's Dwelling! Go around the pillar, down the rope and search where you found the Scorpio . Under where it used to be, you'll find the Ophiuchus Stellazio coin. "Their future was uncertain, but Scorpio and Virgo kissed in the light of dusk. That moment meant everything. =by Ophiuchus =" The Scorpio an Virgo sparkle for some reason. Go back to Treno and give it to Queen Stella. You'll receive Cinna's Hammer for a reward.

Congradulations. You're done with this side quest.

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