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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Conquering the Wyrm
When fiends attack the ship, head toward the hull of the ship (head to the bottom of the screen as many times as you can, then head up the stairs and toward the top of the screen). When you are told to fight the wyrm, save at the save point there and head to the top of the screen. Talk to the guys on the deck there for some potions. Rin's wares are totally worthless here, so don't bother purchasing anything just yet. Well, maybe not TOTALLY useless. If you have 4500 Gil to blow, you might consider buying up to 99 antidotes and customizing your shields to add poison wards. Unfortunately, you cannot poison proof. You may also want to make sure you have 15-20 Antidotes and 15-20 Softs on hand. Actually, the softs are probably a bad idea. Have Rikku "use" the Al Bhed potions to cure poison. It will cure everyone's poison and also give 1000 HP back to everyone. You *can* hit him with a Dark Attack, so you may want to consider that.

I like to start this battle with Tidus, Rikku, and Auron. Tidus has a "First Strike" weapon, which allows me to cast Hastega right out of the gate. ;) I also like to use Luck and Cheer. Quickhit by a hasted Tidus can do SERIOUS damage to this guy. Rikku can steal a water gem (or two, or ten, or whatever). Keep sensor handy - you'll want to try and overkill him on this one! It'll net you TWO Blk Magic Sphere items rather than one. I used spiral cut to get the overkill. First things first, though: elemental magic doesn't do much to this guy, and he's immune to demi and poison. Feel free to haste your guys, but do NOT use eitehr slow or delay on him - he'll haste himself, and that basically makes it impossible to dodge his poison attack.

He'll haste himself eventually anyway, but hopefully he'll be close to dead by them. I recommend using Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka to start, then swap out Rikku with Auron/Kimahri when you need to focus more on attack than moving (read: he hastes himself so stealing and moving are more or less moot.) You can steal water gems. If he hits you with petrification, have someone throw a soft. You can hit him with power break, but not armor break or magic break. He's vulnerable to dark, but not threaten. When the beast does some serious roaring, Use the Action menut to tell Cid to move the ship back! I know I sound like a broken record, but be sure everyone participates. He's immune to poison, but you might consider using Demi.

Hey Tidus has grind boots! Can I play Tidus and Clank Futures soon? Oh... Sorry, I got side tracked there for a second. Let's move right along, shall we? When you first get to Bevelle, you will be foreced to fight your way through people. Have Rikku (and anyone else who can) steal hi-potions and/or Purifying Salt from the Warrior Monks and and Ether/Remedy from the YKT-63 and YAT-99 enemies. Use hi-potions in between battles. If you need to heal during battle, Rikku and all her Al Bhed potions are your friend! Beat some people up, and watch the cut scenes.

Alternatively, you can just give Tidus a "First Strike" weapon and have Tidus, Auron, and Wakka walk through this section. Be carefull with the TKT-63 enemies! You don't want that to be the last enemy standing. If it is, it will eject one of your guys from battle! If you run across the YAT-99 enemy, be sure to take out anyone in front of it FIRST, so that you can attack it more easily. How much is that worth.

Bevelle: Temple of the Fayth
NOTE: You cannot come back to this temple. Be sure to explore everything here before leaving. When you first get here, step on the stairs to wind down to the lower floor. When Riku opens a door, head through it and down a set of stairs, and your guys will start talking. Be sure to grab the Al Bhed Primer vol. XXII on the ground there before you follow them! If you've actually picked up all 22 so far, you should achieve the rank of Medanyde. There's a save point just before the Trials of the Temple of the Fayth; USE IT!

Head forward into the cloister of trails, and you'll find the now familiar pedistal with a sphere on it. Before pushing it forward, look straight ahead. There are two chest here. You'll want them both (duh). That's the very end of this trial, though. Push the pedistal forward, and the elevater will go down. The trick to this is: time the flashing arrow to be pointing in the direction you want to hop off, and press the direction you want to go, and tap "X" when you are on the green glyph. For ones that are moving fast, mash a lot and pray (a "turbo" controller can really help out here). The first thing you'll do is press "X" to confirm the "direction" (meaning you want to start.)

  1. Level 1: There are three arrows here; all are along a straight path. You'll be on a moving platform heading down the path.
    • Take the 2nd set of arrows first (you want to go left).
    • Grab the Bevelle Sphere here and put it on the pedistal.
    • Shove the pedistal back toward the path to continue. You'll turn left automatically.
    • Button mash at the end of the path, and you should turn around.
    • Take another left when you get to the first path (it's straight across from where you just got the Bevelle Sphere).
    • Remove a Bevelle Sphere from the pedistal here and place it in the recess; you should see a pathway light up. If not, take the sphere back, and try again.
    • Shove the pedistal onto the path again, but this time let yourself fall of the edge by not mashing X. You'll start out back at the top.
    • Take the first right you come to (button mash).
  2. Level 2: The platform will pause and you'll see "Confirm Direction" instructions. Wait for the arrow to point straight ahead, and press X. You will continue on to Level 3.
  3. Level 3: You'll decend down another path and around a corner.
    • When the platform stops, go around the pedistal and grab the Bevelle Sphere.
    • Place it on the pedistal.
    • Shove the pedistal back onto the path; you'll head back up to Level 2.
  4. Level 2: You'll go back around the corner and up to Level 2, where you made a direction choice earlier.
    • This time, wait for the arrow to point right, then press X.
    • Take the very last path you come to (there are three). [NOTE: If you are going too fast and cannot manage to jump off, you'll "fall off" the edge and end up back at the "Confirm Direction" platform. This time you are facing down the path, so choose the path straight ahead. If you continue to be moving to fast, you can slow yourself down by taking the first path, then immediately pushing the pedistal back on the path.]
    • When you manage to take the path at the end of this path, remove one of the Bevelle Spheres from the Pedistal and place it on the Sphere Shaped Recess to your left. A path should open up. Ignore it for now; push the pedital back onto the path where you came from. You'll "fall off" the edge, and appear back at the "confirm direction" platform for this level.
    • This time, choose the straight path, then take the 2nd path you come to (it will be to the right). As before, if you are going to fast, you can use the FIRST path to slow yourself down.
    • At the end of this path is a Glyph Sphere. Remove it from the Wall and place it on the pedistal.
    • Shove the pedistal back onto the path you came from.
    • Your platform will return to the main path and head right. You want to quickly start mashing X so you can stop at the final path again.
    • Remember this path (that I told you to ignore earlier)? Remove the GLYPH sphere (don't accidentally take the Bevelle Sphere!) from the pedistal and place it in the recess at the end of this path.
    • A path should open up and provide you access to the destruction sphere. Get it, and place it on the pedistal.
    • Shove the pedistal back onto the moving path. Once again, you'll fall of the edge, choose the straigh path, and once again take the SECOND path (where you found the glyph sphere). Don't forget you can use the first path to slow down, if you need.
    • See the recess where you found the Glyph sphere earlier? Remove the Destruction Sphere (the pinkish one) from the pedistal and place it in that recess. You should see a short cut scene that doesn't really make any sense; don't worry about it.
    • Shove the pedistal back onto the path, and take the last right.
    • Grab the bevelle sphere here and place it on the pedistal.
    • Shove the pedistal, fall off the edge, choose to go forward, and this time take that FIRST right.
    • When the pedistal stops, shove it toward the bottom of the screen (so it continues along the same direction it was traveling).
    • You should now follow a weird 45 degree angled path up a steep slope to the bottom of a stair way. Walk up the stairs.

There is a chest here with an HP sphere. Grab that and watch the chest dissapear. You should also have TWO bevelle spheres on the pedistal. Go get one, and put it in the recess at the top of the screen, and you should see a path light up. Step on the glowing thing that was hidden under the chest you got the HP sphere out of. When the pedistal shows up, push it left to cross over and get the Knight Lance from the final chest. Finally, walk down the path leading right. Watch some cut scenes, name your aeon, save your game, and watch more cut scenes.

Via Purifico
Once you are finished watching the cut scenes, you'll end up as Yuna, wandering around. Test out your new Bahamut Aeon here - his impulse should be able to make short work of the enemies here. Be sure to use this opportunity to get ALL your Aeons to an overdrive.

  1. There is a save point (I'll call it save point one) here and three paths here - right, straight, and left. Go right, then take the first left you come to (the right path is a dead end just off screen).
  2. You should meet up with Kimarhi in a room containing a chest with a Mega-Potion.
  3. Exit via the top of the screen and continue along that path and you'll run into Auron.
  4. This room has a save point (Save Point Two) and exits going every direction. Take the left exit.
  5. You should wind around to a "T" junction; head left (which is down on the map). The other exit is a dead end anyway (it will have a glyph in a few steps; remember this!)
  6. You'll soon come to another "T" junction. The right branch is a dead end, so continue down the path.
  7. Further down you'll find a room with three exits. The right exit leads to Lulu and a Chest containing a White Magic Sphere.
  8. Since this is a dead end, backtrack a few steps, and take the path leading down.
  9. Bypass the next "T" junction and continue on to the room with a chest containing an Elixir. Grab the elixir and examine the broken glyph (to enable something later).
  10. No go back to that "T" junction you just bypassed above and take the other branch (it's right on the map).
  11. You should now be back in the room with Save Point One, and you should have Kimahri, Auron, and Lulu; save your game.
  12. From Save Point One, head up past the next area, and go right. Open the chest here for a Black Magic Sphere.
  13. Step on the now glowing glyph here. This should cause something to go zipping over to the far upper right corner (remember where I said to remember this spot?)
  14. Head up to Save Point Two (the grate that was blocking your path should now be gone) and save your game, if you need. Look around and see if this glyph is shining. If so, step on it when the arrow is pointing west. If not, find the glyph that IS glowing. You want to eventually end up at the glyph in the upper left corner of the map.
  15. When THAT one is glowing and pointing west, step on it to get to the hidden area. You should get a Skill Sphere in one chest and a Lucid Ring in another chest. A third, hidden chest contains 10,000 Gil. Examine all parts of the gate blocking the path east to find this one.
  16. Use the teleports to go back to Save Point Two (two jumps east from the treasure room), then save. Before heading north, I really recommend you do a little Aeon modding. If you spent the time to steal from cactaur-style enemies (on the Thunder Plains and Bickanel Island), you should have enough stolen chocobo feathers to teach haste. Teach that and cheer, aim, focus, and reflex. When ready (You have a complete set of fully charged Aeons, right?!?), head north one screen.

Head to the top of the maze. You will meet up with Issaru. You now have to do summon battles. I had a fully charged group of Aeons with overdrives.

Battle 1: He calls an Ifrit type Aeon. I called Bahamut. Since he was charged, I had him use Overdrive Megaflare. Instant Overkill with about 25K Damage.

Battle 2: He calls a Valifor type Aeon. I called Bahamut. I had Bahamut Haste, then cheer, then reflex. After that, I just attacked until he was dead (another overkill). He couldn't touch my Bahamut. If you haven't modded your aeon to have haste, etc, try this strategy: Boost until you get an overdrive and use that. As soon as his valifor gets an overdrive, shield against energy ray. You really shouldn't have any trouble with Pterya.

Battle 3: This time he calls a Bahamut type Aeon. Since I could not call Bahamut, I called a fully charged Valefor and used Energy Ray for 9999. Dismiss and call a fully charge Ifrit. Hellfire for 9999. Dismiss and call a fully charged Ixion. Thor's Hammer for 9999 and another overkill. His Bahamut never got in a shot. :D However, if you're unlucky enough to have Yuna take the brunt of a Megaflare, then you're pretty much hosed. Don't let that happen. If his countdown goes to 1, be sure to leave an Aeon to take the blunt of that attack. It will do over 2k in damage, almost certainly enough to kill her.

You are now Tidus. Remember that conversation with Lulu about having Rikku or Tidus learning some magic? It was for this area. If you did that, just use thundaga on these guys. Since I don't typically go that route, I'll also tell you how to get past all these enemies without using magic. Save and then head right if you want to buy stuff. That treasure chest is a store. Go straight, then head left at the fork. Have Rikku use grenades on these jokers, and have tidus use delay attacks on Octopuses. Blind the Octo if you need to. Fighting the really big enemy here is actually pretty eazy. Don't both with openning the locks on the gate. If you do that twice he can't strike back; he'll do far away attacks, and you can use Al Bhed potions to keep your guys healthy. But really, this guy is ZOMBIED. Do you have a couple of X-Potions handy? Think they might be useful at a time like this...? :D Just hit him with TWO and he's a gonner with an overkill for 2x Blk Magic Sphere. There's a chest at the bottom of the next area up. Grab it for a rematch. Around the corner is another chest with an Avenger. Continue swimming around a few more corners. If you have trouble leaving, you may have to swim toward the bottom. After a LOT of cut scenes, we'll have control of the characters again.

Save your game and head back down the highbridge to help Kimahri. I recommend a fully loaded set of aeons here. You can fight random encounters on Highbridge until you get there. Just call and 'boost', then dismiss them. When you get to the front, you can save your game. You are fighting two enemies here - Boss:Seymour Natus (36,000 HP) and Boss[1]:Mortibody (4000 HP).

Steal some tetra elemental. From Seymour, that is. When the battle first started for me, I had Tidus Haste Yuna. Then I called three aeons (Valifore, then Ifrit, then Bahamut) and had them use their overdrives. Since these do 9999 each on the lower ones, and between 11k and 30k using Bahamut, it finished him off fairly quickly. Oh, and I got 4x L. 2 Key Spheres (overkill, you know?)

Finding Yuna
After more cut scenes, you have control again. Talk to people there, and then head down one screen. Hmm. Where can Yuna be? Let's see. Can I go right? Nope. How about left. Hmm, some weirdos chase me off the screen, so let's try to go down, shall we? Well there's Kimahir! Let's talk to him. Whee! Isn't Kimahri a load of fun to talk to?!? OK! Head left to talk to Yuna. She's in the water. I wonder why? Oh yeah, for the fan service, er, I mean cut sceen. You can tell the cut scene from the rest easily - it's the one where the lighting changes about the same time she starts crying.

Anyway, after Tidus's best effort at romance, we'll be able to do something usefull again. Oh stop kissing her, dork. You look goofy! Ok. When the kissing is over, she tells him that he's not enough (Even if you were with me, I could never forget). Talk about an inferiority complex. Geez. It's no wonder this kid is so screwed up. Now we're done and it's time for the comercial break. Heh heh. Just kidding. Now, why is Kimahri watching?!? Perv.

So anyhow, now they walk hand in hand back to camp. Now, what just happened between Rikku and Tidus...? Oh, right. She won't quit. Why is she telling them what their names are? Thankfully, Auron cuts her off before another mushyness scene starts. Sorry. I guess that whole scene was just a little unbelievalbe for me... Anyway when everyone wakes up, there is a chest in that clearing. Barely visible to the left. Go back to that screen and get it (oh hey look: another lucid ring!), then exit that screen and head right. Welcome to the calm lands. If you want your characters to be all that they can be in this game, you'll be comming back here many times.

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