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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


Submerged Ruins
High Road
Mushroom Rock
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
Lake Macalania
Bickanel Island
Calm Lands
Mt. Gagazet

Side Quests
Misc Quests
Omega Ruins

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Side Quests
At certain points in the game you can return to places you have already been. Until you get to Macalania Temple (and have your run in with Seymour), you can go back and forth all the way from Besaid to Lake Macalania. Once you get to the calm lands, however, you cannot go back any further than the thunder plains, as Tidus refuses to enter Guadosalam. I will list the things you can do a certain times.

Prior to Macalania Temple
Feel free to roam around the country side, killing enemies and leveling up. There really isn't any reason other than leveling up that you would want to at this point in the game, however. Additionally, there are some great places to level up coming up soon, and you can probably make better use of your time then.

After ariving in the Calm Lands
As the game gets significantly harder from this point on, you may wish to use this oppertunity to fill out part of the Arena, as it can add to your AP and make your guys stronger. You can use my ffx fiend tracker to ensure you've captured all the fiends. If you head back down the path toward Bevelle, only taking the left fork this time, you can find a 'Jecht Sphere' that explains how Jecht met Auron and Braska (if you haven't already acquired it). Complete the next few areas.

Lost Boy Quest
OK. It's not really a quest, per se. But it's useful. Talk to the kid and the lady at the entrace to Macalania Woods (I recommend doing this after you have completed the first part of the Calm Lands quest). They are looking for their missing husband/father. Head back down the Bevelle path and past the guard. Take the next left and the guy is waiting there.

Tell him "they're waiting for you over there" and then follow him back to where his family is waiting. Talk to them both (over where you first met the lady) and they'll tell you the kid went wandering off into the woods. Go into the woods, taking the crystal light path. ('Cause I believe in me!) Take the first branch (left) you come to and you'll meet the kid. Remember this place. It's where you use the crests to level up your ultimate weapons!

Gathering Fiends
Go all the way back (as far as you can) and collect specimines from as many lands as you can. You'll probably build up more spheres (strength, speed, mana, ability) than you can use, so don't be afraid to use some of them to increase your Aeons' abilities (you have been to Remiem Temple, right?) While going through the Thunder Plains, be sure not to miss the Jecht Sphere along the rightmost wall of the southern screen (Auron can learn a new Overdrive: Banishing Blade).

Remember, if you 'pray' (press the square button) to 3 active Quactar Stones around here (the first one kinda roams, after that, you have to go looking for the active one), you can see the ghost guy. When I played, I prayed to one in the upper right of the Northern area, then one in the Southern right area, then one in the Southern left area (by the save sphere). Follow the ghostly Qactuar guy to a leaning tower toward the bottom right corner of the thunder plains (it's not totally obvious when you get there, just FYI) and 'pray' to it.

A box will appear that you can't open. Well, unless you happen to have the Celestial Mirror already. If you've been following along, you probably did the Remiem Temple quest first, so you should have it by now. Use the Celestial Mirror for the Spirit Lance. Take this to the place where you charged the Celestial Mirror, and have Kimahri present it after you find the proper crests (see cloudy/celestial mirror section below). I usually use a grenade to weaken the Quactaurs, and then kill them off with wakka or tidus' special attack. You will not be able to get to Guadolasalm yet. I usually hit Thunder Plains, then Macalania Woods, then Lake Macalania, adding to the list of animals in the zoo. When you get to Lake Macalania, you'll be able to open the chest next to Rin's Agency. (The one previously guarded by the Chocobo rider, unless you came back after loosing Yuna).

While you are there, head down to the temple if you want to level up. You can stand in the same place and have enemies continue to attack you. If you have a controller with a 'turbo' button (and you guys are at a decent level) you should be able to level up here by simply watching your guys every so often to make sure they aren't totally dead. The bottom line on this is, if Tidus has first strike and can kill off the guado guard in one shot, you can probably fight at least 5 to 10 battles before having to heal up your guys. Either use your potions, or just have Yuna heal them up.

It's also a good way to capture enemies. If you have first-strike, initiative and really powerfull guys (and don't care about the time listed in the save game menu under 'hours-wasted-playing-this-game' :) you can let the game run all night here and fill up your spheres. This is usefull if you want to level up your aeons later! If you are uncertain how man of each enemy you need to capture still, head back to the calm lands and you can check your progress in the arena.

Remiem Temple
If you missed the interaction with Belgimine on the Calm Lands plains, you can find her again. You really want to - because you NEED the Aeon's Soul.

Ride the chocobo to the place where you first entered the calm lands, and head right. There should be a chocobo feather on the ground. Go there and examine it to jump down. You'll be in a little gully. Head toward the big crevas in the rock. Go over the bridge, SAVE YOUR GAME, examine the sphere to learn about the races here, pick up Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIV, and teach your aeons a few tricks. If they don't already know Aim, Cheer, Focus, and Reflect, TEACH THEM NOW. Save again, then head through the doorway.

Talk to Belgemine and accept her challange. You'll have to go after Valefore first. he's got 20,000 HP or so. I called Ifrit and had him use black magic Fire on himself to heal up when valefore attacked him. Shield against overdrives. Use overdrives when you get 'em. When (if) Ifrit is killed off, use Ixion and follow the same general pattern. You should get the Aeon's Soul (and 4x Lightning Gem; teach an Aeon Thundaga!) for this battle. This handy-dandy little item lets you modify your Aeon's Atrributes. Note the mini-tutorial that pops up.

You can go and save your game at this time. I kinda recommend it. ;) Now go back and go after each of her other Aeons. Ifrit has 28k or so, and I chose Ixion. For this battle, I had him use Cheer and Reflex, hit, then shield when Ifrit was readying an overdrive. When he got wounded, I'd use Thundara on himself to heal himself back up. When an overdrive came, and I was healed enough, I'd use the overdrive. When Ixion was killed off, I called Valifore and used blizzara to finish him off. I got 30x X-Potion! This allows any Aeon to learn Cura.

Save again, and then go after Ixion. It looks like he's got 30K HP, so you basically need 3 9999 overdrives and one other hit. :D I use Ifrit (heal with Fire). When you first get an Aeon called in, use Reflex to up your evade and cheer to up your Strength and Defense - this will help! When Ixion evades and defends, use Focus to raise your healing (black magic in this case) power, and use the black magics to heal your guy back up. Aim can help you hit even when he's evading. I was albe to kill him off with only Ifrit (nearly dead at the end, to be sure). You'll get 10x Chocobo Feather for this battle. This allows any Aeon to learn Haste.

Now you get to fight Shiva. She only has 20k HP, but you'll likely find it tough to land hits. I brought in Ifrit (of course). Same format as the previous battle. Reflex then Cheer. Wait for an overdrive, and use that. Heal while waiting. Shild when Shiva gets an overdrive. Meteor Strike when it won't give her two consecutive turns. When I got the second overdrive, she was toast. Winning this battle will net you 60x Mega-Potions!!! This should allow any aeon to learn Curaga.

Bahamut. Ouch. You saved, right? I did the same kinda thing. Ifrit - Reflex, Cheer, Focus. Bahamut will countdown AND counter attack. When his countdown reaches 1, be sure to shield against the Mega flare overdrive. I only used Ifrit's overdrive when Bahamut had a countdown at 4 or 5. I wanted to be able to cast fire (heal) at least once before shielding against an overdrive. In this way, I was able to kill off Bahamut with just one Aeon. And I had only just arrived in the Calm Lands. I haven't even done the Arena side quests yet. You should receive a Flower Scepter for this battle.

When you've left the Calm Lands, you'll have the opportunity to pick up Yojimbo from the Temple of the Stolen Fayth. He's got less than 30,000 HP. I brought in a full (overdrive enabled) Shiva. Just use the overdrive to hit him for 9999. Then use black magic Blizzara to heal her up while she gets attacked. When the overdive gague is charged, use it again. 3rd time is a charm. You should get 8x Shadow Gem for this battle.

When you have been to Mt Gagazet (or, more precisely when you have FINISHED Mt Gagazet), be sure to gather one of every fiend, and then talk to the guy in the Arena. You should get the Blossom Crown. Use both the Crown and the Flower Scepter on the door at the far east edge of this room (behind Belgemine). Note that I was unable to do this DURING the Mt Gagazet quest.

Unless you have the other hidden Aeons already, you'll want to leave now. Come back when you have Yojimbo, Anime, and Sisters, who you get when you use the flower scepter and the Blossom Crown (add all Mt Gagazet monsters to the arena) on the doorway behind her.

Don't forget to ride the chocobo on the right-hand pathway here! For the first race, go to the end of the line, and hit the chest. When you pop down, go right, and take the pathway down (avoid the pins!) YOu should be able to wind your way down right after that and win. You'll get the Cloudy Mirror. If you hold this up to the light where you found the little boy earlier (see lost boy above), this will become the celestial mirror. Repeat this course, and try other pathways and box numbers to get extra prizes. I was able to get a potion, a Megalixir (two boxes, no poles), and 30x Wings to Discovery (three boxes, no poles).

When you get back to the calm lands, head to the north west corner (upper left) and talk to the lone guy on a chocobo. Ask him to ride a chocobo, then ask him to let you train one. Tell him you are serious, and then the training will begin. Press left and right to change the direction. You have to pass between him and his chocobo. Just try and keep the chocobo toward the center of the line of balloons. If you can't do it on the first try, you most likely can do it on the second. You'll get a prize and the ability to ride chocobos on the plains of the calm lands. Once you win ALL the trials (including beating her in a race), you can get down the ramp in the north west corner of the Calm Lands and get Tidus' weapon: Caladbolg.

After Zanarkand
After beating Zanarkand, be sure to go back inside the temple there! There's a new puzzle to get the destruct sphere! Step on all the white squares (See figures). Then go to the main room and get the destruct sphere. Take it to the elevator room and place it in the right recess. Open the chest that shows up and take the magistral rod.

When you have control of the airship, you can enter in passwords that you find hidden around the world. In Al Bhed. On the ground around the calm lands. It's 'GODHAND'. Enter this to gain access to Mushroom Rock. At the end of a maze looking bunch of rocks, you'll find a chest. You won't be able to open it. Yet. Near Kilika woods, there is enough information to figure out that the password there is 'VICTORIOUS.' Enter this for Besaid Ruins 1.

Remember where Kimahri jumped of the ruins and faught you? That was here. You get 'Victorious' from the chest here. (Lightning, fire and ice proof for Rikku.) You'll have to go counter clockwise around the big thingy, by the way. The third password is found in the sand dunes on Bikinel. 'MURASAME' will get you Besaid Ruins 2. Go strait for the Murasame.

Searchable Coordinants
You can also search on the airship for locations. Talk to cid and select 'search' from the menu. Here are the coords you can get:

Baaj Temple		X16,Y57 (See appropriate walkthrough section.)
Battle Site		X42,Y57 (Strait forward)
Besaid Falls		X31,Y73 (Under waterfall bridge in Besaid.)
Mi'ihen Ruins		X34,Y58 (Tough to see.  Go left from save point.)
Omega Ruins		X74,Y36 (See appropriate walkthrough section.)
Sanubia Sands		X15,Y41 (Obvious.)

You don't have to be very precise on these, by the way. I don't know if there are any more, but these are the ones I found. It took about 3 hours of going over every pixel I could. If anyone knows of and I missed, please let me know! Here's what each place get's you: Besaid Falls = Dragoon Lance. Mi'ihen Ruins = Sonar. Battle Site = Phantom Bangle. Sanubia Sands = Ascalon. Dragoon Lance gives Kimarhi cool dodge skills. Sonar gives Rikku first strike. Phantom Bangle gives Lulu Ice, Fire and Water eater. Ascalon gives Tidus DOUBLE AP.

Cloudy/Celestial Mirrors
Once you have the cloudy mirror (see the Remiem Temple section above), you should be able to open all those chest from here on that used to say "You can't open it." But you have to charge it, first, otherwise it will just say "Not enough energy..." To restore it, head to Macalania woods. Complete the 'find lost boy' deal above, and head to the glowing egg thing. Examine it and say, 'use cloudy mirror.' You now have the Celestial Mirror. Go find each of the chests you couldn't get into before, but also talk to the people listed below the table. The weapons suck at first, but they get better later. Here's what the chests have:
Location Weapon Character Crests
Thunder Plains Spirit Lance Kimahri Saturn Crest
Mushroom Rock Godhand Rikku Mercury Crest, Mercury Sigil
Calm Lands Nirvana Yuna Moon Crest, Moon Sigil
Calm Lands Caladbolg Tidus Sun Crest
Baaj Temple Onion Knight Lulu
Mushroom Rock Masamune Auron Mars Crest, Mars Sigil
Luca Blitz Ball Wakka Jupiter Crest

Caladbolg: You get this by challenging the dude on the Calm Lands to various races. In my opinion, this is a complete waste of time. The weapon flat out isn't worth the 10 hours it will take you to master it. Just go level up in either the Omega Ruins or Sin, and then work your way through the arena. You get the Sun Crest when you fight Yunalesca, and you get the other one if you can beat the Chasing Chocobo thing with less than 0 seconds left. Yeah - you read that right.


  • Break Damage Limit
  • Triple Overdrive
  • Double AP
  • Gillionaire
To get the Mercury Crest and Mercury Sigil, be sure to complete the Gatekeeper's side quest on Bikinel. You probably want to power this weapon up and equip it *before* you do a lot of leveling up.

Blitz Ball: Did I mention I hate blitz ball? If you don't play it, you can't get this weapon. I don't really care. :D You can get the Jupiter Crest in a closet in Luca - in the Auroch's locker room. There's a Jecht's Sphere outside the door, btw.

  • Break Damage Limit
  • Triple Overdrive
  • First Strike
  • Counterattack
Once you have the Rusty Sword from the entrance to The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, take the airship (yeah, you have to wait that long) to the Mi'hen High Road. Head to mushroom rock. Remember how you took the first left to get to the HQ? This time, go straigh under the arch, and take the 2nd left. At the end of that area is an elevator to a statue where you can use the Rusty Sword. You should now see a glyph. Walk over and use the Celestial Mirror on it for the Masamune. Back down the elevator and continue along the path; you'll find a chest and a bar you can climb on to get to the next area. If you have the Mars Crest and the Mars Sigil, be sure to go power this guy up!

The Mars Crest is found at the bottom of the cliff where you fought the Chocobo Eater. You'll have to go all the way to the staging area (where the fiends were in the cages) and then come back down the other path. It's probably best to do this while you are performing the Chocobo tracks side quest in that area. You can get the Mars Sigil from the Arena owner after you've captured a bunch of fiends from different areas.

  • Break Damage Limit
  • Triple Overdrive
  • Double AP
  • One MP Cost
You probably already got the Moon Crest back in Besaid (remember the area you had to swim right in order to see?) See the "Baaj Temple, Anima, and he Magus Sisters" section below to see how to get the moon Sigil. The Nirvana weapon is in the chest by the Arena - use the Cloudy Mirror to open it.

Baaj Temple, Anima, and the Magus Sisters
After visiting all temples again (post highbridge), have Cid take you to Baaj Temple. When you get to the Baaj Temple, you'll go strait and dive in like last time. Dive and head toward the green dot. Poison this guy, if you can. Lightning elemental reels works well too. He's not too tough, to be honest. There is a ultimate weapon here. Towards the bottom of the map, the screen will switch. Head into that alcove and turn right. Once you get the onion knight, head toward the green dot and then forward through the hallway.

Around the left is a stairway. Go up it and through the doors. The chest to your immediate right has a megalixir, and the one on the left has 4 mega phoenix. If you have opened the chests that require you to use the destruct sphere in each temple's cloister of trials then you can get in here. Examine each statue and a glyph will show up by each one. Whey you have all six glyphs, the front glyph explodes, and you'll be able to go inside and walk to the middle of the room.

This is kinda creepy, but whatever. You get a cool aeon out of this. When you have anima (and yojimbo) head to the temple in the calm lands! When you have completed capturing all the beasts from Mt Gagazette, go back to the guy in the calm lands to receive the Blossom Crown. You may now aquire the Magus Sisters aeon, if you have Yojimbo and Anima. Get a chocobo and head to the hidden temple in the calm lands. Defeat Belgamine using all aeons except anima and then examine the door at the far end of the room. Use the blossom crown and the flower scepter to open the door.

When Yuna prays, you will have to name 3 aeons, then you'll go back outside. Immediately go back in. You should get a Defense Sphere. Regarding these three Aeons, you can only use them together. Now talk to belgemine and fight with anima and then with magus sisters. Depending on how much you've been leveling up, this may be brain dead easy. After a lot of leveling up, this was overkill by Bahamut with one hit to anima and one impulse to the Magus Sisters. (With only minimal leveling up, I beat anima with 3 hits from bahamut, and the sisters with one megaflare) When you beat anima, you'll get 60 stamina springs. When you defeat magus sisters, you'll get 40 shining gems. Perform her sending to receive the moon sigil. Be sure to use this to level up Yuna's Ultimate Weapon, Nirvana.

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