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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Getting in
When you have beat all the side quests you want to (or can) it's time to head to sin. Get on the air ship and go to it. Let's take out Yu Yevon. Watch some cut scenes. You should have an opportunity to talk with Rin here. If you've managed to pick up all the Al Bhed Primers, you'll get to watch Tidus speak Al Bhed. You'll also get Underdog's Secret x99 (will let you add Double Overdrive to a weapon). Head to the Deck, of course. After a great deal of cut scenes...

It's time to fight. If your guys are powerfull enough, just cut a hole. I didn't have any trouble cuting this hole, and I don't guess anyone else will either. I think it was just a single smack (Holy) from Yuna. You should get an HP sphere from this - two if you overkill him. I also got a Venom Spike weapon. On the other side, I had Yuna double cast Ultima for the win. Bwahahahahahaha (it's a white mage; casting black magic against the main boss; I found it funny). Watch Cid do some serious damage. Rip off the other wing (you should get a Lv. 3 Key Sphere (2x with overkill) from this).

Now it's time to fight some sin spawn. I can't give you much in the way of advice here, as I walked right through this section. Steal some Lunar Curtains and Stamina Spring here, though. You should get a REturn Sphere and a MP Sphere from this (2x each with overkill). Rah rah rah. Blah Blah Blah. Head to the outer hull and go talk to Yuna. After a bunch more cut scenes, head to the outer hull again. Another fight. Have your non-Yuna characters use powerful black magic, then bring in Bahamut (or just have Bahamut hit twice at 99,999 each; that works too)... Impluses for the win. Bahamut (if Bahamut has wings, why is this guy out of range...?) and I'm in. Lv 3. Key Sphere for this one. When you have control again, save your game and head into sin.

The Maze

  • You'll pass the spinning cylandar things, and then you'll take a sharp right turn.
  • When you come to a glyph on the floor that's your first fork. Head left.
  • At the next glyph, you'll bear right. (The camera angle will shift; THEN bear right).
  • At the next glyph, keep on going straight. (When the camera angle shifts, "straight" will be up and right).
  • At the waterfall, you'll head left.
  • At the next glyph, you'll turn left (since the camera angle changes, you'll actually be going toward the bottom right of the screen).
  • At the next glyph, turn right (left lower direction on the screen.) Open the chest for a Phantom Ring.
  • Turn around and head back past the glyph and continue on (the camera angle shifts; you're heading right on screen) to the next chest.
  • Get the special sphere.
  • Go down the waterfall.
  • Head down from the glyph at the bottom of the falls.
  • At the next glyph, you'll turn left (from Tidus's point of view; that means go toward the right side of the screen).
  • You'll wrap back around to a glyph you have come to before.
  • Head right (that's up and right on the screen).
  • Follow the path around to the right, past the waterfall to the next glyph.
  • Turn right (toward the top of the screen).
  • At the next glyph, follow the path off to the right.
  • At the next glyph, take a right (that's left on your screen); open the chest there.
  • Go back to the most recent glyph, and this time turn right (that's the bottom of your screen).
  • Keep to the lower left of the screen to get to a chest.
  • Head toward the lower right of your screen (past the next glyph).
  • Follow that path to the save point (at the bottom of a stairway).
Fighting Seymour
Save and head up the stairs to fight Seymour. Cool music here, I must admit. His attacks are random, but they are made more powerful by the Mortiphasms surrounding him. Depending on which color circles are facing him, he can cast up to four elemental magics in a row. He may also dispel any postitive status enhancments you've got (hastaga, for example). He also casts ultima. He doesn't seem to do any kind of curing of himself. That seems odd to me, but whatever. Be sure to swap everyone in who need AP; you get a good ammount from this battle. You'll get 2x Lv. 3 Key Sphere (4x with overkill). I had everyone else wear him down, and then I had yuna smack him with her rod. It was most entertaining. You can steal Supreme Gems and Shining Gems from him. :) Go back and save, if you want, then continue on.

Fiends and Doors
  • When you enter the next part of sin, touch the glyph on the wall to your right (and maybe a few feet in front of you).
  • It says, "Ten fiends still seek eternal repose."
  • This time you can't use aeon's to kill off these fiends. (Well, you can, but they don't count toward this number). And don't forget that you can use the save sphere to keep your guys healthy.
  • Just head back the way you came. These limits allow you to do so. Just kill 10 enemies right out in front of it. "The fiends, now freed, release the seal of Yevon!"
  • Go in and open the next seal (by killing 10 more fiends). Now you get to the NEXT door.
  • 15 fiends this time. YEAH! How fun!
Once you get those out of the way, you can fianlly get... Are you ready??? A lousy level 4 key sphere. Wee. Anyway, let's leave this entry way and continue on.

Continuing in Sin
  • Head down the path until you see a bridge looking shiny piece of floor.
  • Stop ON it, an it becomes an elevator.
  • Open the chest at the top for a 4-on-1.
  • When you get back on the elevator, pay attention to the blue shiny section of floor just beyond you.
  • When you get to the bottom, go and use it. You'll push over the collumn and get access to ANOTHER chest.
  • You get: The defending bracer!
  • Moving right along we'll come to a room with two glowing floor pieces and a glyph on a wall.
  • Head to into the little pit. There's a chest with 20,000 gil in it, and a glowing floor piece.
  • Step on the floor piece, but don't fall off! Just kidding. You can't fall off. There's an HP sphere in the chest at the top here.
  • A little farther on is a Defense Sphere, too.
  • Now get on the little blue square next to the last chest. That's both the squares in the room.
  • Go to the upper left corder of the room and there's a glyph on the wall.
  • Touch it to get access to a little room with a chest in it. Get the Megalixir.
  • Continue on and you'll find a room where collumns pop up out of the floor.
  • Since you can't continue on, let's head left (toward the top of the screen).
  • Once the little draw bridge drops you down, you can't get back up. Well, that's not really true. You just have to leave the pit here and then come back to it.
  • A little farther on, then screen will change, and you'll hit a save sphere.
  • You can turn left (top of the screen) or continue on. Since left will end the game, let's go on for now.
  • On the next screen, keep jumping down to obtain the "Laevatein" from the chest at the bottom. You'll have to go back the way you came.
  • When you get to the save sphere, save.
The Point of NO RETURN
STOP! You can't go back from here. Once you start this section, you are on the way to destruction... No wait, wrong game. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destin... No wait, that's a movie. Once you go down this path, you CANNOT go back. (Yeah, that's what I meant to say...) If you are the kind of person who likes side quests, FINISH ALL SIDE QUESTS before going this way. OK, now that we have that setteled... From the save sphere, head straight ahead until something falls on you. Well, not on you, but pretty darn close. Notice Tidus is just totally blown away by this. >.> What?

Anyway, once that's happend, head inside it by touching the purple thing. Once you go up and touch this, you cannot save your game again, and you cannot go anywhere else. You are stuck playing until you die or finish the game. It's another hour probably, so have plenty of time before you start! Curious if you are strong enough? If you have captured 10 of every animal in the arena, and have beat the omega Dungeon (without using encounter = no) you should be strong enough to take this part on.

Gems Galore
When you touch the big cylendar thing, you'll be telepored inside it. From here, run around looking for 10 gems. In the mean time, try not to hit the ice collumns that pop up. For this game, one showed up right in front of me. Then I just walked left and down until I saw the next one. They seem to go in a counter clock wise circle around the cylander that I was teleported into. If you don't get them quick enough, they disappear. When you have 10, you will be teleported to the final confrontation with Jecht.

When the cut scene stops, you'll have the ability to move. Make sure you are all healed up and ready to fight. Eqiup your baddest weapons and armor - don't forget to use all your ability points, if you have any left. Haste your guys at the beginning, then go for it. Steal a megalixir, some turbo ether, etc. I used holy on the Left and Right Yu Pagoda and made them stop. This will keep them from powering him up.

When he gets to zero hit points, (it was a single 99,999 mug from Tidus; I found that gratifying) he'll pull a sword out of his chest and then suprise!!! He's got all his hit points again. Beat him again (3x 99,999 hits for the overkill)... And after a few cut scenes you have to summon your aeons. Defeat your difficult ones first, using other aeons, if you must. Don't worry about dying, as you have perm-auto-life. If you have break max damage barier, you'll find this rather easy. If you have a weapon with Sensor enabled, by the way, you can read each Aeon's personal good bye message.

Since I had a bunch of weapons that can have Break Damage Limit, I just kicked butt. Yuna will cry between each battle, but you know she secretly likes hurting her aeons. :) But I digress. Frequently. Anyhow, you like that auto life function? Cool, huh? Given the level my guys were at, I overkilled all the Aeons before any of them got any hits. Then again, I'd finished my Arena section too, so I guess it's to be expected. Once you beat all your aeons, you'll get to fight Yu. He's tough. If you have break max damage barrier, you'll be fine. Otherwise, this can suck. I got him wiht a single 99,999 overkill. :D I used Auron, for maximum irony. Here's a few tips:
  1. You can cast shell on him to reduce the ammount of health he get's from his curaga.
  2. If you double cast flare or ultima, you can do 9999x2 on him, an he'll only cure for 1/4 of that.
Once you defeat him, you'll see the impact this has on everyone around the world. Oh never mind, just watch the cutscenes. If you don't know what something means, just think for a while. You'll figure it out eventually. Oh alright. One more thing. Watch the credits. All of them. ;) When you see the words "The End," Stop. That is enough. ;) (Unless you'd like to listen to the music again.)

Congratulations. Now it's time to play FFX-2. ;)

PS: That end sequence took me exactly 1 hour - with no max damage break

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