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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


Submerged Ruins
High Road
Mushroom Rock
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
Lake Macalania
Bickanel Island
Calm Lands
Mt. Gagazet

Side Quests
Misc Quests
Omega Ruins

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Arena Intro
When you first get to the calm lands, head to the Arena structure, located to the very far east of the little hut in the middle. Talk to the man there to begin your fiends capturing days. He'll tell you he needs you to capture at least one of every fiend in the calm lands. Buy some weapons that have the "capture" attribute (well, for Tidus, Wakka, Auron, and Kimari anyway), and go kill 'em off. See the "Calm Land" section below to see what fiends you'll need to acquire. When you kill off all the fiends in the Calm Lands, you'll see a chest appear. If you've charged the cloudy mirror (see misc side quests section), you'll be able to open this for Yuna's ultimate weapon: Nirvana.

Once you have captured the fiends in the Calm Lands, he'll open for business. Now you can capture up to 10 fiends from every habitat in the game (there are 12 habitats). I've listed the habitats below, in the order they appeared to you in the game. When you first arrive in the Calm Lands, you will not be able to access many of the ares; don't worry - we'll get there soon. I recommend going all the way back to the Thunder Plains as soon as the arena is opened to you, and getting 10 of every monster in each of the habitats you have access to.

You can use my ffx fiend tracker to ensure you've captured all the fiends.

As you capture 1 of each enemy, then 10 of each enemy, the guy at the arena will give you cool prizes and create new - really hard - enemies for you to beat. Don't worry if you cannot beat them as they appear; this is where the hardest enemies in the game can be found. Just keep going through the game until you get to Sin - that's when you should start trying to beat these guys. As you defeat them, you'll recieve spheres that let you level your characters up to rediculous levels. For example, when I went to fight the final boss, all three of my front-line characters had all their attributes at 255, except for "Luck." It was maybe a couple of hits and he was gone.

You'll be able to come here as soon as you get the airship. Just head there, and wander toward Waterfall Way. All (three) enemies can be found here. When he's made a nasty beast, you'll get 99 Stamina Tonic. You can also now fight Stratoavis. He'll also have created a new monster.

Available Enemies: Dingo, Water Flan, Condor.

All enemies are found in the forest area - the only area you see, really. For Nasty Beast, you get Poison Fang x99. It's a Malboro Menace.

Available Enemies: Yellow Element, Killer Bee, Dinonix, Ragora.

Mushroom Rock
You should have 10 races and areas when you are done with this section. You should get the Mars Sigil here. Also, from getting everything from Mushroom Rock Road, you'll get Candle of Life x99. He'll create Coeurlregina (Steal Farplane Wind). He'll also be able to create a new Imp monster at this time. If you are having trouble finding enemies, check out the Misc Quests section; there's a hidden area around here.

Available Enemies: Red Element, Fungar, Raptor, Lamashtu, Gandarewa, Garuda.

Sanubia Desert - Bickanel
When you capture 10 of all enemies here, the Arena guy will give you Shadow Gem x99 and you can fight the Abyss Worm.

Available Enemies: Mushussu, Sand Wolf, Alcyone, Zu, Sand Worm, Cactuar.

Mi'ihin Highroad
Don't forget a few things about this area. The are many areas here: South End, South Road, Central Road, New Road, and Oldroad. Some enemies are only found on a few screens. When you capture them all, Kottos will be unlocked in the arena, and you'll get Soul Spring x99.

Available Enemies: Floating Eye, Bomb, Vouivre, thunder Flan, Mi'ihen Fang, Dual Horn, White Element, Ipiria, and Raldo.

Djose Highroad
When you've collected all these enemies, he'll create Jormungand and give you Petrify Grenade x99.

Available Enemies: Lamashtu, Raptor, Fungar, Gandarewa, Garm, Bunyip, Bite Bug, Basilisk, Snow Flan, Simurgh.

Don't forget there are TWO sides to this - North Bank Road and South Bank Road.

Available Enemies: Gandarewa, Fungar, Garm, Bunyip, Bite Bug, Snow Flan, Ochu.

Thunder Plains
You can find most of the beasts in most areas around here. When you have all the enemies from here, you'll get 99x Chocobo Wing and he'll have the Cactuar King enemy available.

Available Enemies: Melusine, Aerouge, Buer, Gold Element, Kusariqqu, Larva, Iron Giant, Qactaur.

Macalania is made up of two large areas, and many small areas. Be sure to look through BOTH Macalania Woods AND the Macalania Temple area. From finding all monsters here, he'll give you 60x Shining Gem and can fight Espada.

Available Enemies: Snow Wolf, Iguion, Wasp, Evil Eye, Ice Flan, Blue Element, Murussu, Mafdet, Xiphos, Chimera

Calm Lands
You'll have to search pretty much the four corners to get one of each of these. You want to find the following near the entrance: Skoll, Nebrios, Shred, Flame Flan. You can find an Anacondaur, ogre, or a Malboro (Use Valefore to weaken it; sonic wings are your friend!) in the north west area. The Ogre can also be found just north and slightly west from the hut/store in the middle. A Coeurl can be found in the northern area. Find a Chimera Brain in the southern area (by the chests in the shadow area).

For bringing in one of every beast, he'll create "one nasty beast" and give you Farplane Wind x60. Save your game, and fight Chimerageist.

Available Enemies: Skill, Nebiros, Flame Flan, Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Coeurl, Chimera Brain, Malboro.

Temple of the Stolen Fayth
I didn't notice anything obvious about where these guys were located. Note, however, that Ghosts are vulnerable to Delay attacks and Fire. Just make your way in between the save points until you have everything you need. You may have trouble finding one or more of them, though. I took a while before I stumbled across a Tonberry (triple foul works well on him), for example. If you run across a Magic Pot, just run; that's my advice.

Anyway, once you do manage to get at least one of all of them, he should make an Don Tonberry, and you'll get Silver Hourglass x40.

Available Enemies: Deffender (cannot be captured), Coeurl, Malboro, Nidhogg, Dark Element, Epaaj, Thorn, Ghost, Yowie, Valaha, Imp, Tonberry (Green Room, 2nd chamber).

Mount Gagazette
You can fight all the same creatures inside the mountian as you can fight outside - and then some. Well, except for Grenades. Once you have captured a bunch of grenades, you can wait until you've finished this area. Which is to say, don't bother trying to capture everything OUTSIDE before going inside. When you get some of each, he'll make you a Catoblepas and give you the Blossom Crown.

Available Enemies: Nidhogg, Imp, Grat, Grenade, Bandersnatch, Bashura, Behemoth, Mandoragora, Dark Flan, Grendel, Ahriman, Maelspike (underwater), Achelous (underwater), Splasher (underwater).

Omega Ruins
Bring one of each of these, and you'll get Designer Wallet x60 and a Vorban.
Available Enemies:
Defender Z: (Use Armor Break! Weaken them, then use Bahamut's Impulse for Overkill.)
Treasure: (Use Mug to get something but not let out a monster).
Zaurus: (easy)
Machea: (Will poison you with each attack.)
Floating Death: (Be sure to steal Musk from this guy; you can make confuse proof)
Halma: (Use Armor Break!)
Demonolith: (Use Armor Break; Counters with "Pharo's Curse" for Curese, Poison, Darkness, Silence)
Spirit: (Sometimes counters with confuse/poison mist)
Puroboros: (Better do a LOT of damage so they don't explode; armor break and 2x tripple foul)
Black Element: (Armor break. When you've got a complete set, be sure to use armor break before calling Bahamut for Impulse Overkill.)
Master Coeurl: (Easy)
Great Malboro: (Seriously, "bad breath" sucks. Bring in Valefor and use Sonic Wings.)
Varuna: (Beware Death)
Adamantoise: (Use Armor Break!)
Master Tonberry:(Bahamut is your friend if doing an overkill. Otherwise, he'll use "Voodoo" to kill off your Aeons.)
Wraith: (Your aeons are immune to doom and death; have them weaken this guy.)


Finish off the enemies here to get access to all but one monster in the arena (you have to beat everything in the arena to get access to the last one).

Available Enemies:
Ahriman: 10v (Sea of Sorrow, City of Dying Dreams)
Adamantoise: 10v (Sea of Sorrow, City of Dying Dreams)
Gemini: 10v (Sea of Sorrow, City of Dying Dreams)
Exoray: 10v (Sea of Sorrow, City of Dying Dreams)
Demonolith: 10v (City of Dying Dreams)
Great Malboro: 10v (City of Dying Dreams)
Wraith: 10v (City of Dying Dreams)
Bahemoth King: 10v (Sea of Sorrow, City of Dying Dreams) (Steal Twin Stars!)
Barbatos: 10v (City of Dying Dreams)

Arena - Area Conquest, Species Conquest, and Originals
As you bring the guy fiends from the various lands, you'll begin to unlock fiends that only exist here. This is really where the heart of leveling up takes place. :D See the section below for the different categories of special fiends, as well as strategies specific to the fiend. Just FYI: When you are killed in battle (notice I didn't say if) he'll clean your guys up - no need to reset the game. ;) You'll lose your overdrives though, if you've used them. That goes for Aeons, too.

Area Conquest
When you have conquered all the enemies of a certain AREA, you will allow him to create a new enemy.
Enemy Unlock for Steal Win
Stratoavis Stamina Tonic x99 Smoke Bomb Amulet x2
Malboro Menace Poison Fang x99 Remedy Mana Tonic x2
Kottos Soul Spring x99 Soul Spring Healing Spring x20
Coeurlregina Candle of Life x99 Blessed Gem, Farplane Wind Shining Gem x3
Jormungand Petrify Grenade x99 Petrify Grenade, Three Stars Supreme Gem x2
Cactaur King ??? Chocobo Wing Blessed Gem x3
Espada Shining Gem x60 Farplane Wind, Farplane Shadow Rename Card
Abyss Worm Shadow Gem x99 Shadow Gem Stamina Tonic
Chimerageist Farplane Wind x60 Mana Spring Return Sphere
Don Tonberry Silver Hourglass x40 Candle of Life Farplane Wind x3
Catoblepas Blossom Crown Healing Spring Three Stars
Abaddon Lunar Curtain x99 Purifying Salt Mana Tablet
Vorban Designer Wallet x60 Healing Spring Friend Sphere

Species Conquest
When you collect one of each TYPE of enemy, you'll enable him to start creating Species Conquest enemies. You'll get neat prizes for these, too. :D
Enemy Unlock for Steal Win
Fenrir Chocobo Feather x99 Chocobo Feather Agility Sphere
Ornitholestes Stamina Spring x99 Rename Card Gambler's Spirit
Pteryx Mega Phoenix x99 Smoke Bomb Evasion Sphere
Hornet ??? Poison Fang Accuracy Sphere
Vidatu Mana Spring x99 Lightning Gem, Mana Tonic MP Sphere
One-Eye Stamina Tablet x60 Blessed Gem, Lunar Curtain Magic Def Sphere
Jumbo Flan Twin Stars x60 Mana Tablet, Lunar Curtain Magic Sphere
Nega Elemental Star Curtain x99 Star Curtain Twin Stars x2
Tanket Gold Hourglass x99 Light Curtain, Lunar Curtain Defense Sphere
Fafnir Purifying Salt x99 Stamina Spring, Gold Hourglass Light Curtain x20
Sleep Sprout Healing Spring Poison Fang, Farplane Wind Teleport Sphere
Bomb King Turbo Ether x60 Fire Gem Door to Tomorrow
Juggernaut Light Curtain x99 Shinning Gem, Lunar Curtain Strength Sphere
Ironclad Mana Tablet x60 Light Curtain HP Sphere

Every so often, he'll come up with something original. To celebrate, he gives you something.

Greater Sphere: Supreme Gem x60 Steal: Gambler's Spirit
Enemy Unlock For Steal Win
Earth Eater 60x Three Stars Gambler's Spirit Fortune Sphere
Greater Sphere Supreme Gem x60 Gambler's Spirit Luck Sphere
Catastrophe Door to Tomorrow x99 Gambler's Spirit Designer Wallet
Th'uban Gambler's Spirit x99 Gambler's Spirit Underdog's Secret
Neslug Winning Formula x99 Gambler's Spirit Pendulum
Ultima Buster Dark Matter x99 Gambler's Spirit
Shinryu Megalixir x30 Gambler's Spirit
Nemesis Master Sphere x10 Gambler's Spirit Lv 4. Key Sphere!!!

Strategies for Fighting Arena Enemies

Area Conquest

Stratoavis: This was not a partcuarly difficult enemy, if your guys are sufficiently buff. I like to use Mug to steal a bunch of stuff, then use Quick Hit to wear him down until he lands. Then I call in Bahamut and overkill him (alternately call in Bahamut from the beginning and take him out with 4x 99,999 hits). You can steal Smoke Bombs from him. Defeating him nets you 2x Amulet (4x with overkill).

Malboro Menace: Set all your characters to be able to withstand Confuse and Berserk. Call in Bahamut as soon as you can. Haste and Protect him. It took 7 99,999 hits to overkill him. Killing him nets 2x Mana Tonic (4x with overkill).

Kottos: Call in Bahamut and Haste/Protect him. 5x 99,999 hits take him out. You can steal Stamina Springs from him, but he DOES counter attack if you do. Winning nets you 20x Healing Spring (40x w/ Overkill). Use 60 of these to teach your Aeons Regen, or 80 to equip auto-regen to a shield!

Coeurlregina:Steal Farplane Wind and/or blessed gem from this guy, then call in Bahamut. 4x 99,999 and he's toast. Haste (don't bother with protect), then attack. Winning nets you 3x Shining Gem (6x with overkill). Use 60 Shining Gem if you want to teach your aeons to cast Flare, or use 15 to add "Magic Counter" to a weapon, allowing your guys to counter attack when hit with magic.

Jormungand:Steal Petrify Grenades, if you want, then call in the big guns (bahamut). Haste/Protect, then smack him down. 6x 99,999 and he's gone. Winning nets you 2x Supreme Gem or 4x with Overkill. Supreme Gems teach your aeons Ultima, add Magic +20% to weapons. If you DON'T have a major leveled up Bahamut, this guy is pretty tough. He's got a couple of really nasty attacks. His Cold Stare will turn your guy to stone, then blow him totally away, and you'll be left one man down for the duration of the fight. If your Bahamut is good enough (over 9000 HPish), bring him in for this one. Haste, protect, reflex, and then just boost until overdrives (use curaga when needed, of course). Cold stare doesn't work on Aeons, but it DOES do damage.

Cactaur King: Steal Chocobo Wings if you want. If you call in an Aeon, don't bother with Haste/Protect - he's got a 99,999 needle attack that will wipe them out in one shot. It will take one 99,999 hit, and then one more valid attack. Killing him nets you 3x Blessed Gem (overkill 6x).

Espada: Steal Farplane Shadow, but beware the "Hades Claw" counter attack. Call in Bahamut, haste/protect, then go after him. 3x 99,999 and he's gone. Winning nets you a Rename Card, overkill 2x. You can use your Rename Card to rename an Aeon. Isn't that great? :D

Abyss Worm: For this enemy, be mindful of his "Swallow" attack (like the Sand Worm, you lose your guy until he "Regurgetates" him back up; unlike the Sand Worm, it basically kills your guy!). I did a quick haste on my guys and had them mug/quick hit. I eventually brough in Bahamut and had him use the Haste, Protect, Reflex trick. Overall, that made this not a very long or tough fight. If you've got a powerful Bahamut, this is a relatively easy fight. Steal Shadow Gems, if you want, then call in Bahamut. Haste/Protect, then wail on him. 5x 99,999 is overkill. Winning nets you a stamina tonic, overkill x2.
Chimerageist: This guy is immune to pretty much everything. You can use magic break and power break, but he's still... Ouch. Your best bet is to wait until you have a high level bahamut. You can steal Mana Springs. I call in Bahamut and kill him in 2x 99,999 hits. You'll get a return sphere for beating him, 2x with overkill.

Don Tonberry: Yikes! Steal Candle Life if you can take the Karma counter. I call in Valifor and do a Sonic Wings attack or two before he gets booted out with Voodoo. Repeat with Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, then Bahamut. Winning nets you 3x Farplane Wind, 6x with overkill. Use Farplane Wind to add Deathstrike to a weapon or Deathproof to a shield.

Catoblepas: Steal Healing Springs, if you want, then summon Bahamut. Haste/Protect, then attack. 6x attack for Overkill. Beware his Ultima Finishing Move. After he's dead, he'll cast it. For this reason, I like to have an Aeon do the finishing blow. Winning nets you a Three Stars, 2x for Overkill.

Abaddon: Steal some purifying salt, then take him down. 5 or 6 99,999 hits and he's gone. Win a Mana Tablet (2x w/ overkill).

Vorban: Steal Healing Springs, if you want. Call Bahamut, use Haste/Protect. 7 99,999 for overkill. Winning nets you a Friend Sphere, 2x for Overkill.

Species Conquest

Fenrir: Steal Chocobo Feathers if you need, then call in the Aeons. Don't bother with Haste, etc, Fangs of Hell will kill them off. Go after him with one aeon after another, and have your other characters try to land a hit using "quick hit." I even had to use Yojimbo on this guy. 129 Gil each time. He seemed to be able to dodge the Fangs of Hell attack, and all his other attacks did 9,999 to the Fenrir. I wish he had the break damage limit by default. It wasn't a cheap battle, but it WAS interesting how he could dodge. The Fangs of Chaos attack seems to do a percentage of damage, because once you are down to 1 HP, it does ZERO. Winning nets you an Agility Sphere. I assume overkill is x2, but I didn't get one. :D

Ornitholestes: Without a REALLY powerful Aeon, this guy is tough! Even WITH a powerful Bahamut, this guy is hard. I was able to beat this guy before a lot of leveling up, but only by the skin of my teeth. This guy's Poison Touch attack will nearly kill any Aeon (and any character). If you are lucky, he'll use Drain Touch, which isn't nearly as powerful. I used Bahamut plus Haste, Protect, Reflex. He dodged all my attacks. Because regular hits don't seem to work on him, I had to resort to Mega-Flare and impulse, but only when he got no more than two turns after words. Osmose is your friend here. Be sure you keep careful track of how many turns you have left, and how many turns HE has left in any given round. It took a fairly long time. With a powerful Bahamut, the battle was basically curaga, impulse - repeat. It took 9x 99,999 attacks to kill him. Winning nets you 2x Gambler's Spirit, 4x for Overkill.

Pteryx: This enemy can ambush you with Beak of Woe, which causes curse. If you need your overdrives to beat him, you'd better have some Holy Water items handy. Steal smoke bombs or Candle of Life, if you want. I call in Bahamut and do 2x 99,999 for an overkill. Winning nets you 2x Evasion Sphere - 2x for Overkill. FYI: I like to go after this guy to earn a whole mess of evasion spheres, then I have my guys all teleport to the top left corner, and start placing the evasion spheres in the blank areas, until my guys all have their evasion at 255.

Hornet: Mug some Poison Fangs and/or purifying salt, then call in your Aeons. 6x 99,999 and he's gone. Killing him nets you an Accuracy Sphere, x2 for Overkill.

Vidatu: Steal Lightning Gems, then call in Bahamut and Haste up. This guy has pretty good armor, so I recommend using "cheer" on him, too. After that, it was only 4 hits for me to kill him off. You should score an MP sphere when you beat him (2x if you overkill him). Chances are pretty good, by the time you get here, that your guys already have 999 MP. Unless you have the Break MP Limit skill on a piece of armor, you probably won't need many of these.

One-Eye: Steal some Lunar Curtain, if you need, then call in the Aeons. It only took a couple of 99,999 hits to kill him off. You should get a Magic Def Sphere (2x with overkill).

Jumbo Flan: This guy is REALLY tough. When you've got Anima, teach him haste and curaga, then bring him in for this fight. Haste him, and have him use Pain. Heal with Curaga when required. It took me 14 hits to kill him off. If he casts reflect on your guy, be SURE to dispel it! You don't want him casting regen back on himself!!! You should get a magic sphere (2x with overkill).

Nega Elemental: If you hit this guy, he'll retaliate with Ultima. Be able to withstand it! I recommend Bahamut with Haste. On my Bahamut, his Ultima retaliation only did about 1150 dmg, and he spent his whole time using Osmose/Drain. Using Regen, I was able to stay alive long enough to take him out. You should get 2x Twin Stars (4x for overkill). You can use these to add "Half MP Cost" to armor.

Tanket: This enemy has a pretty hefty attack. Steal Lunar Curtains, if you want. Be sure to haste/protect wether you use characters or aeons. I called in Bahamut and did a lot of smacking. He eventually used his "rush attack" skill, which continues to smack until such a time as one or more of your character or aeons are dead. Three enemies with Break Damage add-ons to the weapons is a BIG plus here, as your best bet is to kill him BEFORE he gets an attack. :D Hit him with 10 99,999 attacks to kill him off. You'l get a Defense Sphere for beating him (2x with overkill).

Fafnir: This guy has a Tripple Attack that really sucks. He can jump in and attack in the middle of your turns, it appears (or it could have been a glitch; only seems to happen on the Aeons). It could also be that tripple attack is using two of your turns. Don't use shell to try and ward off his tripple attack, it just makes your curaga less useful. If you can't beat him with one good aeon, you're not going to like this battle before you have the ultimate weapons. ;) Just FYI: He's immune to delay. YOu can mug/steal a Gold Hourglass from him. If you've got the ultimate weapons, Hastaga and Quick Hit. 12 x 99,999 for the kill. You'll get 20x Light Curtain (40x with overkill!) Teach all your Aeons Protect, OK? :D

Sleep Sprout: As the name implies, this guy uses a sleep attack. He's got less than 99,999 HP, though, so one hit of that power will take him out. Steal Poison Fang, if you want, then take him down. Win: Teleport Sphere (2x w/ overkill)

Bomb King: Steal fire gems, then call in Bahamut. Haste and Cheer, then wail on him. It took 8 hits for me (I couldn't do 99,999 dmg consistantly, btw). Of interest: if you cast reflect on your guy, his Fire, Fira, Firaga spells just heal him; they don't do dmg to you. You should get a Door to Tomorrow (2x with overkill). Add 10 of these to a weapon, and it will give you more AP instead of charging the overdrive gauge.

Juggernaut: Steal Lunar Curtain, then summon, haste, and protect Bahamut. Do about 12-13 99,999 dmg attacks to kill him off. You should get a Strength Sphere (2x if overkill).

Ironclad: User Armor Break to stand half a chance. If you have "evade and counter" add-ons to weapons, use that, too. Call in Anima and have him use pain. If Yuna's evade is at 255, it's likely Ironclad's Reppageki cannot touch him. You should get an HP Sphere if you win (2x with overkill).


Earth Eater: Steal a gambler's spirit, but don't mug. :D This guy counter attacks with a REALLY nasty "megaton punch" that can seriously ruin your day. His standard attack is pretty nasty, too. Call in Bahamut and hit him to knock him over. The haste/protect/focus, and go after him. He'll counter with Flare now. Use your healing magics to stay alive. It took about 20 or so 50,000+ dmg hits to take him out. Be sure to swap everyone in for this battle, though - it's worth 40k AP, and that's WITHOUT an overkill!!! You should get a Fortune Sphere for killing him (2x for overkill).

Greater Sphere: This guy counter's with Ultima, so pay attention. He's also got a "hydraulic press" attack that kills your guys off straight up. Call in Bahamut, PROTECT, Reflex, and Haste. His last turn before the Greater Sphere gets a turn should be to shield. The Hydraulic Press should now do significantly less damage. Upon killing him off, you should get 50k AP and a Luck Sphere (2x for Overkill!)

Catastrophe: If you have enough characters with Break Damage Limit add-ons, this is not a tough battle. Just Hastaga and Quick Hit over and over. After 5 99,999 hits, he'll open up. 18 more to kill him. By the time you've got everyone buffed up using the agility spheres you've won from a previous battle, you should be able to take him out before he gets a shot off. You'll earn a Designer Wallet (2x for overkill).

Th'uban: This guy has a nasty retaliation ability. Call in an Aeon and haste/protect. If you strike him, he'll retaliate with Condemn, which negates any bonuses you have. You'll have to haste/protect again. His rainbow attack is nasty - but his Convergence is even worse. Your Aeon is totally gone at that point. Again, three guys with Break Damage Limit is happy making here. He retaliates to everything, so be sure to HASTE then PROTECT, then attack someone other than him. In other words, cast reflect on one of your own guys, then doublecast flare at THAT person. Copycat it until such a time as he's about to get an attack, then bring in an Aeon where he's going to cast Convergence. His attacks follow a predictable pattern: Attack, Rainbow, [one of: Regen, Shell, Protect, nothing], Convergence. He's got around 3 million HP, though, so if you're only doing 15k dmg, bear in mind it will take 100 double casts to kill him off. Don't forget your guy is reflected and accidentally cast curaga at him, btw. ;) Also, don't try ultima - it hits ALL your guys and can't be reflected. >.< You *can* cast dispel on him without getting counter attacked. And don't forget about the Focus special ability. Winning will net you an Underdog's Secret (2x for Overkill).

Neslug: I hope your magic attributes are insanely high for three characters, and that they also have high strength attributes and the Break Damage Limit skill. Use Silence Buster so he won't heal himself back up in a bit. Hit him with 21 99,999 hits, and he'll collapse inside his shell and become immune to Attack. He's immune to demi, so have yuna use her ultimate weapon's One MP Cost skill to double cast flare at one of your guys (reflected, of course!) Don't forget to use the Focus Special Ability so you can him. Have your other two characters copycat it. Do NOT call in any Aeons here. When he's about to have his own turn, use a silence buster on him. Keep this up until his shell is broken. When you DO see his shell break, be sure to go after him with physical attacks again. 10 or 11 more hits should kill him off. You'll get a Pendulum for this battle (2x with overkil). 30 of these allows you to add "Master Thief" to any shield, then you can steal the seriously good stuff all the time. Of course, that means at least 15 battles against this guy, so choose whether this is worth it for you or not.

Ultima Buster: Go after it's arms first, then it's head. If the head is out of range for your character, wait until you call in an Aeon, and have it go after the head (can you say Valifore? I knew you could!) After THAT, go after the actual body. When he is ready to attack, call in an Aeon to take the hit for you. You should get a Winning Formula (2x with overkill). After the battle is over, he should sell Clear Spheres that allow you to clear out used entries on the sphere grid; this is how you can REALLY max out your guys. Be aware that if you clear out a Strength Node (for example), anyone who had that node activate with lose those points AND have to reactivate the node.

Shinryu: This is a water battle, so you KNOW it's just Wakka, Rikku, and Tidus. I wait to do this until I have AT LEAST two Break Damage Limit weapons and those characters can do 99,999 DMG. You can steal a Three Stars from him. Quick Hit him for 99,999, but he'l retaliate. Be sure to have the guy who DOESN'T have a Break Damage Limit weapon ready to heal your guys when they need it. Hastaga and Protect your guys, then go after him. He's got an attack called Shining that does massive damage to ALL your guys. Watch out for it - and stay healed up before his turn! You should get a Wings to Discovery (2x with overkill).

Nemesis: This enemy doesn't just show up when you've captured everything. You have to beat everything in the arena. After that, talk to him to unlock him. Do NOT forget to steal some of those Oh-So-Hard-To-Get Lv. 4 Key Spheres from him! Hastaga and start your standard everybody-quick-hit-him attack. When it's his turn to attack, call in an Aeon to take the hit. Have the Aeon haste for it's turn. It'll still get killed, but you should have more turns available to you when you come back. :D If it *doesn't* get killed on the first shot, you get an extra hit! When (not if, lol) you run out of Aeons, Just keep at him. You should be able to beat him if your guys have gone all the way through the grid at least once. I used Yuna, Rikku, and Tidus. Winning earns you a Warp Sphere (2x with overkill). When you've beaten this guy, you'll have defeated all the enemies in the game (except Yu Yevan). You should get the Mark of Conquest to commemorate the event. When I got here, I had used 117 hours and 35 minutes. Of course, I was wasting a lot of time writing this walkthrough. :D

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