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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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When the game opens, you will see a cut scene. This scene actually takes place later into the game, so if you don't understand what is going on, don't worry. At least try to pay attention to it, though. So... Listen to his story. ;)

Meet Tidus
Your are next transported to a place with cool techno-ish music. You gotta love that FF1 harp, don't ya? You are they guy at the top of the screen. His name is Tidus. For the sake of everyone's sanity, I will not change the names of any character's or Aeons. It just makes it easier. Walk around a bit to get accustom to the controls. Oh, and don't try to go through that door. It's locked. (For now). Walk toward the bottom of the screen and talk to random people. You will learn a little bit about Tidus's background. Head to the bottom of the screen to start the next cut scene. The announcer will explain a little bit about what is going on. Walk up and to the right toward the stadium. When you get inside, the next cut scene will start.

Meet Auron; Meet Sin
Don't worry if you don't get it. When Tidus wakes up, walk down what's left of the street until you will meet Auron. Follow him. You will see a small boy. Pay attention to this kid. He is your 'guide' for the most part. You'll understand more later. Tidus will run to catch up to Auron, you'll see Sin for the first time. You'll have to battle your way through a few enemies first. You'll get a sword. If you kill the enemies behind you, they'll just keep coming. Go for the one's in front of you first. You don't get any experience points or items anyway. For your second battle, though it matters. Use your overdrives! For Auron's first attack, press to the left and select the Bushido. Type in the commands in the order listed. He should kill off all the little buggers. For Tidus's second attack, use spiral cut. Try to press the x button when the sliding marker is in the center of the slide. This guy uses demi, so he won't kill you, but the next group of bad guys will. Keep hitting him until he explodes, then follow Auron behind him.

Meet the Save Point
You should see a shiny globe there. This device does quite a few things. Most importantly, it allows you to save your game. It also will restore all HP/MP. If you accidentally skip this, you can just use potions as your first action during the upcoming battle. While you can't do this now, eventually this kind of sphere will allow you to teleport to Cid's ship. (There has to be a Cid, right?) Now follow Auron and fight more bad guys. Kill anything who's wings start to flicker. When Auron tells you, start beating up the power module. This will probably take at least 2-3 hits for each character. Then starts another cut scene, when Ject calls you, press and hold the circle button to go down. You'll see an image of you as a child. Then you'll go to Zanarkind.

Click the "Submerged Ruins" link on the left.

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