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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

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Mordid's Coffee Quest

Meet Mordid
When you first visit the town of Dali (after the Ice Cave) be sure to have Zidane check out the large tower outside down. In the hut at the bottom of the tower is a man named Mordid who REALLY likes his coffee. He agrees to make a trade with you. If you will find the three major types of coffee hidden around the land, he'll trade you a working model of the Prima Vista airship for it. This model helps you get a "Level S" treasure hunter rank. I'm not sure why this is all that great, but apparently it is. ;) Anyway, here are the locations/times you can get this stuff.

Moccha Coffee
On Disc 2, when you first visit Chocobo's Forest, be sure to visit South Gate, just North of the forest. Search near the spring that Cinna was playing in earlier for the Moccha Coffee .

Kirman Coffee
Also on Disc 2, when you get to Madain Sari be sure to search the kitchen. You can't do this until after Eiko's Dinner party, though. You can find the Kirman Coffee in the lower left corner of the kitchen when you are helping Eiko clean up.

Burman Coffee
Save once you get outside and head through Southgate to the town of Dali. Save outside the village, then head inside. Head straight to the mayor's house and snoop around. Check the desk and you'll get a Mini-Brahne . Search it another time or two until the Mayor's Son says "Zzz..." Now check the Heater and you'll receive the Mayor's Key . Head into the windmill and search the room that's always said, "You need the Mayor's Key " before. Search where the chest is (behind the chocobo). Then search again and reach for whatever is undernieth it to get the Burman Coffee .

Head out of Dali and go to the the "Observatory Mountain" just a bit North-East. Mordid should be standing at the bottom of the stairs. Go talk to him and he'll be VERY happy you have the beans. Give them to him, and he'll send you the model of the Theater Ship. This model will show up in your Tantalus Hideout when you get to Disc 4. Look for it before heading to the Iifa tree again.

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