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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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Find your friends
You can open a chest just to your left as soon as you wake up (remedy x4). You can use that save sphere, too. Your party is scattered. Follow the red arows to find your party members. The first three are strait ahead. There's an Al Bhed First Aid Kit in the chest where you found Wakka (Al Bhed Potion x8). There's also a tutorial there to explain how to fight Zu and Cactuar. Take the first right to find Kimahri, but look behind that largish ruin there to obtain the Al Bhed Primer vol. V (unless you got it earlier). Head back to the fork in the road and now go strait. When you find Rikku, you'll also find two chests (2x Ether and 8x Al Bhed Potion) and a save sphere.

There are some interesting enemies to fight around here, and some effective ways to finish them off. Some are fairly straghtforward, others are a little more tricky. If you run into one of the enemies below, try the strategy provided. Remember, any character who participates in battle gets XP - even if all s/he does is sit there quietly.

Sand Worm: Use haste on your guys. It's immue to slow, however. Hit him with Poison (bio) and a mental break. Use Demi for a quick 9999 pts of damage. Delay works on him, as does sleep, too (I use sleep buster right before his turn to keep him from ever using a regular attack). Just FYI: He'll use an attack called Swallow to eat one of your guys - sometimes when it's not even his turn. If this happens, try to not kill him off until you get your guy back out (otherwise they won't get experience from the battle). You can also use dark on him to keep from getting hit by his normal attack. Kill off with Blizzara/blizzaga for overkill. You can steal Stamina Springs and Shadow Gems from him. Try to kill him off quickly, or at least don't take too long. He has an attack called Earthquake that can do some pretty serious damage.

Zu: Poison him (Bio), armor break, darkness. He has an attack that affects all your guys, so if you see him readying an attack be sure to swap out or heal any characters with low HP.

Cactaur: For this guy, I like to use waka's Sleep Buster. He's actually immune to sleep, but when it hits, it can be for 800+ dmg, which should kill him off. Most of the rest of your guys aren't fast enough to connect yet. Even your best magics likely can't do much against him. Waterga and Blizzaga only do about 70 to 80 pts for my guys at this time. If you get a preemptive strike, consider haste, luck, and aim on your party. Steal one or more chocobo feathers - these are how you give Aeons/Equipment the Haste ability..

Sandragora: Steal musk and/or Remedy from him! Haste your guys, and hope you have armor to protect against confusion. Armor break, sleep buster. Fira/Firaga for overkill. You will be albe to see this guy before you attack him.

When you obtain Rikku here you'll be in Sanubia Desert - East. Go to the menu and look in the lower left to see where you are. Follow Rikku around the tent and toward home. Follow Rikku around for a while, but don't be afraid to explore. There is a chest along the left path with 4x Hi Potions. Once you pick it up, head back the other way and north to the next screen. If you run across enemies with chests, be sure to steal from the chests before killing off all the enemies! I found Ethers and X-Potions this way.

When you get to Sanubia Desert - Central; be sure to look around here. Find the chests:

  • From the entrance, follow the left wall to a chest in at the far left corner: 2x Mega-Potion.
  • From there, head right and slightly down to where long piece of rubble hiding a chest with 2x X-Potion.
  • Continue right, and go slightly up (to the very middle of the plain) is a chest with 4x Hi-Potion.
  • Up and left from there is a save point - use it if you need to.
  • There's an Al Bhed first aid kit behind the save point: 8x Al Bhed Potion.
There are two paths from the save point, the left one goes toward strong fiends (harder to kill, but more AP). The right path goes to an area of weaker fiends. To the left, you can find the following:
  • Follow the left wall of this area to get a chest with an elixir. Left of that is the 2nd half of the words you saw written on the ruins of Kilika.
  • To the right is a U-Shaped structure with two chests inside: Lv. 2 Key Sphere and 10,000 Gil.
If you need to save, feel free to go back and save, then take the right-most path past the save sphere. Either exit will take you to Sanubia Desert - West. If you go right, you should find a sign with an Al Bhed Primer vol XVIII near it. You're now Al Bhed Unydun. If you take the right exit, just go up a little ways; the first path heading left is where you would appear had you taken the "strong fiends" path.
  • Off to the right is a stone with a picture of a cactaur on it; you can safely ignore that for now. It will become useful at a later date.
  • Follow the left wall again and you should see a little jumble of debris that forms an alcove. If you have 99x Hi-Potion alread, consider using them to give one of your aeons the Cure ability, or just healing your guys up all the way before opening the chest in this place; it contains 8x Hi-Potion.
  • Continue to follow the left wall and you'll find another chest that's mostly hidden behind some debris. This one has 3x Mega-Potion.
  • Continue following the left wall and you'll eventually come to another chest. This one has 2x X-Potion.
  • Right and slightly down you'll find a couple of Sandragora enemies. One guards a Megalixir in a chest. The other, 2x Teleport Sphere.
Follow the red arrows. You should eventually come to a narrow opening that's blocked by a Sandragora. You will be unable to go around him, and this is a point of no return. If you want to continue to level-up or look for stuff, don't worry. You'll be able to get back to this area in a few minutes. If Lulu has not at least reached the Thudaga sphere on the Sphere Grid, I really recommend you level her up until she does. If Tidus and Rikku hit their Lv. 3 Lock, don't back track along the sphere grid yet - just horde the sphere levels for now. Fight the Sandragora and watch the cut scenes. FYI: There's a mercury crest here off to the left. This is part of Rikku's ultimate weapon. There's a rumor going around that you can't get until you acquire the airship, but I've been able to get it when I first get here. Return and come all the way here to get it.

Defending Al Bhed
Welcome to Home. Learn something interesting about Rikku there? She's Cid's daughter. Wait a sec... Wasn't some guy named Cid Yuna's uncle? Hmm... Does that make Yuna and Rikku Cousins?!? Before you head into the dome, remember to pick up the Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX here, on the left, save, and uh, go back outside and level up, if you want. LOL. The bombs that show up as soon as you enter the dome are extremely sensitive to blizard magic. :) You'll also run into random encouters with two Dual Horn enemies. I usually kill off the Guado first, then the Dual Horns. If you have trouble with them, consider using Dark Attack. You can steal a mega potion, BTW. The flying enemies here cause Confuse sometimes. Make sure not to leave Lulu confused for a full round, or she may attack you with magic. You can lancet Self Destruct from them, too, if you haven't already done so. "Talk" to the recently deceased for a few Hi-Potions, then save. Follow Rikku and the others through the first door. On the next screen, head through the door ahead.

Follow everyone else down the stairs, then turn around and go back up the stairs (get the chest with 4x Al Bhed Potion at the bottom of the stairs) and through the door on the left. Fight the guys inside and open the chests (See the * below if you don't know enough Al Bhed.) You can also obtain the Al Bhed Primer vol. XX here. Head back down the stairs and to the left to find a save sphere you can use, but DON'T go through the doorway there (you won't be able to come back). The center path (right from the save sphere) has a chest in it with 6x Al Bhed Potion. Take the path to the right. At the end of the hallway is Al Bhed Primer vol. XXI. Through the doorway here, you'll get a Skill and Special sphere, (if you don't know Al Bhed, see the ** note below) as well as an Al Bhed compilation sphere.

When you're ready to advance the plot, head through the doorway to the left of the save sphere. Beat the Chemera and head to the lowest level. There are two chests here (Lv.2 Key Sphere in the upper right corner of the room and a Lv. 4 Key Sphere in the lower left - kinda hidden behind the stairs you just came down.) When you've got them, go down one through the door on the right. In the far left corner of this room, there is one chest with 10,000 Gil. After a lot of cut scenes (you should probably watch them; these are kind of important.) Head through the last door (lower right corner), down the walkway and up the stairs, onto the airship.

More cut scenes, and you can wander around the ship. If you leave the bridge and take the first left you come to (from Tidus' point of view, that is) you can find another one of those Al Bhed compilation spheres. If you've collected all the Al Bhed primers in a previous game, pop in the memory card and scan it. The next time you talk to Rin, Tidus will converse in fluent Al Bhed. You'll also get 99x Underdog's Secret. Using 30 of these on a weapon will give it the "Double Overdrive" skill. Sell off any/all extra weapons you've managed to pick up. (If you want, you can sign up rin to play for your blitzball team. I don't know if he's any good.) Another screen up from that is a mother and child al bhed. If you look at the mini-map, you'll see the ability to head left here. Go there and try to talk to Donna a few times. When she asks if she should quit, say, "Sure, sounds good to me!" You'll be treated to a few extra sceens later on.

After wandering around for a while, you can return to the bridge. Now talk to Cid, then brother (he's at the far end of the bridge). Talk to Cid, then Rikku until she repeats herself, then Lulu. You may want to choose to heed her advice to have either Tidus or Rikku learn some magic. It's not the end of the world if you don't, though. In any event, both Tidus and Rikku are going to quickly run up against a Lv. 3 Lock. At this poing in the game, you won't have any Lv. 3 Spheres, You can, however, use a Teleport Sphere to teleport to the Thundaga (not Thundara!) sphere that Lulu just filled in. That lets 'em learn Thundaga, Firaga, Blizzaga, Waterga, and HP + 200. Not bad jump, if I do say so myself. Here's the thing, though. Tidus uses his MP for quick hit, and Rikku uses her MP for mug. So it's up to you, but if you do *do* opt to send one of the them, be sure to have learned Quick Hit (Tidus) and Bribe (Rikku). To be perfectly honest, I just let them stop at the Lv. 3 Lock and accrue Sphere Levels. When you get to Mt Gagazet, you should be able to get lots of Lv 3. Key Spheres, and the upcoming battles Lulu is talking about can just as easily beat with Grenades. If you *have* to magic up one of them, I guess I'd recommend Rikku. Talk to everyone, then try to leave the bridge; you'll be attacked. See the Bevelle Section.

* If you don't know Al Bhed, here's the contents, from left to right, top to bottom: Bomb, Elixir, Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion, Soft, Chimera, Potion, Remedy, Evil Eye. I recommend the elixir ;) The other chest says "sorry," which is on the lower center; next is "Wait" on the middle right, "Pardon" in the middle. Friend sphere!

** If you don't know Al Bhed, here's the answer. The box on the far right asks "Are you Al Bhed." The answer is "Yes," third from the bottom. Next it asks "Name the son of the Al Bhed leader." That's Rikku's brother: "Brother," at the bottom. Next, it asks "On what Island do the Al Bhed live?" That's Bikanel Island, 2nd down. Finally, it asks, "What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed." The first one is correct. You should get the Skill Sphere here. For the chest on the left, do a little math. 1st is 4 plus 1. 2nd is 7 minus 1. 2rd is 3 ties 1. 4th is 2 plus 1. You should get a special sphere here.

Bickanel: Returning Later
You'll want to come back to Bickanel Island later on in the game. See the Gatekeepers Side Quest Section for more information about the fun kinds of things you can do here!

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