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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


Submerged Ruins
High Road
Mushroom Rock
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
Lake Macalania
Bickanel Island
Calm Lands
Mt. Gagazet

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Omega Ruins

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You take the Highroad
Continue along Highroad until you get to the end. You may want to level up a little bit here; the dual horns have those Ability Spheres you're probably looking for about now, and Kimari can learn Fire Breath from them. There are various people you'll run across here. Talk to them for cool stuff. There are also paths that branch off. You'll want to get the Level 1. Key Sphere here.

Be sure to explore them all, and accept any challenges you can. When you talk to Belgemine, be sure to fight with Valefore. Alternate between Shield and Boost just like it suggests - shield against Meteor Strike and Boost against a standarad attack. He alternates between them, so it's easy to know what comes next. Fight until you get an overdrive, then nail him with that.

You won't earn any AP or items for this battle, but you will earn an Echo Ring from her. Shell leave after the battle - just continue on down the Highroad. When you see the chocobo cart, follow the crusaders to the right and talk them. Gatta and Luzzu are funny. A little further up the road is a young lady named Shelinda. Talk to her. Continue on and open the chest for some eyedrops. Around the next bend you sleep at the Al Bhed shop.

Oh here she comes; she's a Chocobo Eater!
Go talk to people, then go outside and talk to Yuna. Pay attention and you'll learn something. When you wake up, be sure to talk to the kid - he'll give you your second Level 1. Key Sphere. Now try to leave. You'll be stopped by a guy named Rin, the owner. You should get Al Bhed Primer Vol VIII. Tidus should now be Al Bhed Typpman. You'll probably get 2x Mega Potion, too. When the chocobos are attacked, save your game and head outside.

You have one last opportunity to do a little leveling up if you leave via the southern path. You can go all the way back to the save point at the south end of Highroad. If you've been leveling Kimahri up via the upper left, then lower left path, chances are you have the ability to take him through the two Level 1. Locks on the sphere grid that lead to Rikku's "Steal" and "Use" commands. You should also have two Level 1. Key Spheres, right? This suggests a course of action to me. You can get Kimahri the ability to steal before the next battle, but just so you know, it's not too terribly useful. I'll tell you when the steal skill is finally useful, and you can level up then. When you're ready to continue, head around behind the building to the Chocobo Corral.

To defeat the Chocobo Eater, use dark attack to blind him, then use fire based attacks to kill him off. Remember to keep dark attacking him to keep him blind, since he can kill with one blow. BTW: He's immune to sleep. Have Auron hit him with Power Break to mimimize the effects of his punches. When finished, touch the save sphere to restore your HP/MP and go rent a chocobo. (If he knocks you off the cliff, you'll have to follow the path). I recommend getting everyone involved in the fight, then bringing in Valefore to finish him off with an overdrived Energy Ray. My Ifrit's overdrive did 4782 to him, which was good for an overkill. During the course of the battle, Kimahri was able to steal four potions. Whee.

Chocobo tracks; Chocobo tricks
Rent your free chocobo and head north. As your chocobo walks around, look on the ground for feathers. Your chocobo can do tricks there. There should be one after you cross the second bridge (there's an Al Bhed primer IX on the ground, too - if you come to that, you've gone to far.). Press 'X' by a yellow thing on the ground. Your chocobo should be able to earn you a Heat Lance here. When you come to the fork in the road, open the chest to the left for 2x Hi-Potion, then take the right hand trail that goes back the direction you came from (but on a different path). Head down and look for more chocobo feathers.

The first one is opposite a small tower directly below Shelinda and the scholar (Thunder Blade and Scout). The last one is along a small path to the right, a little bit after you see Lucil (fortune sphere). Just beyond that, you may bump into O'aka. At the end of that road is a chest with the Mars Crest in it. When you have beaten the Spherimorph (and gone to Zanarkand, I think), you'll be able to return here for a Jecht's Sphere.

Think about that for a second. This is where you end up if you don't beat the chocobo eater, right? You get knocked off the ledge and end up here. The implication of this is that Braska's party couldn't defeat the chocobo eater. :) Head back to the fork in the road where the save sphere is and go north to move on to mushroom rock.