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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Omega Ruins

If you think your characters are up to it, feel free to try taking on the Omega Ruins. Be warned, however. This is NOT an easy area. It's not the hardest part of the game, but it's not that easy, either. You don't get any save points, so your guys better be good! I recommend that your characters have the ability to enable "No Encounters" (or purifying salt availible to customize it for one of your characters). I think I got my No Encounters weapons from fighting ghosts in the Temple of the Stolen Fayth. It's also handy to have either a First Strike (Auron's Ultimate Weapon - the Masamune - has this when it's leveled up) or customize armor to have Deathproof, Confuseproof, Stoneproof, and Berserkproof. Either of these give you a chance if you run across a Great Malboro, whose opening attack will otherwise inflict too much pain. If you have one of these, and you *don't* keep Yuna as one of your main three, you can swap her in either before or after the Bad Breath attack and call Aeons to deal with this powerful enemy. Anyway, before beginning this area, you might want to run around close to the save point for a while, while you get to know your enemies here.

You can SERIOUSLY level up your guys here with a minimal amount of effort - especially if you are "capturing" up to 10 of each type of enemy for the Arena. You may want to go into this level with 99 power spheres, though, they are kinda hard to come by here. FYI: I like to "mug" those chests you encounter in battle - you'll be able to get the goodies inside while destroying the chest if there's a monster. Since you don't get anything good from fighting them, there's not much point.

As I mentioned in the Calm Lands section of the walkthrough, I like to bounce between the Omega Ruins and each of the other areas. You'll get lots of spheres in the other areas and you'll gain lots of levels here. When you run out of Strength Spheres, spend some Mana spheres leveling up an Aeon and then head to besaid and fill out the arena enemies for that area. You should end up with 99 of each sphere, so come back to the Ruins and repeat the process for the other areas. You'll be amazed how fast your characters get to insane levels.

I like to keep track of how many of each type of enemy I've killed off. Once I've killed off 10 of each type, I like to call in Yuna and have Bahamut's Overdrive overkill them. If you opt to do this, be sure to swap in your non-active characters before you call in Bahamut for the overkill - that way everyone can level up together. For my first pass through this area, I hadn't been to Highbridge, so I could alternate between leveling up here, and then going to the the temple at Lake Macalania and having the guys just sit there and level up (they can take anything thrown at them fairly easily). It was an OK strategy, but it took WAY to long. Be sure to steal a bunch of "Musk" from the evil eye enemies (Floating Death) here. You can use those to add the useful "Confuseproof" skill your characters' armor. The Hypello Potions you steal from the Halma enemies can give you Berserkproof, Farplane Winds can give you Deathproof, and Petrify Grenades can give you Stoneproof. As mentioned above, this combination makes it possible to survive the initial Bad Breath attack from the Great Malboro. If one character has all these, s/he can use a Remedy on the character whose turn is next, and so on. Swap in everyone then kill 'em off.

If you are having trouble even doing ANYTHING here, just swap in all your guys so every can have a turn, have those who can steal try to steal something and those who can't just defend, then call in Bahamut and kill the enemy off. This way everyone levels up with a minimum amount of pain. For enemies that counter attack, I'd recommend against even stealing until your guys can take the resulting abuse. Eventually you'll get to the point where you're not shaking in terror everytime your guys have a random encounter. At that point, it's time to consider actually moving on throughout the Ruins...

This section of the game is very dark, so it's hard to see, but your map makes it easier. Please note that the order of stuff in the chests is random, so you may not have stuff in your chests in the order I specify them in. Here are instructions for wandering through the maze in an efficient manner:

  1. Head forward and take the first right.
  2. At the end of the hall are two chests. The right one had a level 4 key sphere, the left one had a defending bracer once, and a monster another. I accidentally killed the monster while he was still in 'chest mode' so I don't know if there are any goodies in there. I suspect not.
  3. Go back the way you came and head across the hallway and down the corridor there.
  4. At the end of that corridor you should see a room with 3 chests. Open the middle (turnover), then left (Lv. 3 Key Sphere x2), then right (monster + Chest).
  5. Leave the room and continue down the corridor across the little bridge until you hit the fork.
  6. Go left.
  7. Follow the corridor around until you get to the chests.
  8. My order was middle (defending armlet), right (monster + chest), left disappeared!
  9. Go back and take the right fork. Almost immedietly you'll come to a screen where you can see a small ledge leading off to the left.
  10. You can't take that ledge until you have activated the support collumns. So let's do that, shall we?
  11. Continue right (past the glyph) until you come to a room with 4 chests in the middle. You should see Al Bhed Primer vol. XXVI in the back, by the torch. Open the lower left corner chest first (Friend Sphere x2). Then lower right corner (Lv. 4 Key Sphere). Next open the upper right (Phantom Ring), and finally the upper left (or leave it alone. It's a stinking monster anyway.) There are two exits leading from this room. They form a "U" shape and meet each other - but the left passage also has a branch off to the left.
  12. After you have opened the chests mentioned above, take the left passage from that room, and the left branch off that passage. You'll see a glyph at the far end of the passage (on the wall. If you see one on the floor, they you have found the elevator - and you need to go back and locate the branch I'm refering to.) Touch the gylph.
  13. Remember that glyph at the fork in the road back on number 11? Go and touch it. The collumns should now be in place ot allow you to access that chest over there. It may appear there is any empty slot, but just go over to it and it should fill in. The chest (for me anyway) has a teleport sphere.
  14. If you don't trust that your guys are UNBELIEVABLY buff, go and save now.
  15. Head back to the room where the 4 chests were, and then take the right path.
  16. When you see a glyph thingy on the floor, that's the elevator. Go step on it.
  17. When you jump off the elevator, swap any non-encounter and capture equipment you might be using. Head down the corridor and when you get close to the middle, you'll get attacked by the Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon
Steal as many doors to tomorrow as you can (for me, it was 70), then finish him off. Bahamut overkilled him in with a single megaflare. Then again, My guys at this point have been leveling up quite a bit here in the Omega Ruins. It looks like defeating him nets you 3x Lv. 3 Key Sphere. An overkill nets you 6. You'll also receive an interesting piece of armor. When I've fought these battles, I've received either a Dragon Lord (Auron) or a Mythical Bangle (Lulu). These have two empty slots plus "Break MP Limit." I usually reset until I get this for Lulu. ;)

  • Step on the pallet to continue.
  • When you appear, you can head either right or left. FYI: If you get to a platform that does NOT have an enemy on it, it means you've been there before. You're welcome. I went left.
  • At the first platform, I fought a tonberry.
  • After that I fought an adamantose on the next platform. There's a chest after that. Get a friend sphere.
  • Now go back and head right. Each time you get to a new platform, you fight a different beast. I fought an adamantose, then gemini, then a great malboro, then a varuna, a master tonberry, then some demonoliths, a master tonberry. After that, I was able to fight the main enemy.

Omega Weapon
I stole 90 gambler's spirit, then wailed on him. My guys were so powerfull he got in ONE hit only. :) If you have Bahamut overkill him, you get a LOT of level 4 key spheres. Pay close attention to that final cut scene. You gotta love Auron's irony here. :D You may also see a chest behind him. That's got a Magic Sphere in it. You get teleported back to the beginning of the level, but you can equip a "no encounters" weapon and come back for it.

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