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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


Submerged Ruins
High Road
Mushroom Rock
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
Lake Macalania
Bickanel Island
Calm Lands
Mt. Gagazet

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Lake Macalania

Note: Go into this section with a set of fully charged aeons. Even with all your guys in full overdrive mode, the aeons are the only way (short of lots of leveling up) to beat the final guy in this section. Go back to the forest if you don't have overdrives for all your aeons! You should find Al Bhed Primer vol. XVI just to the left of O'aka. You're now an Al Bhed Cbaygan. Pop in to Rin's Travel Agency and Save your game. Leave RTA and go talk to Clasko (on your right, by the Chocobo). You can't get the chest just yet - you'll have to come back for it.

Equip Wakka with something that doesn't have magic (unless you have a lightning ball; use that!) Continue on (follow the red arrows). When Yuna gets captured, head down the trail. To be able to use magic and aeons, take out the little floating Negator. You better have Wakka in the battle! Once it's gone, haste Lulu and have her cast Thundara for major damage. Watch out for the Mana Beam; it hurts. You can steal one or more Lunar Curtain from him. Be sure to swap everyone in so you can get the massive AP for them, too.

When your opponent is down under 9999 HP (well, let's say 8k just in case), call Ixion for a finishing overdrive! Thor's Hammer is good for 9999 damage (and an overkill nets you 2 elixirs)! An interesting note here: don't kill off the Negator if the Mana Beam is immonent; negator seals that magic as well! If negator is down when the mana beam is about to hit you, be sure to have Yuna swap in an aeon (or you may lose the whole party.) Again, it's good to swap everyone in so that they all get AP in this battle. After the whole series of cut scenes, you'll be in front of the temple.

To the right of the entrance is a chest with a Mega Potion. If you want, you can actually head south and get some extra stuff here. If you opt to do so, please note that you DO NOT HAVE A HEALER. I really hope you've been having Rikku steal hi-potions (or you've been stocking up at stores). South (along the tiny, winding path, is a Lv. 1 Key Sphere. Just south of that is a save sphere. South again gets you to Rin's Travel agency. You can open the chest that was blocked by a chocobo for for 4000 Gil.

Macalania Temple
Head inside and blitz talk (square; scout) to the guy at the bottom of the stairs. Want a level 7 blitzer? :D Regular talk for 400 Gil. Head down the long path to the temple and head inside. If you talk to Tromell you'll receive a Shell Targe. Immidiately inside the temple and to the right is a save sphere. You'll wanna use it later. There are two chests in the hall (2x X-Potion and 5,000 Gil). When you have opened them, head through the door to the antechamber on the left.

Open the trunk (3x Phoenix Down) and talk to everyone for an Ether and an Elixir, as well as insights into Seymour's life. Now go through the door on the right. After a cut sceen, grab the chest in the back for 2x Remedy, talk to the people here for 2x Hi-Potion. Did you see the cat? Did you step on it? Head out, save the game and go to the cloister of trials.

Fighting Seymour
Some prep here. The first two members of your party will be pulled into the battle. I chose Tidus and Kimahri. If Yuna talks to Seymour, her Magic Defense increases.

Head forward through the hallway and down the stairs. After a brief conversation, you'll be able to fight. Seymour casts shell on himself, so don't use magic attacks on him. The other two guardians cast protect, so they are mostly immune to physical attacks. Sub in Wakka and have him talk to Seymour, along with Yuna and Tidus. You can steal a turbo ether (actually, I got an elixir once!) from Seymour, while his two cronies have Hi-Potions. I used my characters' Overdrives to kill off the cronies. (Kihmari's Fire Breath plus Rikku's 2xGrenade over drives killed off the two goons.) Have Tidus use slowga on them and haste (or hastega, if you have it) on your team. Casting Bio on the protectors will keep them busy with Remedies. Alternately, if you have Ifrit fully charged, have him cast HellFire.

That should take care of the two dorks. Be sure to have Auron use Magic Break on Seymour. You can try for a Delay Buster, but he's immune. When you've whittled him down, Seymour should call Anima. His pain attack will kill off one character. Pray it isn't Yuna! Tidus tells Yuna to call the new aeon. Anima is immune to Heavenly Strike (delay), so don't bother. Shiva, however, is immune to Pain's status effects too, so it's not that bad a problem for HER to get hit. If Shiva is low on health, have her cast black magic Blizzara on herself for a full cure. When Anime Boosts, have Shiva boost, too, unless she is low on HP. You're hoping to get an Overdrive (Diamond Dust).

When it comes, cast it for 9999 damage. He's subsequent multiple attacks may kill her off, but if you cast blizzara before hand, you can probably withstand it. If so, just repeat that process for both Anima and the subsequent fight with Seymour (I was really lucky; when shiva killed Anima, Seymour's first attack against her was blizzaga, which healed her all the way up!) If shiva gets killed off, hopefully you've got a few more Aeons up your sleave. If you have a few overdrive ready Aeons, this shouldn't be too tough. Have Rikku steal some Silence Grenades from Anima, if you can, before calling a new Aeon (maybe Ifrit?) Long story short, don't let Anima cast pain on your guys unless there is an aeon there first! Again, hopefully you get another shot. If Anima uses oblivion (his overdrive), everyone dies. Make sure there is an aeon there to take the hit!

You should be able to take out Anima with your aeon. When Seymour starts whipping your guys, steal more turbo ethers. Remember to watch Seymour's pattern and use Yuna's null magic to stop it. Ice, Thunder, Water, Fire. Of course, you can call in the appropriate aeon to take the hit, too. If he's going to cast ice then water, call in ixion and boost him. Ice won't kill him, and then thunder will actually heal him. :D That should do it. After you are called traitors, name your aeon and head for the outside world. I was able to get an Overkill on both Anima AND Seymour - good for 5x ability spheres and 2xBlack Magic spheres. I think I didn't overkill one of the goons, actually. When it's over, save your game and head left out that door.

Macalania Cloister of Trials> When the ice floor breaks, head down the tunnel to your left. You must rebuild the bridge.

  1. At the bottom of the stairs is a pillar with a glyph sphere. Remove it and place it in the pedistal just down from there. Push it to the right.
  2. When the pillar stops, get behind it and push it toward the stalagmites on the far wall. It should head down a ramp.
  3. Grab the Macalania Sphere from the front of the room (far right) and follow the pedistal down the ramp.
  4. Place the Macalania Sphere in the recess on the pillar (not on the wall) at the bottom of the ramp. Notice the two recesses on the far wall.
  5. Remove the glyph sphere from the pedistal and place it in the left-most recess. A pillar should rise up from that level to the next one.
  6. Go back up the ramp, grab the Macalania Sphere that is on that pillar, and take it back down the ramp.
  7. Put it on the pedistal where you had the glyph sphere.
  8. Shove the pedistal to the right, locking into the main collumn.
  9. Head back up the ramp and grab the Macalania Sphere at the top of the ramp (the ramp will go away).
  10. Place it in the recess of the final collumn. You should hear a sound and see a floor emblem show up at the top of the main ramp.
  11. Head up there and step on it. The movable pillar should now be right next to you.
  12. Push it down the ramp - it's Macalania sphere will become a destruction sphere, and the pathway leading to the exit will lose one panel - this is fine.
  13. Follow it down, and step on the reset glyph on the floor close to where the pillar first started out. The pillar should reappear and have a glowing pink destruction sphere.
  14. Grab the Macalania Sphere from the center collumn and place it in the ramp recess (so that you can go down the ramp).
  15. Grab the destruction sphere and head down the ramp.
  16. Place it in the final recess to reveal the chest; grab the Luck Sphere.
  17. Take your prize. Get the Destruction Sphere and head back up the ramp.
  18. Unfortunately, if you just grab the Macalania sphere from the ramp top and place it back in the center collumn, and you can't quite get out. Instead, replace the destruct sphere on the pedastal, and place the Macalania sphere from the ramp into the recess on the far right wall - this will respawn the ice that stops the column in the first step above.
  19. Before we shove the pedastal down the ramp, though, we need to convert that destruction sphere into a Macalania sphere. Go up the ramp and step on the emblam at the top of the ramp. The pedistal and pink destruction sphere should appear next to you. Push it down the ramp.
  20. Head down and step on the emblem near where you first found the pedistal. You can now push the pedistal to the right and it will be stopped by the ice.
  21. Take the Macalania sphere from the far right wall and place it in the ramp recess. Shove the pillar down the ramp, then to the right so it completes the column.
  22. Finally, head back up the ramp and take the ramp recess Macalania sphere and place it back in the center column.
When you leave the temple, you will be given a chance to save. I suggest you take it, but that's up to you. If you ever can't get out, just retrace your steps the the save point on the prior screen and go through the steps again - except don't step on the glowing emblem at the top of the ramp.

Neverending Battles
Head up around the ramp, and hope your guys can beat these jokers. In theory, you can get into an infinite number of battles here. It's marginally good for leveling-up, but not much else. Well, I guess you can have Rikku try to steal some Musk from the Evil Eye enemies. It's pretty useful for customizing your shields to add confuseproof block to them. If you have a controler with "turbo" on it, you can just put something heavy on the "x" and let Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka kill off bad guys. It seemed like a fairly easy way to make a few levels. I wouldn't let it go TOO long, though, just because you're probably mostly filled up on spheres anyway.

I wouldn't suggest standing and fighting unless your guys can do over 1000 points of damage, though. And watch your aeons. You can lose 'em pretty quickly when the guys team up on you. As soon as you leave the temple look to your right. Open the chest and take the mega-potion (if you didn't get it before). If you're used all your overdrives on your Aeons, take this opportunity to recharge them. Head away from the temple and take the right hand road. Open the chest right after the little bridge (if you missed it earlier), then head over the bridge and go down a little to the next save sphere. Save your game; you may want to reset if things get out of hand here.

If you want to make this go really fast, get overdrives for at least two Aeons. I chose Ixion and Ifrit. Trust me - it's easier this way. Head down and watch out.

Boss Battle
Have two Overdriven Aeons? Have Tidus cast haste on Yuna, and have her summon Ixion. Overdrive to kill the two dudes. Dismiss him. Swap all characters in so everyone levels up. Steal if you can. For Yuna's next move, dispel the Shell/Protect, then summon Ifrit on her next attack and kill him off. That's the easy way. Don't have fully charged Aeons? There's always the hard way...

This battle can be pretty tough, but with proper planning it's simplicity itself. I recommend starting out with Wakka, Tidus, and Rikku. Have Tidus start out with a Hastega (they're immune to slow, so avoid that). Next, have wakka use sleep buster on the two side guys. If it kills them, great! If not, they'll at least go to sleeep so they don't auto-potion. Have Rikku steal one or more X-Potions from the Wendigo, then swap in Yuna to cast both Esuana (only if he's berserk) and Dispel (take out the Shell and Protect).

Have Tidus use delay attacks and have Wakka use dark attacks. This should keep him from really being able to attack you much. Swap in your guys so every participates. If you have trouble with him, put him to sleep and then cast fira a few times. When he's down below 4k HP, call in an aeon (this is ice country, so I call Ifrit). If you build up an overdrive, use it - have the aeon cast special->reflect, then special->cheer, then boost until you get an overdrive, then use it.

When you wake up, talk to everyone (save Yuna for last) and then after the cut scene, open the chest behind Kimari (Lvl 2. Key Sphere). There's a semi-hidded treasure behind Rikku (well, by the time you can get to it, it's to the left of Auron). For my game, it was an Avenger (Tidus gets a counterattack skill). Talk to everyone again (Auron last). After some cut scenes, you'll end up at the desert oasis on Bickanel. Somewhat dazed, and somewhat confused.

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