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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Frog Catching

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I think this mini-game isn't your best use of time. That being said, here's everything you need to know about Frog Catching. Throughout the game, you'll come across swamps (or marshes). When you get to the center of one, Qunia will ask Zidane if he can catch frogs. If you say yes, you'll have to opportunity to run around as Qiuna and catch them. You can only catch a frog that's on land, so don't go after ones in the water. Certain areas have more tough frogs to catch. When you do catch frogs, be careful to not catch them all. If you leave at least one male and one female frog, the'll produce more frogs. This means you can come back and catch more later. When I do this, I usually like to leave at least 4 frogs in an area. That way I'm pretty much guarenteed there will be a male and a female left.

Frog Drop
The point to this mini game is two-fold. First, your, um, father figure?, will show up and give you stuff, depending on how many frogs you've caught. Second, Quina has a blue magic (the stuff he learns from eating enemies) he can use called "Frog Drop." When used, this skill causes a massive frog to fall from the sky and damage an opponant. The ammount of damage dealt by this attack is DIRECTLY related to the number of frogs you have caught. To find out what your damage will be, simply multiply the number of frogs you have caught by your current level:
Level 12, 5 Frogs: 60 pts.
Level 15, 10 Frogs: 150 pts.

You can catch frogs in any of the four marsh areas around the map. There's one on the island you start out on, one just below black mage village, one on the island to the far left of the map and one north (and slightly west) of Oeilvert; it's also east of Ipsen's Castle. As mentioned earlier, you can also get items from Quale for catching some frogs. After catching a certain ammount, he'll appear and give you stuff. Here's what he gave my character, and when.
Number Item
2 Ore
5 Ether
9 Silk Robe
15 Elixir
23 Silver Fork
33 Bistro Fork
45 Battle Boots
99 Fight with Quayle for a Gastro Fork.

Fighting Quayle:
When you finally get your 99th frog, Quayle will appear and challange you to a battle. You can steal a Glutton's Robe , Robe of Lords , Ninja Gear , and an Elixir . I tried the Tent trick, but a snake didn't bite him. I used auto-regen, auto-haste, auto-life on all my guys. I didn't really need auto-reflect, mostly because I had Angel's Snack. Watch out for Return Magic. He's immune to all the status abnormalities he casts at you, and the water attacks just heal him. I made extensive use of Quina's various blue magics. The first thing I did was setup mighty guard. I also made use of white wind to restore HP and Angel's Snack to cure status abnormalities. The only thing it didn't cure was confuse, but I had dagger equiped with a weak weapon, so she could just smack whoever was confused (unless it was her).

Once I had stolen everything, I just wailed on him. In a concerted effort to make up for all the times it's killed me off right before I defeated a boss, the game gave Zidane trance JUST AFTER I finished stealing. I was able to Grand Lethal the snot out of him. :D Flare does a decent amount of damage, as does Frog Drop, since by deffinition you've got at least 99 times your level in damage by the time you get here. Ark, Shock, Thievery, and Dragon's Crest are all pretty powerful here, too. Since I was going after him on Disc 4, this wasn't really much of a fight. I moped the floor with him. I got an Elixir from the battle.

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