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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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So..... You've arrived in Luca, eh? Just look at the crowd folks. All (4) fans have turned out to root for the goers. ;) Now then. When you first arive on the docks, don't try to board the ship; you can't. Instead, talk to the hightly intelligent townsfolk. They'll show you their BLISTERING insights into the nuances of everyday life. (Hey, you came over across the water. Wet, ain't it!) Anyway, go off to the right and save your game, then continue right. We're off to meet the Measter! The wonderful Measter of... odd. Never mind. Meet the Measter. See the guy with spiral chest hair? Isn't that creepy?

That's a little something I like to call "foreshadowning." Oops. Did I spoil something? D'oh! I'm always doing that. Oh well. This IS a walkthrough. I suppose it's not surprise that we'll (ahem) Seymour of him later. Now then... In the interest of full disclosure, I've never really gotten into Blitz ball. I think the problem was not understanding it very well. If you are the kind of person who likes side quests and mini-games, I'd recommend paying close attention to each aspect of the tutorial. If you are the kind of person who hates mini-games, you'll likely want to pay only cursory attention to these blitzball games. It doesn't seem to matter that much game wise.

Actually, I've had a change of heart. I'm going to edit this section and actually add the bits needed to explain how the blitzball system works and what you can do about it. There are certain weapons (for Wakka, shock - I know) that require some level of BB proficiency, so a good walkthrough really should have it.

Around town
Anyway, once Yuna says something about Auron, go out the hall and toward the bottom of the screen. The hallway to the left will yield 2 Hi-Potions and Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI. (just outside the Goers lockerroom. Go back to the main entrance and save your game. Head outside (bottom of screen). Head right past the screen until Tidus finally says "Luca is a big town." North East of that is a chest with 1000 gil, up a bunch of stairs.

You won't be able to go any farther than that just yet. Straight north of the center (a screen back) is the cafe. Go and... Stuff happens... Watch a little. Eventually you will have to run back left (after that kidnapping). Go left until you get to the main blitz arena screen. Go right to dock 5. At dock 5, head to the front right corner and walk between a few boxes. There should be a few chests back there which are very difficult to see.

You'll have to look for them. This will net you a Magic Sphere and an HP sphere. Continue on to get to a road block. Head back to the main arena screen. Save your game and then go left from this screen. There's a chest with 600 Gil in the upper left, and a Tidal spear further on.

Meet the Machina
Talk to O'aka if you want (you can buy weapons, armor, items) , then continue around the dock path and fight the machina. For what it's worth, O'aka has a lightning spear for Kimahri (lightning works well against machina). There's a chest here with 2x phoenix down; grab 'em and continue on. Fight more machina. And again. I've found having Tidus cast haste on Lu and letting her take them on with lightning works well.

After your third mecha battle (the one where they keep coming) save your game and head right. Catch the boat and do some damage! Cast haste on Lu first, then have Tidus try to use the crane. Next have Lu hit it with lightning 3 times. In the mean time, Kimahri and Tidus just smack around the boss. After three bolts, the crain should be able to do some decent damage. Whittle the boss down to about 1000 HP, then have Tidus attempt to use the crain. The boss should either be dead now, or easy to beat. Have Lu finish him off with lightning. Now it's time to play, "Let's learn a little bit about Yuna's family!" OK.

I love Lulu's reaction. Remember when she told Wakka he was living in the past? Heh. That was a good one. *eyeroll* Head back to the stadium and save your game. Go to the Auroch's dressing room talk to Wakka. When you are finished, you'll be able to wander around a very confined area. Save the game here.

My First Blitz Ball Game
If you want another reminder about the rules, talk to Datto. The most important thing to remember about Blitzball is this: everything you do gives you experience points. So if you just have Tidus and Letty pass the ball back and forth for 5 minutes, those two characters will get lots of experience points. Go talk to Wakka when you are ready to play. Your first match doesn't give you an opportunity to set any techniques or marks at first, but you'll be able to change things around at half time. You need to make sure your guys level up before then. You did save in the locker room, right?

The cut scene between the locker room and when you actually start to play is about 4 minutes. If you're lucky, your team will get the ball first. If not, I recommend a restart and reload. When you get the ball, immediately press square and throw it to someone that doesn't have an opponent near by. When he catches it, press Triangle and switch to Manual Mode A and set your guys to stick to the Right Side.

Whoever has the ball should swim away from any opponents and try to throw to another player. You just want to pass pass pass until the time runs out. You're attempting to level people up. The player who *really* needs to be leveled up, though, is Tidus. Have him get every other pass. (e.g., Letty to Tidus, Tidus to Botta, Botto to Tidus, Tidus to Letty, repeat.) Just make sure no one who is near an opponent gets the ball. You do NOT want the Goers to level up!!!

At half time, you'll be able to set Techniques and Marks. Hopefully you know how to do this from the tutorials, but at least be sure you set Tidus to that Jecht shot you learned earlier. If you failed on that, leave it on the sphere shot. The Jecht shot can knock away two opponents *AND* add plus 5 to your shot skill, so it's really useful. When the second half starts, it's great if you actually get the ball, but if the Goers get it, hit Triangle and switch to defensive formation Right. You be interuppted by a cut scene after about 2:45, so be SURE to have Tidus score before then.

You really want to score at least one goal. When your guys get the ball, swim along the lower rim of the Sphere Pool and try to pass the ball to Tidus. He should swim toward the goal and shoot using the Jecht shot - but only if he's decently close and is guarded by NO MORE than two opponents. The Jecht shot will knock them away, and the raised shot score should get you the goal. After that, it's all about the pass pass pass action you learned in the first half.

After the cut scene, keep up with the passing, etc. You just have to keep the ball away from the Goers so they can't try and score. I was able to win this tournament. Really. I got a strength sphere.

If you like side quests like this, have fun playing blitz throughout the game. If you don't though, well, if you spend 3 hours leveling up your characters, they will be well enough equiped to beat the game. If you like it, thought (and if you learned the Jecht shot earlier on) feel free to play as much as you like.

Several people have written me to let me know that they have had hours of enjoyment playing the Blitzball mini-game. Apparently, if you are really into sports like games, this is a lot of fun. Perhaps that's why I'm not all that into it. Maybe it will grow on me if I play it more. Feel free to read on, I'm going to go find my controller...

tl;dr: Save before starting the game, then play around and see if you like it. If you do, it might be worth your while to restore until you've actually succeded in winning the game. Later on, you can start your own blitzball team. If you do, it'll be worth it to have played really good in this one. At the very least, you'll have learned how to play well. ;) Anyway, regardless of whether you want to do this later or not, you may have the opportunity to slot the Jecht Shot you learned earlier, if you level up during the first have. Concentrate on a bunch of passing between your guys to level them up - Tidus most, ignore Wakka.

Moving on
After the game is over, you'll have to fight some fish. You may want to make use of dark attacks. After Auron joins up with you again, you'll have to fight. Apparently Yuna has a thing for guys with really big Aeons. I'm not sure what that means. *ahem* Boy, doesn't Auron have a twisted sense of humor. (No, that wasn't a question). Anywho...

After the Auron monologue, follow Auron and the red arrows back to the main arena store and save your game. (Stock up by buying stuff too, if you want). Head down from the shops to enter to town proper. Follow the path right, but head north to the Theater. In the "reception" area (use triangle to see where you are), you can find something on the ground. That's Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII.

Follow the red Auron arrows around the little statue and up the stairs. When Yuna calls to you, go say "Hi" to her. (Gotta love that theme with variations spin on Ellone's theme). When you have control again, save your game and head straight forward along the path to Highroad.

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