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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy X Walkthrough


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South Bank Road
Head down the South Bank Road (where you are as soon as you leave the Djose Temple crossroads and head left). Talk to everyone. Shelinda can't heal you at this time, but right next to her is a chest hidden in the off to the right. That's pretty much all the Level 1 Key Sphere's you should be able to use (if you got the other 10 earlier). :) Now head on back down the road.

In the unlikely even you have steal capability, steal remidies from the Ochus. Use fire to kill them off. I let my aeon's cast fire, since they are immune to status aliments. Oh, and your enemies are pretty well decimated by Hell Fire (Ifrit's overdrive). I found that Tidus, Lulu and Auron are good to keep together on this road for anything that is not an Ochu. You should run across those Ronso brothers that like to insult Kimarhi.

Ignore them. There's a chest just beyond them with an X-Poion. If you run across an Ochu, have Wakka use his sleep attakc to put it to sleep, then have Tidus cast slow. That should keep him out of the picture while Lulu hits him with Fira. By the way, before the next crossroads, there is a chest off to the right with three more L1 Key Spheres. Be sure to charge Ifrit around here - you want an overdrive for the next task...

Regardless of whether your aeons are dead or alive, be sure to try to fight with Belgemine; she heals all your aeons. You can at least end up with one aeon OK. If you haven't been leveling up, this is almost pointless. Basically, you want to defeat each of her aeons with the next-most-powerful one of yours.

I was able to defeat her with my Ifrit using Hellfire overdrive, boost, then Hellfire overdrive again. You get no AP or items directly from the battle, but you'll get 2x Dragon Scale from her, and more importantly a Summoner's Soul. Watch the tutorial that comes next carefully - the Summoner's Soul lets you modify your aeons and teach them new abilities! For example, you can use the 2x Dragon Scale you just got to teach one of your Aeons Watera.

Moonflow River
Ahead past her on the left is a small road to the left that leads to the left and a Magic Def Sphere. Past that you will see the moonflow. Then you'll get to see the Shoopuf marshmellow... Oh sorry. From the moonflow observation area, head left and you'll see the Shoopuf place. Open all the chests and talk to everyone one. You can find a chest hidden behind Lulu (5k!). When you are ready, talk to the guy at the dock and tell him you are ready to "ride ze shoopuf."

Boss: Extractor
Halfway through you'll have to fight the Boss: Extractor. Use Haste, Cheer, and Aim on Tidus and Wakka and then wail on the guy. I only took two hits that way, and I never leveled up my guys. :) One Tidus overdrive (Spiral Cut) was able to hit him for 1k+, for an overkill. That was good for two Mega Phoenix. Anyway, after that mess, you'll be on the far shore and able to save your game.

See that chest behind Kimari? It's not really a chest. Don't bother trying to open it. Heh heh. One screen left you should find the Al Bhed Primer vol. XII up by the spinning thing. That should get you up to Al Bhed Maynhan. One more screen left is an actual chest with an Ether. Go left after that when you are ready to leave.

Meet Rikku. Again
You'll see a body on the ground. Ignore it and cross the bridge. Just kidding. You can't. You may remember this girl. After a long drawn out nothing you'll be back on your way. Head across the river toward Guadolasom. There's a chest just around the first corner (it might be hard to see) with a bunch of antidotes inside. Be sure to open (or steal if you are in a battle) chests. Just before you get to Guadosalam there's a chest with a Mega-Potion. It might not be obvious, but head straight forward into the cave to enter the city. When you get to Guadosalam, Rikku will teach you how to use her Customize skill! This is probably the best skill anyone brings to the party, with the possible exception of Yuna's Aeons.

There is a chest in the front left corner of the city (Elixir), and one in the back right corner (Mega-Potion). Next to that one is the door to the mansion. Before you go in there, have a look around. There's a building to the far left that has Al Bhed Primer vol. XIII. There's also a chest nearby with 3000 Gil inside. You can find O'aka and various blitzball players wandering around.

When you've explored the whole city, go inside the Mansion and up the stairs to your right. At the center of the walkway is another chest with two Hi-Potions inside. Go talk to everyone, then try to go through the far door. Talk to everyone, then talk to Yuna. When asked to follow, head through the doorway. Talk to everyone else, but save Rikku until last. Gotta love that Seymour, eh? He's subtle, like a chainsaw at midnight. As far as I know, you can't get to Seymour's private rooms. When you leave Seymour's place, head straight down to see the group. Now follow Yuna to...

The Farplane
From Seymour's house, follow the leftmost wall all the way until you reach the Farplane. Talk to the Guado there and then head through. Just inside the doorway, there's a hidden chest off to your left wth 8x Lightning Marble. Continue on. You gotta love Tidus's way with words. "Do dead people live there?" Right. Anyway, head to the top of the stairs. Talk to Lulu and Wakka. Then talk to Yuna. Now head back to Seymour's place and meet up with the group. When you are ready to leave the town, head down to the lowest level and try to walk out the left exit of the caves. Now go talk to everyone else, then go back to the lowest level and head out onto the thunder plains.