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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Eedolons and Gems

You can collect 'em all!
Throughout the game, you'll encounter various gems. Your summoners can learn cool summons from these. But that's not all... You'll notice that there are places where you can synth those Ore you are carrying into a different Gem. Since the gems you end up with sometimes cannot be sold for the same ammount as the two substances it takes to make them, this often doesn't make sense. But there's another use for the gems in this game. So what's so special about them? Well, the more gems you have, the more closely aligned you are with it's associated summon. Meaning: the more you have, the more powerful your summon can be. Here are the gems associated with each summon.

Summon Learn From Dmg linked to Where to Synth What it takes
Ark Pumice Lapis Lazuli Memoria Ore , Dead Pepper *
Atmos Amethyst Amethyst Daguerreo Ore , Annoyntment
Bahamut Garnet Garnet Daguerreo Ore , Remedy
Carbuncle Ruby Depends** n/a n/a
Fenrir Sapphire Sapphire Daguerreo Ore , Antidote
Ifrit Topaz Topaz Daguerreo Ore , Eye Drops
Leviathan Aquamarine Aquamarine Daguerro Use 5 Ore on statue
Madeen Ribbon Eiko's Level n/a n/a
Odin Dark Matter Ore n/a n/a
Phoenix Phoenix Pinion Phoenix Pinion Memoria Phoenix Down , Gyshal Greens
Ramuh Peridot Peridot Daguerreo Ore , Soft
Shiva Opal Opal Daguerreo Ore , Potion

* to acquire Dead Pepper x99 quickly and free, head to chocobo's paradise (see Chocobos Section) and talk to the chocobo on the left of the Fat Chocobo.

** Carbuncle is an odd case. Depending on what you have equipped when you summon him, he'll grant you different status bonuses. For Vanish, Haste, and Shell, try it with a Diamond , Emerald , and Moonstone . Anything else, and you get reflect.

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