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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Cactuars (Gatekeepers) Sidequest
The cactuar's quest is a great way to round up all the enemies and chests on Bikinel. To start it, head to Bikinel and go to the place where home was. From there, you should see a valley on your right that you cannot enter. Go just south of it and you'll see a stone with a cactuar painted on it. Go examine it and read the song of the Gatekeeper.

10 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
Tomay's gone.  Gone to fetch the water.
Be back soon.
You'll get some instructions. Basically the story is this. There are some spheres that control the sand and create the sandstorm that keeps you out of the valley. You have to find the 10 cactaurs (not any 10, THE 10) and get their spheres. Each time you do, bring it back here and you'll get directions to the next cactaur. If you fail to get the sphere, you'll get a Sphere del Perdedor (Loser Sphere). The more 'personal' spheres you get, the better an award you will receive at the village.

Each time you find a gatekeeper you will play a game of red light/green light. You'll have 3 tries to sneak up on the guy. To do this, RUN FAST. Ignore the chests if you have to, and save between gatekeepers. The cactuars squeek before turning around. Kinda of a "squeaky, squeak-squeak." Then they will squeak again to tell you they are turning around. You can be aproaching during the first two squeaks, but after that you'll get caught. When you finally catch up to them, you'll be able to attack him. You can capture cactuars this way, too. Here's where you find them:
Go to the watering hole where you first arrived in Bikinel.
- Duties: Fetching water. Takes his time and, as a result, is often left behind.
- A little dim.
When running to catch up to Tomay, you'll actually be holding the down and right arrows. Play with it a little. Bring that back to the stone (alter thing) and examine it. "Writing appears when the sphere is set into the stone!"
9 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
Rovivea's gone walkabout.
Be back soon.
This guy is running around one of the many treasure chests around the area. From the save sphere in the center of the area, head down one screen to Sanubia Desert East, and follow the west wall of the screen. (See map for details).
- Has no patience for certain dim-witted friends.
- Not a progressive thinker.
When running to catch up to Rovivea, you'll actually be holding the down and left arrows. Play with it a little. Be sure to open the chest here, too. You'll get 4 Hi-Potions. Take Rovivea's sphere back to the cactaur
8 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
Little Chava likes big numbers.
Be back soon.
The big numbers is in reference to the 20% off sign. Go read the signs to your left. Especially the one that says, 'Strong Fiend in Vacinity.' It also says 20% 0ff.
- Recently learned to count to 50
- A little needy.
- Attention deficit.
You'll probably need to hold straight down while approaching him. While you're here, open the chest in the area to the upper left, and fight the sandragora and get its chest too. If you fought them earlier, just open the chest. You get 3 Megalixers, 2 teleport spheres, 2 x-potions, 3 mega-potions, the mercury crest (part of Rikku's Ultimate Weapon) and 8 hi-potions.
7 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men.
Be back soon.
Alek and Aloja
These brothers can be found in the ruins on the next screen to the left. Look around.
- Two brothers, rarely separated.
- They move as one, their closeness a paragon of brotherhood.
Be sure to get the treasure chests in the u shaped ruin, and the one at the far left corner of the map. 10,000 gil, a level 2 key sphere and an elixir. You'll probably need to hold down and slightly left on this one, at least at the start.
5 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
Vachella seeks the shining blue.
Be back soon.
Go save at the save point in the center of the center of Bikinel (3 screens down).
- Loves new things.
- Hard on others, easy on self.
- Stingy
This one goes really fast. Pay close attention to the squeaking timing to be sure you're not approaching when he turns around. You have 14 seconds on this one. I fail on this one frequently.
4 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
O, Robeya's stuck inside.
Be back soon.
Head south 1 screen, past the save point (pick up the 8 Al Bhed potions in the chest there) and go to the far west corner of that screen. Open the chest.
- A real needle brain.
- Likes cramped spaces.
- Check out his great collection!
The first chest has 2 shadow gems. The second chest has 1 shining gem. The last one has a blessed gem. If you don't want those items, just head straight to him. Since you can steal or mug those items from other enemies in this area, I don't think it's worth it to grab them here. If you really want them, though, use the fact that you get three tries to your advantage here. I'd grab the first two chests on the first pass, and the last chest on the next one. I usually have time to catch him still on that pass, or I can get him on the last pass.
3 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
A fiery inscription -- The lord of the hole is gone.  Isrra thinks.
Be back soon.
It's not very obvious, but you probably know where to go now. Remember the sanddragora you faught earlier? Leave the screen you are currently on, then come back and visit it.
- The philosopher about town. Today he digs holes. Again.
- A cautious sort.
This guy is pretty tough. You have to run all the way until the very last second. His pauses are brutal. I usually fail on this one, too. Once you beat him you can fight the sandragoras again. And get their chests, too. You can steal muskx10 from these guys as well as remedies, you know. You cannot capture them. Watch out for the seed burst, though. It's confusing. :) The chests give you 3 Megalixir and 2 teleport spheres.
2 little gatekeepers play in the sand.
Much-curious Elio has left on a journey.
Be back soon.
Head back to the very beginning of this area. You'll see him teleport to your ship. Notice the overhead shot of the ship that lingers on the deck view? (hint hint). Beam up, go out on the bridge and walk left.
- To see what lies beyond the sands, he travels far to distant lands.
- Hyper-reactive and a bad poet.
He turns around almost immediately when the game starts, so pay close attention. Once you catch him, he falls to his death. I guess. I haven't been able to find him ever again. At any rate, you get his sphere so take it back to the alter.
1 little gatekeeper plays in the sand.
Flaile is always behind.
Be back soon.
Don't bother looking for him, he really will be back soon! Look behind you!
- The guy you never invite, but he always shows up anyway.
- Cheeky.
He doesn't squeek the first time, so you better be careful! (Edit: I don't think this is a bug; it just sucks.) Read the poems there. It's the same pieces as before, but it adds 'gone for good' and Nobody's here. The sand is gone. Head into the valley to claim your prize! I got the Mercury Sigil (not to be confused with the Mercury Crest, but also a part of Rikku's Ultimate Weapon) in the first chest. One time around I failed three times and got a Megalixir in the second chest. Another time through I got a friend sphere in the second.

NOTE: If you are fast enough, and you've got weapons that give you 2 or 3 times the experiance, you can level up REALLY fast here. This isn't where I do my leveling up, however - you don't run into Cactaur's as often as you run into other enemies. Leave your leveling up to the Omega Ruins. Use quick hit, if you can, and you'll rake in the EXP. When you are finished, equip something with "no encounters" and walk back to a save point.

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