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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


Submerged Ruins
High Road
Mushroom Rock
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
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Bickanel Island
Calm Lands
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Thunder Plains
When you leave Guadolasam, you'll be wandering out onto the thunder plains. If you time it right, you can jump out of the way of lightning bolts. This is considered a "mini-game" so you may want to practice it for a bit. Depending on how many bolts you can jump from, you can get cool prizes later. There is another side quest you can complete here, but I recommend waiting a little before attempting it (see the "misc side quests" section). For now, just head straight out onto the plains. There's a save point just in front of you. Use than, then look for the chest north and west from here.


  • To keep fiends from casting lightning and powering up, you can cast 'null-shock' on them.
  • You can also use it on you to keep from getting smooshed by lightning attacks.
  • Keep Lu in the battles until she learns watera, if she doesn't have it already. It's usefull here.
  • Kill some Quacktars if you can. Lots 'o AP! - but be SURE to steal a Chocobo feather from one (10 of these let you teach your Aeon Haste).
  • Call Ixion on the quacktaurs (if you can do thor's hammer). Then again, Ifrit's meteor strike will kill them off too (albeit one at a time...)
  • If you have to fight Iron Giants, remember, they are not totally immune to lightning, but they are close. Use Dark Buster and Watera.
When it looks like you can go two directions, take the left one. You can rest there. (Not that you will have a choice.) Talk to Riku and Rin will appear. Talk to him and say your study is going OK, and you'll get Al Bhed Primer vol. XIV. Tell him that's Auron over there to learn a little more about Auron's past. Be sure to read the thing on the counter, too. Follow Yuna, and you'll eventually have an opportunity to leave. Some guy will probably run by and take your picture.

When he's gone, there should be a shild on the ground that will render Tidus Shockproof! To the west is a chest with an X-Potion. Head north, and save at the save point. Eventually, Yuna will ask to talk to everyone. When you are under the building there, go around the left side and look in the chest for an Ether. Follow the cliff to your left and open that chest as well (remedy). If you head to your right (go all the way to the opposite side of this canyon; if you come to a quactar stone, head down and right) there's a chest to your right with 2,000 Gil in it.

There are other chests and things around here, but you may want to be a little more powerful before you try for them. I really recommend you come back and get the other stuff later (see the Misc Quests section for more info on this). If you follow my strategy, you'll be coming back here to gather fiends in a little while, so you're not really missing anything. Now continue on north toward Macalania Woods.

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