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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Djose Temple
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Djose Temple
The temple
When you get to the Djose temple, you can save your game off to the right. Just to the right of the temple enterence you can see Gatta again. You might want to talk to him. There is a chest around here with 4 Ability Spheres, and another with 4000 Gil. When you get inside you will meet Isaaru. He's a fruitcake. At least he seems less annoying than any other summoner you have met as of this point. There are chests in the rooms to the right and left of the cloister of trials, and one just outside the door to the room on the left. Head up the stairs.

Djose Cloister of Trials

  1. When you enter the cloister of trials, remove the Djose spheres (one at a time, of course) from the walls and place them in the recesses in the doors.
  2. Walk past the pedistals and remove the Djose Spheres from the far wall (one at a time, of coruse).
  3. Place them in the two recesses on the right forward wall (just down and to the right of a small glyph).
  4. Push the pedistal right until it is directly under the glowing Stalagtite (upside down pillar).
  5. Remove the now brightly glowing Djose Sphere.
  6. Place it in the sphere recess just to the right of the door beyond the glowing glyphs on the ground. It should open.
  7. Move the two spheres that made the stalagtite glow from the wall to the pillar (one on the right side, and one on the left).
  8. Push the pillar through the door and down into the electricity.
  9. Jump across to the far side, and push that pillar against the wall.
  10. Jump back and step on the shinny glyph to the left of the big glyph etched into the ground (where you found the pillar in the first place).
  11. The pillar will return to it's orignal location.
  12. Take the spheres from the pillar and place them in the recesses at the very beginning of the temple (where you found the two that you used to open the first door).
  13. Now remove the brightly glowing Djose sphere and move it to the other side of the door. A wall to your left should start glowing (well, maybe "flickering" is a better word for what it's doing.)
  14. Go touch it to open the way to the destruct sphere.
  15. Get the destruct sphere.
  16. Go stand on the big glowing glyph in the middle of the temple. It's an elevator.
  17. At the top, head forward and you will see 3 pedistals. There are actually 5, 2 can only be seen in your periferal vision. Go examine all of them (this should push then up to the wall).
  18. Now place the destruct sphere in the pedistal on the next screen down.
  19. Open the chest that shows up for a magic sphere.
  20. Now head up the stairs through doorway to your left.

Talk to people if you want. When you get bored, try to leave. Name your new aeon and leave. Talk to people if you want. Go into the building to your right. Behind the counter that is behind the woman you will find a chest with a switch hitter in it. When you get bored, go into the temple and talk to Gatta. Just past Gatta are two statues, go in between them and look hard to your right, if you didn't get the chests earlier.

(No there isn't a chest on the other side of the stairs). Go through the door straight ahead and talk to the guy on the left. He thinks he's a FF9 chocobo. :D Now talk to the lady guarding Yuna. (She's on the bed - right back corner of the room). Now you are outside, head forward and you'll be ready to leave. Be sure to talk to the people on the way out of town. Head back to the cross roads. If you have to beat people up, try using your new aeon. Ixion is cool, especially if you need thunder magic (he has thundara). On to the Moonflow.

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