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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Friendly (or at least not hostile) Monsters
At random times during your fighting while traveling, you'll hear different music start to play. This is your not-so-subtle cue that it's time to NOT-FIGHT a monster. If some guy shows up with an 'X' on one side and an 'O' on the other, see the Ragtime Section. Otherwise, you'll want to be sure to give these guys what they ask for, and - in return - you'll get some great AP (making it totally worth it) but also some bonus stuff. You can fight them in any order you want, but I recommend fighting them in the order below, and I'll be sure to have markers in the standard walkthrough to show you when you can do them first.

All but the last one can be done in any order, but some give things that the next one asks for. By defeating these guys, you'll gain MASSIVE AP. Also, if you get them all (and the last one must come last) you'll be able to land physical attacks against Ozma, the ultimate bad guy. See the Chocobos Section for more information on Ozma. One final thing: there's an enemy floating around called a Gimmie Cat who asks for a Diamond . He doesn't have the 'nice music' playing when he shows up, so he's not nice. If you give him a Diamond , he'll run away with it and you're hosed. You're welcome. ;)

Mu (a red-brown squirrel looking thing)
You'll first have the oppertunity to fight this guy wen you are heading from the top of the ice cave down toward Dali Village (on disc 1). Just fight some monsters in the area until he shows up. When he does, he'll ask for 1 Ore . Give it to him, and you'll get 10 AP and a Potion . If you have trouble finding this guy, just run back and forth between the ice cavern and the town of Dali. He'll say, "Thanks! Tell Mr. Ghost I said 'hi!'" You get 10 AP and a Potion (like I said above).

Mr. Ghost
If you take the Detour past Treno (at the beginning of Disc 2) and opt to go visit Quan's Dwelling (Where Vivi grew up), you'll be able to find this guy (Sometime called white ghost or blue ghost) in the plains area between Treno and Quan's Dwelling. Feed him an Ore . He'll say, "Much Appreciated! Please give my best regards to Ladybug." You'll get 10 AP, 0 Exp and a Hi Potion . If you're having trouble finding him, wander around the small green patch just outside Quan's Dwelling.

When you first come out onto the Outer Contnent, wrap around under the bridge and go walk around near the marsh. You'll be able to find Ladybug (Called "Colorful Ladybug" sometimes.) This guy has a blue face, a green body, moth wings (the heck?) and, of course, a Red Bow! "I want some Ore ." Give two Ore . 'Allright! Tell Yeti I said "hello." Thanks!' You'll get 0 EXP, 20 AP, 0 Gil and an Ether .

When you first leave the Conde Petie Mouintain Path, heading for Madain Sari, you can bypass the village and head West toward the edge of the penninsula. Head to the forest that's hidden there (behind a small mountain range). He's ugly and kinda Greenish (thus he is sometimes called, 'Green Yeti'). "Give me some Ore !!!" Give him two ores. "Thanks. Say hello to Nymph for me." You'll get 0 EXP, 20 AP, 0 Gil and an Elixir .

Sometimes called the Green Nymph, you can find this monster as soon as you've made it passed Conde Petie. Since you have to go this way after you leave Madain Sari, I ususally recommend people not come here until you have to do so in the course of the game. When you come to the fork in the road at the end of the Conde Petia Mountain Path, take the left fork and wander around the forest near the exit. It took 5 random encounters before I found her. "I wish I had some Ore ..." Feed her three Ore . "Wow, thank you! Give some to Jabberwock, to, okay?" You get 0 EXP, 30 AP, 0 Gil and an Emerald .

Also called Purple Jabberwock, this guy looks odd. When you first get to the Forgotten Continent, wander around in the forest east of Oielvert. You'll need to use your mountain chocobo to get there. There are two forests here, a large one and a small one. Find the small one and run around in it. This guy wants an Emerald , not Ore . DON'T confuse them. Throw him one. " Emerald ...." "........" "Feather Cicle..." You get 0 EXP, 40 AP, 0 Gil and a Moonstone . Don't convert this Moonstone to something else (or if you *do*, be sure to have a spare; you MUST give a Moonstone to the next monster).

Feather Circle
This guy is also called "Green Feather Circle." Find your way to the Lost Continent (icy one) and wander around the Chocobo Tracks (that's where I found him, anyway, he might be everywhere but I didn't meet him anywhere else). He wants a Moonstone . "Can you give me a Moonstone ?" "Thank you. Have you met Garuda?" You get 0 EXP, 30 AP, 0 Gil and a Lapis Lazuli .

Rainbow Graruda
To find Garuda (sometimes called Rainbow Garuda or Tucan Sam) head to the Popos Heights at the top of Gizamaluke's Grotto. That's right! Our favorite level-up place is also the place to meet this Fiendly Monster. Just wander around the other forest. Meaning, not the one that you go into to get back down into Gizamaluke's Grotto. If all your guys have Reflect enabled, it makes fighting things here a lot easier. He wants a Lapis Lazuli . " Lapis Lazuli !" "Urrrrgh!" "URGH! URGH! Urgh?" That's helpful isn't it? You get 0 Exp, 40 AP, 0 Gil and a Diamond .

AKA: Yellow Yan or Friendly Yan. I'll assume you have a chocobo with Sky ability, because if you don't, you can't get here. Fly to the island that you went to for the "Fairy Island" chocograph, the one with the huge mountain, just north of the center of the map. This is VERY dangerous, so save before you do anything. Run around in the forest and pray that you run into the Yan with the "friendly music." If you think your guys are buff, and I DO mean buff, go ahead and fight in random battles. Otherwise, equip Flee Gil and run from every battle. I DID run into Yan eventually, so I was happy for that. "Give me a Diamond ." He's not a Gimmie Cat, so you CAN give him one. You should have two by this time. "Thanks a lot! Now you can reach the round guy!" You get 0 EXP, 50 AP, 0 Gil, 1 Rosetta Ring , 1 Elixir Card.

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